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 Face pack

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Mix 1 teaspoon of gram flour. Add curd and make it into a paste. Apply this paste on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash your face. This is useful in removing sun tan.

 Curd and Fenugreek to Cure for Dandruff
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Soak 2 teaspoon of fenugreek in curd overnight. In the morning grind the fenugreek along with the curd.

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Apply the paste on the scalp. Leae it for 10 minutes. Wash your hair with shikakai or shampoo. This will make your scalp dandruff free and also softens your hair.

 Henna for hair
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Take mehandi leaves(marudani ilai) and grind it well. Add curd, little tea powder, lemon juice. Leave this mixture in a iron vessel overnight.

In the morning add 2 beaten eggs and apply this on your hair. If need, you can 2 teaspoon of coconut oil. Leave this for half an hour in your hair. Then wash your hair thoroughly. This will give a slight colouring for your hair and also gives a shine for the hair.

 Raddish and Curd to improve Skin Complexion

Take raddish juice. Take equal amount of curd.

Apply this mixture on your face. This will be little itching and hot. Leave it for 15 minutes.

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Wash your face with luke warm water. Doing this regularly will remove white heads and gives good comlexion for your skin

 Hair Conditioner with Curd
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Take curd and add 2 egg whites. Beat it till frothing. Apply this on your hair for half an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo. Curd and egg whites acts as hair conditioner

 Facial Bleach at home
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Take lemon juice and add curd to it. Apply this mixture on the face. This is good home made facial bleach. Lemon acts as a natural bleach. Curd when added, acts as a moisurtizer and bleach.

 Curd Anti-dandruff
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Curd is a good conditioner for hair. Apply curd added with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice on the scalp. Wait for 20 minutes. Wash your hair with shikakai or any shampoo. Do this 2 times a week until you get rid off the dandruff. Onion as a remedy to hair loss Take a fresh onion. Get the juice of the onion by grinding it in mixer. Apply the juice directly on the scalp. Leave it for 1/2 and hour. Wash your hair with shampoo. This will help in restoring the hair follicles and helps in hair growth.

Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it. It is low in calories and also contains more vitamin A. Apply it on the face. Papaya for skin o o Rub the papaya peel on the skin to give a good complexion for your skin. Wash it to see glowing skin.remedy for hair loss Take equal quantity of lime juice and onion juice.  Papaya and honey o o o o Add pulp of papaya and honey. LEave it for 15 minutes. . Onion Face Pack Take an onion and get the juice. Leave this for 10 days. Sulphur in onion will help in hair growth. It also rejuvenates the skin. Mix it well. This will remove the aging and all blemishes from the skin. It also improves the skin complexion when taken regularly. Do it regularly to reduce the wrinkles. Wash your hair with shampoo. Mix it well and apply it on the face. Apply the juice on the scalp. Apply the shampoo and give a glow to your hair. Mix it well. o o Children should eat papaya to increase vitamin A. Add the minced onion in the shampoo of your brand.  Papaya for Health o Papaya is recomended by most doctors for diabetic patients. Add equal amount of onion juice and honey. Leave it for 20-30 minutes. Hair Glow and Hair Growth Take an onion and mince it.                   Onion and Lemon Juice .

o To improve the complexion of your skin. o Another method to get your skin glowing is take 4:2 ratio of curd : tomato juice. Leave it for 20 minutes. add tomatoes in your diet and also apply the tomato pulp on your face daily. Wash the face and pat it dry. Follow this. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it. Leave it for 15 mintues.20 minutes. Papaya for Pimples.o  Intake of papaya slows down the aging of skin. If done regularly. Do this twice a week regularly. Do it regularly to see your glowing. apply the mixture of honey and tomato juice on your face. Apply it on the face. Leave it for 15 minutes. o Another cleanser using tomato . Apply it on your skin . You can refrigerate it and use it for 4 days.  Remove Skin Sun tan o If your skin is tanned after going in the hot sun. . Do it daily to have a smooth and soft skin. Apply it on the affected skin area using a cotton. don't worry. Add equal amount of milk.  Home Made cleanser o Take the juice of tomato. neck and hands. you can see the difference in your skin.  Papaya for dry skin o o o o o Mix equal amount of ripe papaya pulp and milk cream. Filter it. Leave it on the skin for 15 . This will act as an excellent cleanser. Wash it. Wash it and feel the difference. Take equal amount of cucumber juice and tomato juice. is add few s of lime juice to tomato pulp and apply in on your skin.  For Glowing skin o For Glowing skin. acne and skin blemishes o o o Take the pulp of ripe papaya and apply on the affected area of skin. This will help in moisturising the skin.

