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GROUP ASSIGNMENT Course: MG3206 Leadership & Motivation Instructor: Alma Alpeisova FALL 2009 “Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan” Group # 3 Kaikina Yekaterina Nugumanova Zarina Sapiyeva Benazir Zikrina Zarina Bazhanova Baiana Kobeshev Dauren Konyukhov Dmitriy

Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Almaty 2009 2 .

Introduction 2. Recommendations 7. Research 6. Alma Hotel 3. Organizations’ background a.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Table of Contents 1. Goal-setting theory 4. Conclusion 3 . Kazzhol Hotel c. Kazakhstan Hotel b. Hypothesis 5.

environment. Twyla Dell writes of motivating employees. 4 . The more you are able to provide what they want. and service. these are times when delivering and the flattening of hierarchies can create insecurity and lower staff morale. the more you should expect what you really want. managers often view motivation as something of a mystery. and service. build self-esteem and capability. Yet in spite of the myriad of available theories and practices. Moreover. In addition. and these employees are often especially hard to motivate. often chaotic. more staff than ever before are working part time or on limited-term contracts. Different organizations use different methods for employee appreciation but ones of the most popular methods that are proven in practice. quality. quality. create the power to change. manage their own development and help others with theirs. gain a positive perspective." (An Honest Day's Work (1988)) Motivation is an actual issue for all corporation and just individuals.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Introduction In today's turbulent. A positive motivation philosophy and practice should improve productivity. commercial success depends on employees using their full talents. namely: productivity. Motivation helps people: • • • • • achieve goals. "The heart of motivation is to give people what they really want most from work. In part this is because individuals are motivated by different things and in different ways.

In hotel «Kazzhol» is available: cafeteria. 5 . then the best choice for you is the hotel “Kazakhstan”. credit cards. Thanks to convenient location and perfect service you will find yourself in the center of business and cultural life of the city life and the country. Payment for services of hotel is made in tenge. the fullest comfort and coziness. The personnel of hotel is ready to incur all cares on the organization of your stay in Almaty. The hotel is located in the administrative and cultural center of the city that makes staying in the hotel the most comfortable and convenient. now is located in the center of Almaty close with administrative and shopping centers. The doors are always open for the guests who appreciate the level of our services.a sauna a fax. the breakfast enters into cost of residing. the Internet. laundry. hairdresser's. has the sanction OVIR on registration of foreign citizens and citizens of the CIS. In the hotel complex you will find perfect service. the copier. coziness and home coziness. Hotel Kazzhol Three-stars hotel «Kazzhol» was opened in 2005. cash. For more than quarter of the century the hotel has been welcoming guests and had the well-known reputation and been respected by Almaty people and guests of the city. Calculation for residing can be made by transfer. and bears the responsibility for the order. which was opened in 1977.00 is established. In total in 20 minutes from the International airport. The uniform checkout time 12. In 2002 hotel «Kazzhol»has received international prize Century International Quality Era Award for high quality of service. Hotel “Kazakhstan” offers cozy conference-halls for various events equipped as business-center for different tasks. including the VAT.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Companies’ Background Hotel Kazakhstan If you are one who likes comfort and elegance. to provide full comfort and good service Hotel guarantee to clients safety of residing.

the cable-way to Kok-Tobe. mini-bar. direct telephone. sportsmen and business people. satellite TV and 24-hours service. The hotel is very convenient place of residence for tourists. single and double 6 . the Republic’s Palace.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Hotel Alma Hotel “Alma” opened its doors in 2007. All rooms are equipped with necessary facilities such as air conditioner. the symbol of Almaty. Now is situated in the center of Almaty city and has 20 different class rooms providing comfort to its guests. The hotel’s name “Alma” in Kazakh means “Apple”. The hotel is located near Dostyk avenue (corner of Abai avenue). a junior suite. In hotel there are numbers: lux. the way to Medeo.

