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Structures in Human Resources

Enterprise Structure - Company code, personnel area and personnel subarea Personnel Structure - Employee group, employee subgroup, payroll accounting area Organization Structure - Organizational units, jobs and positions Employees - Which position does the employee hold? - What tasks does the employee have? - Where does the employee work? - Which public holidays apply to the employee? - How will the employee be paid? - What are the employee working hours? - How much holiday does the emplyee get?
Most important is the allocation of employees to the structures in their enterprise as it is the first step in entering the personal data. You assign employees in infotype 0001, Organizational Assignment which will include the employees in the 1. enterprise, personnel and organational structures, 2. company code, a personnel area and a payroll area, 3. positions, organizational unit, a job and a cost center.

The personnel area is used exclusively in Personnel Administration and is unique within a client. Each personnel area must be assigned to a company code. The final element of the company structure, also unique to Personnel Administration is the personnel subarea. Grouping are defined for personnel subareas to specify which entries from subsequent settings can be used for employees assigned to a particular company code or personnel area. These groupings directly or indirectly affect Time Management and Payroll Accounting. Enterprise Structure 123 Groups Client Sub-1 Sub-2 Sub-3 Company Code Location-1 Location-2 Location-3 Location-4 Peronnel Area Headquater Production Personnel Subarea The administrative personnel structure consists of the following elements: 1. Employee group 2. Employee subgroup

help to make up the organizational key. Payroll accounting area 4.Display HR Master Data (PA20) . Job 3. You can use an organizational key to carry out a further organizational assignment for employees.3. The object manager is connected to the following transactions: . Organizational unit In Personnal Administration. The organizational key is a part of the authorization check. you use the object manager to find employees whose data you want to display or edit. Organizational key The organizational personnel structure consists of the following elements: 1. The elements company code.Personnel Actions (PA40) Organizational Key The organizational key improves the enterprise structure and the personnel structure.Maintain HR Master Data (PA30) . Position 2. . personnel area and personnel subarea from the company structure.