Applying face pack with milk improves skin texture.   Sandal wood oil (1 part) mixed with lemon juice (3 parts) is very effective. Do not use other people‟s comb and do not lend yours. This also imprves the skin texture. Facepack Milk is a good moisturiser and good cleanser. Dandruff causes itching and hair loss. The flakes come away while brushing or combing the hair. Add milk with any type of face pack and apply on the face for normal skin. pack with milk cream is applied on face. Dandruff is infective. mustard oil and coconut oil. Solution for Dandruff  Massage scalp every night at bed time with one tsp each of castor oil. Apply milk cream under eyes to avoid dark circles. For dry skin Face. Malassazia is the fungus believed to cause dandruff. Itching induces scratching which causes further damage. To avoid irritation in skin apply raw milk on face and skin with the help of a cotton and wash it after sometime. . Leave for 3 to 4 hours.  Massage the scalp with a mixture of one part of lemon juice to two parts of coconut oil. then wash off with warm water.Dandruff is a condition in which the scalp is covered with small flakes. Apply Butter milk on face with help of a cotton and wash it after 10 or 15 mins. This helps removing excess oil from the skin.

Face Pack at Home Orange and Milk Face Pack for Normal Skin You can make this pack with 10 s of orange juice and half tablespoon of fresh milk cream. Applying Honey to the dull skin restores the freshness of the skin. mix this potato juice with a little bit of lemon juice. neck. Apply the pack and let it dry for half an hour. D. . Keep it for 5 minutes and then wash it off. But. Potato Face Pack for Normal Skin You just have to take one grated fresh potato and squeeze out the extract from it. Butter can be used in facial massages (avoid this if you have pimples on face). Wash your face with clean water and this natural face pack for normal skin will make your skin smooth. Applying butter on lips changes black lips to rose lips.Butter contains fat-soluble vitamins E. should not apply garlic alone on the skin. Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic. This is perhaps the most time saving pack among the natural face packs for normal skin. Pour a little bit of juice on a piece of cotton and apply it on your face. K. Now. Can apply garlic paste with milk or butter or ghee on the pimples. Applying honey with glycerene gives freshness to the skin. Apply honey with tender coconut water on the face. hand to avoid skin tan. Honey is a very good moisturiser.

Apply this pack on the face and wash it after 20 minutes Make a paste with cucumber and coconut water. The face will look fresh. take off this wheat paste. Then. one egg white and half cup of . orange.milk Grate the carrot and add the egg white and milk. . Make a paste with one lime. Fruit Face Pack for Normal Skin Make a paste of grapes. Apply it on the face. Take two carrots. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Make a paste with turmeric and sandal. Apply the pack on your face and leave it for half an hour. Take one cup of curd. apples and peer and add few s of honey to it. strawberries. Apply this mixture on the face for 20 minutes. Make a paste with a ripe papaya. Rub the pack on your face and let the pack dry for 15 minutes. Apply a paste with raw plantain and strawberry on the face. After half an hour wash the face with cold water. Apply on the face and wash after 20 minutes. Apply it on the face. 1/2 an orange and a cup of curd. Apply on the face and wash after some time. You can even apply a pack of orange peels soaked in curd and leave the pack for 20 minutes to dry and then wash it with cold water. Add the juice of two lime to it and make a mixture. It will soften and clean your skin.Wheat Flour Face Pack for Normal Skin This is definitely the easiest face pack to make among the natural face packs for normal skin and you just need to make a paste of wheat flour and milk. It helps to remove pimples and other marks on the face.

