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(All-India Mock CAT)

(Test Ref.. AIMCAT1211) :
1, 2. 3.

Read the instructions given at the beginning/end ofa section or group of questions very carefully. The test has two sections, Land II. Thetime available for each section is 70 minutes. You cannot return to section lance you bavestarted to answer section IT. Pattern of the test and marking Section Quantitative Ability scheme
t' Nurn ber 0f quesnons

Marks . peT question 3

N·' egative mar ks

Data Interpretation Verbal Ability


Logical Reasoning Total 4.. 5.




You are expected to show your competence in both the sections. Each wrong answer wi ll attract a penalty of one mark.

6. 7.

There are no negative marks for unattempted questions.

can navigate to any-question of your choice withinasection. time.

During the test, you can mark questions for review and return to them at aconvenient


An answer once marked can be changed any number of times before submitting the test. However the last marked answer wi 11be cons idered as the final answer.

10. Do not carry calculators, slide rules or any other calculating devices. Do not carry any other papers with youexcept your HALL TICKET, Rough papers for calculations will be provided.

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(4) II happens twice-once when theare both Yost to' cross 0 and once when both have crossed O. distance between Ihem is the shortest? (1) Diptesh Is at 0 while Bandy is yet to cross Q.. two-digit answer ·sa'.Q~ M. E.). (3iv'en AO '" 60 km. T. 0. No putt of this material TJiis course marerial is only For the use Ilcensecs/franehisces and is 1I0t for sale. an inhabitant expression andarriv. 6 -5 '" 2 and 5 = 6 .75 krn 7.Eli:Ja~n"I8ri! 'EdUGation Pvt. fOr questions 1 to 3: Answer df each other. Dipiesh and Bandy. If Sournya increases her speed in the previous race byone anda half times whiie D[vya doubles her speed in the previous race.ed of Bazoo.I.should be the length otthe race for Soumya and Divya to finish the face at the same lime. find the value of y (4) ~ (1) 292-59+3 (3) 29'2 + . meaning asin the usual sense. Plchuk. (4) Noneof these DIRECTIONS for quesiions 4 and 5. All the algebraic operations and s'igns carry the Introduced is known as Theta (e) which Is inserted between the digits 5 and 6 such that it is equidistant korn 5 and 6. The time available for each section is 70 minutes and you cannot return to the first section once you have starled the second section. The extra dig. and as pages) (ascc/ascd) AIM CAT 1_2 /t U . at the same Instant in both the races).E. such that all of them start with 8 and no two letters of 8. 6. Soumya beats Divya by 10 seconds or 50 m. !-X". who'starts at the same iime -as Diptash. (Assume that both start running. Soumy.evaluated at a.: ~J 9 n < 100.4. X. for which V is independent of x.I. Park Lane.Siddamsetty Complex.nun:'Pl'!. LId.. '1. 55 9 (4) 51 (2) 54 . without permission in writing. The TOTAL TIME available for the paper is 140 minutes. which IS nearest 10 ~. 0.M. Ona planet Bazooka. SECTION-J Number DIRECTIONS independently 1. an © Triumphant Insfilule of Management All rights reserved. F..e. what. is the shortest .E. G. You are expected All questions to show your competence in both the sections.M.- of Quesuons == 30 Which of the following evaluated by Plchuk? could be the expression the questions Two non-zero realnumbers y sal'isfy the' equation 5. of bonafide students of Triumph:anl Institute of Management Educati'on Pvt.97 (3) 98 92 4. Secunderabad-500 003. (1) 450 m (2)300 m (3) 350 3. 3 (4) 282+49-2 equivalent of the two-dlg'it x IJ V '" xl . What.6S'-1 What is the number 78'''( decimal (2) (2) 29z + S8 . Oria Sunday morning.1'5x + 21 Y + 49. (T. 9513. Answer the question-son the basis of the information given below.30 questions in eachsecHon. e- m fraction (1) 56 99 If m and n are positive integers with n (. B. find" . carry three marks each.2. 4. Thls lest has two sections with 60 questions . Now. l!1j. containing only two numerals can be formed from A. Ltd. 9: Answer the DIRECTIONS for questions 8 and questionsindependently of each other. two fitness freaks. may be reproduccd. (9 Education pvl.ka. F are together? (1) 2400 (2) 36000 (3) 14400 (4) 43200 (3) 18. (3) Diptesh h-as crossed 0 while Bandy is yet to cross O. . Which 01 the following is trueot the instant when the. (2) - (3)- 7 DIRECTIONS for questions Band 7: Answer the questions onthe basis of the lnfcrmationqlven below. the inhabitants use a number system in which there are eleven distinct digits instead of the ten digits used in the decimal system. y~ 0) (1 ) 83 81 (3) 78 (4) 94 757 (1) 573 2. (2) Bandy is at 0 while Diptesh has crossed O. and BO'" 130 km. 3.3.a than challenges Divya to another-race in which she gives Divya a hsadstart of 150 m.anll'n~I. cycles from B towards 0 at a uniform speed of 16 km/hr. 8.flIIS..8 '" 1.jnany form 01' by IIny mC. Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark.35 y (x. Dipteshcycles from A towards Cat a uniform speed oJ 12 kmlhr and Bandy. m (4) 500 m How many distinct eight-character codes-With all characters distinct. Ref: AIMCAT1211 INSTRUCTIONS 1_ 2_ Read the ilistruc_!ionsgiven at the beginninglend of eachsection or at' the begiimihg of a group of questions very carefuily.distance between Bandy during their fides? (1) 15 km (2) 25km Diptesh and In a 300 m race. decide 10 cycle along two perpendicular roads AC and SD respectively which infersect at O.

