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Definition Trading is the process of buying and selling securities. The procedure of trading consists of two processes, i.e.

Delivery (when securities are sold) and Receipt (when securities are purchased). These two processes can be understood as follows:

I. Process of Receipt

II. Process of Delivery

Note: One can also give "Standing Instruction" to receive credits into the account directly without having to give the receipt instruction to the broker every time.

A dynamic professional with rich & extensive experience & expertise in Management, Marketing, Branding, Corporate Communication, Strategy, Planning, Business development, Media planning & buying. ________________________________________ Presently working with Angel Broking Ltd as Vice-President, Branding & Corporate Communication. ________________________________________ An Out-of-the-Box thinker with a flair for charting out strategies and contributing towards enhancing brand equity, business volumes, growth and achieving profitability norms. ________________________________________ Proficient in strategy formulation through market research & fine tuning strategies to ensure wider market reach & penetration of unexplored market segments by conducting competitor analysis by keeping abreast of market trends & competitor moves to achieve market share metrics. ________________________________________ A proactive leader and planner with expertise in Strategy, Planning, Market plan execution, Brand communication & People management.

market research. planning the marketing communication. external & internal. events. market as well as product promotions. marketing support to branches. . Marcom & Corporate Communication Angel Broking Privately Held. launching products. all the subsidiary companies their products & services. Branding. media agency. Financial Services industry July 2008 – Present (3 years 4 months) I handle the complete aspect of communication at Angel Broking. To ensure a proper response per spend. Representation of speakers in key conferences/ events etc. printing etc. product launch. branding.________________________________________ Excellent communication and presentation skills with demonstrated abilities in mentoring motivated teams towards achieving organisational goals. production house. Handling aspects like strategy. events & exhibitions. Ensuring Brand image. exhibitions. outdoors etc. executing & controlling the Annual Budget for the function. incentive programmes. Tieing up with various media like CNBC. meets. Marketing communication & Corporate communication for the entire group. annual gathering etc. Marketing. TV. handling internal R & R schemes (reward & recognization). conferences. participation in job fairs. print & events/ conferences medium. PR coverage’s in electronic.e. Planning. PR agency.e. financial conferences. which includes Branding. Krunal Mehta's Experience Vice-President. strategy. co-ordinating with the advertising agencies. Implement 360 degree marketing & communications plans while working in conjunction with support services like the ad agency. print. event agency. various media and working out a proper media plan using proper media-mix i. Marketing – handling ATL & BTL activities. Customer meets. radio.  Events – handling all the events i. planning. Franchisee meets etc. Branding – setting up the Brand prepositions & communication of the same. marketing. ET to ensure proper Brand penetration among the target audience. communications. advertising. communication. ATL & BTL activities. internet. Positioning the organization as the thought leader & hence making the management & analyst as the most sought after by media.  Advertising – handling the complete advertising aspect i. awareness & visibility at the highest via all the possible mediums. schemes. Specialties Branding. also external events like investor meets.e. consulting. media house etc. planning. promotions. corporate communications.

Wealth advisory services. radio. research.e. including the company brochures. handling internal R & R schemes (reward & recognisation).e. branding & printing. Area Manager. media buying. Handling the Branding activities. their planning their support activities and new product development. Financial Services industry September 2005 – June 2008 (2 years 10 months) I handled the complete aspect of marketing communications. Handling the complete advertising i. meets.e. magazine and other required documents. marketing support to branches. setting & managing the annual marketing budget. Handling activities related to marketing. Branding & Marketing India Infoline Ltd Public Company. branding. annual gathering etc. Handling the entire printing function nationally. participation in job fairs. exhibitions. content and development of materials. to create better brand visibility and awareness. Handling ATL & BTL activities. Media planning. conferences. communication and printing. print. TV. internet. Customer meets. Handling Press releases and other pr activities. also external events like investor meets. mapping. various media and working out a proper media plan using proper media-mix i. incentives. competitor and market analysis. Oversee the creative. Relaunch of India infoline brand with new logo and new prepositions.e. Handling external & internal events i. Successfully handled product launches i. Market mapping. Also handling the national cost approvals related to marketing. market as well as product promotions. Franchisee meets etc. Preferred client group (pcg). Awarded for excellence at the India Infoline Annual gathering. launching products. Handling the total cadre of products. channel sales & marketing Total Fina ELF Oil & Energy industry January 2004 – August 2005 (1 year 8 months) . company newsletters. product launch. financial conferences. schemes. 2007. co-ordinating with the advertising agencies. Work with Sales team to develop innovative schemes in coordination with Industry associations. product penetration and corporate communication are part of my profile. competitor tracking. Planning.AVP. outdoors etc.

