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Fold down the tips of the eyes. 1/2 14. Fold the middle-tip down inside the model. Rotate the model 180°. 17. Mountain-fold the part beneath the eyes behind. .9. 18. Zoom in. the hidden part of the while open up the flaps. Fold the flap upwards. Open sink. Valley-fold. Valley-fold the center of the model. 6 1/ 16. Rabbit ear fold. 180° 11. model. Zoom in on the 15. Fold the centercorners to the reference-points. Valley-folds. 1/3 1/2 20. Mountain-fold. 13. Valley-fold. flaps to the reference-points. Outside reverse fold 19. 10. 12.

1/2 25. flaps to the middle round. Mountain-fold.1/3 1/2 21. Plead-folds.while open the two sides. Fold down the flap and pull the sides out. Fold and unfold. 28. Inside reverse fold 30. Another Valley-fold. 22. 36. Fold down the make them look Turn the model around. Inside reverse fold the corners beside the snout and Mountain-fold the lower parts. Outside reverse fold Fold the lower flap the lower flap. of the lower flap. 29. Fold the flaps upwards. Inside reverse fold the edges. 33. Mountain-fold while pushing in the sides. Turn the model around. and zoom in at the center. Squeeze the eyes to 26. Sink the corners for the nostrils and shape the snout to make it 3D. upwards. Fold down the flap. Valley-folds on the top part. The model will not lie flat. 27. 35. 23. 34. 32. . the top corners. 24. 31. Turn the model around.

Press against the bottom of the necktie to shape it. Tuck inside. 45. © 2010 by Daniel Chang . Open up the front-layer 43. Finished model. the lower corners and mountain-fold the flap to the back. ears two times. 44. Fold the sides of the head backwards. 46. Valley-fold the of the ears. Turn the model. Mountain-fold the 40. Mountain-folds. 39. Smooth the border of the face. Inside reverse fold the edge of the ears. 42.37. Mountain-fold the sides of the back. 41. Squeeze the ears below to make them narrow. Mountain-fold. 38.