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Running head: Class Survey

Class Survey Data Analysis Stats 1510 (Day) Kimberly Rivera Taft College

Abstract In progress. Introduction The relationship between two circumstances and their effects on each other are of up most importance when observing the society around us. In this experiment my team of scientists and I are determining the correlation between many variables and how they shape societal factors between individuals: the height of a respondent and it's relationship to their shoe size, the difference in gross income based on gender, and whether there is a relationship between handiness and favor of death penalty and water consumed; as well as, the relationship between political party and if the respondent feels President Obama should be re-elected, if the respondent is in favor of the death penalty, and if the respondent is in favor of the health care bill being passed. Our team believed that height and shoe size of a respondent were related, a female's gross income is less than a males, there is no relationship between the handedness of a respondent and favor of death penalty nor water consumption and that there is correlation between political party and if a respondent was in favor of death penalty, reelection, and the passing of the health care. The beliefs of our fellow scientists, outside of our team, mirrored our own; thus reinstating our hypothesis'. Through this experiment we hope to further gain knowledge concerning the society we live in. Methods 1) Materials - Stats 1510 Survey Worksheet - A Black Ink Pen - TC Stats App for IPad - One Quarter (assumed to be fair) - Access to internet 2) Participants My team consisted of 4 people: Prof. Ruddy*, Dr. Rico*, and Dr. Juan*. A total of ten people, 7 men and 3 women, were also involved in the study as random participants. 3) Procedure 10 copies of the Stats 1510 Worksheet (see image 1.) were printed. A simple random sampling technique was used to determine who our team would ask to ll out the survey. A quarter (assumed to be fair) was ipped, heads being every consecutive person and tails representing every other person. The quarter landed tails up, thus every other person was to be asked. Every other person who entered the Taft Library was asked to ll out the survey. Once ten total surveys had been lled the data for each survey was entered online at This was done a total of ten

times, following the specic directions shown on the worksheet. Completed data was transferred to TC Stats App for IPad. Graphs were then derived through the program.
Table 1. Box Plot of Height and Shoe Size

Table 2. Summary Statistics of Height and Shoe Size

The summary statistics if Height and Shoe Size show that Height has a great Mean than that of Shoe Size, along with a wider Sample Standard Deviation. Discussion In progress. Appendix

Image 1. Survey Distributed to Random Participants (pg. 1 left, pg. 2 right)

* Names have been altered for the protection of identity