What do you like and what do you not like about walking and running in Natomas?

I want to know why there is NO public access to the track and field behind Allen P. Height Learning Center on North Park Drive and East Commerce. As an individual jogger, I would love "any-time" access to this track and field on weekends when it is not being used. My taxes when to pay for the track and field, and I should be able to use it when it is not being used for school or other events! Love the wide Wide paths around the park behind Inderkum High School! I'm a little afraid of the goose poop around this area as well. No drinking fountains though. Would like to see drinking fountains at three heights.. for adults, kids, and dogs. Many trails through beautiful little parks are lovely. I like the shade trees and the access to amenities, school, park, library, transit and grocery store here in South Natomas I enjoy the pathways that are off the street for our use. Good trails, too many crosswalks for streets Lots of parks Light traffic, interesting streets (grids are boring), lots of parks Not a runner - too hard on my joints. I do low impact strenuous exercise including weight lifting twice daily 6 days per week at Gold's Gym. Drivers who don't slow down I like that there are certain trails, however it would be nice to see a better network of them, and softer surfaces for running/walking. Safety at night is a concern. I work in North Natomas, so my walking only consists of going to and from Safeway. Right turning cars that do not want to stop. I live near Truxel and San Juan. Like the clear lines of sight and uncluttered sidewalks. Dislike the speed of vehicles on full lateral streets like Macon. do not like all the cars parked on or blocking the sidewalks I like North Natomas very much. I just don't have much time for walking. Great landscaping, numerous bike/walk paths to choose from, lots of trees. Don't like many vehicles obliviousness to pedestrians and many times their speed. Lots of trail around in Natomas makes it easy to get out and walk/jog without worrying about the traffic. I don't have any complaints though. The North Natomas Regional Park and the trails connecting to it from the north are a great place to run as you don't have to worry about traffic. I also like running on the canal levees adjacent to Natomas Blvd. I would like limited access to the school running tracks (before or after school hours, of

course). There are 2 within 1 mile of my house, but are always locked. This could perhaps be a good alternative for those who are looking for a safe place to walk. SOME DRIVERS DO NOT OBEY SPEED LIMIT. Clean and safe area. Don't like: 1. Noise and smell from 6-lane roads running everywhere. 2. The annual mass murder committed by mowing and discing the undeveloped future park land adjacent to Inderkum high Like: not sure I enjoy different mini neighborhoods; looking at various landscaping of homes and parks; watching families enjoy the various parks People who let their dogs run loose or basically loose on those 10 foot flexi-leashes. Also all the dog poo not picked up. ugh. Lots of parks and bike trails. Several open areas/trails to use. My biggest complaint is the streets are HUGE and intimidating. People for the most part pay attention to pedestrians more in Natomas than other places I've lived. Bad uneven sidewalks Just being able to get out and enjoy the parks. I hate allergies! Fresh air/not enough time There are lots of great places to walk or run in Natomas. pros: relaxing, safe, seeing familiar faces, taking ownership of my community // cons: too much goose poop .. *NO SHADE* AND MANY OF THOSE TREES WERE PLANTED 10 YEARS AGO.. THEY'RE STILL BEING HELD UP WITH SUPPORT STAKES!!! Wind. I don't like the wind the new completed bike trail is fabulous. great paths through the parks. Staying on paths free of cars. drivers that aren't nice Nothing I like the neighborhoods, I don't like the long stretches along busy roads that are unpleasant because of litter and no plantings. ( Truxel, San Juan, Arena, Del Paso, etc.) We would walk to more stores rather than drive if it was prettier. No complaints

