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Intro about Gautam adani

Indian Entrepreneur and Self Made Billionaire Gautam Adani, 46, is the Chairman of the Adani Group, one of the top diversified conglomerates of India. According to Forbes’ 2009 Gautam Adani has the net worth of $ 1.6 Billion. Gautam Adani was born on the 24th of June, year 1962 in Ahmedabad. Adani a college dropout, was only in his teens when he came to Mumbai where he got the job of a diamond sorter. After some time, he started a diamond brokerage business. In the early 80s he returned to Ahemedabad to enter the plastic business. After that Adani began to import PVC. (a raw material required for manufacturing of plastics). This is when he

ventured into global trading. to Shantilal and Shantaben Adani in a Gujarati Jain family. He is the chairman of the Adani Group. Vidyalya school in Ahmedabad and later on at Gujarat University. Adani is a University dropout. Power. manages the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of the Adani Group. Trading. education. N. In the late 90s Gautam Adani diversified into infrastructure.1 Early Career and Adani Enterprises 2 Personal and Family life 3 References [edit] Early Biography Gautam Adani was born in Ahmedabad. is an Indian businessman. Economic liberalisation in India had a positive impact on his business. SEZs. 2011 Forbes magazine announced that Adani is the 6th richest person in India with a personal wealth of US $10 billion.[1] Contents [hide]    1 Early Biography o 1. Energy Logistics. India. and Oil and Gas Exploration. Adani Foundation.[2]. Adani's parents had migrated from a community of entrepreneurs in Tharad in north Gujarat. Gautam Adani is the man behind Mundra Port. In March. The foundation is involved in various activities such as rural developmemt. Adani was born in the Seth ni Pol area located in Ratanpol in Ahmedabad.He studied at the Seth C. a leading trading and export company of India. he studied till his second year for a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce. He had 7 siblings. He is the first billionaire from the city of Ahmedabad. and health. Infrastructure. Biography of gautam adani Gautam Adani (Hindi: ) (born June 24. 1962). He set out for Mumbai to make a living with only a few hundred rupees at the age of 18. started in 1996. the largest private sector port in India. . Gautam Adani‟s Business Interests include the following: Power. Today Adani Group has transformed into a multi billion dollar businees empire.

of which she is the managing trustee. 2010 Forbes magazine announced that Adani is the 13th richest person in India with a personal wealth of US $4.He worked in Mumbai as a diamond sorter at Mahindra Bros.[3] In 1981. Lakshmi Mittal tops the Forbes list". their younger son is 13 years old[citation needed]. Gautam Adani (born June 24. He is the chairman of the Adani Group. On March 10. the import duty on various goods was slashed. set up his own diamond brokerage outfit at Zaveri Bazaar and made his first lakh. ^ "India now has 40 billionaires.[3] [edit] References 1. 3. grew immensely. his elder brother Mansukhbhai. Forbes. Adani's father in law accepted him as a husband for his daughter after an astrologer said "the boy will float in riches and his wife will be a queen". Adani. USA.[4] In 1997 he was kidnapped for ransom. Karan. then his flagship company. After the economic liberalisation.8 billion.[10] [edit] Personal and Family life Adani is married to Priti. India) is an Indian businessman. Jeet Adani. a leading trading and export company of India. and profits of Adani Exports.[5] 11 years later. After working there for two years.[11] She is a dentist and heads the Adani Foundation. aged 46. Gautam Adani owns 2 private jets . bought a plastics unit in Ahmedabad and asked Gautam to run it.[12] They have two sons. a key raw material for manufacturing plastics.[8] In 1993 the Gujarat government invited private companies to run the Mundra Port. and in 1995 the contract was given to Adani. When he was a small trader. 24[13]. Mundra Port was developed into a Special Economic Zone. This marked the beginning of Adani's foray into global trading by beginning to import polyvinyl chloride (PVC). 1962 in Ahmedabad. he was again held hostage during the siege at Taj Mahal Palace & Tower in Nov 2008.[9] In 2006. 2.[7] It imported PVC and took on the giant Reliance Industries which produced PVC in India.[6] [edit] Early Career and Adani Enterprises In 1988 he set up an import-export company called Adani Enterprises. one year later. is pursuing his BS in Management from Purdue University. making him the first billionaire from the city of Ahmedabad . 20 at the time.a Beechcraft jet purchased in 2005 and a Hawker purchased in 2008.