personal development. It defines how human beings act or behave due to a specific purpose. and personal growth. strengthening your motivation to achieve it. This means that if you say "I’ll consider that" or "I'll do my best" to do "this or that" your success rate won't be as high as if you say something like "I’ll improve my level of studies by going into additional courses” or "I'll burn off 5 kilos of fat by My Birthday". However there is one theory on which we put attention and it is Theory of Goal Setting by Edwin Locke and Gary Latham. Goal setting theory was pioneered and established by Dr Edwin Locke in the late 1960s. The idea is that you become invested in reaching the goal. and challenging goals produce better results than vague and easy goals. There can be various skills involved when trying to achieve a number of goals in which the outcomes also differ. Whether as part of a business planning process or in your day to day life. Here in the idea of goal setting theory we consider the SMART goals which mean that they should be: • • • • • Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time bound 7 . precise.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Literature Review Goal-Setting Theory Many theories exists which offer several views on problem of motivation. Goal setting theory is widely recognized as one of the best motivational theories in self help. His research has shown that the difficulty of the goal and how clear it is will affect how hard people will work towards that goal. Basically. defining goals is important in that goal setting provides a clear vision of what you ultimately want to accomplish. Setting goals is a powerful way of motivating yourself or a group of people you are working with. Clear. people have needs so they set objectives and goals for themselves in order to meet those needs.

Locke and his colleague Dr Gary Latham published a joint work. 3. "A Theory of Goal Setting and Task Performance. Challenge.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Furthermore in 1990. Commitment. Feedback. 4." The book outlines the five principles of goal setting which must be evaluated in order to fully motivate a person to achieve: 1. 5. 2. 8 . Task complexity. Clarity.

Setting the goal is the tool in order to get self motivated. difficult and challenging goal the higher is the motivation to reach it. That is reasoned by that not all of your “advisors” are getting the same point of view. The same situation is here. I’ll do better on my next test”. we just say: “Oh. you should not set too complicated or difficult goals. or are trying to get the wrong decision for you. but really very good solution is to say that “I’ll score 80% or higher on next exam”. People enjoy achievements therefore they will be more willing to accomplish the goal if it requires some part of challenge. Every semester when we have some problems with lessons or if to say it more precisely with exams. but the decision itself must be self assured. Otherwise the decision must not be affected by the information that could be not suitable or can negatively influence on the decision of proper goal. who can give proper advices and share the proper information concerning the goal you want to set. In order for goals to be well set for you personally it must be based on the all available information. The decision of the targeting got to be based on the opinion and experience of the proper people (not your teenage brother). Everybody knows that a vague goal has very little motivational value on employees.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Hypothesis Now we want to emphasize on this factor and consider it as hypothesis. So the decision must be clearly viewed and made very carefully. Supporting ideas: The more clear. Setting the goal is a very good tool in order to get motivated and see what actions to implement. get the clear vision of the aimed target and organize the working process by the clear distinction of the strategy and tools to use in order to achieve it. You can structure your game plan much more easily with a specific goal in mind. 9 . because they are likely to be demotivating. Use specific and measurable standards. However.

Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan There are several human factors that can affect the decision and the achieving process itself. Gender and age are the most integrate. Women are humanitarian and men are rational. 10 . Therefore the decisions are made differently. Age is the factor that is important because of the experience that is accumulated and by the temperament that is affecting the proper decision. Men and women are different in their decisions and the way they achieve the goals. That is reasoned by the brain structure.

Weighted average results of questioners from “KazZhol” hotel suggest that goals of its employees are 66.4%. clear and difficult. However employees after 30 years are able to achieve 71. According to the Goal Setting Theory. For the questioner three local hotels had been chosen: Kazakhstan.6% specific. It is well recognized in different fields like business. And results show that among male respondents percentage of specific and clear goals is high. the higher are these three factors the higher is the success of reaching someone’s goals. the fifth and the sixth questions (job-performance). Also we divided results of employees by age between “under 30 years old” and “after 30 years old” employees. Among females this tendency is dissimilar 68. Abilities of reaching these goals are 71. According to these results we can see that employees of “KazZhol” hotel less specify their goals. Therefore. In order to approve or disapprove this concept we conducted a survey among ten managers of the hotels and thirty employees.5% is degree of goal achievement among female employees in “KazZhol”.5%. 63.4% versus 58. Moreover. We created a questioner according to the major assumptions of Goal Setting Theory. We categorized all questioners by gender and age of employees. physiology and sports. but it is less than their assumption about goal achievements. clear and difficult of female goals. all of them on the topic of Goal Setting Theory. specific and realistic goal so the higher is someone’s performance.4% of their goals but they are less specify and clear them. We can assume that it is because young people are very ambitious. Alma and KazZhol. In our calculations. open-ended questions gave us an idea about what characteristics 11 . we took a weighted average sum of first three questions (Goalsetting) and compared them with weighted average score of answers for the fourth. Survey consists of seven questions that had to be filled out using a scale from one to seven (1 – minimum. 58. there is a strong relationship between how difficult.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Analysis of questioners (Goal-setting theory) Locke’s Goal – setting theory is a very powerful tool for motivating people.3%. and three open-ended questions. 70%. 71. However they enjoy the quality of their work and achieved goals.4%. one question that had to be filled out by ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. 7 – maximum).5% is degree of specific. And results show that young people under 30 years are specifying their goals more than able to reach them 71.

