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January 24,2008

World peace cannot be saved by Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Dr. Tanvir Hussain Bhatti Hypocrisy is the most pugnacious aspect of human life. A charlatan friend is more dangerous than a straightforward enemy. Hypocrites embrace people with a stilted smile while at the same time they are draining them of their assets. Therefore, they are the most hideous people marked by a streak of perversity that reserve for them a permanent niche in hell. Threat to international peace is directly proportional to global hypocrisy. International hypocrites wear various alluring masks to deceive the people, but their faces behind these masks are quite horrible. Therefore, these evil geniuses are the greatest enemies of Jack Layton arguably ranks as one humanity because of their love for shedding human blood. They of Canada's worst political project themselves as "champions of democracy" while pampering hypocrites. While Mr. Layton dictatorship at the same time. They wage unjust wars on other professes to be one of the best countries while deceitfully hailing themselves as custodians of champions of human rights, social justice, and environmental "international justice, who are struggling for the establishment of protection, his political party global peace. They want deweaponization of the developing countries confederates in the New while they are themselves determined to possess maximum number Democratic Party (NDP) have of nukes and other deadly weapons in their own arsenals. They talk sought to support the clandestine nineteen to the dozen about "justice" while perpetrating injustices North American Union (NAU) agenda. This agenda would throughout the world. They project themselves as "guardians of sabotage the very axiomatic human rights" while ladling out barbarities to innocent people of the professed commitments which world. They throw food bags and daisy cutter bombs on the civilian inspired the establishment of NDP populations at the same time. They adopt carrot-and-stick policy to in 1961, in the first place. fix-up weak countries. They run with the hare while hunting with the hounds. They have dagger tucked under their arms and divine mantra on their lips. They behave like violent bulls in the garb of humble cows to deal with international issues. Colonial powers started spreading their tentacles in various parts of the world under the guise of trade,

but ultimately they occupied these unfortunate states to suck their resources. Now after the end of fleecing colonialism they have structured World Trade Organization (WTO) to pillage the resources of the cash-strapped developing countries in a refined way. Implementation of WTO in letter and spirit will further sideline the developing countries in the constellation of nations. The developed countries want to keep their dominance in the economical and political arenas. They want to strengthen their own fiscal systems by hobbling the monetary systems of the developing countries. Apparently, they look very sophisticated but actually they have worn hypocritical masks on their draconian faces. Now American President George W Bush during his last year in the White House with Muslim blood of the innocent Afghans and Iraqis dripping from his hands want to establish an independent Palestinian state for the bleeding stateless nation. Roadmap of 2001 badly botched to establish an autonomous Palestinian state in 2005 because of the brick-headed approach of the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Annapolis conference which was held on November 27, 2007 and the subsequent visit of President G. W. Bush to the Middle East between January 8-14 are paraded as his motives to set in motion the involved parties for negotiation to conclude a permanent settlement of the tingling issue. However, it looks more like an election campaign to muster support for the Republican candidate than a genuine exercise in American magnanimity. As far as democracy is concerned, it is a pretext to impose morally stressed and materially engrossed nude western culture on the eastern countries where moral values are intact. America always promoted lame duck and crippled democracy in the developing countries because genuine democracy established through popular vote is not bound to safeguard American concerns. Hamas was democratically elected government but it became a thorn in the side of western powers and a bone in the throat of Israel. Therefore, it was deliberately marginalized to bring Al-Fatah in the corridors of power that was rejected by the people during the elections of 2006. President George Bush used the wooly excuse of promoting democracy before invading Afghanistan and Iraq. But Allied troops have shoddily failed to win trust of the hoi polloi of these war ravaged countries. A hand-picked democracy is in place in Iraq and a lame duck government of President Hamid Karzai is crawling in Afghanistan with its jurisdiction restricted to Kabul. Only a public vote can determine the form of government. A sensible country having moderate intentions of promoting international peace would neither dictate policies to other countries, nor meddle in their internal affairs. But the countries having malicious hegemonic designs in the world always interfere in the affairs of other countries to prove their hegemony and feudal mentality in international affairs. USA that is hailed as the leading "champion of democracy: always mollycoddled despotism all over the world so that the tin pot dictators can look after its interests in different regions of the world. After 9/11 Americans were asking “Why people hate us?” They were falsely told by their rulers that people of the other countries are jealous of them due to their unprecedented progress. But actually the populations of majority of the countries hate America not because of envy or jealousy, but because of the rabid policies of their hammer men who behave like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Allied troops have slaughtered hundreds of thousands civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. Only the naive can expect love from the people whose near and dear ones have been butchered or permanently disabled. Paradoxically, when Allied forces drop daisy cutter bombs on the civilians of Afghanistan and Iraq, they call these brutal military operations as efforts for peace and democracy while when the natives fighting for their independence retaliate to liberate themselves from the tentacles of these draconian powers,

