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Charles Tally Boahn

Director of Studies / EFL Instructor Oxford School for English / Freelancer
Babenbergergasse 1, A-3910 Zwettl Austria Current Employer: Current Project: Facebook Profile: w: 0043-2822-33784 m: 0043-676-9520973

Name, Nationality & Place of Residence
Name: Charles Tally Boahn Born: 20 April 1976 in Washington, North Carolina - USA Nationality: US Citizen with *EU Status Current Country of Residence: Austria

Work History
Oxford School for English
Göppingen, Germany Aug 2001 - Present

Director of Studies / EFL Instructor / Webmaster
Liaison Between Teaching Staff and School Management Course Planning and Development Learning Content Selection and Creation Lesson Quality Assurance Allocation of Teachers to Clients Development of New Course Formats and Teaching Methods Incorporation of E-Learning and New Media Recruitment and Training of Teaching Staff Provision of Ongoing Support to Administrators and Teachers Website Maintenance and Development Continual Development and Updating of School Websites and Social Media Sites Content and Layout Optimization Translation, Text Editing and Proofreading for School and Clients Technical and Business English Pharmaceutical and Medical English IT and Computer English Websites and Marketing Materials Product Descriptions and Handbooks Terms and Conditions, Contracts, Disclaimers Student Texts, Summaries, Essays, Presentations and Reports Business Correspondence, etc. Presence Based and Distance Teaching Lessons: 1:1, Small Groups (2-8) and Large Groups (up to 25)

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Present Virtual World Language Learning Developer and Facilitator Language Learning and Teaching in Virtual Worlds Exploration of Numerous Virtual World Environments Organization of Various Types of Free (Open and Closed Format) Experimental Language Learning Activities Creation of Language Learning Groups & Communities.KG Hinterkopf Maschinenbau GmbH Lackfabrik Dr. VIRTLANTIS (aka Second Life English) Page 2 of 4 . Logistik* Zeller & Gmelin GmbH & Co KG* Zinser ZNL Saurer GmbH & Co. Voicethread and English360 Currently Teaching Employees in the Following Companies: Prudential Real Estate Investors Spirax-Sarco Steam Solutions VIRTLANTIS Online 2006 .Present Online EFL Instructor Distance Teaching Use of Adobe Connect.often with multiple simultaneous courses. Nürtingen. e.KG* Schuler Pressen GmbH & Intensive Workshops and Seminars Exam Preparation: Geprüfte(r) Fremdsprachenkorrespondent(in) .IHK Stuttgart London Chamber of Commerce Exams (LCCIEB) Cambridge Exams TOEIC. KG (now: Oerlikon Schlafhorst)* *Course duration was several years . IELTS Individual Coaching for Special Purposes Needs Analysis and Level Assessment Progress Checks and Feedback Collection Supplementary Use of Internet Technologies Continual Online Support EFL Instruction at Further Education Institutes BBG (Berufsbildungsgesellschaft) .3 locations: Göppingen.KG Spindelfabrik Süßen* T-Systems CSM GmbH UTi Deutschland GmbH* Wackler GmbH Spedition u. Skype. Business Leaders & Communication (BL&C . Schmid GmbH & Co.KG* Saxonia-Franke GmbH & Co.View My VisualCV Online: http://visualcv. Japan Jul 2011 .g. Kirchheim* Carl Duisberg Centrum für Fremdsprachen* Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie In-Company Teaching Experience Allgaier Werke GmbH* Carl Stahl* Emag Group Ex-Cell-o GmbH (Now: MAG – The Gobal Machine Tool Manufacturer) ADIC Germany GmbH* Deutsche Bank Dobner Metalldeckensysteme Steinbeis Transferzentrum Gelita AG Heldele GmbH Herp Ingenieure GmbH & Co.Japan) Tokyo.

Aug 2001 International Programs Assistant / Residence Hall Manager Residence Hall Management Managed College's International Resident Dormitory Registration and Administration of All Student Residents Installed Dorm's First Computer Lab Significantly Enhanced Look and Feel of Dorm Interior .g.Aug 1999 VISTA Coordinator Community Liaison and Development Primary Community Support Liaison Between K-12 School. Reading and Learning Skills Improvement Worked 1:1 with Students to Improve Overall Literacy Assisted Classroom Teachers with Curriculum Organized and Participated in After-School Learning Activities. e.Aug 1998 Bachelor of Arts (BA). United States Aug 1999 . Blogs and Websites for Community and Language Learning Wenatchee Valley College (USA) Wenatchee. WA. Literature & Culture.Created a More Optimal Learning Environment Helped to Resolve Resident Conflicts and Difficulties Maintained All Dormitory Facilities Summer Cultural Exchange Program Facilitated and Carried Out Cultural and Recreational Activities for Visiting Students from Japan Americorps Entiat. NC.View My VisualCV Online: http://visualcv. WA. United States Sep 1998 . Teaching of Several Long-term EFL/ESL Activities Promotion of Language Appreciation and Intercultural Awareness Facilitation of Several Virtual World Language Learning Projects for Universities Assisted With The Integration of the Claroline Learning Management System and Second Life®. Co-creation and Administration of the VIRTLANTIS Virtual World Environments (3D Simulators/ Islands). United States Aug 1994 . Promotion of Virtual World Language Learning/Teaching Continual Provision of Support. Homework Support and Crafts Offered Several After-School Recreational Activities. Demos and Q&A to Language Teachers/Learners Participation in Multiple Conferences and Discussions on the Subject of Virtual World Language Learning Promoted Virtual World Language Learning via a Multitude of Social Networks Creation and Maintenance of Forums. German Focus: German Language. Community and Team of Volunteers Helped Initiate and Organize Several Community Clean-up and Enhancement Projects Participated in Various Community Outreach Programs Attended Several Methodology and Skills Development Seminars Literacy. Soccer and Basketball Provided Mentoring to At-Risk Kids Recruited Additional Volunteers and Raised Funds Education University of North Carolina at Greensboro (USA) Greensboro. e. International Business Minor: French Fachhochschule Worms (Germany) Page 3 of 4 .g.

Social Networks.View My VisualCV Online: http://visualcv. Walking. Social Learning. References Four references are enclosed and additional references can be provided upon request. Blended Learning. Hiking. Mobile Learning. Foreign Language Learning/Teaching.Sep 1992 *Academic Year Abroad (High School) Focus: French Language & Culture Travel Experience Austria* Belgium Czech Republic* England France* Germany* Italy Netherlands* Spain Switzerland The Caribbean USA* *Have lived in these countries for extended periods of time. This next-generation resume was created using VisualCV Page 4 of 4 . ELearning. Germany Aug 1996 . Digital Storytelling Learning/Content Management Systems. Virtual Worlds. Music. European Business Management College de la Noue (France) Eclaron.Aug 1997 *Academic Year Abroad (University) Focus: German Language & Culture. Interests Active Lifelong Learning. Reading and Creative Worms. Videography & Machinima. Biking. etc. France Aug 1991 . Travelling. Internet Learning Technologies. Digital Photography. Augmented Reality. Family. Intercultural Awareness and Understanding.