Find the area (in sq./litre 2. Angle aTS is 70·.25 litres of milk.of 61 students in the class. infri@til1)e4edllCatiOn. given that FJ c 10.. his birthday and Mona was born all the same day. the area of the rectangle becomes One third of what it was.I. "" . = lAD = (2) 1:18 (4) 1: .3:16 the (3)3: 32 = JK = KH. When a number Nis divided by D the remainder is 23 and when N is divided by 12D the remainder is 104.9. Prices Year Milk llin Rs. If there are. n + p. aged 70 yeats and 63 years respectively.a point R is selected. AS 1 CE 3 E respectively such that ~. 1 kg) K. N more years after that.2004 (2) 2003 (3) 2P05 (4) 2008 .cOlii AIM CAT 1211/2 .the. 13. N years later. 2 (2) 32years (4-) 29 years If area. The -~verage -age . A E F G 8 DIRECTIONS for questions 1.0 (3) 180 (4) 30 16. www.' (1) 437 1n find.2) 452 (3) triangle ABC. nine cultural activltles were organisec_l. 3.24 DIRECTIONS for questions 12 to 2(): auesnons independently of each other.· (3) 95°: (4) 92.'One kilogram0fkhova was in the year (1) .of the triangle ABC is 10 sq units. 12. on January 10t 1986 was 33 years. on January 1'1 20Q7. (1) 45 (2) 100 (3) 6b(4) -75 19. Find flPQ. Sabli died on her birthday and Rohan was born on the same day. tne area of the rectangle triples.? (1) 104 (2) .kg) 45 4 (4) 4 15. largest possible value of C( Ii). the smallest difference in price. On the tangent to the. S is a point on the' circle where the bisector of angle PQR meets Ihe circle.9. 2003 2004 22 40 40 45 42 40 40 50 49 2005 2006 2007 2008 20'09 30 20 20 25 28 sO 50 $1 (1) 133 % 3 2 50 60 (2) 120% (4) 150% 21. D and . and ACera ex\erlded . If nand p are integers with 0 s: P :S: 9.)' + 2v + 4).and '" . Raj was.luding Bunti and Babli. if the length is increased by 3 units and the. and.5 14.hova (in Rs. the class-teacher ensured that the number of students laking part in eachof the nine' c:iJltu~aJ activities was the same'.500003. n_ 540 = 0.age of the.breadth is decreased by 5. (1) 40~ (2) 36 11. born. For operational reasons." Answer 3DH = 4FG. circle at Q.. between one kilogram of milk and . a total .. AS..) 60 (2) 12. A few years after that.23 (3) 27 (4) 81 (1) 7 (2) 1 (3) 6 (4) 8 DIRECTIONS for questions 21 10 23: Answer the questions onthe basis of the. family ofeigh! members on January 1. How many five·di.120DB? (1) (3) 28 years 33 years 18. units.}'ol Ftoor.COIIl lvebsile. . BunUdied on. Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt.gil' numbers exist such that the' product of their digits is 400? (1. If ((1) and 1(2) are of opposite signs. It was observed that each student look partin either exactly five ornohe of the cultural activities. Whaf is the remainder whi-m Nis. The. 049-:2 ? 8473J 4 email . I.divided by 6D. 468 (4) 465 (.information given below. Assume 1.of a family of seven members. K D in the above H figWe. of f(O)? (1) 0 (2) -3 (3) 1 (4)2 20. $idd<irnsetty Cornplex. Instead..if.LV .8:p1 -. What was the aver. find the rafio of' the area of the shaded region to that of the rectangle ABCD. value of .tim. P and Q are two points on acircle. (1) (3) ~3 17 (2) ~ dairy that of dairy products Cheese (in Rs. (T. which of the following cannot be the value. If C(V) " min (3 . If the length of 'a rectangle is increased by 5 units and the breadth is increased by 9 units. Assuming (3) 108% one kilogram ofkhovais 750 ml in volume. (1) 96" 0 (3) 420 (4) 500 AE = EF =FG " GS. following lablegives the prices of various products for the period' 2003·200.age . For annual day ce]ebrationsin a school. 17. the minimum number of students who did not participate in any otthe cultural activities is f(xl = 11.'.0 and 11: Answer the questions on the basis of the iritorrnalion given below.. Ltd.units) 6fthe triangle CDE. T is a point on PS such that angle PQT is twice angle TQS.e4educatiofl. 1 kilogram. weighs.M"£') RO: 9\58.px + q.Becunderabad Till : 040-27$98194/95 Fax. (2) 98. Find LTSQ. By what percent is the length of therectangle more than the breadth? . find the. AD 4 AC. DH = HI = IC and AS (1).