And use dipped towel in mineral water for covering them. Face packs for normal skin . Take one egg yolk. wash the face with water. apply this on the neck and face. Apply the mixture on the face.Take one piece of ripped papaya. At the end of it. After this sprinkle few s of lemon juice on leaves. Mix both of them and apply on the face. Apply this paste for 25 minutes and rinse off.Home Take a ripe banana and mash up well and add it with honey for making pulp. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes and wash off the face with clear water. Soak 10 almonds for an overnight and peal the skin. Take 2-3 lettuce leaves and dip in olive oil. one spoon milk cream. Apply the layer of paste over the face for getting firm and smooth skin. After drying the face wash off with clean water. Wipe the face by using cotton ball in warm milk. After 30 minutes massage the face with wet hands and wash the face. Let it dry for 15 minutes. sliced and peeled. Take 2 tablespoon of household starch and a full tablespoon of fresh milk. Now place them on both sides of the face. Mix all these ingredients and make it as a paste. Make a paste with a handful of thulasi(basil). two tablespoons of oil. a handful of rose petals. vinegar and one full tablespoon of ascorbic acid. Take a teaspoon of orange juice and a full teaspoon of fresh milk cream. a piece of cucumber and a handful of curry leaf and apply on the face and wash it off after some time. Take all ingredients and put them into liquidizer and blend. a tablespoon of honey. Apply this pack over the face and remove with Luke warm water. Mix both of them and make a paste. . a handful of pudhina(mint). Make a paste with these almonds. ½ apple. Half teaspoon honey. After making a paste. This packs is effective to make the skin smooth and soft.

Whisk one egg white till it thickness. It removes the tan and helps to reduce the facial hair. rose petal powder. Mix this juice with few s of lemon juice. acne and other skin problems. Neem possesses excellent medicinal properties and is most ideal for skin blemishes. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. grate it and squeeze it juice. yoghurt and apply over face and neck. Apply the little amount of juice on the face by using cotton wool. Wash or clean skin with cold water or rose water after 15 to 20 minutes and pat dry. Apply on the face for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water Mix oatmeal along with curds and tomato juice and apply on the face. Scrub it off with a good face scrub and then wash with cold water. It helps to remove the tan and lightens the skin. Blend turmeric powder with milk and apply on the face. Apply on the face for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water Whisk one egg white till it thickness. The skin loses its natural moisture and starts to age faster. milk. You can also keep it overnight. Neem Pack Take a spoonful of neem powder. . Mix both juices well and apply it on the face for getting firm and smooth skin. It is the best pack for removing dark spots and blemishes. Facial Bleach at Home The use of chemical bleaches makes the skin dry. Take one fresh potato. For oily skin wash your face 2 or 3 times with soap and mix Mint juice with rose water and apply to your face and wait 10-15 min and wash with cold water. the softness and natural glow in the face fast disappears. then whisk in 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil. then whisk in 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil. making the skin look very coarse and lacking appeal.Take one full teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of tomato juice. Also. Let it dry for 5 minutes and wash off.

  Mix few s of milk in it to get the consistency of bleach. In that case you can add honey. Get the glow to your skin and hair For Glowing Skin  Extract the juice of half an orange or tomato. Apply it on your face. pulp. too much of lemon may irritate the skin. Once in a week . In case of sensitive skin. wash your face with cold water and wipe dry. mix with two teaspoons of curd. lemon. Make a Squeeze Juice Paste of the corriander. tomato and corriander. Lightly massage onto your face in an upward direction. or use the juice of a cucumber. So take care depending on the skin type.     paste the tomato of with of your hands the the and get the carrot. This will give your skin a nice glow. carrot. this can be done which is harmless to your skin. Then mix all the pastes of lime. Wash the face using a mild soap.You can do the bleach at home with the following : Carrot. How to do it. Tone the face with a toner if you have access to it. lime and corriander. . Then. tomato. Wash it after 15 minutes.. Let it dry.. reducing the amount of lemon juice.