Adani was born in the Seth ni Pol are located in Ratanpol in Ahmedabad. by 2020. In 1981. he studied till his second year for a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce. Adani is a University dropout. He had seven siblings. After the economic liberalisation. his elder brother Mansukhbhai.He studied at the Seth C. N. He set out for Mumbai to make a living with only a few hundred rupees at a young age of 18 only. Adani. Vidyalya school in Ahmedabad and later on at Gujarat University. If all goes as planned. the trick lying in how one approaches the powerful. Jeet Adani. 18. The 48-year old may appear soft. one year later. Adani is married to Priti Adani. USA. grew immensely.000 MW of power. But not Gautam Adani. This marked the beginning of Adani's foray into global trading by beginning to import polyvinyl chloride (PVC). . Gautam Adani owns 2 private jets . They have two sons. 20[citation needed]. He worked in Mumbai as a diamond sorter at Mahindra Bros. 17. to Shantilal and Shantaben Adani in a Gujarati Jain family. 20. 21. is pursuing his BS in Management from Purdue University. It is common knowledge that bureaucrats and politicians have to be kept in good humour if entrepreneurs have to achieve what they aim for. even when what they do is perfectly legal. 19. Entrepreneurs Gautam Adani 13. 20 at the time. Biography 6. 14. But only a few succeed at this. of which she is the managing trustee. but plays hardball. a key raw material for manufacturing plastics.4. the import duty on various goods was slashed. 5. Adani's parents had migrated from the town of Tharad in northern Gujarat in search of livelihood. the matriculate‟s ventures would produce 20. 15. 1969.a Beechcraft jet purchased in 2005 and a Hawker purchased in 2008 11. 7. despite facing similar hurdles. 8. their younger son is 10 years old[citation needed]. After working there for two years. She is a dentist and heads the Adani Foundation. 16. 9. Gautam Adani was born on June 24. AHMEDABAD: Entrepreneurs Gautam Adani and the late Dhirubhai Ambani have more in common than just home state Gujarat — the former shares with the Reliance patriarch the art of correctly reading India‟s political tea leaves. and profits of Adani Exports. handle 200 million tonnes of cargo at his port in Mundra and mine 200 million tonnes of coal and other ores. bought a plastics unit in Ahmedabad and asked Gautam to run it. Even seasoned businessmen such as Lakshmi Mittal and Ratan Tata indulge in the occasional outburst against the bureaucracy for inordinate delays. set up his own diamond brokerage outfit at Zaveri Bazaar and made his first lakh. 12. Karan Adani. 10. then his flagship company.

there is nothing innovative. All that was needed was skills to persuade the bureaucracy to allot land and guide policies. founded with a capital of Rs 5 lakh in 1988 to trade. Adani. And as he grows. former chief executive. 26. "If you look at the group. The company. who started dealing in diamonds in Mumbai in 1980 has come to be worth more than Rs 30. 2008 is a date that Gautam S Adani. 24. 27. coal trading. he has won over critics and investors alike. including the current share sale to funds Adani's gameplan for the big league Ranju Sarkar & Kalpesh Damor / New Delhi/ahmedabad August 24. In a matter of months. He was at the Chambers restaurant of the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai when terrorists struck. and power generation to ports and development of special economic zones (SEZs).500 crore. develops real estate. who brought some method to the madness of making money at Adani Enterprises. 2010. 23.22. infrastructure. the burly Adani ventured into what merchants during the Chola empire a thousand years ago and the British East India Company did: Build ports to facilitate trade. Yet. indeed. at the Adani group. spending two fearful hours holed up in the darkness until he and fellow diners were rescued by troops.000 crore in three decades. He did not make his money from the fancy 21st century businesses such as software or telecom. controversy — have done little to dampen Adani‟s indomitable spirit as he relentlessly pursues the pieces of an industrial empire straddling coal mining. BSE | NSE Price Click here to visit SME Buzz . calamity—and. 25. It did not require great technical knowledge." says Sanjay Gupta. or massive funds. the group holding company. it would have raised Rs 5. manages ports. Instead. like NR Narayana Murthy of Infosys or Sunil Mittal at Bharti Airtel. will never forget. capturing value across the chain and exploring linkages along the way. produces electricity. trades in agricultural commodities and explores oil. 0:06 IST November 26.

