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There was three rounds of selection procedure:1.Written 2.Technical interview 3.

HR round 1Written test- there were total 6 round of written test indiviually on Vocabulary test, Anlaytical ability, JCL, COBOL, DB2, and CICS. Vocaubalry test was of 20 marks. They picked up a an article from some newspaper or online based on home inspection and introduced 20 blanks in the para. For every 20 blanks there will be four options given and based on the meanning and suitability at the postion, you have to find out the correct option. Analytical test was of 20 ques and you have to cover it in 20 mins. I personally felt that the ques was not very tough but you need to be quick. 5 ques was based on SET. 2 ques was on Logical reasoning (QUIT easy) 5 was pure MATHS(Easy one) In COBOL they asked 10 ques, need to be answered in 10 mins. Few ques I remember like:1.What is the default print format a) DUMP b) hexadecimal c) binary 2. pick the correct format to read an ESDS file a) organisation is sequential b) organisation is indexed c)organisation is sequntial, record mode is FB 3. How do we cast a variable in COBOL a)Can't be done b)simply assign the variable to another variable 4.) In case of file lengthe mismatch between logical and physical file, the erro no is:a)39 b)46 c)soc7 5. Whcih PIC clause is used for floating point a)COMP b)COMP1 c)COMP2 d)COMP3 In JCL again there were 10 ques in 10 mins, need to be quick 1. What is allowed to check in condition parameter a)RC b)CC c)ABNEDCC d)all of the options 2.what is true about JCL a)It is not case sensitive b)The job name should start from or before column 12 c)The job name is not required d)all DB2 was quite easy section but you need to be very very quick....Questions was mostly on select statement. 1. Two table was given and you had to have a select statement which should satisfy the given condition.. You need to check relation between both the tables. 4-5 ques was on same . 2. What are the diff steps for CURSOr a) Declare, Open, Fetch, Close b)Define, open, fetch,close c)open, fetch,close 3.-922 indicates a)DB2resource not available b)record lenght mismatch c)object not found CICS again was of 10 marks , in 10 mins...All basic ques, can't remember much but few ques were like;;;-

And finally I became part of HSBC GLT.. All the best. I mean what extent I have worked on.. Next comes technical round. MAPSET means: a)Group of defined maps b)Group of map fileds c)group of maps 2. first he asked me to intorduce myself in brief... Hope this information will be worth for some of you... Expalined the cursor concept He asked about -818 and to expalin some more time related errors...1... one ques on psuedo conversation 3.CHEERS!!!! diff betwen dynamic call and static calll JCL Don't remember much CICS tell me some cotrol tables what is FCT and DCT diff between TDQ and TSQ which one is faster among TDQ and TSQ relation between TDQ and DCT Aptitude Test Technical Interview HR Interview . Explained -180 and -181 Now he came on COBOL asked me to explain all available PIC level diff betwen cOMP1 and COMP2 where do we define file structure and where do we declare it tell me some of the control blocks and explain Finally he was done and after 10 mins I got the result thet I was selected for HR round HR round was just a formality to discuss the salary. then he asked me about error -811 and how will I resolve it.PPT is:a)contains transcation Id b)contains mapset name and program name Do not forget each round has sectional cut off.. in DB2 a long time discussion on bind and be thorough. one ques on TDQ 4. confused me a lot.. so you have to pass each section. HR was coll.. Can one transcation invoke multiple task a)can not invoke b)invoke c)Transaction Id can not invoke TASK itself 5.Finally. basically he was intersted to know my work profile. then he shot ques indiviually from all sections... I got through written.

