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Case Study 1


SUBMITTED TO Md. Atiqur Rahman Sarker Lecturer, Department of Business Administration East West University

SUBMITTED BY Tanema Binty Hamid ID: 2009-2-10-127

Date of Submission: 27th September, 2011

43, Mohakhali C/A

they give the employees some facilities. enthusiastic. They also maintain rapid internal communications and cost –effective procedures with few levels of management. •Their morale appears excellent. Reduce its’ manufacturing operations in Sydney and Melbourne. They are:•It maintains a long term contracts with their customer. . which was previously entering a monopolistic industry. there are three different types of companies and each of the company faces different kinds of situation. as well as to achieve strategic goals. •To reduce the rate of turnover. So they also recruited new employees and wants to maintain an innovative. Such as:• • • It wants or targets to corner a specialized niche of the communications market. Company C has also some corporate strategies to achieve their goal. So each company uses different corporate strategies to develop their companies. Company ‘B’:This is a large national confectionary manufacturer company which has previously been the market leader.1. Company A develops some strategy to achieve its’ organizational goal. Now I define the corporate strategies which are used by each company on the below:Company ‘A’:This company is basically a small high-technology communications organization. •They regularly increased its’ profit goals through maintain good relationships with their customer. But due to heavy competition they loss their market shares. Company ‘C’:This company basically supplies computer support services to a broad and stable range of public service departments and statutory authorities. •Their management also adopted a ‘steady as she goals’ approach. Because they think that in this way they can reduce the expensive overhead. •They recruited skilled. aggressive and flexible approach. productive employees. So they make some strategies such as:• • • As first it wants to relocate its” head office from Melbourne to Brisbane. Define the corporate strategy used by each company. In this case study.

long term contracts with their loyal group of customer. First of all. Their transportation cost will be higher also. the customer group can switch to other strong computer support services if the new supplier company offers some extra facilities. 3. Company ‘C’:• • Generally the management of this company has traditionally adopted a ‘steady as she goes’ approach. What opportunities are available to each company. so in the near future it may be faced heavy competition from any large company.2. What potential issues and/ or problems may be faced by each company in the near future? Company ‘A’:In future company A may be faced some problems. Because of the rumours. So the company will need to recruit new employees. But in the future. If the corporation’s market shares will decline by any cause then it can not be able to finance the company A. but it has some areas of opportunity. As a result. So as a result it can not survive. the employees may be ignore that approach. Company ‘B’:• • Although they relocate its’ head office to Brisbane to reduce their overheads. but they will have to spend some extra money for their transferring process. it can expand its’ organization throughout the country. It also maintains a consistent. It is financed by a consortium of multinational corporations. But in the near future. cost of taking interviews and the training cost will be increased. Such as:• • As the company is small in size. Then the company C will face heavy competition. some staffs from middle management position have been offered redundancies. if the multinational corporations will able to finance them properly with huge amount. their advertisement cost. and how should they be maximised in the next years? Company ‘A’:• • Though it is a small company. .

Prepare an appropriate HRM strategy for one of the companies for the next one to two years. It needs skilled. the employees can easily negociate with the employers about their salary. The company has to encourage its’ employees and give them some extra facilities. It can expand its’ business through borrowing money from the bank or other institutions. consultation.• • If the company can maintain innovation. So in this company. It has to train up their new employees and develop some positive feelings about the company. Soft HRM can be used here. The rate of turnover also low. bonus or other facilities. it can use soft HRM concept – which infers the involvement of employees through empowerment. commitment and communication. because the employees are skilled. they cans do their activities properly and bring profit for the company. So that they can finish their duty properly. then it can easily maximized in the next few years. aggressive and flexible approach and the rapid internal communication and the cost effective procedures accordingly. Company ‘C’:• • • It can expand its’ business through out the country by increasing the number of suppliers. So that the employees can easily contribute a lot in the company and properly do their works. . Although company C has consistent long term contract with their customer and may exceeds profit but it has to prepare HRM strategy to develop their business criteria as well as to make higher profit and goodwill. Ans:Here. enthusiastic and experience employees. It can also try to reduce its’ extra overheads cost by proper planning. So that. For achieving company’s goal. It can also make many short term contracts rather then few long term contracts. enthusiastic and productive. I prepare an appropriate HRM strategy for company C for the next one to two years. 4. So that. it needs to find out its’ areas of opportunity. Company ‘B’:This company faces more problems then others. Like:• • • • It has to increased its’ market share and plan some new strategy.

. high concern for quality and for their process. It can also use the Unitarist HRM model as their strategy.Company C can take Quality enhancement where they can focus more long term or intermediate focus and commitment to their target goals. Company C has to maintain their co-operation between employees and employers. Employer can introduce a good reward system for the employees to encourage their effort. The employer and employees have to build a good communication. They also maintain all of their policies effectively. Where unitarist HRM includes common interests between employees and employers and attempt to encourage commitment by both inclusive and exclusive. By implementing all of the strategies effectively Company C can achieve its’ goal.