Step 1: Set Goals

Decide the goal(s) for your health fair. Be sure your goal is reasonable to be accomplished by a health fair. Reasonable goals for a health fair include: -to increase awareness of health resources in your community. For example, spreading the word about your community's new free clinic could be a health fair's goal. -to provide participants with preventative care information. One example is to provide 100 women with literature about exercise. -to screen individuals for certain conditions. -to enroll community members into medical programs. Don't expect health fairs to: -improve long-term community health outcomes. -address the healthcare inequities of under-served communities. Above, Lady Liberty is calling us to take care of our health.

Step 2: Location, Location, Location
Find a location for your fair and book it for your desired date and time. This step may seem obvious, however, it's surprising how many organizations don't do this important step in the early stages. Consider having all or part of your event outdoors if you'd like passersby to attend. For outdoor events, think about what you'll do in case of inclement weather. Will you move indoors or have a previously announced rain date? Also think about accessibility of the site. Is there adequate parking? Can wheelchair-bound attendees access the site? If the site is unfamiliar to your attendees, provide directions and post signs. Balloons will also help people find your event.

Step 3: Pick a Theme
Step 3. Decide on a theme for your health fair. Your theme should be appropriate for your population. For instance, "Get Up and Get Fit" could be the theme of a health fair put on at an office for their sedentary workers.

Bonus Tip #1: Theme Ideas for Your Health Fair
Considering your audience is the most factor in deciding your theme. For example, a senior center would focus on the health concerns of the elderly, while an elementary school concentrates on the needs of young children. Following are some sample themes. In parenthesis are the health issues that the theme addresses. Theme Ideas Get Up, Get Moving (Exercise/Physical Fitness)

If you're calling a large organization and don't know whom to speak to. Hospitals. Information booths. Step 5: Select Activities Step 5. Always ask participating groups if their exhibits require access to an electrical outlet. such as the American Diabetes Association. medical equipment. Will you need to rent tables. etc. fitness centers. Get massage therapists to do seated massage. chairs. Partnering with other groups will increase attendance and give your participants access to more information. Bonus Tip #2: Booth Ideas for Health Fairs Here are suggestions for the tables (also called booths) at your health fair. Reliable Handouts Finding Reliable Health Information at No Cost Where to get reliable health information. Look for local chapters of national health organizations. Decide what activities to have at the health fair.Don't Sweat It (Stress Reduction) Your Heart Matters (Cardiovascular Health) Eat to Live (Nutrition) Your Mind Matters (Mental Health) Breathe Easier (Smoking Cessation/Lung Health) Step 4: Set a Budget Step 4. General Health Information Source: Federal Citizen Information Center Cancer Publications . At a minimum. A phone call is usually best for an initial contact. ask for the community affairs or public relations department Step 7: Plan Logistics Make a checklist to handle logistics. You can always follow-up in writing later. however. What does your audience really need? Perhaps your office workers need stress reduction. Don't stop at inviting someone to pass out literature. you'll want to assign each participating organization a booth and note how many table and chairs are needed at each booth. Consider your budget. clinics and other health care agencies are often willing to send a representative for free. -Blood Pressure Screening -Ask the Nutritionist -Glaucoma Screening -Ask the Nurse -Diabetes Screening -Vision Screening -Ask the Doctor -Dental Screening -Seated Massage Therapy -Lung Capacity Screening -Booths for local chapters of national health care organizations like the American Heart Association. like the National Black Nurses Association. clinics. Think outside of the blood pressure screening box. demonstrations and exhibits are standard. Use your theme as a guide. or the Black Nurses Association Step 6: Don't Go it Alone Invite hospitals. some do charge for screenings. health screening booths. even if your organization's budget is tight. and/or tents? For outdoor events. Bonus #3: Get Free. Have an aerobics instructor give an exercise demo. the Red Cross. but allow a brief period for questions and answers. and other health care providers to partner with you. you may need generators to provide electricity for sound systems. Invite local chapters of health care professional associations. Keep speaker presentations short.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration What you'll find: Tools to children and teens avoid substance abuse Coolest Publication: McGruff's Surprise Party Comic Book Step 8: Get the Word Out Publicize your event. E-mail your audience the day before the event. Serve refreshments. Add a cover letter asking your partner organizations to inform their members. Put up balloons. Step 9: Enjoy Your Event Make the health fair fun. Announce the fair in your newsletter. Post flyers in the bathroom stalls for schools and workplaces. And get a massage! . place the event details prominenty on your website.Source: National Cancer Institute Alcohol & Drug Information Source: United States Department of Health and Human Services. Mail flyers four weeks in advance. Play music. Of course.

