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University of Virginia – Curry School of Education

Virginia Education Sciences Training (VEST)
Application for Fellowship
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Fellowship funds are limited to students who are either US citizens or permanent residents of
the US. Other students may participate in the program, but they must obtain financial support
through their home departments or other sources.
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roughly 750-1000 words) Curriculum Vita. □ African-American or Black □ Asian American or Pacific Islander □ Caucasian or White □ Chicano or Mexican American □ Hispanic □ Native American (Alaskan. 405 Emmet St. PO Box The letter of support will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 1. Evidence of the ability to apply designs and methods necessary to establish causal inferences. (3 pages. Curry School of Education. Hawaiian. VEST Coordinator. and long-term career goals. please submit them to Jen Mashburn. UVA Transcript (unofficial or official) Letters of Support. research goals for the fellowship period (including how your research interests are aligned with specific Curry mentors and how you would benefit from working with them).edu Electronic submission is preferred. This letter should describe your professional background. South. Charlottesville. 4. Letter of Intent. and/or policy.______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Enrollment Status: ____In-state ____ Out-of-state Optional: Ethnic background: Please check any that apply. please submit: 1. . at jmashburn@virginia. Please return the completed application by no later than February 1st to: Jen Mashburn. 3. VA 22904. Ruffner 264. Demonstration of your depth of interest in research questions in education and evidence for the benefits of an interdisciplinary focus in your professional development. 3. (can be emailed to jmashburn@virginia. 2. Likelihood career goals will have an impact on education science. but if some documents need to be submitted as hard copies. Two letters from current advisor/mentors describing your scholarship and offering a rationale for applying. interest in education science 2. or American Indian) □ Other ____________________________ □ Decline to answer In addition to this form.