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Jan 11th

Bleeding Stateless Nation
Even after the lapse of about six decades of the illicit conception of Israel the stateless nation of Palestine is profusely bleeding because the perpetrator of their atrocities has still a sharp dagger in its hand to knife any peace motivation that can breed any flicker of hope for establishment of harmony in the volatile Middle East. Ironically, the Palestinians are breathing in the yoke of slavery and subjugation in the post-modern era. Stonehearted and elephant-skinned Israel has torn and trampled the United Nation resolutions to found a Palestinian state under its messy feet. This stigmatic slur on the face of toothless and spineless UNO reveals its worthlessness in resolving intricate international issues. Sarcastically, this socalled arbitrator global organization and its offshoots have been hijacked by the colossal bogeymen having malicious hegemonic designs. Contrary to its charter of being an impartial intermediary institution, it has become a mouthpiece of the power inebriated giants. A just resolution of the worldwide dilemmas is mandatory to ascertain lasting pacification in the world. The British promised a Jewish state under Balfour Declaration of 1917 to appease the loaded community because of their financial support during the World War I. In 1920 only 11 percent Jews inhabited Palestine while their proportion increased to 33 percent in 1947. The

transgressive birth of Israel on May 14, 1948 resulted from the mandate provided by the UN General Assembly on November 29, 1947 through passing Resolution 181. The resolution also declared Jerusalem to be a corpus separatum - a separate body, to be run under an international UN administration. However, this could not be materialized to date because of sympathies and conspiracies of the western King Kongs that were hand in glove with the Jews. The victimization of the Jews by Adolph Hitler provided lame duck pretext to the Western ogres for establishment of an independent Jewish state. The relentless German dictator used gas chambers and other cruel methods for massacre of Jews whom he considered the worst people in the world. The western states claim that about six million Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust during the WWII. But this was a wooly excuse for creation of a Jewish state in the heart of Arab countries because the persecuted people could be settled in the western countries that claim to be the champions of democracy and custodians of human rights. Actually Jews started their migration and expressed their desire for the founding of a separate nation state after the start of Zionist movement by a Jewish Austrian journalist Theodor Herzl in 1895. The well-heeled Jews purchased lands from the cash-strapped native Arabs of Palestine who were the decedents of Canaanites that according to archeologist were the old known ethnic group who started living in this hallowed terrain in about 3300 BC. Therefore, the Arabs are the true heirs of this sacred soil. Israel was carved out despite vehement opposition of the Arab states. In 1948 war combine forces of Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Iraq and Palestinians failed to defeat the power intoxicated Israeli troops who occupied more territory due to backing provided by the power sunk western mammoths. In the war of 1967(Six Day War) Israeli hordes assaulted the Arab forces of Egypt, Syria and Jordan. It captured Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, Golan Heights from Syria, and West Bank from Jordan. In 1973 Egypt under the aegis of Anwar Sadat accumulated its troops along with

Syria and Jordan alongside Israeli borders. The Jewish troops were taken aback when the Arab forces attacked Israel to retrieve their occupied territories on the day of Yom Kapoor (Ramadan War).Israeli forces recovered after suffering heavy thrashing and ultimately Arab troops also bore profound loss due to support provided by the well-lined Western Goliaths that resulted in wrapping up of war after three weeks of intense fight. After the signing of Camp David Accord between Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin on September 17,1979 due to shuttle diplomacy of Henry Kissinger there was change in the Arab point of view that they cannot overcome Israeli forces with western crocodiles at their beck and call. Massacre of Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Shatila under the aegis of the butcher of humanity Ariel Sharon in 1982 led to the creation of Hamas and Hezbollah that are still fighting to liberate the victimized people from the sturdy clutches of flint-hearted and steely-eyed Israel. In 1987 first Intifada was started by the Palestinians to snatch freedom by melting the shackles of slavery. However, after the acceptance of the right of existence of Israel by Yasser Arfat in 1988 led to deliberations in Madrid Conference of 1991 and conclusion of Oslo Accord in 1993. However, assassination of Yitzak Robin, who signed the peace accord, by a bigoted Jewish student and coming to power of tough customer Benjamin Netanyahu sabotaged the peace efforts. After Ehud Barak of Labor Party became PM in 1999 peace efforts were revived. However, President Clinton failed to convince PLO leader Yasser Arfat to sign an unwarranted agreement under pressure at Camp David in 2000. In 2001 carrot-cruncher and potato-seller Ariel Sharon became the PM. President George W Bush launched Roadmap with the help of Quartet to gave two state solution. However, he failed to convince cement-headed Israeli PM to establish self-governing Palestinian state in 2005. Yasser Arfat could not stand the continuous besieging of his headquarter Ramallah by the Israeli forces and as a result of the shock he kicked the bucket in a French Hospital

in 2004. He died in harness with his ambition to establish an independent Palestinian state unrealized. In 2006 Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections was a crippling blow on the faces of the power boozed and vicious western typhoons and their illegitimate brainchild Israel. Western alligators spare no effort to oust the democratically elected government of Hamas. Aid to the Palestinian National Authority was suspended. It is ironic that 57 Muslim countries failed to provide funds to the Hamas government to ensure its viability that is fighting for the fundamental right of self-determination of their people.Allama Iqbal rightly said about the contemporary dismal state of the Muslim Ummah: Musliman hay toheed mein garam josh Magar dil abhe tak hay zunnar posh; Haqiqat kharafat mein khho gai Ye ummat ravayat mein khho gai; Bujhe Ishq ki aag and heer hay Musliman naheen rakhh ka dheer hay. (A Muslim is apparently charged with the spirit of divine unity but his heart is riddled with doubt and uncertainty. Veracity is overshadowed by mendacity and this nation is lost in traditionality. As the fire of love is extinguished; therefore, a Muslim is nothing but a heap of ash.) The Annapolis Conference that was convened on November 27, 2007 is sabotaged by the statements of tough customer PM Ehud Olmert that Israel is not bound to create a sovereign Palestinian state at the end of 2008.Israel wants to construct more illegal settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that reveal its malevolent intentions. No doubt the prospect of a sovereign Palestinian state in the near future looks bleak but every dark cloud has a silver lining. The sun of liberty is bound to shine on Palestinians because freedom can be temporarily smothered but cannot be permanently crushed because it is an unparalleled passion that grooms in the hearts and minds of the people that can never be shackled. Nelson Mandela (1918– ), South African statesman and lawyer, said in his book “The Struggle is My

Life” the following golden words that can act as guiding light for the Palestinians fighting for their independence from the tentacles of a draconian power: “There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountain tops of our desires.” Written By

Dr Tanvir Hussain Bhatti Freelance International Columnist, Poet and Author of the Books” What Plagues Pakistan?” and "What Plagues the World?”
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