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About The Company The Premier Group has an international reputation for quality built over the past 60 years of innovation in the textile industry. Established in 1949, Premier Mills is a member of the Premier Group and a manufacturer and exporter of fine combed cotton yarn, producing over 18 million kilograms a year. With export revenues of over USD 150 million, Premier Mills is a dominant player in the global textile market today, utilizing cutting edge technology, high-grade raw materials and stringent quality control to deliver only the finest products to its customers. The company is headquartered in Coimbatore, India with a dedicated workforce of over 5000 employees.

Premier Mills uses the finest raw cotton chosen from Egypt, USA and India. Premier is also a Supima licensee and its products carry the Oeko-Tex certification.

Company Profile Emphasis on Technology State of art equipment and technological sophistication feature high in premier. The mill today has a wide range of latest generation machinery both imported and indigenous viz, Unifloc, Uniclean, Vision Shield, Fibre I, Trumac Scutcher, Trutzschler DK 740 Cards, DK 780 / 800 Cards, LC 300A Cards, Rieter E 62/65 Combers, Lakshmi LK54 Comber, RSB D30 Auto leveler Draw Frames, LF Speed Frames, Ricter K 43/44 Compact Spinning frames (Com4), Lakshmi ROCOS Compact Spinning Frames, LR6 Spinning Frames, LR60/A ring frames, Murata 21C/ Schalfhorst 238/338/AC5/ Savio Orion/ Polar /Peass Propeller Autoconers, Versa Soft Package Winders, Veejay TFO, Volkmann TFO, Jeets Doubling, Rite/ SSM Singeing Machine and SSM PS6 Soft Package Winder, Uster Quantum and Loopfo Electronic yarn clearers equipped with Q-

pack for on-line fault classification and on-line data acquisition system for ring spinning frames.

Also the Quality Assurance Laboratory is equipped with latest equipments like Uster Spinlab HVI, Uster Tenso Rapid 3, Premier Classidata, Milli, Statex Micro Processor based Twist tester, Premier iQ Qualicenter & Premier aQura to ensure and have better control over the process and products.

To meet out the requirement thus ensuring consistent quality of power always mill has obtained 110KV EIIT Supply. Humidification Plants (Imported & Indigeneous) are having Automation arrangement to achieve the set relative humidity.

Corporate Philosophy Over the last 5 decades, Premier has set trends in quality. The company manufacturers high quality cotton yarn (both single &ply yarn) from 20s to 200s English count which today has a ready acceptance in Indian and International Markets, ahead of many other established competitive companies. The company has always emphasized the need to produce high quality yarn without compromising productivity.

Outstanding Export Performance

Premier Mills Pvt. Ltd (Premier Fine Yarns Private Limited) has been recognized as an export house by the government of India based on its consistent record of growth in exports. Also premier was the recipient of the following awards.  Winners of the Cotton textiles Export promotion council award for outstanding yarn exports Bronze Trophy for 1988-89 and 1992-93.

 Recipient of the Government of India-Ministry of Commerce “National Export Award” Trophy for outstanding performance for 1993-94.  Winners of the Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council Award for outstanding yarn exports Silver Trophy for 1993-94 and 1994-95.  Recipient of the Gold Trophy given as the special achievement Award by the Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council for 1996-97 & 20052006.  Recipient of Special Award from ICMF for Continuous Modernisation for the year 2001-02.  Recipient of the Gold Trophy given as the Special Achievement Award by the Cotton Textiles Exports Promotion Council for 2007-2008.  Recipient of Special Award from CITI-Birla for innovation by the textile mills for the year of 2007-2008.  Recipient of Special Award from CITI-Birla for cost conversion by the textile mills for the year of 2008-2009.

Customers World Wide Premier Mills Pvt Ltd (Premier Fine Yarns Private Limited) Exports yarn to various countries around the world, such as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hongkong, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Tainwan, UAE, UK and USA. The present turnover of this company at pulankinar is around 150 crores and spindle capacity is around 1,20,000 spindles.

Future: The company has ambitious plans for a marvelous growth in the future to continue to be “PREMIER” in all facets of its activities.

. The organization shall effectively implement and continuously improve the effectiveness of implemented Quality Management System.Quality Policy Premier Mills Pvt Ltd is committed to timely delivery of a consistent Quality product satisfaction of our customers.