 Soak two to three teaspoons of whole masoor dal (red gram) overnight. around the same quantity of cucumber juice and few s of lemon. Grind into a paste. Once it dries. save a small portion of the peel for this purpose.  Grind one small carrot and squeeze the pulp to remove the juice. This will give your skin a nice glow. With a cotton ball. Apply on your face in an upward motion. Apply the juice on your face and let it dry.  Beat the white of one egg and apply on your face in an upward direction. The excess paste can be stored in the refrigerator but should be used within a week. Then. however. wash your face with cold water and wipe dry. Once it dries. apply the solution on your face and leave to dry. Grind into a paste and apply on your face. wash with cold water and wipe your face dry. Methi also helps remove excess oil from your skin. wash with cool water and pat dry.Then.  Make a paste of 2 tbsp of wheat flour using as much water as needed. Then. then rub on your face. It helps tighten your skin and delays wrinkles. wash with cold water. This helps tighten your skin. Let it dry. Rub the inner part of the skin of a papaya on your face.  Whenever eating an apple. The granular effect helps remove blackheads. wash your face with cold water and pat dry. Then. This helps to improve blood circulation and keeps your skin healthy.  Grind 50 grams (around half a cup) of cabbage and extract the juice. After it dries. wash with cool water.  Whenever you cut a papaya to eat. It . This helps tighten your skin and prevents wrinkles. Apply this on your face.vendhayam) seeds overnight. This helps remove excess oil from your skin. Once it dries. Just rub the inner side of the peel in an upward direction and letyour face dry. Use it as a skin cleanser. Then. wash with cool water and pat dry.  Soak two to three teaspoons of methi (fenugreek . wash with water and pat dry. Leave to dry. Then. wash with cool water and wipe dry.  Mix two teaspoons of raw milk. it is preferable to use it fresh.  Take an ice cube and rub on your face. This helps to rejuvenate your skin. do not discard the skin. pat dry. You can store the peel in an airtight container for about two days in the fridge.

 Heaped spoon of milk powder. Then wash with water and pat dry. Apply onion paste on your scalp before bath for a few days.  Mix 1 tsp of gram flour with 1 tsp of curd. grapes will soften your skin and egg whites will tighten it. o Drink plenty of water. apply a mixture of grapes. pinch of turmeric. Don‟t be alarmed if your skin tingles. of the natural remedies for grey hair Here are some 1. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.along with few s of rose water. tomato everyday. Your hair will turn black. Leave cucumber juice overnight on the face to remove tan. till dries.  Cucumber for Dark Cirlces .   Healthy liver is critical for skin health. Only the tiredness makes the dark circles prominent. The excess paste can be stored in the refrigerator but should be used within two days. Mix and apply it on face . beet root. o Wash your eyes with cold water.  For oily skin. Regular application of henna also helps. Drink juice of carrot.8 glasses of water is required for our body even in winter. 2. then wash off with cold water. Apply the juice on your face and leave to dry. While lemon acts as a natural cleanser. Massage scalp regularly with ghee. 6 .  Grind half a cucumber and squeeze to remove the juice. Splash cold water on the eyes after working for long hours before computer. lemon and egg white. the same effect as methi. and some honey apply on the face and wash after 15 mins. Get rid of Dark Circles .home remedy  Relax your eyes o Have a good night sleep for minimum of 6 hours and maximum of 8 hours.

