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Indian Oil Corporation Limited - Company Profile

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) is India's largest downstream oil company. The company is engaged in refining of petroleum, pipelines-crude oil and petroleum products, marketing of petroleum products, and research and development activities. The IOC group of companies owns and operates 10 of India's 20 refineries with a combined refining capacity of 65.7 million tonnes per annum (1.3 million barrels per day). The company primarily operates in India with limited presence in some Asian and African countries. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India and employs about 34,400 people. The company recorded revenues of INR2,710,736.2 million (approximately $56,925.5 million) in the financial year ended March 2010 (FY2010), a decrease of 5% compared to FY2009. The operating profit of the company was INR157,161.4 million (approximately $3,300.4 million) in FY2010, an increase of 99% over FY2009. The net profit was INR102,205.5 million (approximately $2,146.3 million) in FY2010, compared to INR29,495.5 million (approximately $619.4 million) in FY2009. The Indian Oil Corporation Limited - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information. Indian Oil Corporation Limited - SWOT Analysis examines the company's key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy.


India has total reserves (proved & indicated) of 1201 million metric tonnes of crude oil and1437 billion cubic metres of natural gas as on 1.4.2010. The total number of exploratory and development wells and metreage drilled in onshore and offshore areas during 2009-10 was 428 and 1019 thousand metres respectively. Crude oil production during 2009-10 at 33.69 million metric tonnes is 0.55% higher than 33.51 million metric tonnes produced during 2008-09. The refining capacity in the country increased to 184.386 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) as on 1.4.2010 from 177.968 MTPA as on 1.4.2009. The total refinery crude throughput during 2009-10 at 160.03 million metric tonnes is 0.46% lower than 160.77 million metric tonnes crude processed in 2008-09 and the prorata capacity utilisation in 2009-10 was 89.92% as compared to 107.43% in 200809. The production of petroleum products during 2009-10 was 151.898 million metric tonnes (including 2.244 million metric tonnes of LPG production from natural gas) registering a decrease of 0.51% over last years production at 152.678 million metric tonnes (including 2.162 million metric tonnes of LPG production from natural gas). The country exported 50.974 million metric tonnes of petroleum products against the imports of 23.49 million metric tonnes (including 8.828 million metric tonnes of LNG) during 2009-10. The consumption of petroleum products during 2009-10 were 138.196 million metric tonnes (including sales through private imports) which is 3.60% higher than the sales of 133.400 million metric tonnes during 2008-09. The total number of retail outlets of Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies as on 1.4.2010 has gone upto 36462 from 34948 on 1.4.2009. The total number of LPG consumers of Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies as on

1.4.2010 were 114.952 million against 105.632 million as on 1.4.2009. The number of persons employed (including contract employees) in petroleum industry as on 1.04.2010 and 1.04.2009 are 129988 & 138973 respectively.

Chhattisgarh, a 21st century State, came into being on November 1, 2000. Larger than Tamil Nadu, it is just the right size, and is also fortunate to have a low population density. Good Governance is the highest priority in this Fast Track State. There is both policy stability as well as political stability. Government has been kept small and the State is in excellent fiscal health. Chhattisgarh is truly a land of opportunities. With all major minerals including diamonds in abundance, it is the richest State in mineral resources. There are mega industries in Steel, Aluminium and Cement. Chhattisgarh contributes substantially to the Human Resources of India. Several hundred students from the State qualify for admissions in prestigious academic institutions every year. Bhilai, the knowledge capital of the State, alone sends over 50 students to the elite Indian Institutes of Technology every year. A unique Private Universities Act has been passed to attract investments in quality higher-education. By seeing lots of opportunities in chattishgarh in different sector , also having lots of opportunities in petrolium consumption in chattishgarh thats why different oil exploration companies are investing money in chhattishgarh. Company-wise Retail Outlets in chattishgarh as on 1/4/2010 IOCL 232 HPCL 256 BPCL 158 TOTAL 546 Company-wise SKO/LDO Dealerships in chattishgarh as on 1/4/2010 IOCL 61 HPCL 39 BPCL - 9 TOTAL 109

DHAMTARI :Dhamtari, India is situated 75 km (48 miles) south of the district headquarters of the city of Raipur on the national highway No. 43 (which runs from Delhi to Madras) dividing the city into the eastern larger and older part with shopping center and the western newer section. In 2011 Dhamtari had a population of 706591 RURAL POPULATION 613007 URBAN POPULATION - 93584 From here roads radiated to the south, east, and west, so that Dhamtari became the trading and shipping center for points 150 and more km distant. Among the goods shipped from Dhamtari were forest products such as timber, shellac, morabulum nuts and biri (cigarette) leaves, along with rice, hides, and other farm produce.