<!--[endif]-->void pointers r a . Sub. is over .AND FRIENDS I WAS NOT SELECTED...same boring hr questions but do prepare well. Conditions were given like Mark 1 if 1st and 2nd is the same Mark 2 if 1st and 3rd is the same Mark 3 if 2nd and 3rd is same Mark 4 if none of these Sample question 1111... then it's the hr round:.. linklist. 2 passages r given . Me : c.dbms. find similar words etc………. English :dammed easy section . It consist of most of the questions on binary to decimal conversion If u know this u easily solve this.quee.. Some question r <!--[if !supportLists]-->1.234 1111.. based on 10th std grammar like fill in the blanks.c++.234 Technical (based on c and ds) I suggest u guys that plz go throw the c... it takes up to 15 min They mostly looking for knowledge of java .. On sorting . …… b…… . Only concentrate carefully on the question & u get the correct answer.This consist of 4 sections .so friends the time for written exam is 1hr 40 min which is hell lot of time.. Don’t use u r mind.dbms Person : tell me abt RDBMS.. ds then after i was told to leave. Tech interview They ask me Person : tell me abt urself.Aptitude Test : .and be fluent in ur comm skill AND B CONFIDENT WITH UR ANSWERS.2 1111. I cleared the appiti & wait for tech intrv.. c.stack etc………. Verbal reasoning : most easy part. They ask que. very very easy (don’t neglect it) Analytical reasoning : This is also very easy part. Me : told Person : current project Me : explained Person : hobbies Me: told Then my intrv.. c++.& the most imp Data structure.237 Answer :. Me : told Person : wht is ASP & its use.. prepositions.c++. Me: bla bla…… Person : which is ure fav.

.The technical had C&C++ and DBMS. . So b prepped for appti & PI and wish for me that i also get placed some where. <!--[endif]-->do the insertion sort on 354765 (don’t remember opt) a….c. generic (ans) d ……….. Out of 2000 students 250 cleared the Apptitude.told about encapsulation. Verbal was quite easy though the reading passages were a bit tuff but still not that hard either. In Technical they concentrated more on the programs of C&C++ like a program and then depending on that the errors which can pop up while execution. Then came the technical interview.. Rock the world Guys Hope this information will b usefull to All u Guys cause HSBC is recruting in gr8 numbers. convert 1100100 to base 10 (decimal) 4 to 5 ques on this type. they asked questions like two trains moving in each direction etc. some link list prog r given & find the out put.(sorry don’t remember) 4 . ..Dont Know.R Interview The Aptitude comprised of Verbal reasoning.. same asked for bubble sort 3. d….Rcs and Give the closest meaning.Took a bit of time but wrote.abstratction etc. <!--[if !supportLists]-->2... 4)given a set of 10 numbers write a program which is going to choose numbers which only end with 3(not 6. In verbal they had Fill in the blanks. For Quants a bit of brushing of basics is really going to help. c…. Analytical Reasoning... * is used as used as % then 6*5%-2 = blab la Four ques on this type 5..then Select numbers which start wid 9 and add them after that subtract the sum of both. This is how the whole selection procedure was 1) Aptitude+Technical written test 2) Technical Interview 3) H.. b….9) and then add them. Quants.dis is how it went 1)Tell me something about Yourself? Told 2)What is the difference between C nd C++? told 3)Why is C++ called the oops Language? Oops..She was happy. some I remember is If % is use as -.. The analytical reasoning was the easiest of all. and then came the programs.she looked quite satisfied.

. HR-OKay.. After around 4 hrs the technical results were declared and I got through then came HR interview.and I was so happy. HSBC doesnt have any BOND process so with the pay package and the scope which it has it definelty one of the best companies around to work for. HR-ok. 8)WAP on Bubble sort using Pointes...Team player and PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITY HR-what do u mean by problem solving ability(PSA)? Ray-Said HR-Give one example where in ur PSA was utilised Ray-made one and said.asked one.. well those were the programs though they were easy it took a bit of pain to re call the logic of each nd every program. so be sure that in both ur HR nd TEch interview ur FLUENT dont stammer aruond and make sure what ur talking makes sense because specially in HR there was lot of Cross questioning.nd dis is how that went HR-Sorry for making you wait this long( The time was 8 30 pm-The actual time was 9 AM of day 2) HR-why HSBC?? Ray-Said HR-What you know abt HSBC?? Ray-HSBC-Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Co-operation.Now what are your career Goals and how are you planning to achieve them Ray-Said HR-Stress a bit more on your skills Ray-Comm not suppose to say that. well..tell me something about ur profile Ray-Said HR-OK Good.No. The pay package which dey offered was hmmm.5)Given a set of numbers wap so as to pick a number which is a perfect square..Ray Thankyou.. 6)Wap for a palyndrome( Eg DAD) 7)WAP to take a number from the user (any digits) seperate the digits and add the squares of the digits. My advice to all is They are concentrating more on your comm skills. It work in various domains like Data warehousing. .probs sir..Mainframes etc.... This is how it went and after 2 hrs the result was declared and BOY. It is an Industry in Itself HR-You got any questions for me?? Ray-Yep. Ray-My pleasure. It has its branches in 82 countries.. She didnt asked a thing on name was actually there.