 To achieve.  To promote companywide quality awareness through continuous training and refresher programmes. State-of-the-art machinery combined with efficient.  To take continuous effort to improve Quality and productivity through technology upgradation to maintain market leadership and to fulfill customer requirements. maintain and improve internationally acceptable quality levels in the product by personal involvement. MISSION AND VISION At Premier. eco-friendly manufacturing processes and unparalleled technical expertise is the key to our organization's growth and success. team work and by providing conductive environment.2. .  To be customer oriented and supply products to the satisfaction of the customer. Objectives have been defined for individual departments considering the following guidelines and addressed in respective department procedures.  To ensure Quality at every step in every process to attain defect-free production. we never stop exploring ways to further the quality of our products and providing excellent service to cater to the needs of our customers.

 Man days lost due to accident/month from 22. packing methods and stuffing.3.  To continuously improve technical knowledge and skill of personnel through technical input.  To implement an effective evaluation of work performance and redesign the same to suit emerging norms. Patrolling piecing in spinning from 3.29 to 2.  WA Drop out % from 2.35 to 8. January to December and to access its effectiveness.  Recruitment efficiency from 66 to 90.  No of Accident/ month from 12 to 10. OBJECTIVES OF COMPANY  To establish and implement pragmatic recruitment policy and procedure and revise in tune with time to ensure availability if adequate competent man power as determined by IE norms. i. cost saving measures etc.  To ensure proper dispatch by organizing good condition of containers.  Suggestion received / 100WA from 17.  To ensure that the stock of salable cotton waste do not exceed more than two days production.  Leave & Absenteeism % from 8. training and development for continual growth of company and individuals and to impart training for 1200 man days every year.5 meters per minute to 5. .5 to 25.  To develop participate culture involving employees at all levels in the functional and organizational activities through various programmers such as suggestion scheme.5 to 0. Doffing rate in spinning per minute 95 to 120.  Workers skill improvement towards Premier standard Preparatory Training period from 90 days to 60 days.  To ensure timely issue of cotton bales to mixing.e.

2 Twisting Employees Employees Employees Employees Employees . ORGANIZATION CHART Unit I Lead Head Personnel & Administration Training Production Officer Welfare Labour Welfare Officer Yarn Senior & Junior Assistants (2) Cotton Senior Assistant (1) EDP Asst Safety Officer Jr.2 Pre Spinning Trainer .2 Post Spinning Trainer .2 Spinning Trainer .2 Doubling shed Trainer . Asst(2) Assistant Supervisor Office Assistant Trainer . Personnel Officer & Sr.4.

'07 Award SIMA Award for Technical Excellence Texprocil Gold Trophy for Exports SIMA Award for Technical Excellence Texprocil Gold Trophy for Exports SIMA Award for Technical Excellence SIMA Award for Technical Excellence ICMF Award for Continous Modernization CITI Award for Excellence for Maintenence Management in Textile Mills Texprocil Gold Trophy for Exports Texprocil Best Exporter Award Government of India.'97 '94 . This dedication to excellence.'02 '96 .'04 '01 .5. management and market development. Year '06 . The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council of India and the Southern India Mill's Association.'06 '04 . The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry.'93 '89 . Awards Over the past twenty years.'94 '92 .'95 '93 .'05 '03 . we continually strive to be pioneers in the fields of technology. modernization and environmental awareness is reflected in the various awards and certifications that have been conferred upon us by local and international organizations. Outstanding Exporter Award Texprocil Best Exporter Award Texprocil Best Exporter Award Texprocil Best Exporter Award '05 .'90 . Premier has received numerous trophies and accolades from the Government of India. AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS At Premier.

As a result. all our products carry the coveted Oeko-tex certification.  All of our yarn comes from raw materials that are carefully monitored and screened under very strict quality control procedures.Certifications  There are a Supima licensee. .  Our manufacturing plants are compliant with international standards and are ISO 9001:2000 certified. producing yarn spun from the finest American cotton.

natural fibers.6. Synthetic Fibers. and. and. Vegetable cotton. MANUFACTURING PROCESS Process Overview In the cotton textiles industry. while cotton is the predominately important raw material. ii. and. there are other fibers also which reused as raw material whether with or without cotton. . The details of the manufacturing process can be demonstrated by the flow chart shown below: Yarn Manufacturing The fibers used in the textiles industry as raw material could be broadly classified into: 1. Animal (Silk and Wool). c. the main raw material in cotton which is converted in to yarn. man made fibers. Degenerated. b. jute. Mineral (Gold.) Man-made fibers could be broadly categorized into: i. The natural fibers could be grouped into a. Silver Aluminum etc. etc. 2.

