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Dry Cleaning Pick-up & Delivery Service

Can't find time to visit one of our stores? Then we'll come to you! You can now bring Neweys Dry Cleaners right to your home or office with our pick-up and delivery service. Neweys Dry Cleaners offers a full pickup & delivery service all over the Gold Coast. Clothing items are picked up and dropped off direct to your home or workplace with the added convenience of credit card payment. It is simple and fast, and offers everything you need in a dry cleaning service. It's as easy as 1...2...3!

1. Put your garments into our custom VIP Express bag, 2. Place the bag in a pre-arranged place at your home or office, 3. And your clothing will be returned in 1 to 3 business days. It's that simple!

Neweys Ironing Service
We know there are better things you'd rather be doing than ironing your clothes! That's why Neweys offer a professional ironing service aimed at busy people just like you. At Neweys our aim is to make your life more enjoyable. Our modern equipment and professional staff make sure your clothes are pressed to perfection every time. We'll even fold or hang your clothes just how you like them.

Delivery Service AvailablePh: 5571 1361

Save Time As a VIP Customer your order is processed immediately.. Easy Billing Your orders can also be automatically charged to your credit card. There's no wait to pay! . Your details will be registered on the bag and all you have to do is drop it off at one our stores and we'll do the you! As a Neweys VIP Express Customer you will be able to experience total convenience with your own VIP Express Service Bag...Neweys VIP Express Service For busy people.. Just hand it to one of our customer service staff. You'll never have to wait in line again.

As the immediate past president of the Dry Cleaning Industry Association of Queensland (DIA). Neweys is a well known operation in the industry not only for its size and quality service. Since then it has grown from one location to 6 locations throughout the Gold Coast and now has 26 employees. The Neweys Dry Cleaning Group now incorporates Hoffmanns Dry Cleaners and Runaway Bay Dry Cleaners. Why Dry Clean? . Bill has a high profile within the industry both here and overseas.About Us Newey's has provided professional dry cleaning services to the Gold Coast since 1993. Neweys is owned and operated by Bill Hudson whose family has been in the industry since 1947 and Bill himself has been in the industry for over 30 years. a National Councillor and a former Australian Dry Cleaner of the year winner. We have forged a solid reputation on the Gold Coast as a reliable. but its Drive Thru facility. professional and quality dry cleaning business.

When you look good you feel better and more confident. chocolate or sauce stain? Each stain requires a different kind of treatment and our experts understand the precise method of removing them. the number one destroyer of good garments. Drycleaning is a valuable service which allows you more time to pursue all those more important things in life. or silk . Stain removal. drying. Avoid shrinkage Drycleaning avoids shrinkage. Drycleaners have this knowledge to in order to care best for the clothes they receive. Do you really know the best way to remove that wine. By drycleaning them regularly you are protecting your investment. according to their unique requirements. or cotton.Convenience Doing your laundry is simply a matter of dropping off your clothes and picking them up. Fabric care You may know how to wash wool. Think of all those hours you spend washing. or microfibre. Longer lasting clothes Regular drycleaning prolongs the life of clothing because items are being cared for professionally. feel bettter Your clothing is an expression of your personality and image. No ironing! Our professional finishing means garment get a wrinkle-free.but what about all the other fabrics like angora. . sorting and ironing your laundry. or seersucker? Each fabric requires a different kind of laundering treatment. crisp and new appearance that beats ironing any day. Look better.


Express bag program We can save you time and money through our exclusive Express Bag Program! .

you’ll receive a sturdy nylon bag to put your clothes in—with a personal ID tag displaying your name and cleaning preferences. Just drop the bag off at the counter or into the drop box and we will process your order to be ready the same day! You also will receive an automatic discount of 20% on dry cleaning and 10% on laundry! That’s all there is to it! No waiting in line.When you join. and no coupons to clip! .

car service We are proud to introduce our five drive-thru locations in: Blaine Edina Robbinsdale Savage and in Maple Grove.Drive-thru service / in. .

where a Pilgrim team member will come to help you directly in your car. you will receive a coupon for $10 Free Cleaning! . As soon as your paid receipts total $200. Frequent cleaner program Our Frequent Cleaner Program rewards your loyalty.All locations have in-car valet service.

all performed by skilled Pilgrim Cleaners staff and designed to give your garments a fresh and clean appearance. degree of soiling. • Classifying the garment according to fabric type. .Our tips Professional cleaning involves many different operations. color. wet-cleaning or laundering. Our procedures involve: • Checking the labels for adequate care instructions and fiber content. and cleaning process: dry-cleaning.