.) sir :ok ROHAN thats it.Data Structure and analysis of algorithms).C++(very simple)..Do u have any qstns? me :asked three qstns.more n 200 students of two clg appeared. me :complemented his style. me:explained everything about my project. sir :asked me qstns on C. . No sectional cut off.. aptitude was on paper. sir :So ROHAN ur project is in Database right?(And he started asking qstns from SQL.(u should always ask !) sir : Yes please. sir :Whats ur BE project.readin compre. 3. (by luck he asked everything which i was knowing so nowhere i went wrong. Total 90 Questiones were there almost 1Hr 30 mins time. the recruitment happened in our clg campus on 5th april 2007.00pm i went for the HR interview. criteria is the same as other companies 60+ % in both 10th 12th and eng(strictly). but then too they will give 20 mins only for every section coz after every 20 mins they used to take the previous sections Q paper back.Verbal reasoning.spoke many many things about me !This is the questn where u can impress any of the interviewers in the world. rather make that interview a discussion sort of thing.... (never mention any programming language by urself they will ask u deep qstns one of my frnd said"I know java" and he was screwed in java and got rejected!) me :answered every qstn. me : May i come in sir. i cleared apti and went for technical intrview.No negative marking for each section they used to give 20-30 mins (varied depending on sections).Just be urself. he told me to sit me :Good afternoon sir.DOnt show him that u r nervous.) me :answered every qstns with confidence.Nice talking wid u sir..DBMS. he went through my resume in few seconds and. its easy but to be on the better side u should study for technical atleast.C++.Analytical reasoning. sir :answered my qstns.1. sir :Good afternoon.. sir :Tell me about urself ROHAN. few mins later i was told that i m selected for the next HR round !!!! i filled a form given by them and at 5.(C..he was wearing jeans and T-shirt Long hair Like MS dhoni. me :Answered this qstn for almost 5-7 mins. sir:Thank u ROHAN. 4. me :thank u sir. was also too easy 2. my interviewer was a very cool guy..English(The easiest section-fill in the blanks of prepositions.Technical aptitude.

...but u can easily solve reqired no..written xam of hsbc is probably the easiest in comparison of other firms.. the test consists 4 sections:1. so friends the time for written exam is 1hr 40 min which is hell lot of u can easily do it and i guess 50% is the cutoff as i solved 12 outof 20 and was sure only in 10q..... b) other puzzle which was a bit confusin(so i was in real difficulty solvin both puzzles) c) data sufficiency(easy as usual) d) a decimal to binary conversion. of questions a) a pussle with 5 related dont neglect it u can solve it easily(believe me) 2 Analytical reasoning: is i will say was a mixed bag for me.he asked me wat do i mean by values? me-told(hr seemed impressed..u shud be aquainted with this type of question(asked in many other companies paper) 3) Verbal reasoning:a)conditions were given like mark 1 if 1st and 2nd is the same mark 2 if 1st and 3rd is the same mark 3 if 2nd and 3rd is same mark 4 if none of these sample question 1234 1237 1234 answer:...2 b) sorry boss cant remember but was the easiest section 4) Techinical based on c and ds dis is a bit tough for non-it guys bt even for it/cs the code snippets r real mind teaser....(hr said gooooooood) ..English-xtremely easy for jst an ang student a) prepositionsb) fill in the blanks with similar meaningc) fill in the blank using article d) two RC passages-friends u wont get such an easy passage in any other exam. out of 230 120 students cleared written den comes technical round as they say but they can also ask u complete hr questions:my interview:hr-tell abt urself? me:-told blah do c all sorting methods in ds they ask questions from sorting...) hr-tell me a situation when u found urself in trouble and how u came out of it? me:-told with some real life example.den i said i m man with values(was interrupted) hr..

