Anything For U Anjali

Part-1Anything For U Anjali

Dec 12-2008.9.20 pm Coimbatore Railway Station. Platform 4. Anjali is about to leave to chennai to her granny's place for the vacation. The Blue mountain express had just arrived in the Platform 4 ,late as usual. She and her dad were boarding the AC three tier coach. Anjali(sms)- "Rahul ..Just boarded the train :(" Rahul(sms)-" yeah u look good in this mehendi green salwar:) " Anjali(sms)- " What !! wru u ? are u in the station ?"-Surprised as well as shocked. Rahul(sms) -yup! I Was just following u from ur apartment" Anjali (sms)-" u sweet idiot !(blushing..) wru standing. am not able to find u"looking through the windows. Rahul(sms)-"don’t u recognize the dirty looking guy , wearing a black cap , sitting in the adjacent side berth.. " Anjali(sms)- "OMG! wat are u doing here! get down idiot the train is about to leave. Or u'l be caught. " Rahul(sms)- “don’t worry dear. I’ll get down :( " Rahul just gets down the coach when the train just starts. Anjali-(sms)- " huh. Rahul u're crazy .u’ve have come so far to see me leaving :(? "


Rahul-(sms)- " hmmm. u told me that u felt like seeing me before leaving na? Anything for my Anjali :).. " Anjali(sms)- " I'm so happy seeing u da :). but Am gonna miss u a lot during this vacation :( " Rahul(sms)- "me toooooo.. :( :( A lot :( " Anjali(sms)- "poda :( u could have come to Chennai with me :(" Rahul(sms)-"hmmm! u want me to come ?but u told me that when u're in Chennai u won’t be able to come out to see me nu And asked me to go to moonar with my friends :( " Anjali(sms)-"yeah i wanted u to enjoy with ur friends. But I miss u :( " Rahul(sms)-" shall i come there?” Anjali (sms)- "hmmm ! Nope! Miss u da.. .Don ‘t roam too much. Avoid going to night shows and returning home late. do take ur migraine tablets. Drive safe when u go to moonar.will msg u whenever i could. sorry da I would be surrounded by guests all the time. Remember that Am always there near you. so pls don’t worry. I’ll be back in a week .miss u loads. Take care. Good night and Anjali dreams.

Rahul looking at his mobile just walked out of the station. He couldn’t control his tears. He desperately wanted to be with her. Takes his bike out of the bike stand and comes out. He takes a look at his wrist watch. Its 9.35pm.Made some quick calculation in his mind The train left by 9.30. By 10.45 it would reach tirupur (41kms from cbe) and by 11.45 it wud reach erode. “Wat if I take the bike to erode and get into the train reaching there? Impossible! Nope it is possible. Cos initially the train wud be slow and i have 2.05 hrs minimum to reach erode and get in. 98 kms is not so far and I have Gonne there in 1.30 hrs earlier. Watt abt the dress? I have them readily packed in aravind's room”


He was planning to stay there and leave to moonar the next day early. "And that's on my way m so i can make it" Now start! Ravi was running behind him. “Rahul wru going leaving me? Idiot u are not supposed to drive with that sprained leg”

The traffic was high in the main road. he thought " not a prob . Only ten more kms and then it would be free and i can get my speeds" It was 9.55 by the time he reached his friend's home... 9.57 P.M left his friend's room with a big bye to the confused fellow mates. Half a dozen of them had gathered there.

