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If Grameenphone can work with the Government and help them to provide the peoples of Bangladesh the future “Digital Bangladesh” than Grameenphone can think of a new way of doing business with a sustainable manner. So it is time face the real scenario and Grameenphone should take necessary steps to face the future threat from the market. leaving has changed in all the classes of peoples in Bangladesh. A. Till now GP has done its best. life style of Bangladeshi peoples has been changes a lot with the help of telecom industry.TOPIC: Diversification of Grameenphone services for sustainable business: “pioneering Vehicle tracking service (VTS) brings a new potential and profitable subscriber base to Grameenphone”. feeling. Government of Bangladesh wishes to see “Digital Bangladesh” within 2021 and for that they have already take some initiatives and Government of Bangladesh can achieve faster and better result with the help of telecom industry to make the whole country digital. In the present day telecom industry in Bangladesh is in their mature stage or close to mature stage of their product life cycle. People can communicate faster. Now-a-days the concept of telecom business is not just limited within the data & voice transmission. Bangladesh wants to move forward with vision of digitalization in every sector. It can be an opportunity for the telecom companies in Bangladesh to work beside the Government to make it happen. It’s all happens because of telecommunication. INTRODUCTION In the last decade. beside the Government of Bangladesh wants a digital country all the way. user also wants more from their telecom operators. The way of thinking. doing. 2 . In the whole world telecom companies doing something new to make themselves sustainable and here in Bangladesh the scenario is not so different. do their jobs quickly than before. Grameenphone is the leading telecom operator in Bangladesh.

The second objective and the main issues of this report are: Diversification for sustainable business. and it could be a threat for our telecommunication industry. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study has got some significance through its themes and domino effects. 3 . The research will be conducted to know about the prospect of diversified service of the Grameenphone for sustainable business in the future. One is to briefly look at Grameenphone and understand the whole Telecommunication industry. So for sustain in the coming future this type of business should diversify themselves in any form of diversification like horizontal. Telecommunication industry is already in the mature stage or close to mature stage of PLC. vertical. heterogeneous (conglomerate). and corporate diversification.B. From the PLC it clear that the information technology has least period of the life cycle. It is a common scenario that business oriented with information technology move developed countries to less developed countries and from less developed countries to developing countries. D. EXPECTED FINDINGS Most of the gigantic multinational corporation (MNC) feels threat after they reach the mature stage of Product life cycle (PLC). keeping close attention on their culture. The principal aim of this report is to analyze the needs of diversification for sustainable business. C. The study result will help Grameenphone to assume whether they are in the right track as well as the future changes with new and diversified services. Moreover. this research will try to find out what GP is doing for sustainability and what else it can do. concentric. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY Theoretical classes of BBA provide us theories regarding different subjects where as practical training gives us the chances to view those systems and their operations. and some of them switch from their existing business to sustain in this competitive world. some of them have already tried to open a new wing. The objective of this report is to focus on two broad issues.

Information will collect from the GP finance department. Primary source Primary data will be collected through a survey where a questionnaire will be prepared to collect data. specialist and executive of finance department of GP. Secondary source The secondary data will be collected from the different news article. Information will be collected through informal discussions with respective knowledgeable person in telecom industry. which is listed in year 2009 in the stock market of Bangladesh. telecom industry analysis. METHODOLOGY Approach The prime intention of this report is to study the diversified way of doing sustainable business. To clarify different conceptual matters Internet. different articles published in the journals & magazines will be used. brochures and GP’s internal database. GP is the leading GSM mobile phone operator in the telecommunication industry of Bangladesh. Secondary Sources are:    Publication of telecom industry. The report will be based solely on primary data and some secondary data also. The secondary data will provided the supporting input for the report. journal. manager. Annual Reports of GP Other published documents of GP 4 . Both close ended and open ended types of questions will be used to conduct survey.E. Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and news articles. Moreover. For the organization part information will be collected through different published articles. Data Collection Method Both primary and secondary data will use for preparing this report.

Articles on diversification have already been collected and will be used for preparing the questionnaire. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY Part on organizational culture will be written from individual’s perception and may vary from person to person. which may also have some sort of restrictions. up to date information is not published. G. Many procedural matters are conducted directly in the operations by the top management level. Different models & graphs will be developed to interpret the situation to make the framework more understandable. Getting Relevant papers and documents are strictly prohibited. The time given for preparation of this report is constrained. Hypothesis: “There is relationship between introducing Vehicle Tracking service (VTS) and new potential and profitable subscriber base to Grameenphone” Data analysis In the organization part information will be provided in a descriptive manner. In the project part data analysis will be done mostly with the help of SPSS and MS Excel will also be used for some part of report. Survey will be conduct with a sample size of 100 respondents.Construction of Questionnaire No surveys can achieve success without a well-designed questionnaire. Hypothesis will be tested through SPSS. In many cases. As the information on the MIS of GP is confidential & cannot be disclosed different proxy figures will be used to interpret the information. -------------------------------------- 5 . The first step of questionnaire preparation will be review of literature.