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Yes, her husband begins an exercise program related to his wife, he, three months, had lost five kilos

, she will have lost only three. The man then burning more fat than women? In emotion, men are mature muscle mass than women. And as the number of calories a person fire is proportional to muscle you have, men tend to melt more calories than their female peers, even doing the same amount and type of control. Of course, muscle weighs more than the potions , which could contribute to weight gain due to the expansion thereof. However, if the intent is to only pay off the goo, you must perform a more specific plan that includes a new diet and the type of test is done. In print, you need to follow a balanced program of exercises correctly, which combine initially work routines and cardiovascular sport, then perform a muscular endurance training, this five times a week. Many mass is devoted to cardio training, is starting to lose weight, tone up and then when it starts muscular endurance training. Even need to follow a nutritional plan that balances carbohydrates, proteins and fats, help to ensure a good physical rest. Remember that if you are exercising regularly will increase your muscle mass and, as a result, continue to burn calories even when not specifically exercising, so you will see results very surprising, in a few months or even weeks. Why train your heart? cardiovascular workouts are indispensable to an effective training program, not only to waste bacon, but also to get a good state of vitality. By definition, cardio workouts can be any examination (worth, wheeler, swimming, jumping rope) to raise and keep the heart rate for a predetermined time. When performing cardiovascular test, strengthens the heart, lungs and decreases the heart rate at rest, which means that over time the same effort that allowed walking a mile in 10 minutes will cross it in 9 minutes. Cardiovascular exercises burn ointment. A good state of vitality resistor provides cardiovascular and tact to persist in sports and in life. Cardiovascular Fitness Benefits Many benefits are obtained when doing cardiovascular training, for example, increases the metabolic rate Improves levels cholesterol increases the secretion of growth hormone increases blood flow toward the brain, which in turn increases alertness. Prosperity digestion reduces stress levels resistor Boosts immune Despite all these fabulous benefits, there are still people who put the cardio in the category that is compared with a tooth extracted. Avoiding Excuses For some people find it boring stationary bike or Stairmaster. For others, running is monotonous. If the excuses are preventing you perform cardiovascular training, or if you want to tolerate his physical condition and vigor to the subsequent level, we recommend the following tips: A. Train with a purpose An intense cardiovascular control, focused, 20 minutes, can be much more effective than 40 minutes a sport that lacks purpose and direction. Using return-intensity cardio is key. Research has shown that interval training increases the intensity of reinstatement metabolic rate over a lengthy period of time that training intensity loss made ??in 40 minutes. Then a high intensity workout, your body burning fat for the day and even while sleeping. These levels of intensity allow return a person to exercise a short period of time and get better results. B. Train three times a week with cushions on their individual goals, set aside time during the week for your cardio. The fact of performing cardiovascular exercise three times a week, accompanied by rising weight training and proper support, has proven to lead to a muscular body with low fat milk. A cardiovascular workout done in the morning is not only a great way to begin the day, but is most valid and causes the body to stay active for the rest of the day. When run on an empty stomach, cardiovascular training improves potions touch to melt long after the workout was completed. C. Train with a variety When you consider the cardiovascular examination, evaluate it using three criteria: Their ability to mosques body fat Its impact on cardiovascular conditioning may be killed if caught and that represents a duel. There are no rules stating that you have to do the same reviewed every shift to be performed cardio. Even say that there are rules that must be made ??in the basement or in the stadium. Cardiovascular activities are worth classic, bicyclo-country skiing and swimming, but only represent the beginning of a variety of options available. We must ensure we plan our activities we enjoy exercise. The more enthusiastic we are to the activity, are more likely to give ourselves completely. No requisition, if convenience is a priority, a treadmill or stationary bicyclo installed at home can be a perfect voting. D. Set goals that represent a duel His first goal may simply be able to jog for 15 minutes or if it is more reformist, exercise a certain heart rate zone for a predetermined time. Using the vast number of variables that the current devices offer may be accepted provided training about the future level. If you use a treadmill or stationary bicyclo a clearly defined mission, representing a battle for our body and our decisions, we find ourselves caught in an energizing workout. We can turn it into a competition: us

against the device or us against ourselves. We should always try to do more each year. Whether to run longer and faster each time we go up to the treadmill. E. Train in your target areas of your heartbeat Consuming heart rate for training is not only a good way to ensure that you are exercising in the areas of target intensity, we also measure your progress in increments. For example, you can understand that it has obtained a significant prosperity in training if you are able to increase speed over a specified distance while maintaining a similar heart rate. An educator heart rate is an invaluable exercise gear at precise intervals. The right way to eliminate fat to remove excess fat mass, intense exercise is not a good possibility. Correctly on the contrary, numerous experiments have shown that the results are much better with strength training, is to assert, with a moderate but sustained effort. Why? Because the manifestation in the body uses carbohydrates first area. Only after a while begins to piss off the Aidos acids (a bit like a fire that fire consumed the undergrowth thick yesterday strains) and is still further to disrupt the exercise. The best proof that fat burning is less than 50% of our capacity and must be maintained for congruous time (at least 30 minutes). When we do an intense sport, aerobic for example, quickly devouring all reservations glucidic, so we quickly exhausted and we are forced to stop. and accumulate errors: not only have we not fed too much fat, but we risk a weakness, we become dehydrated and we were hungry. This sense of longing to be dead encourages us to eat (universal evil!) And returns us to the cycle of insulin storage. We are completely wrong! If you make a moderate effort (rapid traverse, bike fixed), does not feel sorrow or weakness and can calmly wait a bit and let the mechanisms of "de-stocking" continue its done once the food that trigger the insulin peak and a new cycle storage. Most importantly, for sport, is maintenance. Most importantly, on examination, is the maintenance of a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes and regularity. Therefore it is recommended that reasonable choices: the rapid march, excellent training that moves throughout the body, is the area of the world and does not require a particular condition. If you walk an hour a day, burn 300 calories a day and this can be adjusted to reset the counter between storage and purchase. Do not forget either that the muscles which they use fats. The more active the muscles are, the more you increase muscle mass and more fatty acids may be pissed! All are good reasons to bother: the stairs is a very good . Will massage make us lose weight? We've known: no manipulation can "get fat" of the cell. On the contrary, massage has a beneficial action on the drainage of the tissue, especially if done in a dynamic phase as courtship physical activity. It enhances circulation of fatty acids released and, therefore, practiced before or after exercise, progress combustion. A slight kneading is also excellent in the evening yesterday to copulate, then comes a natural biorhythm which increases considerably (up 200%!) blood flow in adipose tissue, particularly in the lower limbs. This increased circulation results in an acceleration of drainage during darkness. If you have cellulite, you get the most out of this biorhythm, favoring the friction of the thighs and legs before bedtime best fat burners and phen355 review