Do it once in a week to refresh your eyes.  First and foremost thing to prevent dark circles is having good night sleep. Do it continuously to remove dark circles.  Rose Water is another natural ingredient for beauty. This can be donw even when your eyes are tired after working long hours. This will relieve all the tensions from the eyes.  Potato for Dark Circles o Take thin slices of Potato. Keep this balls on your closed eyes. Sleepness may cause dark circle. Relax for 20 minutes. Apply almond(baadaam oil) around the eyes in the night. Get rid of dark circles around your eyes Few simple care routines and remedies at home can help you cure dark circles easily.  Tomato juice with mint leaves(pudina) will help in keeping your skin fresh. squeeze it to remove excess juice and place the cotton on your closed eyes after lying down. Wash it in the morning.  Almond oil is good for skin. . It is also good for getting rid of dark circles. This is an excellent method of refreshing eyes. Dip a piece of cotton in cucumber juice. This will freshen your eyes. o You can also take cucumber juices. Lie down and place the potato slices on your eyes. Do it twice a week to refresh your eyes. Place the grated potato on your closed eyes after lying down. o You can also grate the potato. This is one of the natural remedy to get rid of the dark circles. Dip a cotton ball in rose water. Relax for 20 minutes.o Take thin slices of cucumber. Lie down and place the cucumber slices on your eyes.

. Apply the paste around the eyes before sleeping and wash it off in the morning. and also improves the growth of eye lashes. Palming for 20 minutes a day is good for eyes.   Place cotton wool swabs dipped in cold milk on closed eyes for removing dark circles. This will also give some relaxation to your eyes. This will not only refresh the eyes and improve tear secretion. A minimum of two or three litres of water is a must.  Apply a slice of cucumber or raw potato around the eyes for 10 minutes everyday. After 30 minutes wash it off with cold and hot water alternatively. Do not throw away used tea bags. Add a small pinch of salt in water and wash for bright and sparkling eyes. You will have bright beautiful eyes.  Drink plenty of water.  Take the paste of fresh mint leaves and add a little lime juice. but refrigerate them for a few hours.  Mix tomato juice and lemon juice in equal quantity and apply around the eyes. Add a little rose water and apply around the eyes and wash it after 30 minutes.  Make a paste of sandal wood and nutmeg. removes dark circles. Try using them slightly refrigerated or a little cold.  Tea bags are extremely effective in curing dark circles. but also cure dark circles. Castor oil on eyebrows will help in the growth of eyebrows.  Castor oil is also a remedy which relaxes tired eyes. When the eyes are tired. Palming is just keeping your palms on your eyes without touching the eyes.  Make a mixture of almond oil and honey and apply to the affected areas once a day and rest the eyes. So palming will help in this case.  Crush a cucumber and take the juice. This should help remove dark circles in a few weeks. This will cure dark eyes. Use cold tea bags over the eyes for at least fifteen minutes everyday. you may get dark circles. Dehydration can tell on the eyes quickly as toxins tend to remain and show up in spots faster.  Massage a few s of coconut oil around the eyes to get rid off dark circles.

lice.  Brush your hair from the nape of your neck to forehead covering the hair to its full length. Some spices like cumin. Any thing tight on the hair breaks it.   Always use towel to dry hair and sit under a ceiling fan. cover your hair with shower cap so that the hair does not get wet. get rid of them. Do not Brush in hurry.  Excessive heat affects scalp & hair.  Amla and shikkai. fruits. If you keep on worrying about your hair loss. Relaxation methods. turmeric and black pepper are good.  Do not tighten your hair with tight rubber bands for too long a period. After a hair – wash use wide toothed comb. You can saute these spices (1/2 tsp each) in 1 tsp ghee and add to your vegetable. Regulate your bowel movements. . salads.Hair Fall solutions Solution for hair fall  Change your life style. vegetables. you can also wash your hair with water in which few s of lemon juice have been added. buttermilk. commonly used by Indians. you are likely to loose more. avoid brushing.     A warm oil massage done at least once a week has lot of benefits. If you have dandruff. Regular physical activity / exercise balance the metabolic activities. While taking bath. Moderate sunlight and fresh air are beneficial. Soya and vitamin „A‟. meditation may help. Do not use hairdryer if it is switched on to “hottest” position. If you have dandruff. Constipation may cause hair loss. Your diet should contain more greens.     Application of juice of green coriander leaves on the head is good. 50 strokes during the day and 50 strokes in the night leave the hair clean. are better than chemical shampoo. Use an umbrella or cap while you go out in the hot sun. It is repeated again here that „stress‟ can seriously affect hair. milk. Wooden combs are better as these may not generate static electricity. Wet hair comes off easily and increases hair loss especially when your hair roots are weak. wheat germ. Better use your fingers! Understand that wet hair is weak and tends to fall of easily.

