Umm Habiba Ramla (Hebrew: ‫ ,רמלה‬Ramlāh; Arabic: ‫ ,الرملة‬ar-Ramlah, colloquial Ramleh), is a city in the Center District in Israel

. According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), at the end of 2004 the city had a total population of 63,462. Her Birth: She was born 17 years before the start of Prophetic Mission. About 593, some said 595 and died in 662 or 666 at about age of 70. She was the wife of Muhammad, the final prophet in Islam and therefore a Mother of the Believers. Her Father Abu Sufyan- non believer, against Islam Sakhr ibn Harb, (Arabic: ‫) صخر بن حرب‬more commonly known as Abu Sufyan, was a leading man of the Quraish of Mecca and a staunch opponent of Muhammad but later adopted Islam and became one of Muhammad's companions. He was also the father of the Caliph Muawiyah I, the founder of the Umayyad dynasty. Caliph Muawiyah is her brother but different mother Uthmans mother is her sister so they r cousins 4 Islamic leader when the prophet died 1`-Abu Baker 2 -Omar 3- Uthman bin Affan=assassinated 4- Ali Ancestry Abu Sufyan was born 560 CE as a son of Harb ibn Umayya. Abu Sufiyan's grand-father was Umayya, after whom the Umayyad dynasty was named, and his great-grand father was Abd Shams ibn Abd al-Manaf, brother to Muhammad's great-grandfather Hashim.

was Abd Shams ibn Abd al-Uthman >> cousin (her mother is sister of uthman’s father) >>.Ummu Habibah >>> sister (same father different mother) Muawiyah>>>his mother

Hind bint Utbah she is one of the earliest Muslims convert wakhsi>> killed hamsa…leading the battle of badr..but killed during battle of UHud…he was attacked behind battle of yamun >>>abu sufuyan died at age 95, lost his eye mother is Sister of Uthman ibn afan Saffya binte abi al-A'as was daughter of Wa'il ibn Umayyah. She had relations with Abu Sufyan ibn Harb and bore him a daughter called Ramlah, who would later adopt Islam and marry Muh Marriage with Ubayd-Allah ibn Jahsh Al-Asadi Her first husband, Ubayd-Allah ibn Jahsh (Arabic: ‫عبيدال بن‬ ‫ )جحش‬was the brother of Zaynab bint Jahsh….became prophets wife also. Abu Sufyan ibn Harb could not conceive of anyone among the Quraysh who would dare challenge his authority or go against his orders. He was after all, the sayyid or chieftain of Makkah who had to be obeyed and followed. -pCan come follow her husband to be Christian -Return to mecca or go back to her family -She stayed in Abyssinia

400 gold dinar Khalid bin saeed—her wakil… witness in her marriage Gifts: safron ambergris aloes perfum (musk Ash-shurahil Ibn Hasana 29-31 marriage contract/35 when she returned to medina he was58 4 yrs live w/ prophet 570-birth of prophet 632-death of prophet stayed 30 yrs alone w/o hhusband died at 67 or 70 Hasan's brother Husayn was another great teacher and imam. After Hasan's death, many Muslims promised Husayn to stand by his side, and when Mu'awiya had died and Yazid had come to power in his place, they invited Husayn to come to Kufa and guide them to build up a community according to the Prophet's principles. But while he and his family were still on their way there, Yazid's troops occupied the city and waylaid Husayn near Karbala. Thoroughly shocked, Umm Salama heard the news of the horrible bloodshed that followed. Yazid's troops had attacked Husayn's little group, killed him and his men and even a baby and taken the women to Syria in a most shameful manner. This news was too much for the old lady who had spent all her life workig for the cause of Allah. She got ill and died and was buried in Medina with the other Mothers of the Faithful who had preceded her. But her male and female students are among those who continued to work

for Islam the way she had not only taught them but also shown by her example.