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{ Jeff Gibbard }

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Entrepreneur. Early Adopter. Blogger. Speaker. Thought Leader. Risk-Taker. Geek. Creative Problem Solver. Design. Development. Big Fan of Twitter. Mac-head. Expert Googler. Jeans & t-shirt kinda guy (but, I look simply marvelous in a suit). Any questions?

{Professional Experience}
True Voice Media LLC :: Social Media Agency :: 03/2011 - Present
President, Owner, Founder, Chief Strategist, Designer, Web Developer Established in March 2011, True Voice Media began to fill a need in the market for an agency strictly dedicated to Social Media. Since then, we have acquired clients of varying sizes in a multitude of industries. In this short amount of time, we have worked with clients in the finance industry, hospitality, medical, start-ups, aviation, non-profits, education management and recreation services. As President of True Voice Media, I wear many hats. For clients, I: ● produce client social media strategies ● research competitors ● identify trends ● build listening engines ● curate content ● implement internal policies (when necessary) ● lead one-on-one and team training sessions ● optimize client software processes ● optimize mobile devices and desktop web browsers ● analyze data and provide insight ● create editorial calendars For True Voice Media, I also: ● generate new business ● manage the company’s finances ● draft proposals ● draft agreements ● manage accounts payable and accounts receivable ● create and execute marketing strategy | |


{ Jeff Gibbard }
p: 215.948.2012 | e: t: @jgibbard | in: ● measure and account for all time spent ● design company document templates, social media outposts and slide presentations

Devine + Powers :: Public Relations Agency :: 04/2010 - 03/2011
Director, Social Media Practice Group At Devine + Powers, I worked with clients to deliver value through social media professional services in a PR environment where Social Media campaigns were designed to work hand-inhand with PR initiatives. I worked with organizations in higher education, research and development, retail products, finance, association management and hospitality. While serving in this role, I created social media strategy, policy, listening engines, initiated blogger outreach, event promotion and managed social media properties for clients. Internally, I: ● launched the company’s social media practice group ushering in an entirely new set of services ● provided project management to port the existing website from to Wordpress and build the Devine + Powers blog ● provided search engine optimization for new website, moving website from the 2nd page to top 3 results on the first page ● built a custom listening engine to find opportunities for new business ● designed new email template and powerpoint template

Gap International 04/2010

:: Management Consulting :: 06/2008 -

Interactive Marketing Specialist Designed and implemented company’s first online multi-channel marketing strategy and introduced new avenues for lead generation, content creation, brand awareness and social marketing. While at Gap International I: ● introduced the conversation for using Social Media as a method to increase lead generation, promote events, build strong partnerships, create brand evangelists, and improve brand recognition and product awareness. | |


{ Jeff Gibbard }
p: 215.948.2012 | e: t: @jgibbard | in: ● provided project management for an internal team of 8-10 people while serving as liaison to our web developers resulting in the creation of a newly designed website. ● implemented a Content Management System (CMS) to augment & streamline web capabilities. ● deployed the company’s first search engine optimization (SEO) campaign designed to transform marketing to place a greater emphasis on pull marketing rather than push marketing. This resulted in more targeted lead generation, greater website traffic and an overall more efficient sales force. ● leveraged analytics data to make informed recommendations that led to improved website usability and more than doubled the number of conversions. ● executed and tracked numerous email-marketing campaigns with web-based landing pages and online registration. ● designed and developed the architecture for company’s knowledge base in Sharepoint 2007 using an innovative meta tag based system.

{Speaking Experience}
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Guest ● ● ● ● AMC Institute: ASAE Pre-Conference 2010 Vistage CEO Intronet Metro Public Adjusters The Almo Expo (2011) Fernley & Fernley Foamex Innovations The Goldenberg Group National Black MBA Association Stratford Friends School Lectures NYU: Examining Social Media Networks for Brand Value Temple University: Interactive Media Planning Temple University: What is a Career? Temple University: Mentoring

Drexel University, LeBow College of Business
Graduation: June 2008 Masters of Business Administration GPA: 3.57 | |


{ Jeff Gibbard }
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Temple University, School of Communication and Theater
Graduation: May 2003 Bachelor of Arts - Film and Media Arts GPA: 3.2

Available upon request | |