The quality of cotton is judge in terms of its Grade and Staple. broken.e. polyamide and acrylic etc. But the fiver properties of cotton are judged mainly by the length of the fiber i. dust. sand. Cotton is the most widely used textiles fiber today. For convenience of handling and transposition. there protein fivers (cess in.) and cellulosic fibers (viscose. cotton is compressed and packed into bales. speed frames and ring.) the category of the synthetic man/made/fivers included polyester. drawing frames. The grading of cotton done with reference to impurities such as leaves. . seeds naps. the Staple length. Quality of cotton depends on its physical properties viz. moles and colour of cotton. the cotton is available in a loose opened form. After the cotton crop is harvested the kapas has to be ginned in order to separate fiber from the seeds. length. frame for the propose of manufacturing better quality finer counts of yam. Conversion of cotton to yarn The conversion of cotton in to yam is done in the spinning deportment of textiles mill. strength and maturity by etc. card room. blow room. poly nosic etc. The spinning department consists of several departments viz. alginate etc.Among the degenerated fibers. After ginning. combing process is also undertaken. fitness. an optional process viz.

Another important function that is performed by the blow room equipment is "Mixing". Trash and foreign matter is to be extracted from the cotton with the least amount of lint loss. The loose cotton passed through the blow room machinery is converted into regular sheets called laps. cleaning. These laps are delivered lo the next department . The amount of waste extracted would depend on the amount of trash in the mixing. Winding 9. Twisting 10. of two or more types of cotton is carried out in the blow room. Simplex 6.7. Two or more different varieties of cotton me general mixed thoroughly to get a proper blend. the mixing. Gasing Blow Room A blow room line consists of opening. Spinning 8. Blow room 4. machine. In order to produce uniform quality of yarn and also to reduce the cotton cost of yarn while achieving the desired level quality. The blow room machinery performs function of opening hard pressed bales of cotton and cleaning the cotton of impurities. mixing and lap making. Carding 5. Engineering 2. Administration 3. 1. DEPARTMENTS The following are the departments available at Primer Mills Private Limited . The cotton is received in the mill in a hard pre bales from which contains several impurities. Preparatory 7.

When the yarn is to be sold in hand from. Waste more than the predetermined quantum would lead the poor cleaning at the Cards. carding room. Ring frame drafting system commonly used are A-500. The slivers are stored in -cans. In case the yam is to be processed in loosed yarn form. Ring Frames The last stage in the manufacture of yarn is spinning. A600. In order to convert the roving into the required counts main operation which are simultaneously carried out off the ring frame are twisting and winding. Waste loss arising at the Carding machines has to be kept under control.viz. Winding & Reeling The yarn manufactured on the ring frames could be further processed depending on the required use of the spun yam. extracting sand. Carding The material received from Blow Room are processed on the Carding Engines for the purpose of effecting individualization of fivers. bundled and packed. it may be reeled. . Poor cleaning results not only into more peps but also adversely affects the quality and performance of Yarn. It may be reeled hanks may be used for further process such as Bleaching and Dyeing. Therefore the first process on the ring frame is drafting. alternately auto feed system in blow room to feed the carding machines the process of lap formation is avoided. GX-2. The roving received from the fly frame department is still much thicker than the thickness final yarn required. leaf etc. SKF-PK-211 and UT 3E etc. left in the cotton and converting the laps in the form of thin web called slivers. It may be would or cones as warn or weft or for sale.

No industrial toxic effluent will be generated in the manufacturing process. Effluent and their Disposal Spinning is non-polluting Industry. The twisted yarn in wound on bobbins. The amount of twist inserted here is larger than at any other previous stage on order to strengthen for the end use required. Only domestic effluent in the nature of human waste will be there.The other operation which are done in the ring frames are twisting and winding. The same will be disposed off through the sewerage system of the industrial area will be used for the green area development of the Factory .