then after five minutes i was told to leave. hr-okay tell me about ur hobbies?????? me-told hr-okay wat r ur favourite subjects? me-c/ bcnf came into existence after 3nf just to remove trivial fd in a table already in i did a blunder as i told wrong name of the bank (told hdbc instead of hsbc and when he told me i again told it as hdfc) the first time it was slip of tongue but once the tension build up i lost my mind( dear friend ur one wrong answer can change ur whole impression so don do dis u feel u need to improve urself? me-told yes and justified.os hr-tell me about foreign key and primary key? me-told hr-gave me two table to find out primary and foreign key? me-solved(again he told good) hr-tell me about normalization? me-told.sql....(hehe don rely on dis completely) finaly 29 was selected from my clg and 9 from the odr one... 1)simple English (was very simple with first ever interview i faced)........ hr-can a primary key has duplicate values? me-told no(distinct constraint) hr-wat abt foreign key??????? me-dis was the first answer which i told wrong(do concentrate on these small things) hr-okay pranay do u have any questions? me-i asked three questions? he-u can wait outside? me-handshaked and told it was nice talking to him......... hr-can we say a table in 3nf is completely normalized? me-told no.. then it's the hr round:same boring hr questions but do prepare well..ds.......etc) **BE STRONG WITH GRAMMAR BASICS*** 5ques---prepositions .dbms.. so do prepare well and wish for me dat i also get placed some where......AND FRIENDS I WAS NOT SELECTED. i was never nervous in entire interview and told all answers confidently even he complimented abt my tech knowledge apart from last q where i fumbled(as dat question was asked later)..if once day is urs u can make it without knowing anything............and be fluent in ur comm skill one thing is that it's 99% luck to get a job.

.founder..5ques--some synonyms 10 ques--and also technical 2 comprehension paragraphs 2)Aptitude test (RS Agarwal) 5ques---Venn diagram 5ques--Cubes 5ques--data sufficiency 3)Analytical (simple) 5questions a)12333333 12333333333 123333333 which are same in above ?? just like this very simple 5 questions time consuming part comes here b) + stands for % ..* stands for ^ .I thought he was HR for upto end as that he asked me very very general questions he had a walk with me during interview time in the balcony he asked me 1)how is the college?? 2)what u do to sell the college to me?? 3)he took me into room where all the students were waiting for interview and asked wat qualities are required for those ppl to get interviewd 4)later finally we went to interviewers room there he said to sit in his chair and he was sitting in thebench opposite to me and asked 1)wat r qualities required for writing good program?? 2)wat u would do in testing?? later he said me that hes impressed by my performance and sent me to HR round HR he was very starigh forward person 1)tell me abt urself?? 2)he asked abt HSBC i told him all the history ..etc INTERVIEW TECHNICAL: he was very jovial guy of all my interviews..etc 3)he asked me wat is GLT i couldnot answer .etx solve 6%4^5?? etc 5 questions c)RS Agarwal question types like selection procedure of a candiadte based on some constraints 3)Technical Questions Some basic questions iin C and C++ **(YASWANT KANETKAR EXPLORING C IS BEST)** and also some questions on sorting techniques selection sort.etc abt logo... said that i didnot find it in HSBC website whie i was browsing came out and .

