4:16 pm, Sunday, 10/30/2011 1st, Mayan day 2 Ik/Wind

LIVE – Internal Vision – Perception from Heart

This Video Mooji links The Play of Existence 44:17 Your Royal Here-ness 22:46 No Purpose, No Problem 2:44:03 Okay, I've got something to admit. I've been journaling like mad, in these last days, and I don't recall what's in the video this goes with. Now, someone, do leave me a comment on Scribd and tell me – do you ever go and watch the videos? Or do you just read these written journals? I'd be curious to know. On YouTube there's quite a communicative community, but here on Scribd people seldom say anything. You just count your views – which doesn't say much. Okay, I'm still coming to you from deep within heart, so do settle down into your heart to proceed... or if you want this to make any sense. Heart sense is quite a bit different than head sense, after all. If you don't know, yet, I promise you it is so. Not many people stay with my journals who live only in mind. Okay, I'm going to assume you know who Mooji is, and have seen or heard him, before. Just in case, though, I'll give you a link to one or two of his videos so you can get a direct sense of what I'm talking about, here. He is in the line of teachers (or gurus) headed up by Sri Ramana Maharshi. His teacher was Harilal Poonja, or Papaji. Both he and Gangaji sat at Papaji's feet, then went on to teach, themselves. We are blessed.

He is simply excellent for what he does – for what he is used for by Source. He has a real intensity, a real focus you can't really shake. He doesn't entertain mental conversation in his gatherings – his satsangs. He has an uncanny ability to cut through to the point – which is to help you see who or what you are. How do you answer that question, “Who are you?” or even “What are you?” What is your answer, really? Have you worked it out? Do you have any idea how deep this one can go? Watch Mooji at work, and find out. I'm with Mooji in so many things. He teaches no methods, offers no practice at all. He doesn't preach. He just helps people who are ready go to their center. There's a wonderful radiance around him – or any real teacher or guru – that will pull you in. You will benefit, even if you were not at the satsang – just by watching the video. All time is now – so it's happening now. All space is here – so it's happening here. How are you doing at throwing out old beliefs? Are those two about ready to go – or at least come up for some serious questioning? What I'm saying is that, unless you own beliefs get in the way, there's no reason you can't receive his direct radiation – which is the Light of Source – by watching the video. I watch them again and again – frequently getting high on the Light that shines. That same Light abides in each heart. Yet how many of us have ever found our way there? How many of us know the direct feel of heart radiation? Come on, now – your heart shines, too. Are you familiar with it? Have you ever felt it? Do others around you? Why – or why not? If you're too much in mind, that could be why. That cuts you off – from being in heart. Anyway, I continued in this video, pursuing the sensings the feelings, I started to share in the previous video about Mooji. The flow just wouldn't stop. I went deeper than perhaps I'd gone ever before in trying to pass on or share the sensings of heart – what it's like to be there. As you can imagine, it's quite tricky to try to wrap words around things of heart. Heck, it's challenging enough to wrap them around mental things, much less heart things. So, that's one of the reasons I keep calling you to listen from your heart. All hearts know things – they can fill in the gaps for me, if you're centered, within.

So, in a way, being in heart and perceiving from there is a little like having another set of senses at your command. You could envision it as a really large aura, perhaps – but even that is too limiting. Remember, life is fractal, and the whole entire Cosmos is accessible from within. Fractals are self-contained like that – you contain it all – even Mooji and his satsangs. So, your experience of it can be as real as you like. Just stay within. I tried to describe what it's like, when I perceive Mooji in satsang – how I see both him and whomever he is talking with. It's much more of a sensing than a seeing that occurs. I get the sense from both of them, where in the body they are focused. With the students who speak with him and have the most difficulty “getting it.” they're usually firmly centered in and around their head. You can actually sense them, in a really active bubble, all around their head area. Mooji, on the other hand, simply shines. He is almost always within. You can also feel him reaching out, with his energy field, and sensing the one having a talk with him. He's very aware of what is going on for that one. Call it ESP, a 6th sense, or whatever you will – you can do this, as well. All people can – especially little children. Talk to them – you'll find out. Just remember to be open to whatever they say. Don't shut them down – that can have lifelong consequences. They trust you... poor dears. Maybe the bottom line in my video is that you can make such a difference, depending on where you are centered in your own body when you listen to someone in satsang. I mention that, because that's the best place to go and find Light. I'm not interested in mental knowledge being passed around. Any more, I find that boring. Heart is all. So, you can do an experiment for yourself. Take a favorite video of yours, which ever spiritual teacher you prefer. Listen to it first from the head. This would be the way 90 percent of the people spend all of their days. Then, go back and listen to the same one, or even a different one with the same teacher, only this time from heart center. Be in your chest. Check out the difference for yourself. If you don't find there is a difference, then just keep practicing centering in heart. You haven't quite got it down, yet. When you do, you will know. There's a subtle, inner sensation of being centered down. I don't know how

to describe it. Just keep practicing. Do whatever it takes. I have loads of videos discussing entering heart – leaving mind to the side and going within. Maybe listen to those. IDK. Do whatever it takes. As Sri Nisargadatta so often said, your earnestness will get you there. If you're really serious, really earnest in your efforts, you'll succeed. It will just happen. Everything will line up properly for you to succeed. Whatever help or assistance you require will just show up. Coincidences will line up for you – which you will notice and take advantage of IF you watch and observe – and thus notice them. These coincidences happen all the time. We don't notice them, largely because we're sleep walking. Mankind, for the most part, is hypnotized. They will deny it with their last breath, but that doesn't matter. They simply are, and believing it is not so is a part of the programming. We've been programmed to believe we're at the pinnacle of growth and development – the smartest beings on the planet. Poppycock, stuff, and nonsense – we're more than half sleeping – walking around not really there. That's why we don't notice things. The universe is made entirely of Love. We don't see it, though, unless we go deeply within – and put on our heart vision eyes. Then we will see, and be stunned by what is there – by what was there, all along, but we just didn't notice. I believe this is directly what Jesus was talking about in his “eyes to see, ears to hear” comment. Everyone thinks they can see. People don't know that to some very important things, we are blind as bats. Heck, even bats see better than man. We find these things out as a natural part of being the change we want to see. Whatever you want most of all, find a way to share that with life, and don't be surprised at the wonders that come of this. Just be sure to get rid of all expectations about everything. Expectations are creatures of mind. They have no place in the heart. You won't find them there. So be on guard – no expectations. Just do what is right, and trust the rest to the Cosmos. You won't be disappointed. Finally, as always – be sure to enjoy the ride. Life is a wonderful show. :))


Heart's Yearning Call – Burning Intensity – Why?
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