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Explain three main problems with the way Lisa and Joanne’s interpret Bill’s behaviour.

The first problem was that Lisa and Joanne interpret bill’s behaviour based on first impressions when they saw Bill coming late to his first lecture with gloomy, lost, disheveled and dirty. They noticed the appearance and the clothing of Bill and it had made bad impressions to them about Bill. The first impression on Bill leads them to build negative perception on Bill. The second problem was they make a selection on their perception on Bill’s behaviour. Lisa and Joanne were neglecting other stimuli about Bill. They just noticed the appearance and the late behaviour of Bill. They expose themselves to the information that reinforces their mind. Thus, they make selective attention and selective perception on Bills. They found that Bill was always late for the class and thus they make their conclusion as bill was not a good student as he can do whatever he like seem his was the best student in the class. The third problem found was that Lisa and Joanne fill the missing information in order to complete their guess. This concept called closure. For example, Lisa and Joanne observed that Ms.Jacky was always being kind to Bill and they always spent time together in the office. Besides, they also noticed that Bill was never being punished for being late to class and for not attending statistic classes. Thus, the came out with an idea that there was a special relationship between Ms.Jacky and Bills. This situation can also be explaioned by observation and inference concept where Lisa and Joaanne make inference that there are special relationship between Ms.Jacky and Bill after they observe Bill.

2. Joanne and Lisa’s responses to Bill’s behaviour have resulted in a lot of misunderstanding. Whatr should Joanne and Lisa have done to assist them in correctly interpreting Bill’s behaviour? Illustrate your answer with specific examples. First , Joanne and Lisa should made long term observation on Bill’s behaviour before make a conclusion that Bill is not a good student and there are special relationship between Ms.jacky and Bill. First impressions sometimes may not reflect theperson’s real behaviour in reality. Besides, they should not make any inferences from what they observed. They should check and ask for the truth before spreading the rumour. They should practice perceptual checking skill to understand Bill better. Besides, Joanne and Lisa should not practice selection in their perception on Bill’s behaviour. They should observe all the behaviour, stimuli and environment around Bill. They should pay attention on Bill and make an intelligent guess. They should ask for the truth and check whether there is special relationship between Ms.Jacky and Bill. They should organise their thought by seeking the truth but not jist filling in the missing information about Bill’s attitude or behaviours. For example, Joanne and Lisa should ask and tell Ms. Jacky about their frustration on the incident that Billl was always being late to class and ask for the reason. Thye should made judgment after the reason given by Ms.Jacky.