1- on books and Pratish's are. and Ihe ratio of their respective savings is 2 :3. Ltd. 040-'27847314 email .n travel are 'equal' .2) Rs.ano Pree. (V expenditures an gadgets? 4:9 . .cQm website . Distribution of expenditure incurred by P. 25%: --"""""--.il1fo@time4~.50 (.d is more than 'theexpanditure of Preetish on food.time4education. 20% 30% Food.. in 2010.Pratish and Praful is' 5 : 3.ofPraful. (1) (2) (3) (4) Rp. of Praful on gadgets. 10% BoCiks. and the total sales of 8%. (4) The combinec expenditure or Preetish and PrafiJl on travel is more than the expenditure of Pratish on traver. if the expenditures of Pratishand Praful on food are equal and the ratio: of the respective savinqa of . .E. 20% expenditures) Books. (1) ~3: 1 (2) 5:3 (3)3':5 (4) Cannot be determined (2) 2: 3 (3) 1: 1 (4) Cannot be determined Triumphant lnstitute. Food. following statements is definitely true? (1) The exp. 'equal while Pratish's ElxRenditure on books and Preelish'sexpenditur~ o.aful save the same proportion of their incomes.I. 30% Pratik 15% Travel. then which of the..enditwe of Pratlsh on foo.49.ot ManagE!ment EdUcation Pvt.90 (3) Rs.M.ducaliOl\. (2) The oombined expenditure of Pralishand Praful on food is more than the expenditure of Preelish on books. 40% Pratish Gadgets. Siddal11setry Complexr Seennderabad . 040-2789.25 Rs. The average reatzation per kilogram in 2009 was closest to 23.500 003. Bolh Pratlx and Pr.~orll AIMCATl211fJ . khovaand milk went up by 5% and 10% respectively. (3) The combined expenditure of Pra!ish and Preetish on 'ga. www....ratik. (T. Food.dg'ets is more than the expenditure. What IS the ratio of their respective 26. the prices otcheese. when compared to the previous year. determined 27. Preetish and Praful (AsCI percentage.uBslions 24 to 27: Answer the questions on the basis of the inJormaliongiven below. 40% Gadgets. In 2009. Pratik's expenditure Praflll Travel. What IS the ratio of Pratik's lolal expenditure to Praful's-totalexpendnure? expenditure' en travel (1)3: 2 (2)2: 3 (3) 1:1 (4) Cannot be.75 RsA4.22.25 Cannot be determined a company were made up of 4'0% cheese..47. 2'" Floor.8194f95 Fax. Tel. I:f Ihe total expenditure of Pratish IS more thanthe total expenditure of Preetish but less than (he total expenditure .) HO: '95B.05 (4) Cannot be determined DIREctIQN'Sfor q. 30% khova and 30% milk. The average realization per kilogram in2010 was closest to (1) Rs. 20% . . of their respective tot.tish's expenditure on books and Praful's expenditure on travel are equal. then what is the ratio of their respective incomes? 25.49. 35% khova and 25% milk. Preetish 24. Pratish. 30% 25% Food.46. the total sales of a company measured in kilograms was made up of 40% cheese.

