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UALE1113 English in Information Technology

Tutorial 1

WRITING INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS Task 1: Imperative Mood • Rewrite this text as a set of instructions, using the imperative.

This is how to cook this product in the microwave. You need to take off the paper sleeve that the product was bought in. Then you need to make some holes in the plastic lid so that the steam can escape. You should then put the product in the microwave and cook it on full power for 3 minutes. The product will need to be left to stand for 2 minutes before you cook it any more. After you have left it to stand you should stir the product to make sure it cooks right through. Then you should cook the product for another 3 minutes.

1._____________________________________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________________________________ 4._____________________________________________________________________________ 5._____________________________________________________________________________ 6._____________________________________________________________________________


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Cook for 3 minutes on full power 4.UALE1113 English in Information Technology Tutorial 1 Answers: 1.docudesk. Stand for 2 minutes 5. Pierce lid several times 3. Cook for another 3 minutes 2 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Remove paper sleeve 2. Stir well .Trial :: http://www.

Trial :: http://www. he or she can get into the BIOS settings of the PC. Do not rush through this process as pressing the wrong key here can take the user down the wrong . The user will have to press the escape button when prompted. In order to get into the BIOS settings of his or her computer. either one of the function keys such as F1. After exit from the BIOS settings. How to format windows XP using a Windows XP disc The very first thing that the user must do is that to put his or her Windows XP CD in the CD ROM drive and then restart his or her computer. By pressing the F1. the user can just save and exit. Once he or she is in the BIOS setting window. The user should take his or her time when it is his or her first time learning how to format a computer using windows XP. CD ROM should be made as the first boot option. F2. 3 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .UALE1113 English in Information Technology Tutorial 1 Task 2: Evaluate and Revise Revise the text below as a set of instructions. If there is a copy of Windows XP on the user’s computer and he or she wish to overwrite it. Just overwrite the previous version as that the user should have backed up his or her files anyway. F10 or maybe the delete key is needed to be pressed. And finally.docudesk. F2 or F10 function keys or maybe the delete key. the first thing need to be done by the user is to change the boot options. the user’s PC will start running the CD and there will be a blue screen appear and BINGO! You are on the right track! The user have to press Enter to set up Windows XP which is the first option as seen in the screen.

This can be found on the user’s coa sticker which is a sticker usually put on the side of his or her computer.Trial :: http://www. normal. FAT32 suits older computers so I choose a quick format with NTFS. Quick or Slow is fine.UALE1113 English in Information Technology Tutorial 1 Then it will ask him or her to format quick. The process of formatting his or her computer is on its way. If the user had errors it is better to use a slow format which can also be known as a low level format. The computer will restart and it will try to boot from CD again. Just let it go through the stages of setup. depending on what size hard drive he or she has. When the user format a computer please note that a low level format can take a long time. 4 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Do not remove the Windows XP CD until the computer has started up with a new desktop and icons. in FAT32 or NTFS. The user should only press the ANY KEY at the start to get it to boot to the Windows XP CD Make sure the user has his or her serial number ready to enter in. Do not press anything on the . From now on the user just Follow the prompts and let it go.

The task may involve a device: assembling it. 5. 4. operating it. 5 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . .docudesk.UALE1113 English in Information Technology Tutorial 1 Task 3: Writing a User Guide for IT Products 1. Or it may involve some process. The process should have discrete parts or steps that are fairly easy to name and refer to.Trial :: http://www. Choose something you are very familiar with which is related to IT field. Your audience should have a general understanding of the topic area who has never performed this task before. Choose a task with an appropriate level of difficulty. or fixing it. 2.