The best is saying hi to people, and close to it is the beauty of trees and front yard gardens. The worst is when crossing streets, even at stop signs. Most vehicles drive much faster than 25 mph, rarely stop at signs, and fail to see people crossing the street. Decent trails and pleasant during the daytime hours. Too dark at night to stay on the bike trail. Sidewalks very uneven to go through the neighborhood at night, also pretty dark. It would be nice to have walking/running groups for the evening or nighttime hours. For safety reasons I have had to stop running alone at night because of a scare in Regency Park. I live in a gated community where I can safely run in the evenings. Dislike: too hard to get out of my neighborhood safely. Like: well lighted streets, safe to run after dark. To much traffic and cars parked along sidewalks. Doesn't feel safe drivers turning corners when I'm in the crosswalk I like the open spaces and the natural setting behind Westlake and down DelPaso toward the Garden Highway. I feel safe walking in the Westlake neighborhood. I would like more walking paths away from the traffic Nothing Paths are accessible and well maintained. Walking in Natomas is excellent. Good paths/trails in my neighborhood. I am afraid of loose dogs in the street (I had a very bad experience once) meeting/talking w/people walking their dogs or just enjoying the walk Likes: Good sidewalks, low traffic in most areas, flat terrain, out into the "country" quickly on the outskirts Dislikes: Crossing Del Paso or Truxel The traffic controls are fairly new and work well. e.g. street lights, intersections, sidewalks, business driveways, lack of potholes, etc. I love that there are a number of destinations within walking distance and particularly enjoy running around the open space between the school and the duck pond. I often take a walk in the lake shore pedestrian pathway in the West Lake in North Natomas. I like the beautiful lake view of West Lake, the peaceful view of nature surroundings, and a short greeting with people who are also walking or running at that time. However, I do not like the biker (adult or teenager) or roller-skater yelling to warn the walkers and zipping through between the walkers in the narrow pedestrian pathway. I am wondering if it is even permitted in that area. In addition, I don't like to see dog owners who do not pick up their dogs' poops in the parks/sidewalks, or they don't use leash on their dogs. flat surface and good visibility Dedicated paths bike paths are great)

In our area I walk around the neighborhood which for the most part is quiet and safe. I can use the paths and not get hit by cars I like the paths, but not all the weeds and grasses that start growing up around them. I have been attacked by dogs off leash. I now carry bear spray. Some owners do not pick up after pets. I like that there are other people out walking their dogs and participating in activities. I like the wide walkways offered at many of the parkways. I don't like bikes and dogs off leash on the walkways. I think it would be great if there were more trees and more nature preserves/green belts with paths to walk/jog around. Like running in Westlake but wish there were a safer way to cross the freeway. all the cars More walk/run friendly roads Good exercise, but easy on my knees and hips. I enjoy the walkway around Westlake, but need even more walking/running trails off the busy streets i like the open fields and nicely kept green areas i do not like dead animals like snakes, birds, rabbits, racoons, left out on the streets like walking on the bike trail along the Bannon Creek Walkway. Lots of trees and nature areas to walk around Love the duck pond, and the paths at the regional park. I walk in my neighborhood. Otherwise, it's really far to walk to anything pleasurable in Natomas. security concerns for women. Like lots of sidewalks. Dislike length of time waiting for pedestrian signal...especially at truxel/del paso That I have to be very cautious during evening hours Paved/concrete paths are nice; overgrown weeds obscuring surroundings is not. sidewalks are new, even, so terrain is nice worried about some of the high-profile crimes (attempted strangulation/sexual assaults) over the last year or so There isn't places to do either Many paths to walk in the parks

Love the wide bike lanes and paths in west Natomas..Thrilled with the new overpass. Biking along the canal paths from Arena north tricky due to street crossings, lights on Truxel often don't stay on long enough if you are not a serious biker The paths at the Regional Park. We need more of them there, so we can bike and walk more. I would like to get closer to the rabbits. The bike trail ends at a major street..have to cross to get back on bike trail Where we live the homes and front yards are kept up and it's a secure friendly environment. I like seeing my neighbors out walking too. I like the parks to walk in. I don't like all the off-leash dogs running over to me and my dog! Lots of friendly people out. Animal feces on sidewalks. Bike paths in South Natomas Too many barking dogs in my neighborhood. NO nice paths in the Northgate area! Do not like walking down the main traffic streets because of the car exhaust. Don't like walking due to safety issues Most of all I love the convenience, but dislike the fact that the trails don't lead to the shopping centers where I conduct business. some places don’t have great pedestrian access. We appreciate that the bike/walk trail is nearby and goes along RD1000's main drainage canal. Lots of birds, other wildlife, and bucolic views. Love the lake, wish the park was done. Love to see lots of people out there, and usually do. Lots of good walking/biking/running trails.

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