State Type of vehicle Two-wheelers Three-wheelers Passenger vehicles Commercial vehicle-s A 16. would result in a paragraph that delivers the best sense. (T. share of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles put together in slate Cin2'i. D.4% 12. F. Why.orsarncone has ------fallen (a) I dropped (b) on the doormat. each of the four types of vehicles comprised at least one-sixthof metotat number of vehicles in that state in200.96% (4) 13.. and pick the sequence of the incorrect statements from the. pick the one that represents.A. the government decided to keep track of the growth in the number of vehicles of various types in all Iha six states . Ato F.5% (3) 44% (4) 54% Number of Questions = 30 OIRECTI. 12.46'/" 10_1% 14% 11.tpnTlvebsite .E.36% 11. B 11.1: 040-278981. following the specific directions given for each. would have her parents calling (or an ambulance.of the country.94/95 Fax . D.DIRECTIONS forques'fions 28 to 30: Answer the questions on the basis . E and F . are not in keepirig witH the elements Of standard English in some part(s}.e. The approximate percentage. % 6 15. Til.3% Assume lhat these . can console a three-year-old whose ice. From the chotces below.0.6% E 13. (1) CBDEA (2) EcbBA (3) CEBDA (4) ECBDA 2. It is known Ihat.46% 11. another oone . in each slate. With this in mind.8% 9.88% 9.040-2784 7334 em~il : in fo@timC<icdliclttion.ONS for questions 1. from the following choices. Is there anything OIl all that can -----banish (a) I dispel (b) the darkness and restore-her world? Gripped in me fear that allis lost. D.46% 16_66% F 19.Eahd Ffrom 2006 to 2007 i513. The approximate percentage share wheelers in slare'.andJOr spellings. when read with F. % 2 C 0 18.of course. Identify the appropriate word for each statement and pick. the little one sheds copious tears. (1) 29% (2) 38% of the two- (1) 12.33% informaHon (2) 12.C. In order to help it in tackling this issue. The maximum possible percentage increase in the total number of vehicles in state B frdril 2006 to... www.8%.32% 10860. One of these is the word better suited to the blank.M. C. The following table gives the percentage growth in the number of vehicles in each of Ihe six states.gleam (a) I sparkle (b) in tile' eye and the joy in the heart. (1) BeEF (2) ABDF (4:) BCDE (3) ACEF a 3. Ltd. The six sentences should present logically coherent paragraph. SECTJON- II 6 sequence brlhe otner 5 which. . 13<3% and 15. 2B. F is the closing statement of the paragraph.25% (3) Additional 13. the one that you think represents the correct sequence . following choices. Her tiny frame is wracked by sobs each one of which is preceded by a gasp and heave (a) I tremble (bl of the chest that. content of a single paragraph. A.time4edllcatiQn.75% for questions 29 and 30: (3) 36% (4) 32%.96% 12_44% 12 .and filled with the ---------.whlle one statement of the paragraph lsjn the right sequential posit jon.. B. SiddarnseuyComplex. 12. E.j 110: AI MCATl21114 . C. B. it would seem.approprlate words in the six statements.106 is at-least (1) 5?% (2) 38. Secunderabad+ 500 OQ:\. 1. (1) baaaoa (2) bbbaaa (3) aabaaa (4) bbaaab of Triumphant Institute of Malia_gement Education Pv1. A in 2006 is at most.96% 16. B. the Each of the statements A to F contains a blank followed by 2 words in bold print.Theerrors may be in grammatical structure of the sentences including punctuatlon. in Ihe year 2006. appropriate use of words. classified into only one. from 2006 to 2007. of these types. Answer the 3 questions that follow this set of statements. In the country of Po IIuna . to 3: Provid.conviction (al I belief (b) that the end of the world is nigh..01the inforrnatlonqiven below.66% 13_4%. _2007 is 29.{. in any other circumstance. the government was very concerned over the increasing tevsls of <lir pollution due to vehicular emissions.64% 14. 2"'1Floor. identify the statements thai are incorrect. Gone is the -------. 30.%.are the onl)7 types of vehicles and any vehicle' is. leaving no pO$sibililyfor retrreval. logical sense.98% 8. 11. the other 5 are not. ----with (a) I having [b) two scoops this !ime! a--~----- Some ot the six statements. 11.4% respectively.6.6%.68% 12. No power on earth.4%. The overall percentage increaseln the total number of vehicles in states A.d below are statements that form the.

nay.if this were not so. there are five sentences or parts of sentences that form a paragraph.ll and not with any definite individual existence. (1) inevitable oppose (2) reluctant deny (3) . Consequenlly this desire ·of yours isjust thai wruoh is not individual bi. A. R The desire fbrindividuality is burn out of immaturity.what the sage says? A. The understanding of existence in' general is a featur:e of enlightenment.xistence in gene:rf.0 far. was a slow process that was by ships andlurni. The will is indifferent to indiViduality. name. this is not its aim. _Inexhaustible (3) discovered .l. in 8. D. are two blanks in each onhe following sentences. Then.choose the pair that fills the blanks most appropriately.ccm AJIVICA Tl 2. B. it is the essential in everyth ing that exists" nay. 59 that to be freed from it isnot loss but rather gain. Don't let this trouble you any further. (4) fashioned.triumptrantldea 7. of the following statements could be inferred from t~e.. Identify the exception. Since. of the>moving alr unt11at last the puzzle was (1) established . Siddomse!o/ CO!lll'iex. ot positivism (b) that valid knowledge can beattalned (c) through only themethods of natural sciences and hence . (1) Band C (2) C and 0 (3) A and D (4) A and B Any. The determinadon to llvs is manifest in the desire for individuality and tantamounts to the fact of ex isle nee in general. "1. tnaryour own existence 'is the universal will to live .DIRECTIONS for questions 4 to 7: Read the following passage and answer the questions and notan existence thatfollow it. It is the desire to preserve one's species that. O.011gi119 directly and merchants there was a sort ot respect. A. the mere reflection of it. absolutely everything. While the determination 10 live is not dependent on Ihe desire for individuality. 4. because. the latter is dependent on the. 8 and C (2) A. C and 0 (4) B. . existence nseltls the free work of the will. the individual Is only directly conscious. Band 0 A. Which of the.. it will. From this il isla be gathered that the lndivldual carefully guards his own existence. oscramanon of ·the acolyte. although it appears to. 8. The acolyte may be uncomfortable with the' though! that one's existence or individuality (1) is not as significant. Between .lowing can be inferred from.E. It can be understood in his view. C.of sentsncsts) that is/are correct in terms of grammar and existence. C. Ltd. 2:"" Floor. mcreover. want to exisl! That is what order to show that it is mine. It is: because one is protective of one's Identity that one demoristrates the deterrrinanon to live. a Ibnging that is one and the same in There. (3) is not significant except as part of a larg..500003. against the seemingly . it can be dfsSipatedand we ourselves set free. The recoqmtlon of individuality is valueless. fol. it is not you alone thai says this. existence cannot be apart from wilL arid Ihe latter will be prcvlslonally satisfied with existence in gener. neither could the other. [hen.unceasing 6. namely. G and 0 5. DIRECTIONS for questions 8 and 9. (2) is a reflection of the existence more than oneself. 8 and 0 (3) A. Ahneqatlen of one's individuality Is the hallmark of Emlighlem'nelil... whiCh has to be reasoned out firs! in Sage: Consider what you are dOing! When yQU say. The discovery of the wind routes. the desire for individuality is the very feature that confirms the tact of exlstance. prompts the determination to live.nmeeeducatioo. 040-27898194/9SFax. C and D (4) B. 9513. website.) the concept ofexisience itself. but everything. ttdoes notproceed from individuality. exhaustible painfully thrusting pressure soivec. . as that which is eternally dissatisfied can be satisfied. www.1115 Tnurnphant tnsntute of Management Education Pvt..grudging disregard (4) amative ignore' of DIRECTIONS for questions 10 and 11: In each question. .concerneo with tha!.. that has only a vestige of consciousness. forsooth. but from existence in general. one could realise one's individuality. (1) A. ano 'craftsmen - the two groups of guilds .of Will in himself. . This is nothing but an illusion which has entangled the indiVidua'I. except one. from what the sage says thai. It is only indirectly thatlhe indiVidual has this great longing torexlstence: It is the will to llve lnqeneral that has this 1. C. D. but by reflection. 'about. Band G (2) A. (T. appear to you both childish and extremely ridiculous when you completely and thbr"t'mghly recognise what you are. (a) Finally thereis. I.1. and consequenny looks as ifit were entirely .1. it is the collective reoognition of individuality thatamounts to the realisation of existence in general. 8.Sccnndcrabad 040-'27847314 email : info@thn[l4edul.M. From the pairs of words given below each sentence. G and 0 Which of the following is not an accurate interpretatlon of ihe thoughts of the sage? A.i! is ihal whereby anything has existence ai· all: accordinglyH is eoncerned and satisfied only withe. From all this it follows thai individuality is not a state of perfection but of limitation. (4) is contingent on the existence of more than oneself. 10. it has noth ing to do with It.desire for individuality is common to all that is capable of the preservation of the species would not be-assured.I want to exlst". heavy (2) accompltshed.aL'iollccom Tel. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) .lwhiCh iscomrnon 10 allwlthoutdistmctlon. Acolyte: 1. the. choose Ihe most appropriate option. It has the appearance of being so because it can attain consciousness only in an individual existence. (1) (3) in reeoqnlslnqexlstence in general.

