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This is the plan by the Committee to Elect Mike Ballantine President 2012 to rebuild America. Instead of a doomsday slash and burn Republican plan or a do nothing Democratic plan, we propose real change. As a member of the Green Party Mike puts the well being of our society before the well-being of corporations. Our committee will choose a running mate from the Republican party to balance our ticket and give Americans what they are asking for, compromise in Washington.

Mike Ballantine’s Plan to Rebuild America.
Help Mike put people back into the constitution. Let’s repair our government, not destroy it.

The Mike Ballantine Rebuild America Plan 2012
Over the past three years America has gone through one of our worst periods in living memory and it is not over. Republicans want to impose Greek-like austerity measures on the nation which will deepen the crisis not improve the economy. The Democrats do not know which way to go so they choose a middle of the road plan that takes us nowhere. However, the Occupy Wall Street movement, the tea party, and others have made it plain. They want change in Washington and here is what they want. They want good governance, accountability, job creation, debt relief, and better schools. The Republican plan imposes austerity which kills jobs; it does not create them. The Democrats give us a placebo and hope we cure ourselves naturally. Congressman Ron Paul like any good country doctor tells us to take our medicine, it tastes bad going down but in a couple of years you’ll feel better. We maintain that we cannot wait a couple of years or decades like Japan. to promote jobs. We will consolidate the Federal Pension scheme into Social Security and offer a new investment vehicle for Americans. We will consolidate Federal Health Insurance and Veterans Hospitals under Medicare without reducing VA benefits. We will propose cutting Executive and Congressional salaries by 50%.

We will lower the corporate tax rate for companies that are 50%+ employee owned to 25% while raising the corporate tax rate for other companies to 50%. Corporations will face tax penalties if Executive pay is more than 10 times the average wage of employees. We will eliminate all deductions and raise the minimum taxable income to $50,000 per person and extend a progressive tax rate from 5% to 50% on individuals earning between $50,000 and $500,000 or more. Individuals earning above $1 million per year will pay a surtax on the earnings of up to 95% to yield an additional $100 billion a year to the treasury. Long-term capital gains will have a separate tax structure to encourage savings, whereas shortterm capital gains will be taxed as ordinary income. Interest on savings will not be taxed.

Balanced Budget:
Our plan delivers a balanced budget in 30 months. Whereas, we will reduce the deficit significantly during the first and second year, until we achieve full-employment in the 30th month, we will not see a balanced budget. Unlike other plans, our plan does not depend on cutting entitlements to achieve success.

We will propose legislation to reinstate the Glass-Stegall act with certain modifications for Internet banking. There will be a size limit on financial institutions and the too big to fail banks will be broken up. All new regulations will have a 20-year sunset provision to require reauthorization.

Spending Cuts:
Our plan proposes spending cuts during the first year of $500 billion. These cuts will come almost entirely from defense, military foreign aid, the TSA, and rationalization of the Department of Homeland Security. We will consolidate several departments into the department of Commerce. We show all departments to in our analysis to provide comparative data.

Consumer Debt:
We will use the authority of the Federal Reserve to implement a consumer debt relief package in the amount of $5 trillion employing assets held on account at the FED. We will allocate $3 trillion to underwater mortgages to reduce balances and refinance them under FHA style provisions. We will allocate $550 billion to reduce sub-prime mortgages by 50% allowing homeowners to reoccupy homes if they choose under new FHA style loans. We will allocate $575 billion to reduce the first $10,000 owed by students and 50% of the remainder. The balance of our funds will be available for Medical debt relief, credit

Cutting Government Waste:
We will review all laws and regulations issued prior to 1980 and eliminate those that are no longer relevant during the first year. We will eliminate all education legislation from Title I to Title VII and consolidate in a new Education initiative. We will review the current EPA requirements and look for ways to streamline them

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Prepared by the Committee to Elect Mike

The Mike Ballantine Rebuild America Plan 2012
card debts of long-term unemployed, and emergency relief efforts. train 250,000 teachers and offer two-year precollege scholarships to unemployed inner-city youth. Further we allocate $50 billion annually in block grants to local communities to convert over to an ‘ABC’ high school program of vocational/technical/academic tracks. Finally we will negotiate with colleges around the nation to provide aid based on the salaries graduates can expect from their studies not the price the school wants to charge.

Universal Health Care:
We believe that equal access to health care is a fundamental human right of any developed nation. We will extend Medicare to all American citizens without pre-conditions. Employers can choose whether to continue to offer health insurance to their employees or offer supplemental packages to enhance their employee benefits. This will provide immediate relief to the 49+ million uninsured. We believe that the current situation is a national emergency and we will treat it as such.

We believe that investing in space and space-related technologies holds the key to our future success and we propose a $100 billion per year plan as part of our infrastructure program. Our proposed Moon/Mars plan can be found on our website.

Job Creation:
The Federal Reserve has two mandates: maintain full-employment and control inflation. We believe the FED has abandoned those mandates to keep interest rates artificially low and prop-up the stock market at the expense of savers and workers. We will instruct the FED to establish an infrastructure bank under its first mandate with the sole purpose to create jobs. As of October 15th, 2011, there was approximately $2.6 trillion deposited in banks earning zero% interest . We will authorize this new bank to issue 20-year bonds and to absorb $2 trillion in initial financing for a series of projects listed on our website. We will continue to finance projects over the first 30 months of our administration until we reach fullemployment. We estimate the total financing requirements will be $5 trillion although some of that money will be authorized as loan guarantees not direct financing. Priority will be given to American companies that are employee owned with deferred principal payments and subsidized interest rates to support start-up companies. The second mandate will be changed to initiate a zero% inflation policy at the FED. This will cause interest rates to rise immediately by 2% and we allow for the additional interest expense in our budget. There is nothing more important than maintaining a stable value in a nation’s currency. We will no longer drive our economy on debt, we will drive it on productivity.