Adani never went to B-school. cheers herald Taj reopening .7-billion agreement with Australia‟s Linc Energy. helping him source coal at $45 a tonne against an average international price last year of $76. Adani‟s power plans.” says an Adani group official. Without a doubt.The makeover of Taj .Taj exorcises ghost of terror Given his strategy of backward and forward integration.000 crore to set up 13. comparisons with Dhirubhai Ambani are recurrent and often apt.Newsmaker: Carl-Peter Forster . He plans to invest Rs 55. Adani has become a darling of investors by successfully executing large projects. And like Dhirubhai. . Adani is acquiring coal mines and ships that will insulate him from the price vagaries of the commodities and shipping markets. Because unlike Dhirubhai. So.Rose petals. to an asset-based organisation — which is a big transformation. to remedy this. Like Dhirubhai.Also Read Related Stories News Now .Obama may skip Bangalore . could catapult him into the big league. Adani‟s next phase of growth envisions taking the group‟s asset base from $6 billion to $15 billion in the next five years. companies and products . Adani has so far been mostly a trader.000 crore from the market. This deal will help him fuel his power plans. “We are offering an integrated infrastructure play with coal. But that‟s where the similarities end. Like Dhirubhai. with no asset base.BS Awards for excellence go to 11 people.200 Mw in generation capacity by March 2016. Adani is already the largest importer of coal (for power utilities) and is using the group‟s knowledge of the business to foray into power generation. power and mining under one company (Adani Enterprises). if they come good. We are moving from a trading. Adani. who created huge assets. Adani has grown at a furious pace and raised over Rs 10. half of which is under execution. who lost his mother the week he signed a $2. was unavailable for comment as he is still in mourning. To fuel the plants.

That‟s quite a makeover for a man born into a family of oilseed traders in Ahmedabad. he got a government trading house to import the much-needed input. Staying with a cousin.000-crore empire built on the edifice of cash-rich commodities trading. When a proposed joint venture with Cargill fell through. the state had 26 per cent in the project. By 1985. who promoted the Pipavav port. which places the group among India‟s top 10 business houses.000-crore Adani Wilmar‟s Fortune has emerged the largestselling edible oil brand. the Adani group has evolved into a Rs 27. Adani took advantage of Gujarat‟s new policies to set up the Mundra port in 1998. and it cemented Adani‟s reputation for turning adversity to his advantage—with a little help. enabled him to learn the business. the Rs 6. It‟s not just infrastructure that Adani has excelled in. Adani has also forayed into city gas distribution and has licences for 11 cities. Adani built a business importing raw materials such as coal. a crisis at his family-owned small plastic manufacturing unit forced him to return to Ahmedabad. In few years. It is doubling this track. which will help it carry three times more cargo. he began acquiring land around his . giving many a fast-moving consumer goods company a run for their money. Initially. When the SEZ opportunity arose. “The Mundra port acted as a catalyst for the growth of the Adani empire. as well as textiles. Mundra. Credit must go to Adani's risk-taking abilities. Adani Power. Adani certainly has a knack for identifying opportunities and then doggedly pursuing them to their logical conclusion. In 1999. In 1980. From those modest business beginnings. once a sleepy town known for its date palms until just a decade ago. from where Adani moved to Mumbai for higher studies. today handles 40 million tonnes of cargo. Faced with an acute scarcity of raw materials.” says entrepreneur Nikhil Gandhi. oilseeds and synthetic fibre intermediates and exporting agro and petrochemical products. who was a trader.878 crore. “Adani had the courage to convert his plans into reality. and Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone — have a combined market capitalisation of Rs 101. His three listed companies — Adani Enterprises. which proved to be a turning point in his life. and will soon start handling 100 million tonnes once a coal import terminal comes up by October 2010.” says a retired state official. it joined hands with Wilmar International of Singapore to set up a vegetable oil refining unit. but later offloaded it to Adani. Adani laid a 65-km rail line connecting the port to the national rail network. The group‟s first big foray outside trading was Mundra Port.