lotions. and other toiletries to dry before you get dressed since these products can contain ingredients that affect dyes. deodorants. • Protect your garments from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial light. especially silks because it can cause many dyes to discolor. fruit juices or white wine. • Replacing missing or damaged buttons and performing minor repairs whenever possible. water repellent. • Pilgrim’s professional cleaning services keep your garments looking like new. . • Allow perfumes. • Packaging the garment neatly in a protective wrapping. • Finishing the garment on professional pressing equipment to restore its original shape and appearance. • Protect garments from excessive perspiration. Keep in mind that even indoor lightning can affect some dyes. The heat may set some stains. special stain removal agents. Here are some tips that can help you get the most from your cleaning dollar: • Bring a garment in for professional cleaning as soon as possible after staining occurs. Stains and soil left too long can be impossible to remove and will shorten the life of your garment. antiperspirants. • Don’t press stained or soiled clothes. such as those from soft drinks. and other finishes when necessary and possible. and water. • Discuss any stains with your cleaner. Be especially sure to point out light-colored or invisible spills. • Reapplying any sizing. including bedspreads and drapes so that any possible color loss will be uniform and pieces will still match. • Have matching pieces cleaned together.• Removing spots and stains using special equipment.

In fact.• Plastic bags are provided to protect your garments until you get home. your clothes go through four separate stages to ensure the highest quality of service. Laundry Service When you choose Home Steam for laundry service. . it is best to store your garments uncovered or in fabric garment bags. you’ll have the piece of mind that your clothing is in good hands. Once there.

so when we moved to 2301 Manor Road. we decided to build it into our business! In fact.Drive-Thru Service Our family understands the importance of convenience. Home Steam was the first laundry .

Specials Current Tuesday/Thursday Specials • • • Laundered shirts $1. Our job is to material quality of the clothes. We emphasize quality and touch. .59 Laundered pants $4. pants. Laundry on Wheels (LOW) uses one of the best and high quality chemical m professional touch of its staff to produce the best results.19 • Dry Cleaned suits and dresses $7.19 Our Specials Run Every Tuesday and Thursday! (No coupons needed) Dry cleaning Services In the dry cleaning department. shirts. we lead and the rest follow. and skirts $4.19 Dry Cleaned blouses.and dry cleaners in Austin with a drive-thru so you can drop-off and pickup your clothes without ever needing to get out of your vehicle.

suede. Bulk Dry Cleaning Services: For our clients that have large quantities of items for laundry and dry cleaning. we would like to assure you the capacity to undertake any type of job in this field regardless of the size and time constraints. When you receive your laundry back. LOW is well ex to provide the required services. We understand and appreciate their importance of these items to our clien invest the necessary time and equipment to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. bath towels. pillow cases. Ironing: Our ironing services come with the package.) For all your items that need special care. wash cloths. Please c Whats the Average Cost Per Pound to Wash Hotel Linens? WRITTEN BY RICH FITZMORRIS Question:What is an average cost per pound for washing hotel linens and terry (including sheets. etc. we apply our expertise coupled with the state of art machinery making your clothes stainless and spotless. curtains. it will be good as new. We will pic cleaning/laundry items from your office/home to our establishment and return them after services. . hand towels. Special Care Items: (graduation/wedding gowns. Laundry o extra time needed in order to finish your job in the required time without compromising our quality services Pick and Drop Services: Our excellent pick and drop services distinguish us from the rest of the dry cleaning businesses. as well as food and beverage (including napkins. bath mats or bath rugs).Laundry Services: Our laundry services are second to none in this town! With clothes that shine well with water. After cleaning your laundry we will spend our sweet them.

LLC Answer:An average cost for operations ranges from 30-35 cents per pound processed in hotel textiles. and processing. rags and aprons)? . All turns are based upon good product quality.square table cloths. VentureWalk Business Partners. and good washing practices. The process equipment and the quality grade of Hotel Textiles: The average life of a poly blend sheet is 200-600 turns. Table linens are difficult to estimate because of the fabric type. The average life of a bath towel is 40 to 50 turns a hand towel is 15 to 25 turns and a washcloth only lasts eight or 10 turns. the cost can run from 50-70 cents per pound processed. quality. Benchmark Cost Review As various levels of internal management continue to complicate and re-engineer laundry operational cost scenarios it is apparent that laundry and facility managers require a revised cost benchmarking rule of thumb that will assist them .Desiree H. the textiles make a difference. Young. In the food service area. Kitchen clothing and rags generally last in the range of 10-25 turns. I have seen numbers from 25-100 turns.

