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Affirmative Action Affirmative Action By: Maurio Levy January 10, 2011 Axia College/University of Phoenix HRM/240 Andrinee


Affirmative Action

Affirmative action policies are policies that should be implemented within any company. It is a tool that is very helpful and is used to create diversity in the workplace. Implementing such policies helps the company will growth and its overall image because it is not based on race or personal relationships but strictly on qualifications and how that particular individual fits the company needs. Affirmative action policies will also allow employees the chance to be able to interact, socialize, and befriend people of different backgrounds and culture that some of them would not otherwise experience outside of the work place. Affirmative action will encourage our company to hire and train minorities that are qualified for positions within the company, without having to compromise the rights of non-minority workers.

We live in completely different times where competition is plentiful and where advancements are constantly being made in the business world and we have to be open to different changes within the company. No company wants to be known as one that treats its current or future employees unfairly because of what they look like or where they come from. This kind of behavior is often frowned upon not only in the business world but in the common world and can have the ability to drastically affect the companys dealings with current or future partners. It is not my opinion that this company partakes in such activities but I feel every company can always do better in this area. I understand that sometimes people can hesitant or somewhat skeptical about affirmative action policies because it is often controversial but it is necessary. Affirmative action policies have allowed many people of different races and background to be have the opportunities to become successful that did not

Affirmative Action exist before. There are several reasons why affirmative action policies should be part of this company. Many minorities have benefited from affirmative action policies that have led to the creation of work opportunities, making companies realize the importance of having various groups of people in a work environment. There will always be something negative attached to most things. People usually oppose the implementation of affirmative action on the basis that evidence implies that it is not effective in the increase of minorities in the workplace. When a person knows that their employer or potential employer has an affirmative action policy in place, it makes them feel comfortable with the company and more confident within themselves because they know that they are been considered by their credentials alone. In addition, the company needs to also have a plan in place to make the transition to implementing the affirmative action policies go as smoothly as possible. Change is something that one cannot spring upon others but it has to be introduced slowly and precisely so that everyone involved has a good handle of its intention. I propose a plan to have a class on affirmative action policies for management so that they understand fully both the positives and the negatives of such policies so that they will be able to make better decisions. Often times, companies become so worried about diversity in the work place that they hire people based on that alone and not qualifications. This is very important because it can cause a division within the company and can lead to unfortunate circumstances. Members of the board can implement more balanced affirmative action policies to avoid preferential treatment shown between unprotected classes of individuals, which may result in reverse discrimination occurrences. This has been one of the more discussed issues involving affirmative action policies. Affirmative action was not designed to be used in such a

Affirmative Action manner but to simply create equal opportunities for everyone not just African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, or several other races but Caucasians as well. Many people argue that affirmative action sometimes do the opposite of what it was created to do, by placing too much emphasis on race resulting in one group of people being preferred over another group of individuals. Our company will ensure that this does not occur by using an effective system to make sure that all members of the company are treated fairly and that by implementing affirmative action policies, we do not neglect the needs of unprotected classes of individuals.

As citizens, we are all taught to believe that companies are equal opportunity employers and that everyone would be considered and have a chance to succeed with that company. An affirmative action policy go hand and hand with that belief and ensures that everyone has that chance and not feel that their hard work and dedication to a better life is unwarranted. Our company has always been known as a company that takes initiative and at the fore front of change and advancement. It is our duty to insure that everyone who comes in contact with the company gets treated fairly and justly without prejudice. By voluntarily implementing affirmative action; our company can be a leader in equal opportunity employment. I hope you all take this into consideration and be the great leaders that you have always been.

Affirmative Action

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