However they enjoy the quality of their work and achieved goals. It means that employees of “Alma” hotel like employees of “KazZhol” less successful in specifying their goals. if we look at results by gender and age we can be surprised because they are almost identical for all criteria.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan help employees in reaching their goals. clear and difficult. “under 30 years old” employees: 67% and 73%. And again we can certain that more young employees are more ambitious and not so successful in achieving goals as in setting them. therefore the Goal Setting Theory is approved in this case and can be used in order to increase overall result even further. And abilities of achieving these goals are 73%. It is comparably new hotel and therefore its results are very surprising. Weighted average results of questionnaires from “Kazakhstan” hotel suggest that goals of its employees are 75% specific. Men in “Kazakhstan” hotel are equally successful in setting and achieving goals their questionnaire results is 71% for both. However. It means that despite the age and gender of “Alma” workers they are more specific in achieving goals than in understanding their clearness and difficultness. First of all. While results among women employees are 73% for setting goals. abilities of reaching these goals are only 70%. 12 . however uncertainty is one of the distracting traits that some people poses and which does not help in achieving goals. Purposefulness and persistence are among helpful traits in reaching goals and laziness and irresistibility are among disturbing traits for participants from Alma hotel. females 67% and 76%. Third hotel where we conducted research is “Alma” hotel. 50% of participants from Kazakhstan hotel suppose that purposefulness is the main trait in achieving goals. Males respond as 65% and 72%. “after 30 years old” employees: 67% and 76%. KazZhol employees say that persistence. Secondly. its weighted average results of questionnaires show that goals of its employees are 65% specific. Such qualities as uncertainty and laziness disturb their ability to achieve goals. We can assume that employees of “Kazakhstan” hotel are motivated by setting their own goals. and 77% for achieving them. purposefulness and determination are the most useful traits for reaching their goals. However employees categorized by age shows the similar tendency as “KazZhol” hotel employees: “under 30 years old” employees 70% versus 64% and “after 30 years old” employees 83% and 96%.

because they have 0% difference between stating their goals and achieving them at the same level. That might related to a good self-motivation or carefulness with stating more challenging objectives. We suppose these results are connected to the short history of this hotel compared for example to Kazakhstan. That might be closely related to there small work experiences and lack of knowledge about their own abilities. the highest difference is about 12%. and the highest difference is 13%. they are reaching goals much easier. If we look at gender analysis of all 3 hotels we can suggest that the most effective at using Goal Setting Theory are males at Kazakhstan hotel.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Looking in overall perspective we can assume that Goal Setting Theory is absolutely justified and supported by our survey results. 13 . The biggest differences in percentage are both male and female in Alma hotel. Comparing analysis by age categories we see that those employees under 30 years old have most problems with reaching goals that they have stated for themselves. On the contrary participants over 30 years old have problems with stating enough difficult and clear goals.

