chongqing medical university basic medical college chongqing, china

my college life

name: keshav bhattarai country: nepal class: three batch: 2006 id: 2006510155

my college life
1. recalling about the past, i am feeling the time flies; virtually flies like a rocket. for a long time, i was very confident about stability of my static life, which has changed drastically because of change in many things like education, language, sport, expense, living, food, program, vacation and festival, in no time, eventually, after i began my college life in chongqing, china. dr. rudolf virchow, a german pathologist, for example, never had any concern about change in his life, as he was changed by birth, as he was born in a developed country. even well into the twentieth century, julius robert oppenheimer, an american physicist, remained the same. but, i began to detect a new theme emerging in me: the theme of change in my static life after i began my college life in a country which is more developed than my homeland. today not only me many more are more and more conscious of the changes not as a problem but as a progress. specially, educated and knowledgeable people are conscious of the changes and development. illiterate and uneducated people are always victim of superstitious beliefs, and strongly refuse or discard the changes and development. while educated and knowledgeable people bow their head in front of changes and development, and try their best to gain as much advantages as they can gain from those changes and development. the famous cambodian proverb “the immature rice stalk stands erect, while the mature stalk, heavy with grain, bends over,” strongly supports the above sentence. i still can remember the day i stepped in chongqing, the memory is just like so fresh as if all the things happened yesterday! my room in dormitory was as black as pitch with the thick darkness when i first stepped into my room. there were no any lights working; so i lit up a candle, you can’t imagine how stealthily, stealthily…..until, at length, a single dim ray, like the thread of the spider, shot out from the crevice and fell upon my eyes as if that was illusion or was just tending me to remind the houses of my homeland; dark and dusty with many cracks and crevices. i was feeling as if i was heavily drunk. however, when i woke up on the next day, i felt as if my room was shining like a bright star. how fast was the service; all the broken lights were replaced by new ones before the day break. i could see air-conditioner, television, telephone, boiler and furniture in my room, and a big forest of skyscrapers out of the window. when i stepped out to eat something, pointed chopsticks with a bowl of noodles were given to me. that was the first change that i witnessed in my college life; drastic change in food variety and eating style. the very first day of my college life started with many changes, in that way. the ways by which i affirm changes are not uncertain and obscure. there are multiplying signs, indeed, that something has brought a rapid change in my static life after i began my college life in chongqing, china.

2.the multiplying signs contribute to the production of vivid, concrete visual imagery to present the dynamic setting of my college life. as we know, “college (latin=collegium) is a term most often used today to denote an educational institution,” learning education along with learning language and learning sport are the most basic and most important things for students in college life. learning education is very important because education is the light of the life, which removes the darkness from one’s life with its brightness; and is important, also because it determines and makes one’s future. as teaching system in our college is based on scientific teaching methodology, the lessons were taught very smoothly with the help of the computer. the blackboards were rarely used. if i had to talk about my homeland, very few colleges use scientific teaching methodology; most of the colleges are still dependent on chalks and blackboards. i felt as if i jumped from 18th century world to the country of 21st century. that was a very positive aspect, at the same time it was a motivation for me to work hard. the atmosphere of studying was very good, and we encouraged each other. we used to discuss and study together. in the final examination, many of us got scholarship but i did not get because of low scores in chinese language. to be honest, i should have been proud of them but not, as i am very selfish in studying matter, because better performance leads to bright future and brilliant career. similarly, learning language is also very important because it can help to get adapt, study and become social in a new environment. besides learning chinese language in classroom, i had also made many chinese friends, and even a chinese messenger (qq) to learn and improve chinese language; because i had suffered a lot in the beginning. few days ago the australian prime minister delivered his speech in a fluent chinese during his visit to beijing. there he stated the famous saying, “do not fear the heaven, do not fear the earth, but do fear if a foreigner speaks in a fluent chinese.” it shows that chinese is really the most difficult language in the world. although, i used my fingers to point the things i wanted to deal with, in the beginning days, now i can work to some extent with both putonghua and chongqinghua. besides that i also developed chinese accent in my english. now, i can understand and speak english with chinese accent. so, now i can easily communicate with chinese teachers and students about any matter. the knowledge of language can also work as a tool if i wish to work and live in china in future. “plan ahead - it was not raining when noah built the ark,” is a famous saying which strongly supports the above sentence. besides learning education and language, learning sport is also very important as it helps us become physically fit and healthy. besides learning sport in p.e. class, i had also made many chinese friends to learn more from them. as we know the famous saying, “a healthy mind develops in a healthy body,” our body should be physically fit and healthy to keep our mind healthy. to keep our body physically fit and healthy it is very necessary to play sport. as sport was not compulsory in school and high school in my country, i was not interested in it, although i knew the importance. but, the environment and system in china brought a change in me. now, i play a lot of sport and even take part in the competition. not only drastic changes occurred in my static life because of changes in education, language and sport, but also various overwhelming changes in my static life because of changes in expense, living and food were witnessed by me during my college life in chongqing medical university.

