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English Grammar - The tenses

One sentence is put into different tenses. You can see how the meaning changes. The words in green are signal words. They tell you which tense you have to use. Tense Simple Present Present Progressive Simple Past Past Progressive Present Perfect Present Perfect Progressive Past Perfect Example Explanation

I play football every week. Here you want to say that it happens regularly. I'm playing football now. I played football yesterday. I was playing football the whole evening. I have just played football. I have been playing football for 2 hours. Here you want to say that it is happening at the moment. You did it yesterday, it happened in the past. You were doing it in the past. It's not sure whether the action was finished or not. You have just finished it. So it has a connection to the present. Maybe your clothes are dirty. You want to say how long you have been doing it. (You started in the past and it continues up to the present. The two actions are related to each other: you had finished to play football and after that the girl arrived. Here you want to point out how long you had been doing it before the girl came. This is a prediction, you can probably do something else.

I had played football before Susan came. Past Perfect I had been playing football Progressive when Susan came. I will play football next will-future week. going toI'm going to play football This is a plan you've made. future this afternoon. Future I will be playing football You do it every Sunday (as usual) Progressive next Sunday. I will have played football Future Perfect You will have done it before tomorrow. by tomorrow. Conditional I would play football. You'll probably do it. Simple Conditional You'll probably do it. Here you concentrate more on I would be playing football. Progressive the progress of the action. You'll probably have finished playing football at a Conditional I would have played special time in the future. Here you concentrate on Perfect football. the fact (football). Conditional You'll probably have finished playing football at a I would have been playing Perfect special time in the future. Here you concentrate on football. Progressive the progress of playing (football).

I would not have played football. I will/shall not be playing football. I did not play football yesterday. I have not played football. Conditional Progressive I wouldn't be playing football. I'd not been playing football. I was not playing football yesterday. Past Progressive I wasn't playing football yesterday. Future Perfect I won't have played football. Present Progressive I'm not playing football now. Tense . will-future I won't play football next week. Simple Past I didn't play football yesterday. I've not played football. I'd not have played football. I'd not played football. Simple Present I don't play football every week. I will/shall not play football next week. Conditional Simple I'd not play football. Past Perfect Progressive I hadn't been playing football. Present Perfect Progressive I haven't been playing football. I had not been playing football. Conditional Perfect I wouldn't have played football. I've not been playing football. Future Progressive I won't be playing football.Negations of the sentences Example I do not play football every week. I would not be playing football. I'd not have been playing football. I am not playing football now. I will/shall not have played football. Conditional Perfect Progressive I wouldn't have been playing football. Past Perfect I hadn't played football. going to-future I'm not going to play football this afternoon. I'd not be playing football. I had not played football. I would not have been playing football. I would not play football. I am not going to play football this afternoon. I have not been playing football. Present Perfect I haven't played football.

Expressions of time can be put at the beginning or the end of a statement.Net has been on the Web for 10 years this .NEVER put Place or Time between Verb and Object The NetLetter Hi. but we've been working on some brand new offerings for our 10 year anniversary. in the gym in the pool.At the end of the sentence: Place before Time .Questions Tense Simple Present Present Progressive Simple Past Past Progressive Present Perfect Present Perfect Progressive Past Perfect Past Perfect Progressive will-future going to-future Future Progressive Future Perfect Conditional Simple Conditional Progressive Conditional Perfect Conditional Perfect Progressive Example Do you play football? Are you playing football? Did you play football? Were you playing football? Have you played football? Have you been playing football? Had you played football? Had you been playing football? Will you play football? Are you going to play football? Will you be playing football? Will you have played football? Would you play football? Would you be playing football? Would you have played football? Would you have been playing football? Time Subject I They My friend Verb have play is swimming watches Object breakfast handball TV Place in the kitchen. it's been awhile. EnglishOnline. . at home. we know. Yes. Time every Monday. Every Saturday Peter . that's right.

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failure is _____. 7. 5. She _____ when she heard the joke. I should _____ Frank today. 3. Answers Online! Top Idioms Choose the correct idiom for each sentence. If you don't _____ for your test. he had trouble _____ with the other players. I'll _____ you _____ after work. It _____ him _____ that he was fired. The sirens slowly _____ into the distance. When he heard the terrible news. 8. It was _____ by her test results that she studied hard. precision is absolutely _____. 2. he _____. unfortunately. 6. 4. 4. 7. It is important to eat a _____ diet. you will fail.1. Her tennis opponent was small but proved to be _____. Hopefully this skin rash will _____ soon. He was a lazy worker. 6. Answers Online! . If you don't study at all. It was _____. but the food was _____. 5. 10. 10. 8. 2. Helping others is a _____ experience. His behavior was not appropriate for an adult. His table manners were rather _____ and unrefined. 9. give [someone] a call / burst out crying / burst out laughing / get the better of [someone] / serve [someone] right / show up / drive up to / check up on / clear up / fade away / keep up 1. In surgery. He let his opponent _____ him. Because he never exercised. 3. He's been sick all week. 9. Camping gear should be strong and _____. The service was excellent.

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