10.05- He reached the highways. The speedometer was constantly oscillating between 80 and 110. He just loved driving in his bike so it was not a difficult thing for him to do. But it was cold and it’s always difficult to ride at night times, against the four wheelerdirect Beams. 10.25pm- He was just crossing avanashi.60 more kms to go. 11.15pm- just crossed perundurai. He would be there in ten more mins. 11.35 He just reached the station, delayed just because of the traffic block due to an accident that happened earlier." He just parked his bike in stand, got the token and ran towards the counter. he could hear the announcement that the blue mountain train would arrive in ten mins. He just managed to get a un-reserved ticket and just got into the coach which was already tightly packed up. Anjali couldn't sleep. She was looking at her mobile waiting for a reply from him. But there was no reply for her msgs after that msg she sent him when the train started. She had sent him at least 50 msgs and tried calling him all the time. no reply from him. she was worried abt him. She had a thought ' he would have joined his friends and would have started roaming and would have put his mob in silent :( idiot i miss u a lot da :( I wanna be with u now :( Anjali was lying in the side berth looking out through the windows... “God! i wish Rahul was here now !" The train left erode station by 11.50. Rahul managed to move from the steps inside the coach. He was just holding on to the door lock, in a coach which can hold 75 there were already 160 +.


and u sleep off wearing them” She was wearing them to read the msgs from him. TTR was already surrounded by a dozen of men.. go and enjoy with those idiots good bye" Wiping her tears. The mobile just beeped and Anjali just took it the next moment. No matter! Just places his bag on the seat and took out his mob.30. Rahul got down the station and was searching for the TTR. He had a very bad migraine.He desperately wanted to msg her and let her know that he was in the same train but couldn't take his mobile from his pocket in the crowd. The train reached Salem by 12. jammed between the crowd. Idiot I was waiting for ur reply for long time.hmmm. Wre did u go ? Why didn’t u reply? :( started roaming with friends and forgot me la :( " Rahul (blushing). His seat was just near the door. Got the ticket changed and boarded into the 3 tier ac coach. so he just took out the money and gave him. a small chair beside the toilet. Rahul was excited hearing it. not to wear specs when u're lying down."sorry dear i was driving and that y i couldn’t msg :(" Anjali (sms) . (Sms) . Don’t msg me. Don’t call me. he demanded 300 rs for a second class berth. he managed to talk to ttr. There is one seat (not a berth) in the 3 tier Ac coach but that would cost him 450. he also made an offer. Rahul (sms).. Yeah just like i thought started roaming with ur friends. the train would start in five mins and if he could find TTR he can try to get a ticket in second class for 250rs." hey pls don’t cry :(" Anjali (sms) .“no am not crying. 4 . Anjali (sms)-"not a bad guess. WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? How does he know that? Is that a wild guess? Wat was he doing this long without messaging me and attending my calls. It was the msg from Rahul.. Anjali belonged to that coach. Good night. it just got worsen standing in the train. don’t msg me . Rahul-" how many times did i tell you. Bye.

30 am . he just forgot that he had a seat.. just standing facing you.“Rahul! I don’t have words idiot... u always surprise me and this is to the great extent..the lights were off but she was able to see him from the light source outside :) She was already in tears of happiness. Missed u like hell and never expected to see u here. Anjali (sms) .She was blank. Rahul asked her to sleep. Where is he? is he in the train? Or just guessing things out? No that's not possible he must be here.“Rahul wru wru wru wru? Are u in the train. Anytime her dad might wake up. So he decided to stand. She couldn’t believe. She couldn’t control her nerves. And close that window.." anything for u Anjali :)" She was not able to come out of the shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes." Rahul (sms). am sooo happy to see you." yes am mad on you Anjali . near the door. Rahul was standing with a bright smile . just mad on you" Anjali (sms) . can u see me though the cabin doors? " she immediately sat in her berth and peeped through the glass in cabin door. engada pona ivlo naala ?( where have u been so many years idiot? ) !" And the conversation continued til 2. Before u switch off take the blanket beside u and cover up. Blushing."u're such a mad guy .. " Anjali almost fainted. Rahul was still sweet idiot" Rahul (sms)."me too da. Anjali (sms) .30. Took his iPod from the bag and started hearing songs standing against the door looking her out through the glass and the beautiful moon outside the door :) 5 .“now first stop biting ur nails and wipe ur tears. Anjali couldn't control her sleep longer."yes my dear. Anjali (sms).. no one would do things like this.. how did u come ? Rahul i am not able to believe my eyes and control my tears. Rahul (sms) . if he sat down he wouldn't be able to see her through the glass.Am gonna switch off my mobile” Rahul (sms) . Her heart started beating high. She couldn’t go and talk to him right now. She slept off by 2. its too cold out here..