. they will need to decide what they really thlnk. doctors tell. Siddamsetty CO!' opposed by two-thirds of British doctors.. permissive direction over . And when Europeans know. Ltd.. Arguably. he adds. (1) Only (a) (2) Only (b) (3.89% of nurses in ~he Belgian study said yes.or financial reasons. another European country that has moved in a broadly secular. Read thefoll. (C) voluntary eufhanasia.t~M. A 20013 study found. where patients ere kept unconsclous until they die. Similar practices were revealed by a study in the Netherlands. praclisil'lg Catholics were more hostile to euthanasia than IMir less devout compatriots. (8) 'If aid is given to introduce: certain' new economic (b) actlvlties. In the Nelher!ands.organizations and discipline. passage indicates? (A) Legal euthanasla will be a license 10 kill. 8urieq on inside pages. which is quite a common practice. Some worry that legal euthanasia creates a slippery slope towards state-sjonsored killing. and one in 300 involuntary euthanasia. . Most often. has legalised euthanasia for consentinq adults). and they would be truly valuable only if (d) they promote and spread advances education.a survey of paediatric intensive-care. In America a long terminal illness can leave people deep in debt: thai makesethlclsts fear that euthanasia mightbe. . 040-2789:8 I94f95 Fax. doctors had taken an "end-of-life decision".(d) no knowledge is genuine unless it is based on observable tacts generally. small newspaper storles reported . In Dutch hospitals.owing countries. nurses . passage andertswer the q uestionsthat follow it. lessening. Asked if the law should be changed to .s. (1) (a) and (e) (2) (a). tlie Netherlands. the consent of the patient is mandatory" (0) lnvoluntaryeuihanasia is manifest in terminal In sedation. wmcn Is Illegal (I!"lough Belgium. Belgiium 'and Scandinavia.E. like the Netherlands. www. This was not a rogue result. cornpulsorylnsurance covers even the most expel'lsive treatments. Academics found it existed in every country studied.cnildrenbeing given Is1l1a. C A similar Even to set up such a cOmmittee would be controversial in most of Europe.anc viable. London University studies estimate that one in 50d deaths in Britain involve voluntary euthanasia..)uo. Dutch 'experts: inslst: the matneftect is to Improve communication between doctors. In 40 cases. but drugs . Britain anti Belgium.requestedf. 04{1--'27847JJ4 emaU . Even in such secular. Religious faith is lrnportant. such fears'. 12. Economics plays a role. (B) In 'active euthenasta. In only a few countries have there been serious attempts' to measure the incidence of eLithanasia. Britain also has a higher than average incidence . Shortly afterwards a new study reported that active euthanasia -in which not only is medical care withdrawn. the Dutch-speaking bit of Belgium.are used to shorten life . Natianal character matters too .) (i::) and (d) (4) (a) and (b) (c) fairly broad groups of people. In 2005 academics investigated all 292 children who died before their first birthday in a given year in Flanders. openness is surely to be applauded. (e) and (d) (3) (e) and (d) (4) (a) and (b) in 11. a term that takes in threedistinct practices.cQ·1ll web~ite . 2'" Floor. The honesty of the Belgian and Dutch debate can feel pretty brutal. iilfQ@time4educaliIJ!1.allow the ending of minors' live. Trlumphant lnstltute-of Mahag(!ment Education Pvt. painkillers such as morphine were· used to alleviate suffering. In 17 cases lethal :drugs or doses were illegally given to end life. .(T. But whatever one's views of euthanasia.might be merciful. especially where church leaders retain political clout. some countdesare in denial. drugs are usedto shorten life. doctors withdrew or withheld traatrnentkeepihq irifants alive. but Dilly If they could also be sustained by the already existing educational level 01 DIRECTIONS Two for questions 12 to 14. 95B. that in Italy and Poland. Things are different in southern Europe. but at high doses liKely to hasten death: a legal grey area. suggesting that a swifl death . what happens when doctors decide a patient has no chance of a bearable life? In Britain headlines reported the grief of parents whose wishes were overruled by the courts.of "terminal sedation". European have had cause in recent weeks to ponder the sameemlcalquesncn. believers and their secular neighbours hold similar views. But this one was very different.the past few decades.surveys they oppose euthanasia by large margins. who know their patients well. but can be trumped.~ol11 A J:MCATI2] 1/6 . But in France. In half the cases. where doctor-patient relationships are more hierarchical.1 drugs 10 speedtnelr deaths. It emerged that they had witnessed two dozen infants and .time4edll~atiQn. Whal explains these differences? . these will be beneftcial.. permissivecountries as Sweden. Legalisation has not made euthanasia more common. euthanasia is mostly carried out by family doctors. Secunderabad Tel. allowing doctors to turn off the ventilators keeping theirson alive. In Britain debate on euthanasia revolves aroundqravely ill adults whoconsciously 'want 10 die. Tnalamounts to InVOluntary eutnanasta. The phenomenon is only now being studied properly. (1) (3) (A) and (D) (2) (A) only (Sj only (4) (Al and (6) -500003. debate has broken out in Belgium. patients and families. Which of the following statement is/are NOT <I correct representation of what the. that led to the appointmentof a committee 10 review cases where a baby'ssufferingseems impossible to relieve. Critics call this "slow euthanasia".