Clean Energy:
We believe that we must first achieve energy independence to end our foreign adventures. The second phase is our investment in renewable energy through our infrastructure bank. The third phase is to begin replacing our automobiles with electric cars through a government subsidy for batteries paid for by a 5% tax on fossil fuel generated electricity. We believe that with smart investments and planning we can reduce the consumption of non-renewables namely, oil and coal by 50% over a 20-year period. To begin repairing the damage to our eco-system and help reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere we propose a 1 billion tree planting program across the nation.

The Ballantine campaign offers the only rebuild America plan out of all the candidates that meets the needs of most Americans. The voters have a choice, face austerity like Greece, muddle along for lost decades like Japan, or reinvigorate our nation building a better tomorrow. Join us, and help insure America stays number One.

Our budget includes an increase of $100 billion each year as a ‘Marshall Plan” for our innercities. We will provide minority scholarships to

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Prepared by the Committee to Elect Mike

The Mike Ballantine Rebuild America Plan 2012
IN MILLIONS Outlays Medicare/Medicaid Social Security Administration Department of Defense Interest Expense Department of Agriculture Department of Veteran Affairs Department of Labor Department of the Treasury Department of HHS Department of Transportation Department of Education Department of State Department of Homeland Department of Housing Department of Justice Department of Energy NASA - Space Transport Admin Department of the Interior Department of Commerce Environmental Protection Ag National Science Foundation Corps of Engineers Small Business Administration National Community Service Other Total Government Spending 900,850 791,680 718,800 340,000 132,250 123,760 116,700 93,410 92,900 75,300 71,500 53,800 53,680 47,500 31,300 31,170 17,680 13,000 9,250 9,170 6,790 6,000 1,230 960 23,320 3,762,000 152,000 2,000 10,000 5,000 25,000 (15,000) (25,000) 25,000 25,000 (200,000) 300,000 1,500,000 840,000 425,000 500,000 175,000 75,000 115,000 35,000 100,000 150,000 175,000 25,000 25,000 50,000 40,000 125,000 6,000 25,000 125,000 15,000 15,000 20,000 10,000 5,000 4,576,000 1,750,000 895,000 352,000 660,000 180,000 78,000 85,000 35,000 110,000 150,000 180,000 26,000 20,000 55,000 45,000 130,000 6,000 26,000 130,000 16,000 16,000 20,000 10,000 5,000 4,980,000 2,000,000 940,000 387,200 660,000 185,000 80,000 65,000 35,000 125,000 150,000 185,000 27,000 15,000 60,000 50,000 135,000 6,000 27,500 130,000 17,500 17,500 20,000 10,000 5,000 5,332,700 2,350,000 1,000,000 425,920 660,000 190,000 83,000 50,000 35,000 150,000 150,000 190,000 28,000 65,000 50,000 140,000 6,000 30,000 130,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 10,000 5,000 5,807,920 Obama Budget 2012 Mid-Year Adjust Ballantine Budget 2013 Ballantine Budget 2014 Ballantine Budget 2015 Ballantine Budget 2016

Estimated GDP Government as a % of GDP

15,500,000 24.3%

16,000,000 28.6%

17,600,000 28.3%

19,360,000 27.5%

21,296,000 27.3%

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Prepared by the Committee to Elect Mike

The Mike Ballantine Rebuild America Plan 2012
Revenues Personal Income Tax Payroll Taxes Millionaire Surcharge Corporate Taxes Others National Sales Tax of 10% Deficit Total Revenues 1,000,000 3,762,000 152,000 333,000 158,000 2012 1,271,000 1,000,000 50,000 75,000 27,000 2013 1,280,000 1,100,000 100,000 533,000 260,000 1,120,000 183,000 4,576,000 2014 1,408,000 1,188,000 110,000 616,000 260,000 1,267,200 130,800 4,980,000 2015 1,548,800 1,283,040 121,000 677,600 260,000 1,452,000 (9,740) 5,332,700 2016 1,703,680 1,385,683 133,100 745,360 260,000 1,661,088 (80,991) 5,807,920

Important Issues:
These numbers represent our best projections based on the economic situation on October 30, 2011. Should the economy worsen over the next year, there could be a substantial change in the projected deficit during 2013. This analysis assumes that average interest rates will be 2% in 2012, 3% in 2013, and 4.0% in 2014 – 2016. If the FED continues with its ‘Quantitative Easing’ policies, those rates could climb effectively increasing our deficits in 2013, and 2014. Our plan assumes that the Department of Justice will provide a legal ruling pertaining to the role of the FED in creating jobs. Our plan assumes that we will begin to bring all troops home from overseas and that we will close 90% of our overseas bases during 2012. Our plan assumes that we will be able to get a midyear budget resolution passed to adjust spending levels and provide new taxes on millionaires and corporations. Our plan does not depend on any immediate change in personal income taxes although that is a priority for us. Our plan depends on the passage by Congress of a National Sales Tax to fund Medicare and insure its continued financial stability. – Mike Ballantine Cody J. Davis – Campaign Manager

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Prepared by the Committee to Elect Mike