PETROLIUM CONSUMPTION IN DHAMTARI :To have only roads medium for transportation in dhamtari to another cities of chattishgarh, the consumption of petrolium product (diesel and petrol) is very high and the income of common people of dhamtari is increasing year on year and they are spending money on their lifestyle product such as MOTOR BIKES, CARS, CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, LAND and PROPERTY etc.


:Dhamtari is a district in chhattishgarh which having very busy AGRICULTURAL WORK , whole year rural people are used to ingage in it. Due to the RAVISHANKAR DAM(gangrel) having water availability whole year in this district thats why approax 51% agricultrural land having summer crop production and 100% crop production is done in winter season, this dual crop production gives lots of worth to rural people. Our chattishgarh government is very much supportive in respect of rural people they are used to purchase their peddy and gives BONUS to rural people so in this way year on year income level of rural people of dhamtari district is increasing. By seeing lots of support from the state government, the enthusiasm of rural people of chattishgarh is increasing year on year and they have understand the value of AGRICULTURAL WORK and they are spending more money on agricultural supportive equipment such as TRACTOR:tractor is a vehicle which has been made only for Agriculture use and for material transportation , due to the duel crop production the no. of tractors in this district are increasing season on season men are not able to do all field related work like ZUTAI, KATAI, MINZAI , MATAI ETC. Apart from these use farmers are using tractors as a buisiness purpose they are providing their tractors to transportation of BUILDING MATERIAL SUPPLYING, AS A PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION(at the time of wedding season in villages), CROP TRANSPORTATION TO NEAR BY MANDI ETC. THRASER:Thraser is a vehicle which has been made to remove peddy from the plant after crop cutting usually thraser comes in two varient which runs with the help of electricity and diesel. Usually farmers are uses a blank ground to remove peddy from the plant thats call BYARRA in villages and this ground situated far from the village where usually electricity availability problem having, so the farmers are bound to use diesel instead of electricity.

HARVESTER:Harvester is a vehicle which has been made for the crop cutting and the demand of this vehicle at the time of crop cutting in villages are very high, usually harvesters comes from the PUNJAB in this area and villagers are ready to use those vehicle at any cost. MOTORBIKES:Motorbikes was not considered as a lifestyle vehicle in villages but now a days due to income level villagers are ready to spend money on two wheelers and every year demand of bikes are increasing. MOTOR PUMPS:Motor pumps are usually run by electricity but some places electricity problem having thats why diesel pump are uses. These all vehicles and equipment are run through petrol and diesel and year on year the no. of all these vehicles and equipments are increasing and the demand of petrol and diesel are increasing which need to be fulfilled. Its great opportunity to INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD. To have a Retail outlet in dhamtari district . PETROLIUM RETAIL OUTLET (PETROL PUMP) IN DHAMTARI :In the city with in the 10 km radius total 5 petrol pumps having which fulfilling the need of the surrounding areas customers and also most of the rural area people are used to purchase and they come from 20-25 km because they dont have an option for it.

POTENTIAL LOCATION TO HAVE A PETROLIUM RETAIL OUTLET(PETROL PUMP) IN DHAMTARI DISTRICT:Understanding the opportunity is not difficult but how to convert those opportunity into profitability its very difficult in this competitive market, and to select a location in this industry is very important, because its depends upon the convenience and value of money of the customer, they dont want to travel to much for petrol and diesel usually they prefer to purchase or to fill up their tank in which petrol pump which is on their path or road. In dhamtari district KANDEL is a place which suits the location to have a retail outlet of the company.

kandel is a big village in dhamtari district which is 15 km far from dhamtari, which is located 5 km inner side of NH - 43 RAIPUR DHAMTARI JAGDALPUR highway. This village has a population of in between 3500-4000, this village is famous of its freedom fighter MR. BABULAL CHOTELAL SHRIVASTAVA who has worked with MR. MAHATMA GHANDHI JI. Due to the center place of this village approax 10-12 villages are used to come to purchase different things in this village. Its having big market place and lots of vehicles are come to this place.

