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Where Does Exploratory Testing Fit - James Bach - 30-May-2007 AN INTEGRATED TEST ENVIRONMENT FOR DISTRIBUTED APPLICATIONS - Huey Der Chu and John E Dobson 16-May-2006 A dozen tips for testing free software - Joe Barr - 05-May-2007 A Buyer's Guide to Code Coverage Terminology - Brian Marick - 02-Apr-2006 A Checklist for Software Safety - Dr. Connie Clayton - 11-Jan-2006 A Checklist of Common GUI Errors Found in Windows, Child Windows, and Dialog Boxes - Daniel J. Mosley - 28-Jul-2005 A Few Good Bugse - Patrick Bailey - 29-Apr-2007 A Metric Leading to Agility - Ron Jeffries - 02-Apr-2006 A Performance Analysis of Secure HTTP Protocol - Xubin He, - 08-Sep-2006 A Unit Testing Walkthrough with Visual Studio Team Test - Mark Michaelis - 07-Dec-2005 A beginner’s guide to reporting and tracking defects - Mitch Allen - 29-Jun-2006 A Few Words About Regression Testing - Steve McConnell - 29-Jul-2005 After the Bug Report - Danny R. Faught - 29-Jul-2005 Automation or Not, It’s All About the Data - Linda Hayes - 29-Jul-2005 Not Your Father’s Test Automation - An Agile Approach to Test Automation - Danny Faught/James Bach - 29-Jul-2005 An Introduction to Scenario Testing - Cem Kaner, - 16-May-2006 An Ounce of Goat is Worth a Pound of Hero - Harry Robinson - 29-Jul-2005 Analyzing Performance-Testing Results to Correlate Performance Plateaus and Stress Areas - Michael Kelly - 18-Aug-2005 Automated Software Testing With Macro Scheduler - MJT Net Ltd - 18-Mar-2007 Automated Testing of Win32 Applications on Multiple Operating Systems - AutomatedQA - 18-Aug-2005 Automation Testing versus Manual Testing Guidelines - saraford - 21-Jul-2005 Being Resourceful When Your Hands Are Tied - Danny Faught/Alan Richardson - 29-Jul-2005 Software Quality Testing using Black Box and White Box Testing - Ritesh Jain - 29-Jul-2005 Bug Advocacy - Cem Kane - 07-Dec-2006 Bug Triage Meeting -- Severity & Priority - Siva - 29-Jul-2005 Bug writing guidelines - Mozilla - 12-May-2007 Building High-Quality Software - Alan S. Koch - 29-Jul-2005 CLIENT-SERVER INTERFACE TESTING - Daniel J. Mosley - 26-Jul-2005 Categorizing Defects by Eliminating "Severity" and "Priority" - Brian Beaver - 29-Jul-2005 Choose QA Metrics around Business Goals - Claude Fenner - 27-Jul-2005 Classic Testing Mistakes - Brian Marick - 15-Apr-2006 Client/Server Software Testing - Hongmei Yang - 31-Dec-2005 Common Software Project Management Mistakes - Steve Miller - 29-Jul-2005 Complete SOA Testing Defined - Services-Oriented Architecture - 29-Jun-2006 Context Driven Testing - by KentBeck - 02-Apr-2006 Debugging in .NET - automatedQA - 29-Jul-2005 Defect Tracking and Problem Reporting - Daniel J. Mosley - 27-Jul-2005 Defining Test Requirements for Automated Software Testing - Daniel J. Mosley - 27-Jul-2005 Designing Unit Test Cases - - 07-Sep-2006 Designing an Automated Web Test Environment - Dion Johnson - 07-Sep-2006 Using the Allocation Profiler to Detect Memory Leaks in .NET Applications - AutomatedQA - 29-Jul-2005 EXPERIENCE WITH THE COST OF DIFFERENT COVERAGE GOALS FOR TESTING - Brian Marick - 15-Apr-2006 Effective Beta Testing - - 19-Feb-2006 Estimating Tester to Developer Ratios (or Not) - Kathy Iberle,Sue Bartlett - 15-Apr-2006 Evolution of Test and Code Via Test-First Design - Jeff Langr - 02-Apr-2006 Exploratory Load Testing - Danny Faught - 11-Jan-2006 Exploratory Testing and the Planning Myth - James Bach - 29-Jun-2006 Exploring an Open Source Automation Framework Implementation - Vinayak Kumbhakern - 29-Jul-2005 FUNCTIONAL SYSTEM TESTING TECHNIQUES - - 08-Aug-2006 Let Observation Be Your Crystal Ball - Good at finding the weakest link in code? - Bret Pettichord - 08-Aug-2005