prepositions. very very easy (don’t neglect it) Analytical reasoning : This is also very easy part. Conditions were given like Mark 1 if 1st and 2nd is the same Mark 2 if 1st and 3rd is the same . 20 QUES IN 30 MIN THERE WAS NO NEGATIVE MARKING NO UPPER CUTOFF AND NO LOWER CUTOFF.) 30 QUES IN 3O MINS 3. It consist of most of the questions on binary to decimal conversion If u know this u easily solve this. GENERAL ENGLISH ( PREPOSITIONS. THEN COMES THE TECHNICAL INTERVIEW ROUND. DONT ANSWER IN THAT LANG.I ROUND WAS GIVEN A FORM TO FILL UP THE FORM FOR H.R INTERVIEW.)20 OUES IN 20 MINS 4. SO I WOULD REQUEST ALL THOSE WHO WILL APPEAR FOR INTERVIEW THAT NEVER BECOME NERVOUS REMAIN COOL AND KEEP A SMILING FACE AND B CONFIDENT WITH UR ANSWERS. REASONING (R. HERE THE PERSON SHOULD REMAIN VERY COOL. AGARWAL QUANTITATIVE APTI. DATA STRUCTURE. THE PERSONS WHO CLEARS THE T. Aptitude Test : This consist of 4 sections .S.I and H. find similar words etc……….the person near door called me and sent me to a room where i filled up the form and results were annonced at around 8:30 Regarding the written test... REMEMBER 1 THING THAT T. based on 10th std grammar like fill in the blanks. C. FROM 200 STUDENT 83 CLEARED THE WRITTEN AND I WAS THE 1 OF THEM. 2 passages r given . Don’t use u r mind. FILL IN THE BLANKS ETC) 20 QUES IN 20 MIN 2. FROM 83 STUDENTS 55 REACHED THE HR ROUND AND FINALY 39 WERE SELECTED. NERVOUSNESS CAN KILL U AS IT WAS IN MY CASE. The test consisted of 4-sections 1. Verbal reasoning : most easy part. Only concentrate carefully on the question & u get the correct answer.AGARWAL VERBAL ND NON VERBAL REASONING WILL B SUFFICIENT.R ROUND CAN GO SIMULTANEOUSLY SO U HAV TO B WELL PREPARED FOR THAT MENTALLY. THEY CHECK UR BODY LANG.the paper was damn easy and if a student has good knowledge of English and maths he can easily qualify the wriiten. UR CONFIDENCE LEVEL AND MORE IMPORTANT IF THEY CHANGE LANG OTHER THEN ENGLISH THEN PLZ. C++ (THIS IS TOTAL TECHNICAL ND A PERSON SHOULD HAVE GOOD KNOWLEDGE FOR THIS).S. WILL DO IT. APTITUDE (R. English :dammed easy section . U CARRY UR ANSWERS IN ENGLISH ONLY. I WAS NOT SELECTED AS I BECOME NERVOUS AND GAVE 1 OR 2 WRONG ANSWERS. THE MAJOR FACTOR WAS TIME MANAGEMENT.

do the insertion sort on 354765 (don’t remember opt) a….and thank god m one among them.... then it's the hr round:-same boring hr questions but do prepare well. c++. then after i was told to leave..237 Answer :.c++. I had aptitude test on 25th september. They ask que.. Me : told Person : current project Me : explained Person : hobbies Me: told Then my intrv.(sorry don’t remember) 4.that is technical round..nearly 200 students appeared from four colleges... Some question are 1.AND FRIENDS I WAS NOT SELECTED..dbms Person : tell me abt RDBMS. c….out of which 110 wer short listed for the next round. d….quee. ..& the most imp Data structure..234 1111.some link list prog r given & find the out put.some I remember is If % is use as -...dbms. same asked for bubble sort 3.Mark 3 if 2nd and 3rd is same Mark 4 if none of these Sample question 1111. Sub.. is over ...c++. 2. …… b…… c. from tech 50 wer directed to HR.....convert 1100100 to base 10 (decimal) 4 to 5 ques on this type. * is used as +.void pointers are a .... b….. Me : told Person : wht is ASP & its use.and be fluent in ur comm skill AND B CONFIDENT WITH UR ANSWERS. They mostly looking for knowledge of java .. Tech interview They ask me Person : tell me abt urself....2 1111. . c.... generic (ans) d ………. it takes up to 15 min . Me: bla bla…… Person : which is ure fav.234 Technical (based on c and ds) I suggest u guys that plz go throw the c. used as % then 6*5%-2 = blab la Four ques on this type 5.and finally 28 got thro. Me : c.stack etc… so friends the time for written exam is 1hr 40 min which is hell lot of time.. On sorting .I cleared the appiti & wait for tech intrv.. linklist.