Dorna Jaeger Silverman. Frank Viola (732) 985-0717 ext. The large number of employers who return year after year is a testimony to the effectiveness of the CJJDA Job Fair. 2010 which will include directions. but what has remained constant is the satisfaction of the employers attending our fair. For 26 years now. we thank you for your support.Dear Employer: The members of the Central Jersey Job Developers Association invite you to reserve a table at our Twenty Sixth CJJDA Job Fair. to obtain an on-line registration form.CJJDA.00 for a table should be made payable to “CJJDA. For those of you who are new. March 18.” and mailed to the address above. Lynne Camp (732) 418-3347 or Ann Schiadaresis (732) 745-8219. Checks for $175. Rutgers Labor Education Center in New Brunswick. we promise you will not be disappointed. please call. You will receive an e-mail confirmation by March 10. A prompt response will insure you a table at our fair. 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Thursday. As the economy recovers.cjjda.000. Please note that our space is limited. 2010. the CJJDA Job Fair has served as the premiere job fair in central New Jersey. To those employers who have attended our previous fairs. It also will enable you to network with other employers as well as promote your company in a large public forum (applicants number over 1. your attendance will provide you with an efficient opportunity to survey a large number of job applicants quickly and inexpensively. for updates as the date draws near. CJJDA Chair . During these 26 years there have been major shifts in the economy. For specific questions.) To participate in the fair please complete and return the enclosed reservation form as soon as possible. You can also visit our website at www. You may also visit our website (www. Monica Pankiewicz (732) 777-7419.

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these students will be chosen to participate in the school-wide International Culture Fair on Thursday. The top four students in each grade-level will be recognized as well as the overall winner will receive various prizes from our Pencil Partners for academic excellence. . Sincerely. All students will receive one test grade in his/her Social Studies classes for participating. All projects are due by Friday. etc. Thank you so much for your cooperation.International Culture Fair: Invitation /Letter to Parents September 2. The International Culture Fair is similar to the science fair and reading fair. 2008. feel free to contact your child's Social Studies teachers. Each student will complete some of the research in his or her Social Studies class. it is their responsibility to research the assigned country independently and we encourage you to periodically ask your child about what they are learning. history. If you have any questions. International Culture Fair committee . history and government. The cost is approximately three to six dollars. September International Culture Fair! As you already know. and understand the world around them locally as well as internationally. . September 19. explore. Only the students chosen by their teachers will be asked to wear clothing from that culture and present a dish from that country during judging. However. . 2008. and that means we are a part of a world-wide educational community which challenges our students to learn. the focus will be on the study of cultural diversity. we are an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. We are asking that each child purchase a tri-fold board for their project. . However. We are looking into purchasing some display boards for the school's bookstore. 2008 Dear Parent(s): Brick Church Middle School will be starting something new this year. Once the projects are graded. education. Every student at Brick Church Middle School will be asked to choose a country and research key components about that country's location.

new laws and regulations and new business models.022-61454246 .e. On the Finale of the Event. Kindly confirm your nomination.00 pm onwards at SPJIMR campus which will give NGOs a platform to showcase their products. & Mr Surya Mantha sharing their thoughts on how to make Mumbai better. we at S. on the 2nd day i. The Finale event is scheduled to be held over 2 days i. We received many plans out of which the best 16 were finalized. 8th May 2011 a concurrent event will be organized where in a panel discussion will be held on two themes – Transportation and Waste Management. The first activity of this center is the Social Venture Challenge/ that knowledge can be translated effectively for use by front-line social entrepreneurs. We invite you to be a part of this fair. For any further information kindly visit our website www. C-SEL seeks to bridge the gap between business and the social sector and between theory and practice . 7th May & 8th May 2011. NGOs. We also plan to organize a NGO Fair on 8th May 2011 12.Description In our endeavor to help create a Better Mumbai. we have organized a NGO Fair wherein we are inviting you to participate and display your product and sell them. at our institute where we had prominent entrepreneurs like Ms Priya Dutta. Mumbai.P. Mr Sandeep Singhal. It is the moment to create and champion new market systems based on entrepreneurship in the public interest. Mr VineetRai. About Social Venture Challenge/Mumbai The social business plan competition is designed to encourage social enterprises to develop business solutions to alleviate the city’s acute social and environmental problems.socialventurechallenge. The event was launched on 16th Dec 2010. The Social Venture Challenge is being launched by the Centre for Social Enterprise & Leadership at SP Jain institute of Management & Research.e. and disruptive innovations embracing new technologies. nonprofit leaders. The finalized teams were also given a Briefing session by Mr Rajesh Jog – Project Advisor C-SEL on 30th March 2011. We would also like to give you some information about the event and our centre: About Center for Social Enterprise & Leadership The Centre is a leading academic entity for the advancement of social entrepreneurship and leadership worldwide . Along with the SVC finals. Where in the top 3 plans will be awarded. Participation in the NGO Fair does not include any charges and it’s simply for promotion of your brand and your products. philanthropists and impact investors. Ms Revathi Roy.we believe that massive shifts in the global economic. corporates.Jain Institute of Management & Research have set up a new Center for Social Enterprise & Leadership (C-SEL).com or mail us on or call Ms Tasneem T on. social and environmental frameworks are already underway reshaping the meaning of economic growth.

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