Keeping Secrets - How Data Privacy Affects Testing - Linda Hayes - 29-Jul-2005 How Many Bugs Do Regression Tests Find? - Brian Marick - 21-Feb-2007 How to Automate Testing of Graphical User Interfaces - Tilo Linz, Matthias Daigl - 16-Jul-2005 How to Hire a QA Person - William Bliss/Mitch Allen - 04-Mar-2006 How to Report Bugs Effectively - Simon Tatham - 29-Jun-2006 Improving the Accuracy of Tests by Weighing the Results - Julian Harty - 20-Apr-2007 Inside the Software Testing Quagmire - Garbaczeski, CIO - 27-Mar-2006 Integrating Security Testing in Software Test Life Cycle - Gunasekaran Veerapillai - 16-Apr-2007 Introduction to Rapid Software Testing - Chris Brown, Gary Cobb, Robert Culbertson. - 26-Jul-2005 Issue Priority and Severity - Peter Clark - 11-Jan-2006 It takes more than faith to avoid a software disaster - Shane Schick - 27-Mar-2006 JUnit Cookbook - Kent Beck, Erich Gamma - 20-Mar-2007 Java Application Testing Tools - vinodh.velusamy - 08-Feb-2007 Java Performance - Joe Sharp Do You Want Fries With That Test? - Learn new ways to uncover more defects - Michael Bolton - 29-Jul-2005 Lessons Learned in Software Quality Assuranc - Linda H. Rosenberg - 09-Oct-2006 Measurement of the Extent of Testing - Cem Kaner - 15-Apr-2006 Mercury: Drag & Drop Software QA - Jim Wagner - 30-Dec-2005 More NUnit and Nant Tricks, Tips and Examples - Stewart Baird. - 26-Jul-2005 Painless Bug Tracking - Joel Spolsky - 15-Apr-2006 The Mercury Interactive Maturity Model for Performance Testing - Pt. 1 - Scott Moore - 25-Jul-2005 How Do You Practice Software Testing? - Michael Kelly. - 18-Aug-2005 Putting Unit Tests to Work - Grant Fritchey - 26-Mar-2007 Quality-driven means Customer-driven - Claude Fenner - 25-Jul-2005 Quality Tools for Large Scale software development - Dynamic Memory Solutions - 20-Jan-2006 Mission Critical: Visualize, Personalize, Humanize - Rapid Testing - Michael Bolton - 29-Jul-2005 Reducing Your Cost of Quality - Alan S. Koch - 29-Jul-2005 QACenter Regression Testing Products Summary - Operative Software Products - 20-Jan-2006 SILKTEST AND WINRUNNER FEATURE DESCRIPTIONS - Horwath/Green/Lawler - 25-Jul-2005 SIMULATION IN HOST-TARGET TESTING - Smruti Ranjan Kar - 11-Dec-2006 SQA Lab Essentials - Mitch Allen - 04-Mar-2006 SQL Server Testing - Ramchander Raju B. - 16-Feb-2007 STRUCTURED SYSTEM TESTING TECHNIQUES - - 08-Aug-2006 Salaries for software testers - Pencom Systems Incorporated salary - 21-Jul-2005 Scalability and Performance Testing of Server Software - Srinivasan Desikan - 29-Jul-2005 Scripting techniques in Automation - Ranjit Shewale - 08-Aug-2006 Session-Based Test Management - Jonathan Bach - 29-Jun-2006 Seven Steps to Test Automation Success - Bret Pettichord - 08-Aug-2006 Skills of a Tester's Skull - R. Sankara Narayanan - 10-Sep-2006 So You Want To Work in QA - Dee-Ann LeBlanc - 28-Jan-2007 Software Errors: Prevention and Detection - Karl E. Wiegers, Ph.D., Fairport, NY - 14-Jan-2006 Software Inspections - Ron Radice - 30-Dec-2005 Software QA 101: The Basics of Testing - Sue Hildreth - 17-Jan-2007 Software Quality Metrics Overview - Stephen H. Kan - 31-Dec-2005 Software Requirements Specification Walkthrough Checklist - Daniel J. Mosley - 27-Jul-2005 Software Test Automation - M.N. Alam - 16-May-2006 Software Test Automation And Strategy - M Trellis - 27-Feb-2007 Software Test Automation and the Product Life Cycle - Dave Kelly, Symantec Corporation - 16-Jul-2005 Software Testing – Redefined - R. Sankara Narayanan - 18-Feb-2007 Software Testing Best Practices - Ram Chillarege - 16-May-2006 Stress Testing SQL Server - Anthony Bressi - 12-Nov-2006 Suffering for Success -- How typical methods of measuring success can actually cause failure - Linda Hayes - 29-Jul-2005 Support for Testing, Testing for Support - Michael Bolton - 04-Mar-2006

