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BAOUCHRIEH BRANCH September 24, 2010 Gentlemen, We refer to our letter-contract dated .relating to the issuance of documentary letter of credit of which the present one is an integrant part, and request you to issue, under our sole responsibility, by xswift ,air mail, short telex advice, full detailed telex, an IRREVOCABLE DOCUMENTARY CREDIT No. .. Valid until December 21, 2010 in India. By order of La Lainire Nationale SAL, Fayadieh, Ste Thrse Street (15), Sector 8, P.O.Box:88 Hazmieh-Lebanon Tel: 961 5 450278 Fax: 961 5 453408 E-mail: ourselves M/S MEGHASHU KNIT FAB, ST. NO.1/4, PLOT NO.7, GURU GOBIND SINGH NAGAR, MAYAPURI TIBBA ROAD, LUDHIANA PIN CODE: 141 008 (PUNJAB) INDIA TEL/FAX: 0091-161-2631299 THROUGH ITS PROP. NAME ASHOK KUMAR Not exceeding For an amount of USD 18.364,54 CIF/C & F/FOB/ /Beirut port/Lebanon xAbout PLUS/MINUS 10% BOTH QUANTITY AND VALUE x Allowed Partial shipments: Prohibited -Transshipment xAllowed once -For transportation to: Beirut Port/Lebanon Prohibited
N.B. It is clearly agreed that you do not assume in no case or way any responsibility as to the special dispositions, commercial and banking customs relating to the Documentary Credits applied in foreign countries.

For account of In favor of

Latest date for shipment: December 1, 2010 From: (Port / Airport): Any Indian Port. COVERING 1) Lacoste, Combed Compacted, Fast Colors, Tubular Form Interlock Piqu, 265 gsm, 52% Poly/48% Cotton, width 89-90 cm x2 (tubular) White 500 Kgs x US$6.00/Kg = US$ 3.000, Collars with Two embossing, 1300 pcs (41x11 cm) White: 52 Kgs x US$6.81/Kg = US$ 354.12 RIB Lycra White 15 Kgs x US$7.50/Kg = US$ 112.5 2) Lacoste 20, 230-235 gsm, 52% Poly/48% Cotton, Width: 95-100 cm x2 Red 600 Kgs x US$7.00/Kg = US$ 4.200, Royal Blue, Black, Navy & Bright Yellow 500 Kgs/color x US$ 7.00/Kg = US$ 14.000,3) Collars with Two embossing: Red, 1800 pcs ( 41x11 cm) 72 Kgs x US$ 7.81/Kg = US$ 562.32 Royal Blue, 1500 pcs (41x11 cm) and 300 pcs (35x11 cm) 72 Kgs x US$ 7.81/Kg = US$ 562.32 Black, 1500 pcs (41x11 cm) 60 Kgs x US$7.81/Kg = US$ 468.6 Navy, 1200 pcs (41x11 cm) and 400 pcs (35x11 cm) 64 Kgs x US$7.81/Kg = US$ 499.84 Bright Yellow, 1200 pcs (41x11 cm) and 400 pcs (35x11 cm) 64 Kgs x US$7.81/Kg = US$499.84 4) RIB Lycra Red (30 Kgs), Royal Blue, Black, Navy, Bright Yellow (25 Kgs/color) x US$ 8.50/Kg = US$ 1.105,AS PER PROFORMA INVOICE NO. CRANE-5 DATED 08/09/2010.

- All pieces must be rolled in Tubular Form on carton rolls. - Each Dyeing Bath Lot must be numbered on each Roll and Collar.
- One set (about half meter) shipment samples of each quality and color to be sent by fast courier to La Lainire Nationale before shipping.

Available: by deferred payment at 120 days from B/L date, by sight payment / by acceptance of draft (s) at..drawn on...

Against presentation of the following documents (X) marked: xCommercial invoice in three copies, one original copy of which certified by the Chamber of Commerce and legalized by the Lebanese Consulate (if available at beneficiarys location) and bearing the following mention duly signed by the beneficiary: We hereby certify that the present invoice is true, that is the only one issued by us for the goods mentioned therein, that mentions their exact value without any deduction and that the origin of the goods is exclusively INDIAN. xFull set 3/3 of Clean on board marine bills of lading, issued or endorsed to the order of Fransabank SAL, marked freight prepaid notify La Lainire Nationale SAL. Airway bill Clean consigned to your order, marked freight .... notify..Tel:... xInsurance Policy or Certificate in 2 fold(s) issued to the order of the beneficiary and blank endorsed for the face amount of the invoices plus 10% covering the following risks: x Institute War Clauses (Cargo) 1.1.1982,x Institute Strikes Clauses (Cargo) 1.1.1982 xInstitute Cargo Clauses (A), Institute Cargo Clauses (Air) 1.1.1982, xIncluding 30 days in Customs Warehouse. Insurance will be covered by ourselves. We hereby engage to deliver to you, within 15 days from the date of the present, the insurance policy or certificate issued or endorsed to your order, and covering the following risks: xCertificate of origin in 2 copy(ies) issued by the Chamber of Commerce attesting that the origin of the goods is exclusively INDIAN. xPacking and weight list in 3 copies. xCopy of beneficiaries fax sent to applicant (Fax N. 961 5 453408 ) advising all shipment details : Invoice value , Vessel name, voyage number, Carriers agent named at destination, B/L number and the date of expedition before vessel departure. (Copy of the dated fax report is required). You are kindly requested to ask your correspondents to notify this L/C to the beneficiary (adding / without adding) their confirmation. You are authorized to debit our account with you for the amount of all payments made by your correspondents under this L/C, including your charges and commissions. You, as well as your correspondents, are hereby released from all responsibilities, whatsoever, particularly as to the form, genuiness or legal effect of the documents presented under this L/C and also as to the description, weight, quality and quantity of the goods shipped, this L/C being issued at our risks and under our sole responsibility and being subject to the uniform rules and customs of the International Chamber of Commerce. All charges and commissions outside Lebanon are on beneficiary account. All banking commissions and charges, at your correspondents end, are to be borne by beneficiaries. Documents to be presented within 21 days after the date of issuance of the shipping document(s) but within the validity of the credit. To guarantee the good end of this operation, we hereby authorize you to debit our account in your books A No C SC Compte No the sum of .

DOC 106 5000 04/01 D.K.

which will stay at your disposal being a cover and guarantee for our pledge towards you and can in no way be released before the good issue of this operation. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: 1) Bank Account Details: Punjab & Sind Bank, SME Branch, Suffian Bagh, Chowk, Industrial Area A Ludhiana (PUNJAB), India C/C Account N: 121 IFCS No.: PSIB0000699 Swift Code: PSIBINBBA005 2) Invoice: US$25.364,54 US$7.000,- (made by transfer on the 7th of July 2010) Rest: US$ 18.364,54 (L/C amount) 3) Amendments are on beneficiarys charges

Stamp & Signature of client