He couldn’t find any difference ….30. Anjali's dad woke her up and asked her to refresh. “ -Rajkumar VR Anything For u Anjali-2 Summer 2009 !! MAY 11:58 pm 6 . It was 5. He gave a bright smile. Anjali thought “No one in this world would LOVE me to this extent.. And the train would reach the station by 5. She struggled to open her eyes and slowly looked through the glass and her sweet idiot was still standing and looking at her. He was never tired of standing the whole night in the train and couldn’t feel the pain in his sprained leg.

All her cousins were playing cards late night and she was waiting for Rahul's call. hesitantly she attended. His mobile was not reachable from evening.i was a bit scared " Rahul:"how would i miss to wish My dear on her Bday !hope am the first ?" but before Anjali could reply . 3 Hours earlier.. They had crossed kotagiri and by that time it was Raining heavily. and my mobile went dead ". Morning she got a msg from him . Rahul kept the receiver. He was in a petrol Bunk in mettupalayam. She was not ready to take it! she knew Rahul would call her anytime and don’t wanna talk to anyone else before that! 11:59:56 This was the third call from the same no. Rahul found it difficult to drive down the hills. There was a family function at her place. She was much worried. She was in Chennai and her family members were all there at her place. as the roads were flooded and it was dark. She had to cut the call. He has gone to ooty with his friend and would return by night.. “Where has this idiot gone?. Am so so happy! no words Rahul. 11:59:00 She got call from an unknown number. Aravind : Macha its pouring heavily!! Why don’t we take a stop and continue after a while? 7 . Anjali: " I knew u would call me da. the next day. In a feeble voice Anjali:"helloo!" "Happy Birthday MY sweetie!!!” As soon as she heard it. not even a single msg from him after that . she knew it was him. Rahul and Aravind were returning from ooty.. God !!!he shud be fine :( " She became restless and a lot worried..Anjali was waiting for his call for hours.she was surrounded by all her cousins. She couldn't control her tears out of happiness ☺. Anjali: “Idiot where did you go? U're fine na? Rahul: “sorry dear got struck up here.

They talked with the driver to take the bike down. Thank god its was not as serious as they thought it would be.! The Rain had stopped . . It was freezing cold reaching below 15 degrees. When they were in the 9th hair pin bend. All his thoughts were about Anjali. He agreed and allowed one of them to get in .He could feel the pain in his knees which was bleeding. 10. the bike got slipped and both felt down. Aravind had parked the bike in the nearby petrol bunk and had talked to the security there. But it crossed by and after moving 50 meters away it stopped. 11:50pm: Rahul thanked the guys in the car. They boarded the bus which was about to leave and took their seats. It was already half loaded. ☺ 9:45pm. And tomo its her bday. He managed to stop it and asked for lift.He started to walk fast.00 pm. The bus just started moving slowly. He kept walking down. Aravind first denied but later on Rahul’s compulsion got in.Rahul tried lifting his bike and found out that the front tyre got busted and that has made them slip down . 8 .Rahul: macha both our mobiles has already gone dead.but we was completely drained. I’ll have to wish her first. and aravind’s room by 11:30. He tried to stop it. looking for someone to come down that way. They had just crossed the check post and would reach mettupalayam by 10. He was a bit scared but he had to walk down 6kms incase no one turned out. They left and Rahul was left behind walking down. They incurred minor injuries . they agreed to meet up in the bus stand. Aravind could see a mini-door coming down.30 . What she would be doing now? What should he gift her? Whether he would be able to reach down in time to wish her. Rahul asked aravind to go with the bike and said that he would find another one down . 11:30 pm: Rahul saw a car coming down. So pls bare with me da Aravind: as u wish da. Rahul always had this habit :) calculating things ☺ 10. Rahul managed to get on his feet and helped Aravind to get up. He had reached the bus stand and could see aravind waiting for him.45 pm. The roads were Visible under the full moon.