(3. when Nature is alive' and busy all around us. 14. (2) it is the aggressive advertis. Some of the six statements. 040-21898194/95 Fax. (1) baaaaa (2) abbbbb (3) bbaabb (4) aabbaa DIRE. the third statement of the paragraph. (4) what one needs is a change in' the thinking process and behavior rather than in the colour of one's . pick the one that representsihe sequence of the other 5 which. when our Mother Earth has gone to sleep. C is 16. (1) AS-FDE (2) DS-FAE (3) DA-FEB (4) EB-AFO of 19. A B. the sounds of human voices. In terms of one's likelihood of having a heart attack.£. and their silent whispers (e) I sighs (b) make us feel so sad. (4) A junk food die! has a hast of unhealthy consequence" on the circulatory system beyond ralsinq cholesterol . would result in a paragraph that detlvers thebes! sense.other 5 are not. Lei us gather (a) I crowd (b) to. . That is why we. Each of the statements A to F contains a blank followed by 2 words in bold print. Tel.CTI. Whithof the following is the flaw intne researcher'S a~gumenl?' (1) There could be no substitute for leading a healthy lifestyle. 2"~Floor. be growing at about 30 percent. and left us -----wakeful (a) I waking_ (b). Attemptthe B questions that follow this set of statements. logical predicali_on. and . the world seems so lonesome. and light hl.s-jets.ich ·of the following statements is NOT supported by the passage? (1) Faith. While one statement of' the paragraph is in the right sequential pqsiti an. The 'six sentences should present a logically coherent paragraph. from the following choices. and pick the sequence of the incorrect statements from the foll. Then we sir and sob.13.. when read with C. (T. They attribute it to a general need fora quiCk ptcx-me-up an'10:ng those with low self-confidence and self-esteem.00\ in with the. One-of these Is me word. (2) legali'zed euthanasia for consenting adults. I n the passage. There .ONS for questions 18 to 25: Each of the critical reasoning questions is based on a short argument. or obesity througheatiilg meals loaded with calories.sarne degree as a faslfood meal increases it.sepment has been added. approprlateuse of words. and snout and sing together.ingof these products lliat drives that very perception.-free of charge' so thai customers can neutralize the dangers of h-eartqiseas'e fromf<J!ly food. But nowa whole new .it can cause high blood pressure through too much salt. F.) Prescribing statlns is about reducing harm in the same way that people who 'smoke are encouraged to use filters andthose who drive are told to wear seatbelts. Secunderabad . we men and women. are .oNs 6 statements suggest that fast food outlets could provide statins . and the ariswerlnq people tend to. DIRECTt. elements orstandard English in some part(s). The truth is that it is the steroids inffiirness creams which cause the real damage. (4) invofuntary euthanasia.cholesterol-lowering drugs .lge bonfires of a million ga. SiddarnsenyComplex.gether at the great cities. We are creatures ofthe sun. and long tor the gaS-Iii streets. and feel brave. the one that you think represents the correct sequence of appropriate words in the six statements.are that form the-content of a single paragraph.andJ_or AI MeA T121117 (1) Triumphant Institute of Miln<lgement Educaiiol'l Pvt. Identify the approprtste word for each statement and pick. like children in a silent house. or a plan of action. 18.Theenors maybe in grammatical structure of the sentences including punctuation. Researchers 'for questions 15 to 17: Provided below . taking a statin 'can reduce cholesterol risk to more or tess the . the daytime. character and economics are the factors that determine acountry's attitude to mercy killing. (3) Mas! countries in question donot want to face the truth regarding euthanasia. 'such a c:ommittee' refers to one that makes inquiries into. In the sunnqht . While the growth of the oesrnstlcslndustries as a whole is at 15 percent. 17. For each question. following the spe_cilic directions given for aach.the best answer of the choices given. we are like the open hillsides and Ihe deep woods well enough: but in tile liight. a set of website.are so many ghosts about. when ihe dark' trees ---_:__ rustle. Alb F. With this In's better to avoid fatty food altogether.UI.) HO~95B. kln. Ltd. (1) legal grey areas where euthanasia is concerned. including eating a good diel. identifY the statements that are incorrect. (2) Statins don't cut out all !h" unhealthy effects . From the' choices below. Wl1ich of the following below? best corrptetes the passage 15. the . s www. the market for men's fairness creams seem to.. (2) Legalized euthanasia has made possible free' discussions on the matter.500 003.throb (a) I pulse (bl of human life.the country grows more and more deserted every year.of burgers and frIes . and we get frighlened.owing choices. (3) all these products give only temporary results to make surethat people use Ihem regularly.tirile4edllcation. (1) CDEF (2) BDEF (4) BeEF (3l ADCF keeping The market of falmess creams for women has always be~n robust. (3) the use of painkillers to alleviate suffering. D. select.. Psychologists say thai the focus seems tq be shifting from physical power to physical appearance in darker-skinned and therefore a lighter skin is a desiredattributern woman. infb@time4edUC/ltion. (4) Hastening death to avoid a medical debt would seem unethical. We feel so helpless and as little in lhegreat stillness. WI1. (~) I vibrate (b) in the night-wind. better suited to me blank. We love light and life.. C. ----press (a) Igravitiate (b) lnto'the towns and cities. especially in Asian countries w. Q40--271l41334 email.

