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Paper Type : General - other Test Date : 16 July 2008 Test Location : Mepco Engg.College,Sivakasi,Tamilnadu Posted By : Sruthi

INFOTECH PAPER ON 16TH JULY AT TAMILNADU Hi friends, I attended the Jasmine Infotech's placement program on 16.07.2008 in Mepco engg. College, Sivakasi, Tamil nadu and around 70 candidates from three colleges were participated and they selected 8 among us in the first round.........I am from IV ECE of Kamaraj college of engineering and Technology (Virudhunagar).It's purely for ECE students since it is DSP based company..........they also selected one ME student . But pattern for M.E. and B.E, are different…..Pattern for B.E. STUDENTS…….. It consists of 3 rounds........ 1. First round----------> 4 sections, 2 hours duration Section A ( 12 questions---> 25 marks) *objective type *Fully Technical (Learn LIC, Digital electronics, Microprocessor, DSP, signals and systems and some EC related subjects) *this section will be tough * first 11 questions->2 marks & 12th question 3 marks Section B ( 15 questions-----> 25 marks) * this sections has only 'C' questions. It is easy to score marks in this section * first 5 questions 1 mark and next 10 questions 2 marks * Be thorough in ‘C’ so u can easily score marks in this section Section C ( 4 questions ------------> 20 marks) · This section is nothing but “QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE” · It consists of “ time and work, train, weight , bullet,” · These questions were from R.S.Agarwal · The topics may change so concentrate in other topics also · It is another area where we can easily score marks · No options are there, we have to solve step by step and each question carries 4 marks Section D (5 questions----------> 30 marks) · This section is of descriptive type ( Technical) · The areas they cover are “ CONVOLUTION, TRANSFER FUNCTION, MUX, LIC, DIGITAL ELECRONICS” · The questions will be answered only if we have practice. · Slightly tough but if u r thorough in above topics u can score more marks · The topics may differ so be prepared for everything…… SECOND ROUND (HR):

as he got first prize in Circuit debugging they asked questions from Circuit analysis. for more updates . Have complete knowledge in ur area of interest · They may ask about your project · If u presented any paper or competitions like circuit debugging (FROM RESUME) they may ask questions from that. My areas are DSP and Microprocessor and for me questions(basics in both areas) were asked from that.thestudentdaily. Visit http://thestudentdaily. Best wishes.Finally I was selected and the results were announced on 22. But for my friend.2008…… Luck favours only for the hard workers….com · Here the HR asks about ur family details and areas of interest(minimum 2) · Some basic questions THIRD ROUND………(Technical HR) · They will mostly ask from your area of interest.07. So be prepared for anything.. So work hard…………. Be confident at any time………. U will surely win……….Karthikeyan. Be strong in basics in areas u are interested. So be prepared for that also. If u mentioned about project questions may from that also…For me all these rounds were held in One day itself…….