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''welcome to crossfire'' you arrive in camp ''crossfire'' your superior says go to the shooting range someone will be there

to get you all geared up, when you arrive you suit up, hay hand you a assault rifle, and they send you to shooting range 1, they ask you to shoot at the target sighted and firing from the hip, when your done they send you to the next range to shoot a side arm thats laying out, again you do the same thing, next rang a M203, the next a sniper rifle, next a rocket launcher and next a SMG, your superior says "that was some great shooting there! now i want you to go into our little course and at the count of three you can run it", once your into the course you see a brick wall, theres a rope to climb over it once your over theres three targets you have to shoot them and move on to the next room, close to the last room they turn off the lights, and they yell at you "your gonna have to turn on your flash light to get around the next rooms wile we get this fixed!" after you clear the next rooms they turn on the lights and say "well, did you like our little joke there?", the your superior which is now revealed to be commander miller, and he says "now, now don't be mean to the new recruit, go get some sleep, we have a big day tomorrow." "Convoy" you arrive in a russian town your russian friendly's are being over run by communist russians, you get out of the chopper and you are greeted by a russian special ops in the post communists side, named captain Misha, says welcome comrade we thank you for your help.", he asks your squad and you to help take the bridge, he says it will help us move forward, he hands you a assault rifle and a side arm and the mission starts, after you take the bridge you move up to town square where a bomb strikes a tower and detonates causing it to fall over and killing most of your friendlies captain miller, helps you up and you and him run to the BTR-80 which you use for cover. Miller says that the 8 story building to the east is the best place to go and says "Follow me", as you make your way to the 8 story building you face heavy resistance, once your in you enter the building you get a sniper rifle. In the 8 story building, you see a soviet russian convoy your mission is to take out one of Nikolai's generals. You have a sniper rifle and a SMG, after you make the kill shot on the general the convoy notices where you are and heads into the building, as they head up the stairs, you also have to make your way out of the building while shooting down soviets, as you get out it starts snowing, and the rest of the convoy is waiting for you outside and your extraction point, you need to fight your way through it with 6 comrades, to make it to the extraction point but you helicopter gets shot down, so you have to move on to the next extraction point, 4 of your men get shot down, and miller is hurt, you and the other soldier have to switch of carrying miller, once you get to the extraction point, you move on to the next mission. "operative no. 666"

as your getting briefed for the next mission they say the you need to take out operative no. 666 he was a ex CIA operative and in the cold war he killed 666 men, and when he killed them he wrote on the wall in blood what number he was on, and now he has joined the Soviet russians, and now you and a team of Spetsnaz and Commander Miller to go into a bunker we have a very high level of explosives and maybe a nuclear bomb, we need to get there and take them out before they launch any nuclear warheads, as the briefing ends you go in a chopper to a bunker in the middle of the night and its raining so you and your team of 4 have to use your night vision goggles, once your in you have to use your pocket radiation detector, to get around once you find the warheads, taking out russians on the way there you come to the command tower where you meet operative no. 666, who takes out all your men and harms you and he takes a garrote out and you take a dagger out and right as your about to fight a chopper takes him out and as you are leaving the base you notice you forgot the warheads, your still in the radius and the nuke goes of sending your chopper down, you are majority hurt. After the crash every one except you are dead and you cant get a connection to speak to any friendlies, so you head out to a city that seems still active with combat and you think you might be able to get help from there and get there to help them, you encounter a squad of hostiles, that you have to take out once you get to the city you meet Misha again and he says "welcome back comrade we just took this city but we need to move on to reach ours and there homeland, let us go comrades!" As you head out they hand you a rifle as you reach the town Misha gets shot down and needs a medic badly but they have no more medics so they have to use a field medical kit, they see a couple of choppers in the distance one got shot down and one heads to you area you man the mini guns you make your way to a destroyed part of town. "desperate times" your squad and some russians are in a bombed and destroyed part of the town. your goal is to destroy Nickolai's SAMS sites, they are located to the north in the farming areas you must go through the patrolled forest and evade or kill the patrols and clear the way for your russian BTR-80, and your M1A1 abraham tank. when you reach the barn with the SAMS in it you raid it and destroy the SAMS with C4 and escape on your your vehicle, and blow up the barn, then you return to "camp crossfire".sergeant Johnson tells captain Misha that a russian patrol was looking for us and was planning a attack. you must hold off soviet paratroopers, with a mounted KORD 14.5 and a RPG for the BTR-80s once there eliminated you get to the helicopter extraction while SGT. johnson's and CPT. Misha's forces hold the rest off the camp. Misha and his troops go into one chopper, and Johnson and his troops and you in the other. Misha's helicopter get shot down by an RPG, but you don't get shot down. ACT 2

"More Nukes" your know in the boots of another soldier, who is in Afghanistan, your mission is to find Al-Kabab in his safe house but you encounter heavy resistance from Taliban and guerilla fighters, first you raid an old abandoned rug making factory which is only occupied by Taliban, then your squad and you move on to a large building full of Taliban and weapons but no safe house yet, then you go to a market square with Taliban and civvies [who you can't kill]. then you go to a big house, and breach the door you search the building but Al-Kabab is gone. As you look all over town for Al-kabab you finally find his safe house with him in it you kill all his generals then bring him in for interrogation, as you search the house you find a way to gut to the basement once your in you search around some more you find some nukes and a lot of Taliban troops. The Taliban notice you and start firing and you fire back on of them try to set of the nuke but they were duds they yell "shit!!", and you shoot them down once you clear the area you go up the stairs and go into the choppers. ACT 3 "War Zone" Your Back in Russia on the helicopter and running low on fuel so you land in Non Soviet territory and meet up with some Russian troops who give you and Johnson's Troops medics to heal them."Fuck the Soviets" Yell Capt. Pasha Tokonov ",Fuck them all to hell". "He was a good soldier" says Johnson. "I trained with him we were nearly brothers". Then you go to sleep. The next day Capt. Pasha wakes you up and says "get going, were leaving". Then you Follow Pasha and Johnson to the BTR-80. You get on and go to Tomsk, Russia were some of the Russian troops fight off Soviet troops. You get off and fight off Soviet with some the Russians. You have to make it to the Lenin square were the Russian T-90 tanks fighting Soviet troops. You encounter heavy Soviet resistance. Once you get there you have to hold off Soviet troops then get to the church.You get onto the roof tops and jump from roof top to roof top until you get to the one of the T-90sThe T-90 takes you to the Bogashevo Airport. Your goal is to make it to Yurga to meet up with 74th Motor Rifle Brigade and the ground forces there and from there get to Tura to kill there president Nikolai. "Nikolai" Once you get to Yurga you and Pasha and Johnson meet with the leader of the troops in Yurga. He tells you that they will help you get to Tura because the Soviet premier Nikolai Drogev will be giving a speech there and that he will help kill him. So you go to Tura and sneak past and kill Nikolai's guards and troops then you have to shoot Nikolai when he gets into his car, then sprint back to the BTR-80 to escape.