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Keeran Ancharaj

PGCE (PT) 2010-2011 Subject Didactics IV – Geography Planning a Fieldwork Waterfalls : Rochester Falls & Chamarel Falls Level: Form 3 Aim   To engage students in exploring in more detail the formation of waterfalls. To develop observation, questioning and communication skills.

Objectives Students should be able to: 1. Differentiate between harder and softer rocks. 2. Observe what happens when the water plunging from a height undercuts the softer rock below. 3. Describe how waterfalls are formed. 4. List down some examples of waterfall in the world.

Pre-requisites: Students should have knowledge on vertical erosion of the River bed and should know that waterfall is one of the main features produced by the vertical erosion of rivers.

Procedure Pre-fieldwork Approval sought from Rector and Head of Department Consent forms sent to parents explaining the purpose of this field work, the itinerary (Ebene SSS Girls – Rochester Falls - Chamarel Falls and back to school), the cost involved, time of departure and arrival and verify if they have been duly signed. Make transport arrangement for students (40). To hold a briefing session with students:  Asking them to wear uniform.

Ask students to bring their atlas. Teachers check students( through a class list).  Skills developed: I. Observation skills Communication skills: work in groups and discussion. take pictures and notes. Students will present information on what they have observed and notes taken.30. pen and a camera (if they have one) To ensure with management that students are accompanied by at least two teachers and that emergency contact numbers have been taken for each student. Orientation skills 2 . Post fieldwork     An evaluation will be done next day at school A brainstorming session to refresh what they have observed and noticed Encouraging all of them to participate Group students in 8 groups to work out a small project on waterfalls: four groups will work on Rochester falls and the other four on Chamarel Falls. II. not to litter. and to take maximum benefit of this field work. a notebook. Again students to queue up in pairs and to walk to the falls. Note the horizontal layer of harder columns of basalt and the plunge pool in the foreground. particularly the cave in the softer rocks below the waterfall. Back to school. Arriving at Rochester Falls. Remind students of their behavior and littering. Observe the layer of hard rocks and soft rocks. Fieldwork           Leave school at 8. then proceed to Chamarel Falls. Observe the falls. take pictures and notes. Leave Rochester falls after 40 minutes. ask students to queue up in pairs and to walk to the falls. Work out activity 5. Before setting off: to remind students to be on their best behavior.5 in the textbook on page 59. III.Keeran Ancharaj PGCE (PT) 2010-2011  Explaining to them the aim and objectives of this fieldwork and its importance.

a stream will flow across an area of formations. the rock strata just below the more resistant shelf will be of a softer type. and will erode out to form a shallow cave-like formation known as a rock shelter (also known as a rock house) under and behind the waterfall. Over a period of years. Often.Keeran Ancharaj PGCE (PT) 2010-2011 Some information on: Formation of Waterfall Most waterfalls are the result of many years of action of water on the underlying strata. and more resistant rock strata will form shelves across the stream way. elevated above the further stream bed when the less erosionresistant rock around it disappears. the edges of this shelf will gradually break away and the waterfall will steadily move upstream. 3 . Typically.

The water falls down a height of 10 metres through the rocky beds of the Savanne River in thick white foam but with gentle gurgling sounds. The best feature of the falls is of its lava cliffs: years and years of erosion has led to the formation of a spectacular backdrop of rectangular blocks stuck together (they look more like aligned rectangular blocks protruding out at weird angles!). Chamarel Falls 4 .Keeran Ancharaj PGCE (PT) 2010-2011 Rochester Falls Rochester falls is found in the south of the island at the cross point of the villages Souillac and Saint Aubin.

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