If you don't know what success looks like. Again. When establishing your intentions to accomplish a specific objective. 14 . Select one to three important goals on which you intend to focus. you will not be able to dedicate enough energy to each. The result may be failure to achieve some . there is a risk of overcommitting if you have too many goals that demand your attention at any one time. it is more of a task or action step to complete rather than a goal. their education .get a plan. Just as you separate work time from personal time.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Recommendations Here’s how you can put the goal setting theory to work for you right now. you will be more successful. you must first define your significant goal or goals.or any . If you limit the number of goals and are specific in defining them. The goals should inspire you to make an improvement or attain something that seems out of your reach. their social status. Does not matter their age. • All of your goals should focus on what you want to achieve. The more often you experience success.of them. If you have too many goals. this allows you to maintain your focus. Now some people may think this is too organized and takes too much work. the more committed you will become to achieving success in every area of your life. It is also helpful to separate personal goals from professional goals.plan to fail"? If you do not have absolute confidence in the direction you are going. However. you won't know when you have arrived! Your defined goals should make you stretch to achieve them. The goals you define should create a desire to go beyond your everyday routine. how can you know you are going in the right direction? Everyone has to have a goal for their lives. it is important to have goals for each area of your life. If the outcome is easily within your reach. The maximum number of goals should be 6-8 divided between personal and professional. They are • • • right! It does take organization and it does take work to have plans and goals for your future! Have you ever heard that phrase. "Those who fail to plan .

What are your action plans? Research what it would take to accomplish this goal and get moving! • Would like to do plan . Do not let anyone or anything stop you.. Don't say you cannot do it but ask yourself how you can do it.. Put those thoughts on paper so they can manifest into something real .do not give up.To reach any goals there are a series of "Must do" steps that must be completed. we’re able to persist with the list of tasks and are compelled to develop strategies in order to reach our objective. because the more experienced the employer is (over 30 years old) the more accurate the decisions are also the aged person can make more calm actions in order to achieve the target. as it quickly identifies the specific steps required to attain whatever it is you want.go for it. goals are able to motivate and spur you to meet your ambitions because it helps you focus your efforts on that objective. Gender factor is not approved by the research. Most goals and plans fall into two categories: • Must do plan . These facts are approving our assumptions." You cannot just think about your goals. That’s why it’s important to set goals. By setting goals. Be a pit bull with this thing! We want you to be able to look back on your year and be proud of all you have accomplished! Conclusion So. According to our results. 15 .Change your thought process.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan The first step is to write down what you want to accomplish. both men and women are setting and achieving goals almost the same ways and achieve the similar aims. Although there may be times where you need to adjust the plan or start in a new direction . we figured out that age is one of the criteria that actually affect the way people achieve their goals. Now that you have your plans written down and you researched what it will take to accomplish your goals . Habakkuk 2:2 states "Write the vision and make it plain.something tangible. Find resources that can help you. Get a journal or diary and do it today.

assessed from http://en. P. A.org/wiki/Motivation 16 . 11/9/2009. assessed from http://changingminds. E. NJ: Prentice Hall. G. and Latham.htm 3. Motivation. 11/9/2009.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan References: 1. (1990).wikipedia..org/explanations/theories/goals. Englewood Cliffs. A theory of goal setting and task performance. 2. Locke. Motivation Theories.

Z Ka \m tan hs m ol\ f ol\ 17 .Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Appendix Figure #1 Analysis by Age 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 96% 73% 67% 76% 67% 83% 70% 64% 71% 59% 71% 63% Goal-setting Jobperformance 30 a \< Alm 30 a \> Alm k za Ka k za Ka h z-Z Ka z Ka -Zh 0 \<3 tan hs 0 \>3 tan hs 0 <3 ol\ 0 >3 ol\ Figure #2 Analysis by Gender 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 72% 65% 76% 67% 71% 71% 77% 73% 71% 70% 66% 59% Goal-setting Job performance a \m Alm a \f Alm z Ka ak ak Kz ta hs n\f h z-Z Ka h z.

To what extent do you set your own goals? 1234567 5. do you meet your goals? 1234567 6. How specific are your goals? 1234567 2. Overall. how would you rate your job performance? 1234567 7. What personal characteristics help you to achieve your goals? 2. How difficult are your goals to achieve? 1234567 4. Overall.Employee Motivation in Kazakhstan Questionnaire Age Sex Company______________ Name_________________ Position_______________ A survey on the effects of Goal Setting on Job Satisfaction 1. Whom do you rely on when setting and achieving your goals? 18 . on average. How clear are your goals? 1234567 3. What personal characteristics disturb you while achieving your goals? 3. how would a supervisor rate your performance? 1234567 Answer these questions: 1. To what extent.

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