2007.Monitoring. a thriving private port in the heart of the barren lands of north Gujarat.50am IST MUMBAI: There is a 'Wagah Border' at the Mundra Port. Whatever be the case. with a termination notice by the Adanis having been challenged by the Dubai operator. He floated a new company and merged it with Gujarat Adani Ports to create Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone Ltd (MPSEZ).com/Zero_Brokerage Port & Terminal ExpertsDesign. Gautam Adani himself was in the news for all the wrong reasons: in 1999. which has given investors . The workers on either side sometimes exchange greetings in Kutchi slang. Investors who made money on Mundra came back to invest in power. Bookings Open. there is tension across the border.PortSandTerminals. few can deny that Adani has grown to become a powerful force to be reckoned with on the country‟s industrial landscape. Group officials say many of these cases were triggered by business rivals. but do not cross the LoC. In the past. 02.Optimisation www. Indeed. Mundra Port is owned and operated by the Adani Group while the terminal is operated by DP World through a sub-concession agreement. Gautam Adani: Another Gujarati who made it big Anto T Joseph Dec 8. Nevertheless.700 crore. The other side of the fence belongs to Dubai Port Word (DP World). proptiger. Adani‟s brother Rajesh Adani was arrested earlier this year by the Central Bureau of Investigation in a tax-evasion case. Often. Yet.Mundra port to set up a multi-product SEZ. for his arrest by Delhi police. for his kidnapping. “Gautam Adani has demonstrated an ability to execute big projects. a giant terminal operator from the Middle East that now owns and operates the container terminal at Mundra. and in 2002. The two are now fighting a long legal battle at the Ahmedabad High Court. he had been under scrutiny for possible complicity with rogue trader Ketan Parekh. Ads by Google   Shatigram by Adani GroupPremium Township on SG Highway Ahd Only 2800/sft. Implementation Operations. which went public in 2007 and raised Rs 1. Procurement.‟‟ says a merchant banker. Before that. Adani has emerged largely unscathed from these incidents. the group‟s rise has not been without its share of controversy. officials say the stock markets regulator would not have cleared the IPOs for Mundra Port & SEZ and Adani Power if there had been any issues.

Kushal Pal Singh. Mukesh Ambani.5 billion. who has moved to second position with a net worth of USD 20. He polished diamonds during his long.8 billion. tiring working hours. Yusuf Hamied) Reliance Industries‟ Mukesh Ambani has overtaken NRI steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal as the richest Indian in the world. and is nosing his way up the ladder. Business Tycoons. he is a first-generation industrialist who came from Gujarat with big dreams. respectively. India's top 40 richest people.5 billion (rpt) USD 20. but the aggressive chairman of the Adani Group—Gautam Adani—has picked up quite a few business foes as his fortunes soared in recent years.Adding fuel to fire were the recent public offerings by both the groups. N R Narayana Murthy. Sunil Mittal. Kalanithi Maran. and used to doze off in Mumbai's local trains due to sheer fatigue while travelling from work to his Borivli home. learnt diamond assortment for almost four years. in the same month. Mr Adani got engaged in diamond assortment at an early age of 18. Shashi and Ravi Ruia. Azim Premji. with a net worth of USD 20. Savitri Jindal. Chandru Raheja.5 billion. Uday Kotak. Anil Agarwal. has seen its market cap slip from about $22 billion. after its mega takeover of British port operator P&O Ports. Anil Ambani. The rivalry between the Adanis and DP World may be recent. whose wealth stood at USD 12. School dropout sparkles A dropout from CN Vidyalay School's (Ahmedabad) commerce department. Anurag Dikshit. Venugopal Dhoot. Kumar Birla. Dilip Shanghvi. Both Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone (MPSEZ) and DP World hit the primary markets in Mumbai and Dubai. Mittal. 2008 at 6:36 am (Latest News) (Adi Godrej. Reliance. Vivek Burman. DP World. G M Rao. Malvinder and Shivinder Singh. Mukesh Ambani richest Indian Person November 13.9 billion and USD 7. Mr Adani's business instincts are very sharp and his rags-to-riches story is yet another example of the finely-developed business acumen of people from that coastal state. He went back to Ahmedabad to start a small plastic factory with a capacity of 15 tonnes per month but struggled with raw material supply. . India's richest people. November 2007. Like Dhirubhai. like many other industries in those `quota' days. Indu Jain. is followed by Mukesh‟s younger brother Anil Ambani. He came to Mumbai like many of his peers in search of a big dream. „Forbes‟ said in its annual rich list for the country. Rajan Raheja. Gautam Adani. Shiv Nadar. Cyrus Poonawalla. but with different results.8 billion. Ramesh Chandra. Many who ET spoke to say he draws many a parallel with the iconic Dhirubhai Ambani. While MPSEZ almost trebled its market cap to over $13 billion. Telecom czar Sunil Mittal and realtor K P Singh are ranked fourth and fifth with net worth of USD 7. Micky Jagtiani. Subhash Chandra. Lakshmi Mittal. He is now among the 10 richest Indians. respectively.

