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Avaya Communication Manager, Release 2.

1 Known Issues and Workarounds for the DEFINITY Servers

Messaging, Call Coverage, Vendor Equipment & Applications, ISDN, QSIG Agent, Service Observing

Calls from a media server and an Octel 350 messaging system connected to a GTD5 server via QSIG that cover to the Octel system do not update the Message Waiting Indicator.

Run a reset level 2 on the media server. A resolution is available for Release 2.0.1 of Communication Manager.


When a remote sevice observer is dropped from a call Call back in to continue observing the agent. because the agent being observed transfers the call to a non-observed number, the observer ceases to observe not only that call but also the agent. The command ‘list groups-of-extensions’ causes a temporary increase in processor occupancy. This situation is improved in Release 1.3.2 and resolved in Release 2.1 of Communication Manager. Request a software update from your Technical Services Organization. Busy and release the affected trunk.

040721s 040384s

Attendant, If a call is transferred from AUDIX to an attendant, the Displays, AUDIX, number of the calling party appears on the attendant's Transfer display, but the display goes blank after 5 seconds. IP Trunk If a call is active on an IP trunk when its signaling group transitions to the state 'far-end bypass', that trunk stays in the state 'pending-busyout' and thus remains unavailable even after the bypass condition clears. Outgoing R300 calls over an analog CO trunk do not succeed.



Remote Office

R300 configurations with analog CO trunks should obtain a software update for this issue before upgrading to Release 2.x of Communication Manager. A resolution is available for Communication Manager 2.0.1. A resolution is available for Communication Manager 2.0.1.


AAR & ARS, Dial Removing ARS translations from the dial plan does not Plan reduce the percent full reported (accurately) by the command 'disp dialplan analysis'. Transfer, Dropped Calls If a call goes to coverage and then gets answered by a bridged appearance of the coverage point, then an attempt to transfer the call back to the station called originally results in the call dropping about half a minute after the transfer is complete.



If an agent using an IP telecommuter configuration without Dropped Calls, Softphone, Agent call waiting but with auto-answer logs into Communication Manager and into at least one skill, and then goes into the aux-work state, then if that agent is off-hook and goes into the auto-in state while there are calls in the queue, any calls sent to that agent drop. Traffic, System Resets, IP Solutions Digital Stations If, on the ip-network-region form, you set the UDP Port Min field below 256, heavy IP call traffic may result in a system reset. If you attempt to use the command ‘duplicate station’ for a digital station that has enhanced conferencing and a NoHold Conference button, you receive the message Error Encountered Cannot Complete Request. If trunk-to-trunk transfer is disabled, then if QSIG path replacement results in a trunk-to-trunk call, the call is dropped.

Enable call waiting or go on hook (without a headset active) before entering the auto-in state. A resolution is available for Communication Manager 2.0.1.


Set UDP Port Min to be at least 256.


Remove the button before duplicating the station.


ISDN, QSIG, Dropped Calls

Enable trunk-to-trunk transfer.


Following a call-preserving upgrade on a duplicated ISDN, PRI, Using the SAT, busy out and release the D-channel of Upgrades, Trunks DEFINITY Server R, trunks for ISDN PRI signaling groups the affected group. are not restored properly after they are busied out or out of service, even though they may appear to stay in service. Dial Plan If your dial plan includes four or more non-contiguous extension ranges whose dialed strings all start with the same digit (for instance, 30, 32, 34, and 37), only the first three ranges appear when you use the command 'list station'. Direct Connect Critical Reliability does not preserve talkpaths after a PNC interchange. Administer additional range(s) to ensure that there are no more than three non-contiguous ranges (for instance, 30, 32, 33, 34, and 37, so that 32-33-34 is contiguous).


034313s 034286s

Port Networks, Duplication

Request a software update from your Technical Services Organization. Set the method of DTMF for the signaling group to 'inband'.

Tones, IP Trunk, If a call that should be shuffled includes an IP endpoint in Codec, Quality of a signaling group whose method of DTMF is set to 'inband-g711', the shuffling does not take place, which may Service result in degradation of voice quality.

Monday, 12 July 2004

Avaya Communication Manager, Release 2.1 Known Issues and Workarounds for the DEFINITY Servers

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033538s QSIG. 033556s Tones. the service observer can toggle the Service Observing button to listen only and then back to listen/talk. International Support. it is possible to assign values to the AAR/ARS Internal Call Prefix and Total ARS Length fields. Release 2. Circuit Packs Service Observing In a call originated from a 4624 IP hard telephone and routed to a Russian outgoing trunk. 024257s Dial Plan. the appropriate DTMF tones are not sent to the trunk when the * or # button is pressed. first download a different release. Tones. or SI with no more than two port networks. 021636h .1 Known Issues and Workarounds for the DEFINITY Servers Page 2 of 2 . if the DTMF method for the trunk's signaling group dtmf-payload'. administer the explicit extension entry. Alternatively. and can take several minutes before it eventually returns a test failure. For G700 media gateways. request a software update from your Technical Services Organization. 034268s Port Networks Ignore the error. AAR & On the dial plan parameters form. 025227s Circuit Packs Do not use the command 'reset board' on an empty slot. the system appears to accept the command. When a local service observer is in listen/talk mode and presses the VDN of Origin Announce (VOA) button. but the denial event log does not describe the cause clearly. Workaround Reset the allocation to conform to the increased need. If you use the command 'reset board' on a slot that is unadministered and physically empty. on the dial plan analysis form. the observer's talkpath may be lost.323 IP telephone over an IP or SIP Set the method of DTMF for the signaling group to 'rtptrunk. When this occurs. without an explicit extension entry. is set to 'in-band' or 'in-band-g711'. set the TSC field to Yes. and on the signalinggroup form. without having AAR or ARS entries on the dial plan analysis form. then the command ‘list station’ does not display extensions in that range. error type 769 may appear inaccurately in the hardware log.ID 034282s Keywords CMS/MIS. regardless of the download status reported on the firmware stationdownload form. the TSC field is not set to Yes. 021314s To recover the talkpath. After PSA (Personal Station Access) association. you administer a prefixed extension (pext) range. 033558s Digital Stations Wait for the telephone to recover. ISDN. If you are using QSIG LWC. a 2420 telephone set may go out of service for approximately 30 seconds. Login Symptom If the value for Data Storage Allocation for stored/measured item in CMS is lower than the space actually used for this purpose by the server administration. a remote SAT session via modem may receive a message asking you to log off so that an alarm can be sent. 030162s Alarms Disregard the message. If you use IP alarming and do not administer an OSS number for modem dial-out for alarms. DTMF tones cannot be sent to the far end. 12 July 2004 Avaya Communication Manager. Agent. and on the signaling-group form. An endpoint which reports that it already has a given release of its firmware does not accept an attempt to download the same firmware again. Manually check for AAR or ARS entries on the dial plan analysis form before assigning values to these fields. Monday. On a DEFINITY Server CSI. the Service Observing button still flashes as if it is still in listen/talk mode. agents cannot log in. but on the routing-pattern form. File Transfer To re-download a given release of firmware to an endpoint that already has that firmware. Leave Word Calling (LWC) 031744s Dial Plan On the dial plan analysis form. set the Max Number of NCA TCS field to something other than zero. On the routing-pattern form. the Max Number of NCA TCS field is set to zero. 033854s Firmware Download. IP Trunk On a call from an H. If. then you may experience inaccurate message waiting indicators. and then download the desired release. see also 021631h.