HR: here there wer 2 panels....a&c...... 2..APTITUDE: We had merit trac question paper..sir..and data sufficiency ques. 4..Agarval or any aps had 4 confident and hav faith in god.and it wil be moreover same for the companies to which thy conduct... 1..u knw this was my 14th company and i got thro.and and think for a second before u answer..88774 c)4455667...88774 b)44556667....... TI: wat s 8085? TI: wat s 8255. and comprehention of recruitment process also wil be prepared dat too. guys............ here i was very confident and dat fetched me a job in HSBC. aps results wer out after two days and i had tech interview on 29th which are alike? a&b..none..and after that i jus apoke wit confident..... basic eng knowledge is enough to crack jus contain u in HSBC. u jus be through wit venn diagram concepts...... next few ques wer of this pattern.........articles(use of a.since m Electronics student i had no idea abt it... HR: why do nwdays people prefer IT companies? i jus stressed on the respect given in IT comp....82.?i forgot the IC nos and i havent heard those nos R.Attention to * and / is + 45+5*3/7-9 = ? ther will be four option that time i thought i wont get thro tech interview... dont lose ur hope...the HR ques wer. and its maily depends on the panel which u go.. when i stepped out of the door......* is /. we hav to use BODMAS rule here to find the ans........ HR: any ques? i asked abt the sensex fall will affect a software engg.. the ques will be... TECH INTERVIEW: my tech interviewer was very cool person....luckily i got thro tech.i did not study about those processors in my syllabus.for their clients details log on to www...... for the first two ques i was little nervous....if i dint know the answer i told him politely i dont know sir...S.......83.the) and 2 comprehention. this was the easiest part in the aps....a form was given and thy told i was selected...only he can help us.the ques asked wer...... u can leave... it contains general maths........... 4 to 5 ques will be der of silmilar way... here c/c++/algorithm/data structures plays a role.......bla. every1 is havin a day and dat can be given only by Merit trac is an institute which has a standard pattern of questions.... 10 people wer arrived from pune and thy started the interview in 15 mins.wats ur strength? TI: wats ur weakness? TI: wats a role of team player? TI: wat r the languages u knw? TI: wats ur favourite sub in electronics? i told microprocessor.... HR: thak u....... ..... 3. it was very easy....b&c... a)44556667...i told him.technical.u can leave. TI: how will u interface 8085 wit 8255? TI: wat is op-amp? TI: draw the circuit diagram of insrumental amplifier? TI: okay. + is -.... HR: tell me abt urself? bla.... Tech Int(TI): arif.

... pointers to arry).. 4)Technical.. algo. # then evaluate expression type.... ..... Technical Interview was Focused on Basics of SQL....... 3)Qunatitative.. 2)Analtical Resoning.....Meaning of words.find match etc... if + is %.... C..... Sorting(complexity....) Trees... but if u hav solved verbal...prepositions......articles.. Errors.... C and Data Structure....... HR Interview---just about u....... qunatitativ stuff then not big deal 1) English .Procedure: 1)Aptitude Test 2)Technical Interview 3)HR Interview Aptitude Test: It has 4 Subsection and each has its own time I wont reccomend any book as test is different...Data Sufficiency.....pointers(Function pointers. Data Sructures.... ..

/207997. .070.30894 ..80895.. 9.7. .89.58 906:08-0  .7. .3-44 ::8-0974:9.8.79.!%%& 0.439.439..0598 . .9 147907.9.3 90 ..844394 207997.    990394394/09.08 :8041. 309106:08074198 5.0398/09.8 98.3/9-024704.8.98 34# $ .4257003943 -.79390.8:11..   .0.380307.43.8 9:8.3570548943 .3//./5.7/5..2014790.58. .507 007997.  .07-.2. .3/ .9    599:/0 9.6:089435.99073  8 8.03.9907341 6:089438 .42  .43/:.3/. 3430 946:08-0/074182.8900.8.078.033 /.425.- .33899:90.8.798   .03340/08034:94..

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!74.0 :89.9:70 5439078 :3.0  #3907. 6:3.:80/43.   3.0/.3.0.07-.:..9:708  #3907.99.9.4203/. .3.84..9005708843950   ":3..03.9435439078 543907894..0/:70  599:/0%089  %0.99.89843920 43970..9..334147/8 13/2..890898/1107039 -:91:.9.$97:.9.   %0.943.79.  38 5705489438 .$:11.4 %7008   %0.0 .3-44.8$:-80.-4:9:         .09.8.77  $4793 .89:11 903349-/  599:/0%089 9.$7:.08 77478 0. 3..3.3/0..#08433 1 8  89030.3907.3907.42509 ..84.9.3/.9.841$"  .