Processing Cost: Direct labor costs including fringe benefits that are applicable to the receipt. primarily energy costs and fringe benefit costs. The key here is bring into reality what real laundry operational cost are. Increased from 2006-2007. contracting administration. It is quite apparent that large laundry and linen rental consortiums that deal specifically with healthcare and hospitality markets are becoming more competitive as business trends escalate. conveyance. operations. justification for new systems. no matter where you live it’s getting more and more expensive to operate a laundry. . As mentioned in this report the cost to operate a laundry facility has dramatically increased due to many factors. Other major components under review seem to drive at lowering chemical cost by conducting actual comparisons and focusing on the customer service element that is so critical to this facet of the operation.07 cents per pound processed and delivered. assuming they were ever really around. These cost are reflective of actual cost. a new facility. not estimates. Maintenance and Repair Cost: Processing and ancillary support equipment. flatwork feeding and finishing. conveyance and preparing textiles for delivery within a laundry processing facility. Secretarial. sorting. Most important were the plans to reduce labor and utility cost related to washing. even though each and every facility demonstrates opportunities to reduce cost especially in labor sensitive areas. carts etc. not wishful thinking but real cost.: Labor cost and materials associated with routine maintenance of applicable systems: . washing. Increase from previous report. i.30 cents a pound have been gone for many years.e. they are real cost that impact customers. ironing. With the exception of labor costs. Administrative Cost: Laundry. . Linen Management.e. obtaining new customers and probably the most important. A review of numerous healthcare and hospitality laundry facilities located world wide with variable degrees of efficiency reveal the following benchmark costs that are deemed most efficient on the average. comparing variable cost which should reflect decisions to continue in house operations or to examine the parables of outsourcing management. For example. variance in cost were level in most geographic locations which seems to indicate the broad range of the increase in fuel and fueled based operational segments i. drying. it is important to note that geographic trends in cost that appeared obvious in previous reports seem to have less impact in this reporting segment. linen rental and transportation. clients and institutions that support these operations. The days of processing textiles at . marketing their operations. These facilities also reported that major efforts were in the process to reduce textile replacement cost through standardization efforts and by examining best value over lowest cost for an item.04-.19-. new product reviews. hopefully this review will drive managers to fully examine all cost associated with their operation. general foreman and non-production employees/housekeeping.23 cents per pound processed.

tolls.11 cents per pound processed and delivered Textile Operations: Linen Room Distribution labor and benefits. Fuel impact.05-. cart replacement. Water. wax.08 cents per pound of laundry processed and delivered. buttons etc.05-.46 to . hangers. Steam. fees. pads. Chemical Supply Cost: Laundry chemicals. . Depreciation of Equipment: Equipment value divided by 15 years: . Gas.02-.04 cents per pound processed. fuel. Seamstress.05-. Textile Cost: . Fuel impact Utility Cost: Electrical. water treatment etc. Increased as a result of recent capital investments in 2006 and the increase in capital equipment replacement. Significant Increase as a result of fuel costs SUB-TOTAL: Production Cost for a most efficient operation should be: . office supplies. Uniform distribution. Increase from last report.08 cents per pound processed and delivered.02 . Sewage. Contracting maintenance is on the rise.51. lease cost.07 per pound processed.14 cents per pound processed. This could over the long term cause major difficulties as this key ingredient continues to receive less attention than may be required. . This represents a 09% increase over the 2005-2006 findings.07-. Increase from previous report. patches.5 cents per pound processed and delivered.05-.. Increased as a result of tax increases. Depreciation of Property and applicable property taxes: Land and Building aggregate cost plus annual taxes divided by 75 years: .07 cents per pound processed. Facilities in the northern states had significantly higher labor cost and utility cost than the remainder of the country.09-. Increased from last report. vehicle Maintenance and Repair Cost: . . Oil. Clean Textile Distribution and Soiled Delivery Cost: Drivers. covers.035 cents per pound processed. Solar: . Refuse Removal. thread. General Supply Cost: Leasing of office equipment..

drapes. insurance premiums and health care benefit costs. that the cost per pound to produce and deliver textiles to customers will reach the $1.18 per pound processed. Sub-Total: Textile Distribution and Textile Replacement Recurring Cost: ..Surgical. For example all depicted cost in this benchmark exercise are considered equally important.21 . One major failure on the part of management is the inability to calculate fringe benefit cost and include this cost as part of the final outcome.65. While the over-all variance in cost ranges is certainly wide spread and a significant increase over previous reports has occurred based on rising fuel cost. Now more than ever the ability to purchase equipment. fabric availability for textiles and manufacturing cost and a demand for higher quality. As indicated in my report last year. Variance of (. the manager must carefully and accurately calculate all cost associated with an operation. all other textiles based on a PAR maintenance value of 7: . Over-all Operational cost bench mark range: . threshold by the year 2010 not 2015 as originally estimated. especially reductions in energy costs. general linen.27 cents per pound processed Significant increase based on fuel. it is projected that unless major revolutions occur. one without the other simply paints an inaccurate picture.22.00 per lb. Just calculating production cost and forgetting other cost simply will raise additional questions by those in the know.87.5 cents per pound processed.5 cents) continues to be at a larger margin than previous reports indicate. chemicals and textiles that can reduce laundry operational cost becomes essential.13-. .. uniforms.