She could see some 50 birthday wishes.Aravind: “we thought we would reach home by 11. His wrist watch had dropped down during the accident. She was much disappointed Anjali (sms): “Idiot where are you? What are u doing? Why no msg? No reply from him. He had to call her in another 5 mins. She was dead tired and went to bed after having her lunch. 9 . It was aravind scolding him ☺ Arvind:”u’re mad rahul ☺ ” Rahul just smiled to it ☺. She couldn’t msg him in the morning. There was one from Rahul. Next day morning 6:00 am Anjali woke up and reached to her mobile. There was none from him. Lying on her bed.he was still breathing heavily. He was just sprinting towards the bunk and reached it in time. 12:01:00.30 but now its already 11:55 . Hope u had a Blast at home. Once again a very happy bday my dear! Received 3:00am. she took her mobile to see if he had sent any messages. It was a km away. 11:59:00: He called her. So there won’t be any buses coming down.Couldn’t talk to you much last night. Before aravind could finish Rahul was down the bus running towards the petrol bunk. Dai …. “ The rain was heavy and roads were flooded. It read HI sweet heart! Just reached home. Some one gave him a water bottle from behind. He couldn’t think of anything. There were landslides in the ooty roads. Rahul: “Did u see any telephone nearby?” Aravind: yeah! There is one near the petrol bunk butttttttt …. She was Excited to see his message and felt happy that he had reached home safe. Aravind was informed earlier in the bus stand.” Rahul: “ waaaat??? Is it 11:55? OMG!” Rahul didn’t knew abt the time.Rahul kept the receiver . as all her relatives were at home and she was busy all the time. Don’t get down I guess this would be the last bus to our place. The function got over by 1pm. She had slept off in a while.

she couldn’t control her tears. . Then they were all served food by Rahul and Aravind. There are no words to describe how she felt.. She downloaded and opened it. joining them. It was Rahul. And no one else would love me to this extent” 10 . I already have you as mine ☺ ☺ Rahul: still! I need to give u something Na. She thought “no one else can gimme a better gift than this. Rahul holding the cute lil girl in his arms appeared “Hey Anjali we had a great celebration here “ And the cute Girl said” thanks a Lot Anjali ka . How did the function go? Anjali:” yeah it went fine da”. She found a Mail from him.. We cut the cake and I got some gifts from my cousins. The children were all happy having their piece of cake and chocolates. Rahul: howze ur bday gng? Anjali: Fine da. They started to sing” “Happy birthday to you. Now check ur mail ☺ and call me after that. As soon as the song got over.) Rahul: Fine. Anjali: idiot I don’t need one from u. It was a video.. Anjali:” Rahul ! Where have u gone? “ Rahul:”hello thangam! I was outside from morning da.she said in a cute manner ☺ The video Zoomed out and there were a some 50 kids standing together.come here to cut the cake “ The same cute lil girl came in front to cut the cake. Anjali: sure da! Anjali just logged on to her system to check. A cute little girl appeared before the screen . wish u many more happy returns of the day and we would like to see you “ That was it. Poor guy couldn’t get u anything.She woke up hearing her mobile ringing. Happy birthday to you Dear Anjali!!! ” Rahul was standing in the middle. . Rahul: hmmm. .. “Hi Anjali ka. Then better send me an e-card. Rahul had spent the whole day with Kids in the orphanage… Anjali was speechless. Towards the end of the video.. Rahul called” Anjali . Anjali: hmmm. Happy bday”.

