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Intelligent fuzzy control central air conditioning

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Article by jekky

Central air conditioning intelligent fuzzy control system uses advanced computer technology, fuzzy control technology, system integration technology and frequency conversion technology, a central air conditioning refrigerant system operating in the intelligent traffic control, scientific solution to the central air-conditioning energy supply needs by the end of load provided, air-conditioning effect in the protection of the premise of comfort, air-conditioning systems to minimize the waste of energy to achieve the best energy-saving purposes.     1, intelligent energy-saving principle of fuzzy control     Intelligent fuzzy control system not only on the central air conditioning chilled water system, cooling water systems, cooling tower fans and other links to full control, and system integration technology with various control systems in physics, logic, interconnect and function together to achieve between them comprehensive information, resource sharing, in a computer platform (fuzzy controller) on centralized control and unified management, central air conditioning system to achieve the overall coordination of the operation and overall performance optimization.     (1) chilled water system is the best output power control     The output of chilled water system is the best energy control. When the ambient temperature, air-conditioning at the end when the load changes, and the brightest chilled

Fuzzy controller based on real-time data collected from historical operating data and system to calculate the main condenser of the best thermal transition temperature (inflection point temperature) and the best out of the cooling water. and thus adjust the output frequency to control the chilled water pump speed. inlet temperature.water supply and return water temperature. temperature. but also to maximize savings system energy consumption. thus ensuring central air conditioner at any time in the best conversion efficiency of state to run. cooling water flow low limit protection and low temperature protection. so that cooling water inlet and outlet temperatures approaching fuzzy controller gives the optimal value. air-conditioning end load change.     As the chilled water system is the dynamic output power control to achieve air conditioner refrigerant flow to follow the end of the load demand for the supply. fuzzy controller according to the acquisition of real-time data and historical operating data systems. air condition in the variable flow evaporator and condenser host safe and stable operation. but also to maximize the savings of cooling water pumps and cooling tower fan energy consumption. to ensure the central air conditioner at full load and part load conditions.     (2) cooling water system is the best heat transfer efficiency control     Cooling water and cooling tower fan control system is the best conversion efficiency. pressure and flow also change. real-time calculation of the end of cooling capacity required for air conditioning load. and thus adjust the cooling water pump and cooling tower fan inverter output frequency to control the cooling water pump and cooling tower fan speed dynamically adjust the flow of cooling water and cooling tower fan air flow. pressure and flow of the best value . which reduces the air conditioner energy consumption and because of the cooling water pump and cooling tower fan often lower than the rated load operation. the central air-conditioning load rate will be the host change. temperature. pressure and flow is given in fuzzy controller to run the optimal value. and the separate ways chilled water supply and return water temperature. and set the chilled water. are in top working condition. temperature. the system features     (1) with reliable security protection     Collected through a comprehensive operational parameters to achieve a comprehensive monitoring system operation. effective protection of the chilled water and cooling water system. flow meters. pressure sensors and temperature sensors to detect these parameters sent to the fuzzy control . so that air conditioning systems in a variety of loads. When the ambient temperature.     As the cooling water system is the best conversion efficiency of control.     2. . has remained on top of the energy efficiency (ie COP). the best host condenser temperature in the reactor changed also. can not only guarantee the end user’s comfort. to change its flow to chilled water system supply and return water temperature.

the central air conditioning system can not only protect the end quality of service (comfort).     (4) to optimize the air conditioner operating environment     Central air conditioning system. self-optimizing and adaptive optimization of control functions. adaptive intelligent fuzzy control     For central air conditioning so many parameters of interaction of complex systems. that air conditioner refrigerant flow automatically synchronized to follow the end of the load demand changes ( the variable flow). knowledge processing and reasoning advanced control technology. any load in the air conditioning system status (full load or partial load). interactive operating parameters for optimal control. to achieve the chilled water and cooling water systems are all variable flow operation. with intelligent control functions. a comprehensive collection of various operating parameters. using the fuzzy control system. central air conditioning system to meet the variability of nonlinear and time requirements. in order to maintain the highest thermal efficiency. to achieve a central air conditioning system under various load conditions the maximum energy.    (2) dynamic load follow to ensure the end quality of service     Break through the traditional central air conditioning system refrigerant system operation mode (constant flow mode or constant flow of cold source side and load side of the variable flow mode). only the full use of latest scientific and technological achievements. thereby reducing the energy consumption of the host 5% -10% About the Author . so energy-saving air-conditioning water system to 16% to 20% . so that air conditioner always run at the best situation. the system self-learning. can be similar to the human brain.     (3) has self-optimizing. to achieve optimum output power control. re-use of advanced fuzzy control technology on these inter-related. therefore. Therefore. but also to maximize energy savings. can succeed.