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Mike Giovinazzo Jan 8 2010

no wonder folks complain “I hate to have my picture taken” .Built-in Flash on camera with No Diffuser Also provides “Flat Lighting” Given the quality of light most people get from this type of typical lighting.

this photo was taken by holding a piece of while plastic over the built-in on camera flash.Already a huge improvement. Built-in Flash on camera with simple diffuser .

. hence the desire to bounce light off a wall.Hash Lighting (characterized by a sharp definition between the dark and light areas) Increasing the size of the light source relative to the subject reduces the degree of harshness. Similarly shooting through a larger diffuser helps soften the light. ceiling or umbrella.

Classical Rembrandt Lighting (characterized by a lit triangle on the cheek) .

Single Light off-camera Two-o’clock Position Light softened using a “Soft Box” or Umbrella (With hair light) .

Two Light Set-up 1:1 Lighting Ratio (lighting in the shadows and highlight areas are about equal) .

low key . low key Very dramatic.Two Light Set-up 1:2 Lighting Ratio Common Lighting Ratios Ratio 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 8:1 Stops Difference No Difference 1 Stop 1 1/2 Stops 2 Stops 4 Stops Description Flat lighting General color photography General black & white photography Dramatic lighting.

Combined Lighting Main Light at 10 O’clock Fill at 2 o’clock 1:2 ratio Hair light top right .

lumitouch.html Light & Dark Tutorial Resources (in alphabetic order) Benji's Studio Lighting and Posing Tutorial http://www.html Foundations of Lighting Placement http://www.nova.lowel.html .com/2006/03/ Strobist: Lighting 101 http://strobist.