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About Gitanjali

The list includes well-know and well established brands such as „Nakshatra‟, „Gili‟, „Asmi‟, „Sangini‟, „D‟Damas In core diamond jewellery segment, the group has strategically integrated across the value chain. It has a strong presence at every level of the business, right from sourcing diamonds to retailing their products through a vast network of stores. The Group has 3 worldclass diamond polishing facilities in India and 6 state of art jewellery manufacturing factories in India. s Produces 8,000 pieces per day In second half of 2012, gitanjali is planning to open 60-65 stores in tier 2 and tier 3 cities Recently opened multi brand jewellery format “Jewel souk” which retails all majority brands, fashion jewellery accessories and watches Retail presence in US & Middle east, Itlay, UK, Belgium 60% revenue from urban market Opened first Luxury jewellery mall in gurgaon and lot of international players are operating their Acquired Nakshatra Recently roped in KPMG and undergoing restructuring and transforming all its major brands into chain stores. 5 divisions      Diamond and Jewellery Manufacturing, Indian Branded Jewellery, Indian Retail, International Retail and Infratech.

Recently acquired four Italian jewellery brands from a unit of Dubai's debt-laden jewellery group Damas International Gold is consumed most in South (37%), West (32%), North(18%) and east(13%) in that order.

it sells wholesale to marketers of branded jewellery. In the form of diamond-studded jewellery. A. These include all classes and types of jewellery. and targeted at specific consumer and price segments. Ethnic and Casual designs. platinum and stainless steel. Indian Traditional.Diamond As one of the world‟s leaders in the diamond and diamond-studded jewellery business. Axis mall (Luxury mall) in Kolkata . created brands for retail distribution Infrastructure Today. studded with diamond and other gems These include Classic. Recently its unit at Hyderabad SEZ it has gone also on stream. Gitanjali group is coming up with a unique real estate project which will act as a big leap towards providing the best housing solutions for the customer. under their own store brands. Diamonds are processed at the Group‟s units at Surat and Borivli in India.P. under multiple brands and collections. Bangkok in Thailand. As with diamonds. and Qingdao in China. Retail & Lifestyle Gili for diamond Jewellery. The Group markets the major portion of its processed diamonds in loose form to merchant jewellers and jewellery houses worldwide. the Gitanjali Group principally sources its diamonds through DTC. Jewellery produces a diverse range of jewellery: gold. the Group sells a large part of its output of jewellery on a wholesale basis to merchant jewellers. Contemporary. It also has brands of its own that are marketed only in B2B mode. and to retail chains.Gems and jewellery park in Hyderabad. silver.

8% 2.1% 94.469 2010-11 (Est) In Cr 93.568 23.9%.344 Growth% (2010-11) 16 2011-12 (Est) In Cr 1.6% 4.2% 95. Tremendous scope for organized retailers to grow as unorganized players dominates the market.Jewellery The Jewellery market in India is about 4% of the total Retail Market With in organized category.700 4.7% Jewellery Total Retail Market Organized Retail Market Organized Market Share % Unorganized Market Share % Share in Total Organized Retail Market 2009-10 In Cr 80. Still many people buy jewellery for future saving and security.12.5 5.6% of total jewellery market.4% 95.013 Growth% (2011-12) 20 3. However organized jewellery market is only 4. . Organized Jewellery market is growing at a CAGR of17.9% 5.9% Share of organized Jewellery Retail in the total Jewellery market Jewellery 2009-10 5% Jewellery 2010-2011(est) 5% 95% 95% No other category enjoys sentimental quotient as high as jewellery.802 27 4. organized jewellery share is 2.

leaving the sourcing to middleman.000 Presence in no of cities 2009-2010 29 Titan Goldplus Orra 30 20 Khajana Jewellery 17 93.000 .700 13 Tanishq 116 2.00.235 75 Gitanjali Group (Jewellery) 3. Presence Chart – Jewellery Key Retailers Number of outlets 2009-2010 29 Retail Space (Sq ft) 2009-2010 35. Moving forward the category will become more brand oriented and would play a significant role in influencing fashion trends.340 10.Traditional jewellers in India are more engaged in manufacturing-to-retailing mode. Players like Gitanjali have changed the trend of modern retailing and have gone one step ahead in creating speciality retail brand in jewellery. The two major players Gitanjali and Tanishq are expected to make up the major share of organized jewellery retail. where as modern retailers relies more on end point.57.