2. subject to the budget allotment and strength of staff in each category approved by the Registrar. Shall be in charge of the executive administration of the mills. Shall have power to fix up the duties and responsibilities of staff of the mills. Shall have power to initiate and decide on disciplinary proceedings against staff. 5. Shall have power to sign all correspondence on behalf of mills. following the established procedure governing such proceedings. 3. . Shall appoint members of the staff in accordance regulations with the the subsidiary service governing conditions of the employees. Shall have power to exercise control and supervision over the staff of the mills. 4.ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT Managing Designation Director Powers Administrative 1. 6.

3. endorse and negotiate cheques and other negotiable instruments. Shall have power to operate any account(s) of the mills with the any bank(s) 4. Others 1. Shall have power to sanction various kinds of loans and advances to the employees of the mills. 3. issue receipt and have custody of cash balance of the mills. 6. Shall be the ex-officio treasurer of the mills and shall have custody of all the properties of the mills. Shall have power to sign all deposits and receipts for the Deposits received by the mills. Shall have power to incur such expenditure as may be necessary for the management of the mills. Shall have power to delegate all or any of . 5. Shall be the officer to sue or to be sued on behalf of the mills 2.Financial 1. Shall have power to sign. subject to the norms and ceilings specified in the subsidiary regulations framed for the purpose. 2. Shall have power to authorize any staff of the mills to receive all amounts for and on behalf of the mills. for and on behalf of the mills.

4. 3. Shall be responsible for the day-today administration of the mills and shall be in charge of the executive administration of the Mills. 7. correct and up to date. 6.his powers to any other officers or staff of the mills to facilitate quick disposal of work and in the interest of the mills Duties 1. Shall arrange to maintain true and accurate accounts of all moneys received & expenditure incurred and all stock bought and sold and to keep and maintain such registers. ledgers and other books of accounts and records as well as forms. as prescribed in the rules. To supervise and direct the day-today business of the mills in accordance with the policy laid down by the committee. Shall arrange to keep true account of assets and liabilities of the mills. To conduct the business of the mills and to implement the policies & programmes laid down by the committee. Shall arrange for the periodical . Shall arrange to maintain proper and accurate records and accounts of working of the mills. 5. 2.

9. 8. Shall arrange to convene meeting of the committee.verification of stock and other assets of the mills. Shall arrange to recover the dues from members payable to the mills. . Shall arrange for the training of the staff. Shall arrange to prepare periodical financial statements. 12. general body as and when found necessary. Shall place the audit memorandum. 13. Shall arrange to record proceedings of the committee meeting in the minute's book. annual reports and budget for placing it before the committee and the general body. 11. inspection/inquiry report if any before the committee for consideration within one month from the date of receipt of the same and take appropriate action for rectification of the defects point out therein. 10.

3. Financial 1. Authorized for signing of all EPP/ESI and other Insurance claims preferred by Others Co-ordination with the M. Authorized for passing of the .Designation Powers General Manager Administrative 1. Authorized for signing of all pay certificates. of staff encashment claims in respect members before submitting for the approval of M. Authorized for the issue of increment sanction orders to the staff members/mill operatives. 4. Dealing all establishments and service matters of staff. Authorized for signing all deposits and receipts.D of the Mills. 3. Authorized for passing of all payment vouchers before submitting to the approval of M.Lthe Authorized for passing with Administration of the mill. 2.D. on all matters connectedof E.D of the mills staff members/Mill Operatives. 6. Overall supervision and control of office and staff. Authorized to operate the bank accounts jointly with the M. 8. Overall in charge of office Administration. 2. 5. Authorized for the issue of leave sanction to the staff members. 5. 4. Dealing the work allocation. transfer and promotion of all administrative/Technical/Mill operatives of the mills.D. 7.

Arranging for the conduct of meetings of the committee and the general body meeting of the mills.Duties 1. Responsible for all the general correspondence with various Government departments.Controlling personnel section on all service and allied matters in respect of mill operatives. 7. Attending all establishment and service matters in respect of Staff members/Mill operatives. Issue of tender. Arranging for the renewal of various running licenses. 8. . 11. scraps etc. 5. 10. Implementation of all labour welfare measures. 12. Attending all correspondence relating to EPP/ESIIother Insurance claims.. Attending correspondence relating to labour disputes. 2. notification for the disposal of waste cotton. 4. Attending all matters pertaining to Association/Unions. Arranging for the conduct of various awareness/training programmes to the employees of the mills. To ensure and maintain labour relationship 6. 3. 9.