 Take a garlic pod. Wash it. Crush it. Leave it for 15 minutes. 1 spoon of mint leaf powder.  Take the powder of pomegranate skin (dry the pomegranate skin and powder it). This also will remove the pimple marks from the face. Leave it for 15 minutes. Apply on the face and leave it on the face for 5 minutes. Wash your face. Rub this around the pimple. Make this as a thick paste.  Take half a lemon.Leave it on your face for 20 minutes. 1 spoon of neem leaf powder. This will also have good remedy to remove pimple marks. Mix 1 teaspoon of this powder with rose water and apply on the face. This will help in removing the pimple marks from the face. Doing this will help in removing the pimple marks and also will lighten the skin colour.  Fullers earth with milk can be applied on the face.Home remedy for pimple marks  Take 1/2 teaspoon of rice flour. This done regularly will have great effect on your face to remove the pimple marks and also helps in reducing the pimples.  Apply tomato juice with mint leaves powder on your face and leave it for 15 minutes.  Rub the face with slices of potato.  Grind the dry skin of orange with water. These methods will help in removing the dead cells from the skin and leave your skin soft and shiny.  Rub the face with slices of cucumber.  Raddish juice with curd when applied on the face will help in removing the pimple marks.  Mix sandal powder and green gram powder and rose water. Apply this paste on the face. This is a simple home remedy for pimples. Apply the lime juice with honey on the pimple marks to lighten it. This will remove the pimple marks and the dark spots due to pimples. 1 teaspoon of curd. green gram flour. Squeeze the juice. . This will help in drying the pimple without leaving any mark. Apply this paste on the face to remove all pigmentation on the face and also remove pimple marks. Do it twice a week to remove pimple marks.

acne. Wash it with cold water. Honey and milk facial :  Mix honey and milk in a bowl. Take fresh methi leaves ( vendhaya keerai). This is a simple remedy for pimples. until it appears creamy. leave it for about 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.then add yogurt and ground almonds stir continuously until creamy. Scrub your face with this paste and leave it for 20 minutes.  Make a paste of one teaspoon of walnut powder. Your skin will glow and become soft and smooth. Wash it with cold water.  Mix egg white with honey and apply on the face for 20 minutes. Wash face with lukewarm water. Apply this cream as a face mask for about 30 minutes. This will also help in preventing wrinkles on the face. Grind it and apply the paste on the face. Apply it to the face. honey and lemon juice.  Apply honey on your face and neck for 20 minutes. Homemade facial for glowy skin Oats facial : Mix oats and honey together. Banana facial : . Apply it to the face and wait for 5 minutes. Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it with cold water. black heads and white heads. This will also leave your face soft and shiny. Wash face with lukewarm water. Pumpkin facial : Mix a slice of pumpkin. egg yolk and milk together.

lemon juice and margarine. Apply on face for overnight.  Grind cream on the top of milk and rose petals and apply to your face and body.  Mix curds (yogurt) with wheat flour and apply to your skin and take shower after 5 minutes.   Mix turmeric and cream on the top of milk.  Massage mustard oil to your skin for 5 minutes and have shower with gram flour or mild soap. Shower after 5 minutes. Corn flour mask : Mix corn flour with egg white and apply on your face. Mash a banana with milk and apply on face and leave it for 20 minutes.  Make a paste by mixing mashed banana. it will keep your skin smooth. Repeat this face mask for a couple of weeks. put your fingers in warm water and massage your face. massage that mixture to face and body. Milk has moisturizer. mix milk and lemon juice. honey. cucumber juice and orange peels can be applied on face for a healthy and glowing skin. Use that mixture to massage on your body. This will make skin smooth. Wash it with cold water to get a skin that will glow. Wash off in the morning. When your face is dried completely. Milk facial :   Massage your skin with milk.  Tomato juice. Shower after 10 minutes. The milk will break as soon as you mix the lemon juice in it. eyebrows and lips. . It works as natural bleaching. Mix cream on the top of milk and all purpose flour and apply that paste on to your skin avoid eyes.