3. the witness of overwhelming changes contribute to the description of status, living condition, food variety, eating style and many more of chongqing or china. the overwhelming changes that i witnessed in my static life during my college life; because of changes in expense, living and food in comparison to my homeland; can be very useful to foreigners who are interested to study, work or live in china as well as visit china. besides education, language and sport, expense is also one of the most important aspects for students in college life as it can meet the various needs of the students. my personal expense became very high in chongqing, china in comparison to my homeland, as i used money by myself for all purposes here, which was done and controlled by my parents when i was in my homeland. moreover, the stuffs of international brands are very expensive here in china as chinese government imposes heavy tax on them. not only, above mentioned aspects are responsible, the fluctuation and skyrocketing of price of the commodities because of the growing tourism and beijing olympic 2008, also affects the personal and living expenses. although the stuffs of chinese brands are cheaper, they are more expensive in comparison to the stuffs available in my homeland. so, it is obvious for the increment of my personal expense. the difference in the value of the money of the two countries and the increment in the value of the chinese currency can also play an important role in the increment of my personal and living expense in china. because of that reason i learned to plan and allocate budget for different purposes. as college student should study very hard, living is very important factor in college life. regarding our living, we have a peaceful dormitory having 24 hours elevator facility, 24 hours security, canteen of indo-nepali food, healthy environment and fast service. in fact, i had never seen any elevator in any college or dormitory in my country except some of the hospitals affiliated to medical colleges. but, it is the most basic thing here in chongqing, china. it makes students’ life easier and more comfortable. it can save our time and energy which can be utilized in studying purpose. when i used to live in dormitory in the first year, i had many dormitory room mates. all of them were very friendly and co-operative; and ready to help each other at any time in any problems. that friendly and co-operative environment of my dormitory life is one of the delightful part of my college life. that time in which we used to study, discuss, play, enjoy, celebrate, live, eat, communicate and work together in our dormitory is the most memorable time not only of my college life but also of my whole life; as i had never lived dormitory life or such a life before in my home country. overall, the living in dormitory was perfect except some disturbances made by bad intentioned students.

besides expense and living, food is also very important factor in college life which can provide the body with calorie. students should eat nutritious food to provide body with sufficient calorie to work hard. regarding food, if i were asked to choose the best one among indo - nepali food and chinese food, i would obviously choose the chinese food as it is much more nutritious than indo-nepali food. since, india and nepal are both hindu countries, hindu people in those two countries do not eat pork and beef. so, the variety of protein containing food is very less in india and nepal than compared to china. in india and nepal most of the people eat food considering fads and flavors. there is one famous saying, “what people eat is not calories but food, and consideration of fads, flavors and variations of appetite can make nonsense of the dietician’s theories,” which is exactly applicable for those two countries. but, as i am a medical student, my first priority goes to food containing nutrition. so, knowing the fact about nutrition, i love to eat chinese food. chinese food are not only nutritious, they are even more delicious than indian and nepali food. there is one saying, “american life, japanese wife and chinese food make the best combination,” which reflects chinese food is really the perfect food. i really enjoyed eating chinese food during my college life. hot-pot (huo guo) was one of my favorite. besides noodles (mian) and dumplings (jiao zi), i also preferred hot dumplings (tang yuan) for breakfast. all in all, the chinese foods are excellent except some too spicy foods. besides the overwhelming changes occurred in expense, living and food, there are some other things like program, vacation and festival that brought a dramatic change in my static life, subsequently, after i began my college life in chongqing, china.

4. the dramatic change produces not only the sense of feeling but also the sense of sight of my college life. the dramatic changes that occurred in my static life because of changes in program, vacation and festival during my college life are very interesting. performing in a program is very useful for any student as it develops confidence and courage. actually, i had never performed in a program as a signer or a dancer before in my country although i had participated in drawing and poem writing competition. but, here i got an opportunity to perform a nepali folk dance in a program of new year party - 2008 organized by chongqing education commission in chongqing university. that was my first performance in a program in my college life. the program was organized for foreign teachers and international students in chongqing, china. the program was outstanding with participation of foreign teachers and international students from more than 15 different countries who were teaching or studying in chongqing, china. that was the biggest and the most extraordinary program i had ever participated or performed. my feet were not on the ground when my father called me to inform that the article of that program was published in kantipur nepali national daily newspaper of kathmandu, nepal. besides that i had also performed a nepali folk dance in a program organized by chinese students in the presence of foreign teacher mr. philip on the auspicious occasion of christmas. we also sang christmas carols in that program. those performances developed additional confidence and courage in me to face people and to stand on the stage.

