Market potential of the BRITANNIA is much positive in

competitive era and willsure cover the maximum market share of biscuit product. Potentiality of anyproduct

depends upon the futuristic performance of the product. it depends thathow much retailers have potentiality to be

For great potentiality it is necessary to improve those factors which are going toeffect .permanent seller of BRITANNIA.

These factors are following: • .retailers. In my study I found some factors which can help to cover greatpotentiality.

• Some places distributors not able to cover his particular area.Scheme delivery should in perfect determining time. .

• Scheme facility should be regular as much as possible.That should beimproved. • .

It gives psychological effect on . • Always collect the views of retailers.Small pack also should be in the market.

theretailers about care ness by manufacturing company. If .These factors are very important for the organization.

company is able toimprove these all factors then definitely its market share will more increase.Retailer s will take more .

So potentiality is very high to Britannia biscuit .interest to sell Britannia biscuit and customer will alsoenjoy for it.

SWOT ANALYSIS OF BRITANNIA .in positive direction.

Food.Strength • Fulfill one of our BasicRequireme nt among Air . Shelter • Widely accepted in allGenerations .Water .

• Easily available in various forms • Provide good Instant Remedyfor hunger in the form .

of readymade food • Preserves the non seasonalfood and makes it available .

allthroughout the year Weakness • Decreases nutritional value • Increases the cost of foodproduct .

• Industry and technologyrequir es high investment • Regular usage of processedfood can cause .

alteration inhealth Opportunities • Increase economy of India • Generate employmentopp ortunity .

• Good quality of Goods • Provide competition to foreigncompanie s • .

Improve living standard • Provide goods to nation atcheaper rate • Inflow of foreign reserve .

(taxes) Threats • Many companies are resultoriented • Increase in pollution .andfunds for the govt.

• Sometimes provide poor qualityof product for more profit • Lack of technology • .

Unable to utilize all theresources efficiently .



Whilemaking a product a SKU . now time is to make a complete picture.CONCLUSI ON After going thick on the thing.

(Stock Keeping Unit) of the shop retailers think aboutthe GMROI (Gross Margin Return On Investment) and they promote the .

They expect return in the form of profit schemes.brandwhich provide them highest. window display .

company schemes make the differences and are the highest source of . Among these.and references of the shop.

Market er needs to use . Retailing demands a constant push from the company.motivationafter profit margin.

.advertising and brand building strategies to address thediscerning buyers and retail push to in different buyers.

The manufacturer shouldunderstan d consumer behavior because retailers can't help quality and price. It .

which determine .isonly up to dealers said it is demand they sell Britannia 42% agree that at retailshop it is brand popularity.

There is a greater need to understand the retailer behavior considering them as ateam working for the .the purchase of biscuit.

company may help them to be attached to the company.There should be feeling of belonging to the company in inner of the .

Setting values club for retailers so that they may exchange views with thecompany and help in understanding .retailers.

consumer behavior. .

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