to become net exporters to Asia shoulO reevaluate their product . as localincomes have risen. suggests thai cheating could. Ihe less Iik$ly they are ·10 fidelity. (4) While Japan's economy ls. . (U.. when they are yCiung. eeonomcscan eXplain sLich behavior. Which of the following.apocalypse is within sight.M.their demands and preferences of . the less likely they are to engage in i nf many as eight orangutans in one tree .·Unseafing Japan is the most striking evtdence that China's ascendancs is for real and the rest of the world will have to reckon with a neweconomicsuperpower. (2) . . email: illfo@lime4edlKation. read and understand the topics discussed in the class. oranqotans have become more elusive. This is. Which of the following.chimpanzees and gorillas .ally around four animals per square mile of forest. passes easily between types of bacteria and makes them resistant to almost all antibiotics. to knock out Once.llCalion. Which of the following. . www. NoW. by businesses moving production there to take advantage of lower wages.)lfO:95B..ely they are to infid.and. (2) One can enjoy one's saved resourcestomorrow only if one survives today. The era of antibiotics is Gomingto a ctoss. by some. Which of the following argumenl? most logically completes the 21. . 23.consumer products.lime4ed. mature and its population quickJy agir)g.. (4) A rot of modem medicine would become impossible If we lose 'our ability to treat most helps to justify the conclusion a! the professor? . scientists hailed the end of infectious diseases.000 orangutans left in the wild. There are only an estimated 50. economic dependency seems to have the opposite effect: (1) The more dependent they are on their male partners. foraging for fruits or sleeping in the trees. quite puzzling considering Ihal their opportuni. (3) Multi·drug·resistan! bacteria are spreading rapidly as a result of global travel and medical tourism.20. which examined the relationship betweeh lncornsdlsparlty and infid. China surpassed Japan to become the world's secondlarges. most seriously weakens the argumentabove? (1) Thetlrgh population density means that the products of consumer interest will be different from thoae in the west. many have quit their jobs to study.elity .ifIhey Men who depend on their female partners financi'ally are more likely to cheat on them.m website. (-1) one cares more about Ihe present than about the future. their male engflfje in their male I. be one of the ways for men to restore their gender identity which they think is under threat as they nave.1/8 . most seriously weakens the conclusion above? (1) In placeswhere humans are considered to be a threat. if true. scattered populations on Borneo islaridand nearby Sumatr. which induoes 10 save more andto buy local. orangutans are gregarious. Ltd.'ri societies conbrure to remain deeply traditional in . if true.great apes. typi<. Perhaps. Seclmde!abad5()()003. But unlike: the other . (2) Scientists have learned about orangutans by studying them under present-day conditions and densities.allliving in small.Japan has benefitledfrori1 a booming Chiria.ty _ The more dependent they are on partners. (3) Fun swamps learning as cine prefers short-term happiness at the expense of long-term cost.a. many do not make on effort to.cecades of spectacular growth. Policyrnakersand corporate strategistsih countries WiShing. which was discovered recently. Siddamsetty Complex. to have characterized fheirevolutionary development. Their low populatioridensmes. (2) Pharmaceutical companies and governments need to gel their acttoaether.t economy after the United Stales. China. what once appeared to be miracle medicines have been beaten into lneftectiveness by the bacteria they were designed TriiJmphantlnstitute of Management Education Pvt. 2'" Floor.and policy portfolios. (2) Most Asia. The research. by tapping a large and increasingly lucrative market for Japanese goods. But for women.eIity.or encounter 35 along a river. (3) China has a much lower standard of living as compared to Japan. Tel: 04()-27898 I94/95. if true. (4) It will take time for consumerism to rise in the newly affluent young middle class in Asia. the post antibiotic . . is thought. Fill: 040-27$47334 After three .'ingagein (2) (3) (4) depend on their partners:' earnings. The west must develop and export products Ihatare more aligned with Asian consumer preferences Which of the following. indeed. (3) Back in the 19th century. explorers would see. Yet. the more lik. (4) One prefers smaller p_aybffs today over larger payoffs in the distant future. ' The less dependent they are on their male partners. The more dependent they areon partners.they spend most of their lime alone when theyare adults. is in the throes of Urbanization and is far from devsloped. 24. .com AIM eAT 121. (4) Hunting m13Y have caused orangutans to be less social. a study has .dspandsnt On consumer tradition. 25. Professor: I have interacted with MBA students and I find most of them to be intelligent. the less likely Ihey are to engage in iniideli. (3) Consumption and imports in Asia are . if true. fn just a couple of generations.claimed. would provide the best basis for the claim lila! infections unaffected by antibiotics would be a reality in the very near 'future? (1) A gene called NDM1. Which ofthe follow.E.elity.. most helps to explain why China's ascendancy need not spell doom for Japan? (1) China's per capital income is more on par with that of impoverished nations. from their long reproduction cycles to the way they communicate and interact between the sexes.ty cost is high.