TOATAL POPULATION AND NO. OF VEHICELS OF KANDEL AND SURROUNDING name of villages 1 Kandel navagaun 2 (kandel) 3 bhothali 4 sankara 5 piperchedi 6 Gagara 7 Jihiria 8 Devpur navagaun 9 (devpur) 10 navagaun(jhiria) 11 baliyara 12 shankardaha 13 dondaki population (approx) 3500-4000 1500-2000 2500-2800 2500-3000 2200-2500 2000-2200 1500-1800 1800-2000 1200-1500 2000-2500 2500-3000 2000-3000 1500-2000 total (approx) tractor 35-40 20-22 30-32 20-25 15-20 15-20 20-22 10 - 12 10 15-18 15-20 10 10 200 two wheeler 150 50 100 70-80 80-90 50-55 40-50 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 50-60 50-55 1000 thraser 15 10 12 10 8 12 15 20 12 10 20 10 10 120

PRESENT OIL CONSUMPTION:Presently all demand of petrol and diesel are fulfilled by dhamtari city all peoples are bound to cover atleast 20 km to get petrol and diesel , every month approax 55000-70000 ltr. Diesel and 40000 ltr. Petrol is consumed in this place for various agricultural activities and personal use at the time of peak season (month july-aug and feb- march) and in normal season approax 4000050000 ltr diesel and 40000 ltr petrol is consumed.

SALES FORECAST FOR NEW RETAIL OUTLET(PETROL PUMP):By seeing present consumption of diesel and petrol of this area shows lots of opportunity to open a new petrolium retail outlet which also helps to people to avoide unneccesary travelling to dhamtari. At the time of starting of new retail outlet due to unawareness of this outlet we are assuming that following no. of vehicle would come and quantity could be sold from this retail outlet/day and per month. no. of vehicles would come(avg) 80 14 5 10 total sales/day monthly sale qty. would be sold in ltr/day. total in ltr. 1 2 3 4

name of vehicle motorbikes tracters harvesters tharaser

1.5*80(petrol) 120 40*14 100*5 15*10 Petrol Diesel Petrol 560 500 150 120 1210 3600



PROMOTIONAL PLANNING TO INCREASING THE AWARENESS OF NEW RETAIL OUTLET :Before the opening of new retail outlet its very much important that people get aware about this new retail outlet so we can use following promotional activities which would be beneficial for the retail outlet. NEWS PAPER ADVERTIESMENT:- news paper is very useful to increasing the awareness of the petrol pump because still rural people of this area are used to read news paper very interesitigly every day. POMPLET DISTRIBUTION :- another activity could be pomplet distribution all near by villages which comes under KANDEL villages radius.

SALES PROMOTION TO INCREASE THE SALES:GIFT SCHEME:- to enhance the sales we can use gift distribution scheme of particular quantity purchase of the customer it helps to attract the village customers because they feel glad when some one gives gift or something. REWARD POINT:- if any customer is loyal towards our petrol pump and started regular purchasing from our petrol pump so we could use reward point and on the basis of these reward point we can make our permanent customer base.

SALES FORECAST AFTER SALES PROMOTION ACTIVITIES IN NORMAL SEASON AND PEAK SEASON:As we know that in dhamtari district usually dual crop production is done and the uses of tractors and harvesters are run heavley in two times which called peak season which is january march and july- aug apart from other months are considered as a normal season.

SALES FORECAST FOR NORMAL SEASON AFTER SALES PROMOTION:no. of vehicles would come(avg)DAY 100 20 8 15 qty. would be sold in ltr. 1.5*100(petrol) 40*20 100*8 15*15 total in ltr. 1 2 3 4

name of vehicle motorbikes tracters harvesters tharaser

150 800 800 225

total sales/day monthly sale

petrol diesel petrol diesel

150 1825 4500 54750

SALES FORECAST FOR PEAK SEASON AFTER SALES PROMOTION ACTIVITIES:no. of vehicles would come(avg)DAY 120 25 10 20 total sales/day monthly sale qty. would be sold in ltr. 1.5*120(petrol) 40*25 100*10 15*20 petrol diesel petrol diesel total in ltr. 1 2 3 4

name of vehicle motorbikes tracters harvesters tharaser

180 1000 1000 300 180 2300 5400 69000

CONCLUSION:By seeing huge potential of consumption of petrol and diesel in this place(kandel) attracts the oil exploration companies , this place would be the best place to open a petrolium retail outlet which helps to increase the sales of the company and provide better services to the customers of this place and surrounding villages.