System Testing Without a Specification - Sanford M. Sorkin - 19-Feb-2006 Taking the Heat - Bret Pettichord - 09-Oct-2006 Testing the "REST" - V. Niranjan - 20-May-2007 Techniques for Testers - Meridith Levinson - 15-Mar-2006 Test-Driven Development Isn’t Testing - Jeff Patton - 29-Jul-2005 Test Automation: An Architected Approach - Dan Young - 29-Jul-2005 Test Automation Frameworks - Carl Nagle - 16-Jul-2005 Test Automation Snake Oil - James Bach - 02-Apr-2006 Test Categorization Techniques with TestNG - Andy Glover - 09-Nov-2006 Test Smarter, Not Harder - Scott Sehlhorst - 23-Jan-2007 Testing E-Commerce Systems - Wing Lam - 08-Aug-2005 Testing GUI Applications - Paul Gerrard - 16-May-2006 http:Testing Server Applications - Daniel J. Mosley - 28-Jul-2005 Testing Without Requirements Specifications - Surbhi Shridhar - 29-Jul-2005 Testing XML - Pallavi Patwa - 29-Jul-2005 froglogic Announces Support for Testing XView Applications with Squish - Unknow - 18-Aug-2005 Testing and Quality Assurance Techniques - Sandy Sorkin - 27-Mar-2006 Testing your pages - Ross Shannon - 16-Nov-2006 The Automated Testing Lifecycle Methodology (ATLM) - Elfriede Dustin - 08-Jan-2007 The “Data” in Data-driven Silk Testing - Steve Pearson - 07-Mar-2007 The Interview Guide for Testers - R. Sankara Narayanan - 21-Nov-2006 The ROI of Test Automation - Michael Kelly - 29-Jul-2005 The Real Costs and Benefits of Test Automation - Frits Bos - 29-Jul-2005 The testing estimation process - Antonio Cardoso - 10-Sep-2006 Three Keys to Test Automation - Bret Pettichord - 09-Oct-2006 Three Questions About Each Bug You Find - Tom Van Vleck - 25-Jul-2005 Tips for Preparing for the Quality Assurance Phase - Steve Miller - 26-Apr-2007 Totally Data-Driven Automated Testing - Keith Zambelich - 21-Jul-2005 Turning a List of Options into a Test Plan - Mitch Allen - 04-Mar-2006 Unit Testers Get More Chicks - James Edward Gray - 18-Nov-2006 Unit Testing With Visual Studio - Grant Fritchey - 26-Dec-2006 Unit testing database code - dallaway - 31-Jan-2007 Upgrade Path Testing - Dhiraj Lokhande - 05-Apr-2007 Use Case Testing - Ross Collard - 29-Jul-2005 User Testing. How to find out what users want - Jennifer Fleming - 15-Mar-2006 Using Fuzzers in Software Testing - Robert Auger - 25-May-2007 Using GUI-based Automated Test Tools to Test Legacy Applications - Keith Zambelich - 21-Jul-2005 Using Macro Scheduler For Load Testing - MJT Net Ltd - 30-Dec-2006 FAQ: Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Tester - Microsoft Corporation - 07-Dec-2005 Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers - Ian Murphy - 07-Dec-2005 Web Application Testing Tools - Open Source - vinodh.velusamy - 30-Mar-2007 Web Testing - Mitch Allen - 04-Mar-2006 Web Testing with HTTP Recorder - Linda Julien - 09-Oct-2006 What Is Exploratory Testing? - By James Bach - 21-Jul-2005 What Is Software Testing? And Why Is It So Hard? - James A. Whittaker - 15-Mar-2006 What Is a Good Test Case? - Cem Kaner, J.D., Ph.D. What to Test When It's Not Your Code - Ipsita Chatterjee - 18-Dec-2006 When Should a Test Be Automated? - Brian Marick - 16-Jul-2005 Where Does Exploratory Testing Fit - James Bach - 30-May-2007 Why Software Quality Stinks - JON SURMACZ - 09-Oct-2006 Why Unit Testing in Visual Studio Team System - Jason Anderson - 07-Dec-2005 Why a career in testing makes sense - R SUBRAMANYAM - 11-Nov-2005 WinRunner vs. QuickTest Pro Quick Comparison - Shawn LoPorto - 08-Aug-2006

Reduce Stress, Write a Test - Mike Clark - 08-Aug-2005 Writing Effective Defect Reports - Kelly Whitmill - 14-Jan-2006 Anatomy of a Software Development Role: Quality Assurance - Robert Bogue - 16-Jul-2005 Arguing Apples and Oranges -- Explains the how Priority and Severity of the bug given - Elisabeth Hendrickson - 29-Jul-2005 Five Minutes Ahead of the Boot - testing and QA - Danny R. Faught - 29-Jul-2005