An assessment of enthusiasm Self realization and thought meditation are correlated and both of them lead an individual to search

the goal of his life. The route he chooses depends upon the decision he makes but the decision making process is not within the competence of an individual. There are so many guiding principles and role of inheritance is so crucial that the person who swept away with a desire to search the gospel of life ,may consider himself that he has lost his relevance in the process. An urge may lead to big surge .The innovation and the ideals play a vital role for the advancement. Some people are very optimistic and sometime they appear to become over-enthusiastic. The individuals use worship the rising sun and as such since an interaction with another individual having an innocent behavior, may always be regarded as one of the associates. Life is threefold present ;the present having an experience, past with a memory and past with a memory and a future with an expectation .Every expectation is not in anticipation nor is depended upon the circumstances. The harmonious construction is required to be given effect for analysing the truth amongst the 3 dimensional reflections. Thus the individuals who is associated with an optimistic personality always try to germinate confidence and simultaneously an introspection with retrospective effect. Throwing a stone up on the Moon may not be considered as an intelligent step but without throwing the stone in the upward direction, the heights attended by the trees in the Garden may not be crossed. It is only matter of appreciation and understanding by the individuals as to whether he may understand that the fellow is throwing the stone to cross the barrier or to some impossible distances. However even after being conversant that the person may suffer the innoclasm towards his objectives in life, but the said Individual’s approach becomes a guiding factor to other associate. The father of the individual enthusiastic personality may seldom be not able to cope up the requirement of adjustment in life with his son but certainly there is an implied appreciation which is not demonstrated but can be felt with his behavior. Thus the child who understand that it is on account of close affinity that the matter of appreciation become an unnecessary formality and this creates a misunderstanding. People worships to God as he is unknown as usually inaccessible. Likewise the enthusiasm of an individual is indirectly related with the destiny and incase if the Luck permits, there is every possibility of achieving the success. Who will not like to become conversant with an important personality and likewise people outside may start appreciation with a critical assessment regarding your performance. Thus neither the disappointment is required nor there is any need to provide undue prominence to such negative approach. Though thy path be dark but there is a guiding factor which is given to the people by the nature and not by the individuals. Thus one should not have taken into consideration on that what the others think about you but you should think what you think of yourself.

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