Rank – Name – Net Worth ($mil) 1. Kushal Pal Singh: 7. only 27 have 10-figure net worths now.6 billion. Their combined net worth stood at USD 2. whose net worth dropped by 91 per cent to USD 1 billion. A net worth of 760 million dollar was needed to make to the list this year. Also Akruti City‟s Hemant Shah stood at 37th place with a wealth of USD 830 million. worth USD 7 billion. Anil Ambani: 12. according to Forbes India Rich List.” Forbes Asia said in a statement. Mukesh Ambani: 20. Lakshmi Mittal: 20. Sunil Mittal: 7.500 4.500 3.800 2. and GDP growth is expected to slow by at least a percentage point. “These are painful times for India‟s tycoons. * Following is the list of India‟s top 40 richest people as compiled by US-based business magazine Forbes. the rupee depreciated 24 per cent against the dollar.The magazine said that the combined net worth of India‟s 40 richest has declined by 60 per cent due to weak stock markets amid depreciating rupee against the greenback. The magazine states that the combined net worth of brothers Malvinder and Shivinder Singh increased by USD 550 million. Among the new entrants in the list are retailer Micky Jagtiani at 16th position with a net worth of USD 2 billion. down from USD 351 billion just a year ago. While all 40 tycoons listed last year were billionaires. The Ruia brothers were ranked at sixth position with a net worth of USD 7.800 . followed by Wipro Chairman Aziz Premji.900 5. 840 million dollar less than last year. The list says the major loser was property tycoon Ramesh Chandra. thereby grabbing 13th place on the list. Their total wealth is now USD 139 billion. in part owing to double-digit inflation.8 billion after they sold their stake in Ranbaxy Laboratories to Daiichi Sankyo. The country‟s once soaring stock market fell 48 per cent the past year. followed by Divi‟s Laboratories‟ founder Murali Divi at 36th place with a net worth of USD 870 million.

600 7.200 16.500 21.900 11. Anurag Dikshit: 1.060 27. Venugopal Dhoot: 1.6. G M Rao: 1.800 18.470 22. Gautam Adani: 3.000 9.900 13. Shiv Nadar: 2.000 17. Savitri Jindal: 2.250 24. Azim Premji: 7. Anil Agarwal: 2.550 20.200 25. Kalanithi Maran: 1. Ramesh Chandra: 1.100 26. Cyrus Poonawalla: 1. Indu Jain: 1.000 8. Dilip Shanghvi: 3.400 15. Vivek Burman: 1.000 28. Kumar Birla: 5. Chandru Raheja: 1. Subhash Chandra: 970 .600 19.000 10. Micky Jagtiani: 2.800 14. Malvinder and Shivinder Singh: 2.300 23. Yusuf Hamied: 1.100 12. Shashi and Ravi Ruia: 7. Uday Kotak: 1. Adi Godrej: 4.

Niranjan Hiranandani: 885 36. Murali Divi: 870 37. N R Narayana Murthy: 965 30. Tulsi Tanti: 930 34.29. Brijmohan Lall Munjal: 940 32. Baba Kalyani: 935 33. Rahul Bajaj: 760 . Hemant Shah: 830 38. Jaiprakash Gaur: 890 35. Rajan Raheja: 950 31. Anand Jain: 810 40. Gracias Saldanha: 825 39.