they brand it "terrorism" by labelling the freedom fighters terrorists. India is the largest democracy of the world but its troops have shredded the democratic norms in the spectacular valley of Kashmir. India is continuously denying the fundamental right of self-determination to the people of Jummu and Kashmir. UN resolutions regarding plebiscite in Kashmir have been smashed up by the powerful giant under its messy feet. The troops of the largest democracy of the world have been inflicting atrocious injuries to the innocent people of the Jammu and Kashmir for six decades. They have adopted the policy of hypocrisy, double standards and duplicity to resolve the Kashmir issue. The Kyoto Protocol is another deceptive way to deliberately keep the developing countries backward and unindustrialized. Uncle Sam, Australia and Germany are the main polluters of the world's atmosphere. In the United Nations Climatic Change Conference convened in Bali between December 314, Australia ratified the Kyoto Protocol. America is the chief opponent of this Protocol. It blames that “one size fits all” strategy would not suit American concerns. The industrial corporations of the developed countries purchase "credits" for polluting the atmosphere from the developing countries -- that means they pay the growing countries so that they could not establish their own industries. Ironically, their money makes their illegitimate actions justifiable; and that is a dangerous precedent. They preach that they want clean atmosphere by themselves polluting it. They recommend developing countries to plant trees while advising them that they should not establish new industries. Paradoxically, the so-called preachers of clean atmosphere deliberately turn a blind eye toward the atmosphere damaging industries of the western countries .They seek lacunas in every atmosphere preserving agreement to protect the industrialized countries. The western countries propagate that they want peace in the world but actually they have waged unjust wars on the poor countries already scrapping at the bottom of the barrel. The colonial powers used their military muscle to launch wars on the backward countries to exploit their resources and to deprive the natives of their fundament right of freedom. The colonialism ended but their future progenies inherited war loaded genes from their forefathers. For dominance they fought two horrible world wars that engulfed major parts of the globe in their flames. America is the sole country on the earth that used nukes against any civilian population on the face of the earth. In 1945 during World War II in the blink of an eye the Little Boy and the Fat Man ransacked the spectacular cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and August 9 respectively. USA also launched unjust war on Vietnam from where its soldiers fled after licking the dust. Western countries have united in the form of NATO since April 4,1949 that is a bloc of 26 countries, and the majority of them are economic giants. They do not want that any new country could challenge their hegemony in the global affairs after acquiring political and economic stability. Therefore, any country that dares to have eyeball to eyeball contact with these power-intoxicated countries is targeted to be destroyed to the Stone Age rubble. Iran has every just right to harness energy for civilian purposes but the western dinosaurs are leaving no cranny untapped to prevent it from using its constitutional right that is guaranteed by article IV of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Iran signed and ratified NPT in 1968 and 1970 respectively. Up to now not a single substantial evidence has been provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other world think tank organizations that Iran is preparing nukes. But as Iran is the only country in the Middle East that can challenge America and its brainchild Israel in regional affairs. Therefore, the western powers are doing their utmost to economically enfeeble and politically marginalize Iran in the community of nations.

Global peace demands equality and just treatment. There must be universal denuclearization to establish lasting peace. All countries should unanimously strive to preserve the integrity of the global atmosphere. The twiddly global issues should be solved by keeping in view international morality and even-handedness. Global hypocrisy should be ended forever to ensure peaceful co-existence. Now the survival of humakind has become tremendously unsafe and it can afford no more follies of the warmonger crooks. Therefore, the global mallet men should work coordinately to promote peace, fraternity and justice in the world instead of flaring the flames of hatred. The paranoid western media should avoid propaganda through xenophobic distortion of facts because their misinformation and disinformation have endangered global peace. We must learn to live as peace-loving members of the international community instead of dagger-drawn rivals. Extremists and terrorists would automatically be squeezed out when there are sufficient numbers of peace loving people in the world. About the author: Dr. Tanvir Hussain Bhatti is a Freelance International Columnist, Poet and Author of the Book What Plagues Pakistan? Become a Member: Would you like to see other similar articles and critical commentaries in The Canadian National Newspaper? Then, show your support. Make a member-pledge donation, in support of the Membership Drive of the Pro-Democracy Media Foundation. The Canadian can only continue to publish investigative articles in such areas, with the donations from members of the public in Canada, the U.S., and abroad. Consider making a donation of $50.00, $75.00, $100.00, $200.00 or more. Donors are eligible to receive our first collector's print edition in mail. Alternatively, you can send us a note to be placed on our special email list of members. Member-donors can also suggest articles or commentaries to be published in The Canadian. The Canadian is a socially progressive and not-for-profit national newspaper, with an international readership. We provide an alternative to the for-profit commercial focused media, which often censors vital information and perspective of potential interest to the diverse Canadian public, and other peoples internationally. Become a member of The Canadian, with your donation-pledge. Help support independent, progressive, and not-for-profit journalism. Become a member of The Canadian, with your donation-pledge. Help support independent, progressive, and not-for-profit journalism.
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