Authorized to operate the bank accounts jointly with the M. 2.D.L. . 8. Authorized for signing of all deposits and receipts.D. Overall charge of maintenance of all accounts and financial matters connected to the mills. Authorized for signing of EPF/ESI matters. Authorized for recommending of overtime payment to the employees of the mills before submitting for the approval of M. 5. 6. Authorized for recommending of the E.D. Others Co-ordination with the management in implementation of various well fare measures. 7.Designation Powers Chief Accountant Administrative Coordinating with the management on all matters connected with the administration of the mills. 3. Authorized for recommending of all payment vouchers before submitting to the approval of M. 4. encashment claims in respect of staff members before submitting for the Approval of M.D. Financial 1. Authorized for signing of salary / wage bill in respect of staff/mill operatives before submitting for approval of M.D of the mills.

financial. Proper maintenance of costing information system. Dealing all matters relating to purchase of cotton/purchase of cotton/purchase of stores and sale of yam and co-ordination with the management. Correspondence with Central Excise. Arranging for the disposal of waste cotton. 8.Insuring of mill properties and its renewal. Income tax. 2. 5. 10.. Preparation of financial statements. claim etc. All matters relating to cost.Duties 1. scraps etc. . cost. 9. 3. working capital Budgets etc.. finance. Arranging for the conduct of Audits / stock verification. Proper maintenance of accounts of the mills and all financial matters relating there to. Preparation of Production. 12. 4. 7... Furnishing of statistics and correspondence with all financial institutions. 6. AG Audit etc. 11. and Textile commissioner etc. Sale tax. Preparation of monthly/periodical statements of accounts of the mills.

Overall responsible for the proper maintenance of machineries installed in the Mills. 4. Financial Recommending all the vouchers pertaining to the maintenance of machineries and allied works connected there with. Shall be responsible for the maintenance of safety systems in the mills and ensuring work safety in the mills. maintenance/supervision of the mills. 2. Shall be responsible for the overall supervision and control and allocation of labour. . 3. 5.Designation Powers Manager (Works) Administrative Co-coordinating with the management on all matters connected with the proper functioning of Factory. Others Co-ordination with the management on all matters connected with the welfare activities in the mills. 6. Shall be over all responsible for the house keeping in the mills. Duties 1. Shall be responsible for the overall functioning. Shall be responsible for the maintenance of quality of the product. Shall be responsible for the achievement of targeted production in the mills.

.7. Shall be responsible for the settlement of the labour related issues then and there.

To institute. To open any account with any Banks and to make. compound or abandon any legal proceedings by or against the Mills or otherwise concerning the affairs of the Mills. bills of exchange. the scale of pay and allowances for various posts and to regulate their conditions of service. draw. To construct. To purchase or otherwise acquire for the Mills any property. mortgage. or otherwise dispose of any part of the property. privileges or undertakings or the Mills upon such terms and conditions as they may think fit. To set apart sums required towards depreciation funds or other funds . In particular. defend. and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provision. endorse. develop or otherwise deal with all or any of the property and rights of the Mills. registering and establishing the Mills. exchange. 6. 9. maintain or alter any buildings. namely:- 1. To prescribe the staff strength. 8. and to sell. 3. or negotiate cheques.POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE COMMITTEE POWER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The board of Directors shall have powers to do all such things as are necessary or conductive to the attainment of the objects of the Mills. installations of machinery or other works necessary for the purpose of the Mills and to improve. To pay for all the expenses incurred in organizing. erect. rights or privileges. 4. the Directors shall have the following powers. conduct. To invest and deal with any moneys of the Mills. manage. 5. 7. drafts and other promissory notes and negotiable instruments required for the business of the Mills. let. To commence and carry on the business of the Mills and to keep in audience such business for such time as they may deem fit 2.