through co-ordination and supervision of promotional activity. Marketing Manager Trojen marketing ltd Marketing and Advertising industry April 1998 – March 2002 (4 years) I handled sales promotions & marketing for several companies. for generation of sales. and handling the retail networking for Mumbai market which include the revenue handling of 4 crore p. training of sales promoters etc. Managing the channel sales for Mumbai. . Got appreciation for brand building and market development in and around Mumbai.I handled Mumbai & then west as a region. systematic and proper functioning of sales promotion. Handling marketing and sales activities for Mumbai (whole region). handling Distributors and their operations. through co-ordination and supervision of promotional activity. designing and implementing product and market promotions and doing various marketing activities to increase product premium ness in the Mumbai market. achieving the marketing targets. launch & completion of promotional activity for the clients. Handling promotions. customer relationship management. doing campaigns. which a step forward towards consumers. handling media advertisement activities. promotions for kellogs & its launch.a. Accomplishments: Achieved award and reward for the highest sales for the month of December 04. handling outdoor publicity activities. shows and all sorts of marketing activities for multinational companies. initiated and implemented the product concept called MOTOZONE in Mumbai. My profile included channel sales. financial aspect etc. outdoor activities. team leading. To ensure smooth and successful launch and completion of promotional activity for the clients. Making strategies and launching LSP’s (local sales promotions) for the Mumbai market. launch of hundai santro. advertisements. Among the few projects handled were. Designing branding activities. Handling activities for creating market demand for the brand ELF. Meeting targets and making key decisions for achieving the objectives. which includes inventory management. nestle etc. Handling a marketing and advertisement budget of 25 lakh. marketing & branding in the assigned area/ region. handling road shows. Ensuring smooth & successful planning. in the bazaar trade segment of Mumbai. Won gold coins and award for marketing initiative of MOTOZONE. Conceptualized. The role and responsibility included activities like leading the team. Handling marketing and branding activities for multinational clients.

In order to accomplish this. contests.LG .Launch of Hyundai Santro . creative message(s). salesperson compensation. The promotion strategy in its most basic form is the controlled distribution of communication designed to sell your product or service.Pedigree Promotion Plan With a distribution strategy formed. This includes: Advertising -. .Launch of MAX range of ice cream from Quality Walls.Samsung .An outline of the sales strategy including pricing procedures. the promotion strategy encompasses every marketing tool utilized in the communication effort.Kellogg’s . trademarks or service marks should be included. This includes a description of collateral marketing material as well as a schedule of planned promotional activities such as special sales.Nestle India Ltd. mockups of any labels. If available. Public relations -. customer service policies. coupons. and salesperson market responsibilities. .Includes the advertising budget. Personal sales -. . you must develop a promotion plan.Provides a description of the packaging strategy.Establishes the strategies used to support the sales message. lead generation. and premium awards. returns and adjustment rules.Accomplishments: Key project handled: .Cadbury .A complete account of the publicity strategy including a list of media that will be approached as well as a schedule of planned events. and at least the first quarter's media schedule. Sales promotions -. Packaging -. sales presentation methods.

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