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These vibrant areas of the city constantly surprise me even when I think I know it all, they throw something new at me. This time, on the walk, it was a little signboard in Bhuleshwar Market that said "Extra Gully". Bhuleshwar Market is one of the largest wholesale fabric markets- a somewhat addictive experience specially for girls and women, if you have a thing about fabrics. English is commonly used by all these communities...while observing things around, i notice the word Extra is English; and so is the word Gully...that doesn't stop anyone from understanding it and writing it in whatever script they want. The sign is in English, Devnagri and Gujarati. By its very nature it reminds me of the multi-cultural mix of traders who have made this area their home. Muslim, Parsi, Hindu and Jain traders, all use the Gujarati script. Marathi-speaking dealers use Devnagri. Though Mumbai has perhaps more temples dedicated to lord Ganesh than any other deity but the Buleshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is worshipped at this temple as Bhuleshwar, the pure or innocent one, and thus the name of this locality as well. Although devotees in large numbers visit the temple every week, it exudes an aura of silence and peace. Bhuleshwar market is divided into little lanes, and each lane has a number that helps orient you in the maze. In the narrow gullies of Bhuleshwar, in South Mumbai, lies a tiny little shop filled with earthen treasures. Just outside this gully was a woman selling some interesting earthen ware, not captivating but enough to attract any one looking for some ethnic home decor or gift items. As we walked down this tiny by-lane, that could barely accommodate two people walking side by side, we reached a shop displaying a lovely range of assorted pottery, besides that were vast range of oil lamps, which was fascinating. Assortment, variety, unique, beautiful, simple, it was all there in a shop that spanned not more than 6 by 10 feet. After scanning the market I could still imagine flower pots, fruits and vegetables, lamps, lanterns, chandeliers, Gods, wind chimes, vessels, old parsi saree border, hand embroidered on satin saree, fancy bindis, hair ribbons which are worn by in their plaids, man on the street selling black religious threads, god pendants, shiny necklaces, bright bangles of an unexpected look, tiny- large hair pins, wall hangings, decorations, candle stands, jugs, piggy banks and many more. If you perhaps have a fetish for earthenware I would definitely suggest a visit to this place. Personally, i have no clue what the rates are elsewhere, but i assume this place is cheaper than most. Have fun shopping there!

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