. vary of repeal regulations for the business of the Mills and the conduct of its staff and workers consistent with the Act. brokers etc. and may authorize any such delegate as aforesaid to sub-delegate any of the powers or duties wasted in him. contracts. 10. Committees The Board of Directors shall have powers to constitute one or more committees consisting of one or more Directors of the Mills and to frame regulations to regulate the work of any such committee. receipts and other documents that may be necessary or expedient for the purpose of the business of the Mills.. the Vice-Chairman. or any other officer of the Mills for the efficient management of the business of the Mills. 11. To appoint agents. the rules made thereunder and these bylaws. the Managing Director or any other Director. Delegation of Powers and Duties The Board of Directors shall be competent to delegate from time to time all or any of its powers and duties to the Chairman. in the course of the business of the Mills and pay them such remunerator or commission as the Directors may think fit. 12. To make. agreements. Provided that any such regulations or their modifications or repeal shall take effect only on approval by the Registrar.maintained by the Mills. To execute all deeds.

Such books and registers as may be prescribed under the act or Rules made thereunder or these by-laws or by the Registrar. b) To arrange to submit such periodical returns as may be prescribed by the Registrar. on Payment of such fees as may be prescribed by the Board in this behalf. A list of members of the Mills who are qualified to vote at the General Body Meeting to bring such lists up to date thirty days prior to the date of each meeting of the General Body and supply copies of the lists to such members who desire to have them. 3.Duties of Board of Directors: It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors. . a) To prepare the Annual Budget. in the form prescribed by the Registrar. the Balance Sheet. 2. To maintain or cause to be maintained1. and c) To arrange for the annual audit of the accounts of the Mills and to place the Audit Certificate before the General Body. to give a fair and true view of the affairs of the Mills. and the profit and Loss statement and to place them along with a Report on the state of the Mills affairs before the General Body for approval. of the assets and liabilities of the Mills. of the sums of moneys received and expensed and of the purchases and sales of goods by the Mills. Proper accounts.

 India has great advantage in Spinning Sector and has a presence in all process of operation and value chain.SWOT Analysis Strengths:   Indian Textile Industry is an Independent & Self-Reliant industry.  Industry has large and diversified segments that provide wide variety of products.  Infrastructural Bottlenecks and Efficiency such as. Industry is highly dependent on Cotton.  Availability of large varieties of cotton fiber and has a fast growing synthetic fiber industry. Lack of Technological Development that affect the productivity and other activities in whole value chain. There is Declining in Mill Segment. Lower Productivity in various segments. Abundant Raw Material availability that helps industry to control costs and reduces the lead-time across the operation. Transaction Time at Ports and transportation Time. .   Growing Economy and Potential Domestic and International Market. Industry has Manufacturing Flexibility that helps to increase the productivity. Weaknesses:      Indian Textile Industry is highly Fragmented Industry.  India is one of the largest exporters of Yarn in international market and contributes around 25% share of the global trade in Cotton Yarn.  The Apparel Industry is one of largest foreign revenue contributor and holds 12% of the country’s total export.  Availability of Low Cost and Skilled Manpower provides competitive advantage to industry.

especially China. Opportunities:       Growth rate of Domestic Textile Industry is 6-8% per annum. International labor and Environmental Laws. Market is gradually shifting towards Branded Readymade Garment. Threat for Traditional Market for Powerloom and Handloom Products and forcing them for product diversification. Elimination of Quota Restriction leads to greater Market Development. Continuous Quality Improvement is need of the hour as there are different demand patterns all over the world. Power and Interest Rates. Large. which restrict to tap other potential market.   Elimination of Quota system will lead to fluctuations in Export Demand.     eographical Disadvantages. Threats:   Competition from other developing countries.  Greater Investment and FDI opportunities are available. Higher Indirect Taxes. . Lack of Trade Membership. Handicraft and other segments of the industry. Product development and Diversification to cater global needs. Increased Disposable Income and Purchasing Power of Indian Customer opens New Market Development. Lacking to generate Economies of Scale. To make balance between price and quality. To balance the demand and supply. Potential Domestic and International Market.    Unfavorable labor Laws.  Emerging Retail Industry and Malls provide huge opportunities for the Apparel.

8.premiermills. BIBLIOGRAPHY Website referred .

The present study reveals the fact that “ Training is the . . CONCLUSION The training programme like induction term investment on Human Resource and is also an effective tool improve the productivity. The house training and seminars have periodically offered to the employees that will create excellent result on the individual development and also organization development.9.

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