 Rub aloe vera gel on to your scalp. Make it into a paste and apply on scalp. The flakes in turn get caught among the skin. Leave it for up to half an hour.  Add a few s of honey to a 2 tsp of curd. Wash the hair with this water.  Don't apply harsh shampoo on your head and make sure you apply some coconut oil or sesame oil everyday on your head five to 30 minutes before taking bath. constipation.  Boil half a litre of water with some neem leaves. Diet .    Leave olive oil on your hair for a few hours everyday. Effective remedy for dandruff. Causes of Dandruff Dandruff is duw to improper diet habits.Prevent Dandruff Dandruff is a skin disorder characterized by scaly flaking of scalp skin. Some Home Remedies for Dandruff  Make a paste of neem leaves (3-4 leaves is enough) and mix it in water.  Crush about 50 grams of snake gourd and make it into a paste. A tsp lemon-squeeze in half a liter water. Rub this mixture onto the scalp.  Fenugreek offers remedy for dandruff. Continue this for a week. Rinse hair with lime juice. Apply this on your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. Apply coconut oil daily before bathing. infections and other imbalances like mental tension. If the condition is severe use lemon juice without diluting and wash away after 15 minutes. Use a mild shampoo to wash it away. Rinse hair when cold. Wash away after half an hour. Wash it away after half an hour. Soak some fenugreek seeds in water for a few hours (overnight). exhaustion etc.

Zinc and omega fatty acids.  Also drink lot of water daily for the health of your skin. lean meat. Drink more water. This will prevent dandruff and control hair fall at a considerable amount. There are no side effects. So use castor oil along with coconut oil. broccoli etc)    Vitamin B1 from whole grains. canned. processed or preserved in your diet. You get Vitamin A from dark green and colored vegetables (carrot. B2. nuts etc Vitamin B2 from dairy products. If u eat healthy foods any one can prevent hair problem.Fenugreek seed (venthayam) soaked in curd at night. broccoli etc Omega fatty acids (3 and 6) from egg. Curry leaves and other iron and protein rich food. To effectively control include food items that contain vitamin A. Prevent Dry Hair and Hair Fall For dry hair. milk and milk products. Apply it mildly in the night before going to bed. nuts (walnut.Regularly add the following foods : Dates. hazelnut). fish (mackerel and salmon). coconut oil alone will not work out well to get rid of dryness. Weekly once applying egg white will control hair fall. So people with sinus problem should take care of it. fish. For some. use castor oil or Olive oil + coconut oil. and make it as a paste in the morning andapply it to the hair. sprouts. sesame seeds etc  Include all different kinds of food items that are not overly cooked. honey. egg. . legumes (peas). Only thing to be taken care is that castor oil is a coolant. whole wheat breads. B1.

tsp of lime juice.Protect your skin in summer One need to understand the nature of the ski and work accordingly to keep it beautiful and glowing. apply papaya pulp on the face and wash it after 20 minutes. Remedies for Dark skin  Take 1 tsp of milk or milk powder.  Oatmeal can be mixed with juice of tomato or lime juice. Soothes sunburn ad sun damaged skin in the summer. Apply on the face. Easy Facial Scrub to be prepared at home: Mix multani mitti. The first and foremost essential thing is to moisturise. Rosewater or cucumber water can be applied on the face to tone and refresh the skin. Papaya has enzyes which will remove dead cells and its rich vitamin A rejuvenates the skin. This will also helps in lightening the skin and to remove sun tan. Crush sesame seed coarsely and soak in water overnight. . Store in an air tight container. This is most important part of daily skin care. 1 tsp honey. Apply on the face and wash after 20 minutes. Leave it for 20 minutes. Sunscreen is essential when going out in summer. skin's natural oils solidify whereas in summer they flow freely. Next day morning strain the water and use the white liquid to wash the face. Some tips to prevent or cure sunburn:   Apply curd or buttermilk on the face and wash after 20 minutes.  To cleanse any type of skin. 1/2 tsp of almond (badam) oil.Apply this scrub once a week. This will help remove dead skin. Skin which looked good at winter may look dull in the summer because. Wash with luke warm water. Channa Flour(Kondai kadali maavu) and sandalwood powder in equal quantities. Mix it well. in winter.This will remove the sun tan and helps in giving shine to the skin.

