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BM 406 Research Project

Guidelines for Research Project MBA 3rd semester students are required to submit project synopsis (about 10-15 pages, 1 copy) duly typed and signed by faculty supervisor along with the performa appended by September 24th. Proposals received after this date shall not be entertained under any circumstances. The Director/Dean/Coordinator will convey the approval / rejection along with the reasons thereof in writing (by email) by September 27th to each student. Thereafter, every student will incorporate the suggestions and make an 8-10 minute presentation on the road map of the final project on October 11th . I. Objective: To help the student develop ability to apply multi-disciplinary concepts, tools and techniques to solve organizational problems. II. Types of project: (a) Comprehensive case studies Covering single organization, multifunctional area problem formulation, analysis and recommendations. Aimed at inter-organizational comparison OR validation of theory OR survey of management practices. Empirical study.

(b) Inter-organizational study (c) Field study

III. Proposal formulation: The synopsis should clearly state the following: (i) Significance of the study. (vii) Universe and survey population sample. (ii) Review of existing literature. (viii) Collection of data. (iii) Conceptualization. (ix) Analysis pattern. (iv) Focus of the problem. (x) Limitations of the study. (v) Objectives and Hypotheses. (xi) Organization of the study. (vi) Research (xii) References. methodology/research design. IV. Interim report: To be submitted to the mentor/research supervisor

applied statistical tools (analysis pattern). chapterization. Appendices: . identified independent and dependent variables. profile of organization. content analysis. Objective wise analysis (chapter 3.000 words (excluding appendices and exhibits). February 22nd. [+ 10%] (b) The project report must contain the following: (i) Title page showing title (ii) Purpose for which the project has been submitted (iii) Name of candidate. on Monday. The concerned supervisor shall keep a record of presentation by each student. Submission: 3 copies (one must be original print and hard bound) on or before Monday. 4.5 spaces not exceeding 15. (iv) Certificate from the candidate countersigned by supervisor and director. supervisor. review of literature. Summary of major observations and recommendations (including utility of observations and directions for future research). November 9th. certificate from the competent authority of the organization where the project has been conducted (v) Acknowledgement (vi) Table of contents (c) Chapters: 1. raw analysis and tables.Questionnaire/schedule. 6. . bibliography. notes (references). month and year of submission. university. research design. analysis pattern. 4. Structure of final report: (a) Length of report may be 60-80 pages typed in 1. operationalization of the concept. data collection (primary and secondary). VI. sample size and techniques.followed by its presentation before the faculty in the class at least one month before the final submission of project report i. focus of study. objectives. Introduction: -Significance of the problem.Research methodology: -Universe and survey population. institute. 5. 3. V. … Micro analysis). The supervisor shall certify that pre-submission presentation by the candidate has been made and feasible suggestions have been incorporated. 2.e. conceptualization. hypothesis. Macro analysis (interferences and interpretation). limitations. 5.

e. are lagging behind badly in turnover? 3. 6. 3. Rapid growth of Electronic media and its impact on Print media. Future of merchant banking industry in India. Negotiation / Purchasing skills required for a manager. Detailed Profiling of any company. University. why other stock exchanges like DSE. 7. 7. JSE etc. II. (Book: Lee Dabler) 8. Max.VII.e. 6. etc. 11. Mergers and acquisitions in cell phone industry in India. 12. A extremely positive experience for the company’s shareholders! 13. Atlas industries-A study of performance over the last ten years. Bajaj Capital-a complete profile. 9. Mergers and acquisitions in cement industry in India. Working of Stock exchanges in India. “The division of Reliance group”. Impact of Communist supported government on India’s disinvestment process.) 10. General management 1. Management Education in India and brain drain. A comparative study of all the institutes (about 20) affiliated with M. “Educational city at Sonepat. (or any other business personality) 14. OTCEI-A profile. equal to 2 subjects) Sample Final Project titles I. Why BSE and NSE are the only two popular exchanges i.” A feasibility study.) 5.“Life and times”. 2. 5. Entrepreneurial skills required for a manager. (Dissolution of disinvestments ministry. CSE. Agricultural taxation: Should it be implemented in India? 4. Rattan Tata. Rating process of FITCH / CRISIL / ICRA / CARE. 4. Reasons of fluctuations in CIPLA’s share price (OR any other firm) over the last 12 months (Calendar year 2007 or any other time period) . 2. Marks: 100 (Mentor’s evaluation) 100 (viva by external examiner) 200 (Two hundred i. Reasons for closure at Haryana Sheet Glass Ltd.D. Finance 1. Major trading scrips at DSE-a survey. (Eg. 15.

etc. Share buy back: Its utility for cash rich firms. etc.). Marketing 1.) 14. 3. Marketing strategies of LT overseas. Any MF-a study. V.a country with 70% rural population.. ICICI. A critical study of the role of SEBI as a market watchdog. 15. 6.8. 3. 16. (IDEA.) III. HDFC. Tests for the Weak / Semi-strong / Strong form of RWH / EMT. 7. (Reliance.etc. 10. Production 1. Profiling of any finance company (IL & FS. 3. TQM / Quality circles: successful only in Japan or other countries also? 2. any one advertising firm-not comparative) 2. Production planning and control (PPC) at OSRAM. Leadership theories and their practical use. Radio FM channel advertising: A cheap option for small entrepreneurs? 4. Inflation accounting. Euro-A challenge for $? VII. Derivative trading in India – How successful? 9. VI. 11. “Dividend tax” Should it be done away with? 12. Reasons for the heavy shift of consumer preferences from scooters to bikes within the two-wheeler industry. HR and OB 1. Employee welfare schemes of OSRAM Ltd. Just-in-time: close to reality or not? 3. DLF. Any IPO-a study. Accounting. UTI. Comparative study of any two-advertising/manufacturing/service firms. 1. of India Ltd. 13. Marketing through net: How successful in India. IV. Study of the functioning of Lintas / HTA / Mudra / Rediffusion (i.e. First leasing co. 2. Effect of electronic meters on the sale of bulbs and tubes. Suzlon. Theories of motivation-A comparative analysis.Sonepat. Export procedures-help or hurdle? 2. Rupee fluctuations-reasons. P/ E ratio – its significance for an investor. 5.. 2. A comparitive study of CF-FF of Five (or any number) major firms in the Indian two –wheeler industry/ any industry (data Source-Capital market magazine) . International Business 1.

MIS/IT. 3. 2. IX. 3. 2. SPSS and business.3. Regression-A effective tool for understanding cause-effect relationships in business. Game theory and its use in Business. . 1. Probability theory and its utility for business. ERP: Its utility in enhancing profitability. Annual reports-an eyewash or sufficient data revealed to the investor. VIII. QM and OR 1. Success of SAP in business.