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: BPMM 3013 EMAIL : LECTURER : Normalisa Md Isa CASE ONE: Please Talk To Me Question : What techniques might Dell employ in order to find out what type of laptops and desktop computer system consumer (including business users) wants?

Answer : Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research

1. Qualitative research - Focus group:
Dell should invite some participant that consist of 8 to 10 participant in a group who meet the researcher analyst to explore about Dell’s product and discuss about their reaction and want about type of computer system that Dell should adopt. The specification of who is to invited to the group discussion are someone who expert in using Dell’s product (user) and someone who want to buy Dell’s product (non user) to find different perspective among them. Using focus group generally takes less time to complete than individual depth interview. Some marketers prefer focus group because they feel that dynamic interaction between participants that takes place in focus group tends to yield a greater number of new ideas than depth interview.

2. Quantitative research – Survey research
Survey research can be use to ask consumer about purchasing preferences and consumption experiences by mail, by telephone, or online. In Dell’s case I prefer to suggest using an e-mail survey. Using email research Dell’s can distribute questionnaires to target consumers easier and faster around the world. Furthermore, Dell should established an online-based surveys, Dell send an e-mail invitations ads that directed the potential customers to the Dell’s website. From this survey, polls researchers enable to classify the responses to the substantive product question. another suggestion is Dell should established online research company to maintain a database of potential customer who are willing to participate in online consumer research project, in Dell case is to find out what type of laptops and desktop computer system that consumer wants. Online survey research organizations cite the inherent advantages of their geographically wide reach and the affordability of online customer survey. By the anonymity of the internet encourage respondents to be more forthright and honest to speak up what they really want.

CASE TWO: Need Focused Definition of Business Question 1 Answer Question 2 Answer : Prepare a short summary of each company’s vision and definition of its business. : : How does the three business reflect the material covered inthis chapter :

.Question 3 : List the major product lines of each companies. Then describe how each company’s products stem from its definition of the business in which it operates.