Ase! that does not contain any elements IS represented by $. also belong.) t1o: 95B. (T.the 27. "O~ represents the set of all living beings. Rascol.time4cdllcalion:colll . whereas the symbol '.of Management Educ. 29. The set of elements that belong to either X or Y or both is represented as X x Y . . C. Surendar arid Tarif. (2) No animalsare cals. Oureshl. SiddaniscnyComplex. (3) Some cats-are animals. Tennis is the only sport in which all three Of Pranay. Secunderabad ~ SOU00-3.I the above be Triumphant Institule. (4) All animals are. participates in a distinct number of sports from among the five sports. Which student plays (1) Pranay ali the (3) Rasool five sports? (2) Qures:i"1i (4)Surendar 2B.Oureshiand Tarif participate. cats. (iv) Among Chess and Weightlifting.(4) AI. Qureshi and Rasool parficlpate in bolh the sports. .LM.alioll PvL Ltd. Given that (A + 8) + C ::: ill. Pranay. Each of the fiVe friends. (1) There are no elements which belong to both cats and mammals . the relationship between X and Y is expressed as X e Y. "A' represents "B" represents lhe·set of all cats.1 19 Tel : 040~27898194/95 :Fax: . n Weighllifting and Tennis. The symbol '=' represents 'equal to'. which of . (iii) The number of students who .participate in Weightliffing is more than Ihat in any other sport.E.. to Y. Which among the following statements is definitely true? (t) Swimming the. (2) Gyding. Y. Cy_cIi g. Given that A + R <'$ !. 26. (3) Two (4) Four (I) (ii) X arid Yare two sets. but Surendar participates in only WeightHfting. Chess..long tcbotn mammals and animals. (3) There are no elements whichtJelong to allthe three sets ~ cats..i" represents 'not equal to'. Following are the detalls aboutthe sports in which they participate Exactly three students participate in Swimming. AI MCAT12 1.DIRECTIONS queslionson for questions 26 to 2$: Answerlne given below.If all the elements that belong to X.1 floor. The-set of elements that belong 10 both the sets Is represented as X . 2'. How many students participate in Weightlifiing? (1) Five (2) Three . which of the following can inferred? .040-27847334 email: info@lime4education. mammals. the set of-all mammals: "G" represents the set of all animals.and animals. . (4) N'one of the above 30. DIRECTIONS quesnons for questions 29 and 30: Answerlhe the information given below. (v) Cycling is the only sport in whlt:h both Rasool and Tarif!he only sport in which both' Qureshi and Tarif participate. (2) There are no elements Which be. ilie basis of the'lntorrnanon on tnebasls-ot . Xavier School provides sports faCilities for the foJlowlng sports Swimming.Ind Be following is true? (1) All cats are animals.8t. (3) The numberot students who participate in each sportis unique..comwebsite: www. Qureshi and Rasool participate. only sport in which all three of P~anay..