as students get exhausted after a long term continuous hard work in study, vacation is very important for students. the major vacations for students in china are winter vacation and summer vacation. because of unrest political instability in nepal i did not return back to my country in those vacations. rather i visited many places in chongqing. in winter vacation, i went to china tongjing spring paradise to take shower in hot spring water, and chongqing haishi park to see dogfight competition. i also went to climb gele mountain and zhutou mountain. besides those places, i also went to visit some common places like yangrenjie (international taproom street), ciqikou (ancient town), ren min da li tang (people’s great hall of chongqing), chongqing san xia bo wu guan (chongqing three gorges museum), etc. in summer vacation, i went to nanshan (nan mountain) to see the nightview of chongqing. in that place, i also visited anti-japanese war museum and nan shan park. the place was really cool during summer. so, nanshan is the most favourable place to stay during summer. you can get enough oxygen and become healthier in that place as there are many forests. on some of the hottest days i went to water world and swimming pool. first time i gathered a typical entertaining experience in the water world. on rest of the days i stayed in my dormitory with the airconditioner on for whole day and night, as it was very hot in chongqing. i also reviewed and previewed the important medical books in those vacations. in those vacations, i not only entertained and visited different places, but also gathered a lot of information and exciting experiences. similarly, festival is also very important for students in college life as it helps and teaches us to become moral and social. moreover, it is also a good time to get together, and to share sorrow and happiness with each other. as, i am christian, our biggest festival is christmas. we celebrated christmas in the most extraordinary way than ever expected. in that occasion, we read bible script (verse) in 10 different languages which were akan, chinese, english, indonesian, nepali, spanish, shona, swahili, telgu and twi. we sang chorus of christmas carols in 5 different languages and many christmas carols in english. although it was the plan of lord jesus, it was made successful by the active efforts of foreign teacher miss faith. i had also attended the thanksgiving feast on the auspicious occasion of american thanksgiving day. that was my first time to celebrate american thanksgiving day. not only those festivels, i also attended the celebration of three major chinese festivals which were spring festival (chun jie), mid-autumn festival (zhong qiu jie) and dragon boat festival (duan wu jie). spring festival is celebrated on the occasion of chinese new year. we ate hot dumplings (tang yuan) and played firecrackers. children wear new clothes and receive blessings and money from parents and relatives, play games and visit different places. adults get together, drink and gamble together. they wish each other by saying, “xin nian kuai le, gong xi fa cai,” which means best wishes of happy new year. mid-autumn festival is celebrated on the occasion of mid-autumn day. we ate a special cake known as moon cake. this festival is celebrated specially for getting together. dragon boat festival is also a festival to get together and eat a special food known as rice dumplings (zhong zi). zhong zi is made up of rice and pork, cooked by packing it in some green leaves. in that way, i witnessed a number of chinese and international festivals and acquired a lot of actual information about them. knowing all the vivid, concrete visual imagery that explains the sense of sight of my college life, there is no doubt about the dramatic changes occurred in my static life.

5. the changes occurred in education, language, sport, expense, living, food, program, vacation and festival during my college life were the catalysts in my static life which were responsible for bringing changes in my static life; for which many people or students struggle day and night. here comes a question: changes for what? answer will be, obviously for learning new things and for becoming better than before. changes here refer to a positive change which means progress or development. we are studying in college simply means that we are trying to learn new things and also trying to become better than before. so, we should be conscious of the change in order to change our static life. for that we should be well acquainted with the best information about as many things as possible, as we know, “the most successful man in life is the one who has the best information.” the future is unforeseeable, what can we do is to master now; today is our hope. so, we should try our best and do as much as possible in our college life to see better future. college life is lived in a small society. being a member of a small society, living under the same sun, we need to be sociable; and maintain peace and harmony. we should solve every disputes between friends by words not by force; as it is said, “handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” we should do hard work with strong determination in our college life as it determines and makes our future. if we have better performances and achievements in our college life, we will have bright future and brilliant career. my college life was full of curiosities, goals, dreams, hard works, determinations, promises, achievements, performances, enjoyments, challenges, difficulties, problems, etc. i did overcome all the challenges, difficulties and problems by hard work and strong determination, and was able to kill the curiosities, keep promises, acquire goals, dreams, better performances, achievements, which ended with enjoyments. i was able to grasp all the advantages and positive things of college life in every field. all these better performances and achievements in education, language, sport, expense, lining, food, program, vacation and festival brought a drastic change in my static life, subsequently, after i began my college life in chongqing medical university, chongqing, china. all those better performances and achievements were the outcome or result of my college life. so, i am very proud of my college life. all in all, my personal opinion is that, college life is an especially important period of time. you should make good use of your golden time in college life. in college life, you will learn a lot of things not only in textbooks, but also outside textbooks; not only in theory, but also in practice. if life were a piece of colorful drawing, college life would be one of the brightest colors. if life were a meaningful poem, college life would be one of the most beautiful words. if life were a piece of graceful music, college life would be one of the most touching tones. college life is a mountain of treasures. if you pay attention to your college life, you will pick a lot of precious things. as you know, “time and tide waits for none,” you should do everything in time to make your college life meaningful. i can only think of these things. this is all about vivid, concrete visual imagery that explains dynamic setting of my college life; that owes a debt of gratitude to chongqing medical university and chongqing, china; the umbrella of many foreign teachers and international students.

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