but also for inner and outer beauty. Not only for health. This also lightens your skin colour. Spread the juice with cotton on your face. You can‟t hide what is in your mind with makeup on your face. few s of milk and lemon juice. When it is fully dry .  Get regular sleep and wakeup early in the morning. Mix this powder with little curd and apply to remove sun tan from your skin.  Grate potato and take juice from it. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your face.  Almond (badam) is very good for skin as it contains vitamin E. The turmeric is a good antiseptic and is always used in alagu kurripu from tamilnadu. Apply this on the face to remove any blemishes from the skin. Lemon being the natural ingredient for skin bleaching.  Save orange peels (the skin of orange fruit). This will remove wrinkles and also a good home remedy for removing skin tan. .  Take the juice of mint leaves. Doing this regularly will give you good result.  Mix 1 tsp of bengal gram flour. Tips for Body and hair care It is better to wear a smile than artificial makeup. Apply this paste on the face and neck to lighten the skin colour and leave the skin soft. This is most commonly used home remedy for skin tan in olden days.  Crush the tomato to get the pulp. Apply the juice on the face to remove skin blemishes and to remove sun tan. grind it into fine powder. Soak badam and grind into a fine paste. Apply this paste with some milk cream onyour face. Applying soap will remove the yellow colour. Dry this in shady areas. Potato lightens the skin. This will also freshen your skin. use it more in beauty ingredients. Following are ten simple tips that help you with better natural beauty care and hair care. Lemon juice and turmeric powder mixed and applied on the tanned skin will help in removing the tan. The use of turmeric will leave your skin yellow. Add few s of lime juice.

use a mixture of glycerin and limejuice in equal proportion.      Always keep a pleasant mind. Henna (1 handful) and juice of half a lemon. Tips for Body Care Mix 2 teaspoon glycerin and two-teaspoon lemon juice. For cracked heals. Exercise. This helps in calming your mind. For rough palms. almond oil or olive oil. Self massage whole body with coconut oil. Learn ways to control negative emotions like anger and jealousy. Also fill your mind with pleasant thoughts and positive images of life. Mingle with good natured people only. Avoid applying chemical makeup on your face. It is one step to keep your mind fresh and healthy.   Take nutritious food and drink lot of water. Happiness at mind is quickly expressed on face. Believe it or not. arms and legs Peel and grate a cucumber. Apply this moisturizing lotion at least twice a week if you have dry and flaky. Wipe the water off the feet and apply a mixture of hibiscus flower(10). Also use coconut oil boiled with henna leaves as hair oil for thickly growing.  Apply coconut oil on head for a cool head and thick growth of hair. better blood circulation and gives a healthy air. Squeeze the juice to this. when dry wash it off. . Apply this on sunburns. leave it for some time. meditate and practice yoga regularly. Healthy body is beautiful body. Massage your body with a mixture of coconut oil and any of your favourite scented oils like lavender or rosemary. Apply sesame oil on your lower feet. mix half-a-teaspoon glycerin and 1/2 teaspoon rose water. This facilitates good circulation throughout your body and keeps skin glowing. dark hair. your eyes look more shining. massage the foot with coconut oil and keep the foot in warm water for some time.

important for skin colour. Useful Tips for Beauty  Yoghurt is ideal to massage the skin as it can tone up both dry and oily skin. A diet of cucumber. onion and fenugreek .  A glass of limne juice can improve skin colour.  Honey has vitamin B.  White radish and carrot juice taken in plenty provide the essential vitamin A for a smooth skin.Remove scars on your hands and feet by rubbing them with lemon peel.

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