It has been two months since they started taking to each other.both could feel that. The caller tune played.. She was in tears ☺ . Now they were chatting for hours everyday. Rahul:” Anything for u Anjali ☺ “ .Hearing the song ☺ Rahul : hello ! Anjali:” Love u Loads da idiot!!! “ She couldn’t talk. Divine feeling ☺ . It all started as message conversation. “Enmel vizhuntha mazhai thuliyae !! ithanai naalai engirunthai !!!” She thought “Idiot I shud say this!! ☺ ☺ “ .She kept watching Rahul in the video for a long time… She tried calling him.Rajkumar VR Anything for u Anjali Part-3 Sequel to the previous parts : October 2008: Anjali and Rahul have become close to each other. After a min of silence.. Rahul’s Bday: 11 .

he thought He was so Happy to hear that “my sweet Idiot” .) “ Rahul (blushing): “ Hmmm. Anjali(sms):”Rahul am on my way. Athukullaiya? Rahul: “ ada thu. Rajiv started doing some mischievous actions standing outside facing Rahul . He tried to hide himself but Rajiv noticed him through the mirrorsJ. np” Rahul came out and tried to grab rajiv outside to a distance from the café. My college mate” . Rahul was there just because Anjali was in Chennai for the weekend Rahul and Anjali were messaging each other the whole night. She would be returning from her friend’s home. U’re my sweet Idiot ”. It was the first time they were meeting outside . Just ten mins da” Rahul(sms): “Take ur time Anjali” Rahul got a call from his friend priyanka. Wat did she say now ??? My sweet Idiot! !!! I love that .Rahul was in Chennai with his friend Rajiv. Anjali had promised Rahul that she would meet him in the café in adayar in the evening. Rahul: “what are you doing here da”? Rajiv: “ dai dai dai! I shud ask that” … Yaaru mapla athu ? Rahul: (blushing): macha she is my friend da.15pm: There was some one from behind trying to keep viboothi on his head . By 11:30 pm. Rahul never told him about Anjali.. She had called to wish him. There was something developing serious Anjali: hey Rahul! Come out from ur dreams da. 12 . Rahul was extremely happy . Rahul: “ Anjali.she just pulled his cheeks while saying that . Rahul and Rajiv were friends from school and they had been there to attend Rajiv’s cousin marriage. Happy to hear that from You ” Anjali: “now stop being too formal Idiot!” And that was the first time she called him idiot . Rahul: hmmm so what shall I order for you? Anjali: Chocolate crush. Anjali: “ oh. she is from cbe da. Rahul: “ I love the way u say that ” Anjali: say what ? Rahul: “ Idiot !”. Anjali: “Happy bday Da … U look smart now with ur new hair style. She was the first to wish him on his bday. Rahul knew that was Anjali.. Rajiv was just passing by the café . They were staying in Adayar .. Rajiv: dai !!! It’s Just 9 hours since u came to Chennai.” Anjali: “ ok da . 5:00pm: Rahul was there waiting for Anjali in the cafe. They were good friends for a long time. 5. and u ? Rahul: I’l have the same. I’ll be back in a minute....

I’m in Love with you and not any other person. That was from priyanka . Rahul was not in there in his bed. She was his best friend. Please Anjali please talk to me. he couldn’t bare the pain. He called her immediately but her mobile was switched off. yes Rahul ! I’m in love with you. Poi thola . Now why don’t u leave ur best friend Alone to be with his friend for sometime”. Please da. But he never had such a feeling for. Rajiv heard water flowing from the tap in the restroom. He thought that would be from Anjali and opened it. There was no reply. No… that was not from Anjali. Rahul couldn’t understand. There was blood all over. He liked priyanka. That was the first time in his life he had cried so much for some one. But he came to know what has made her to leave . Rahul did not have anything from that time and he was exhausted. Priyanka (sms) : Hey Rahul ! Why no reply L ? Did I say something wrong? Don’t u love me ? “ Previous msg: “ Rahul!I wanted to say u something . 1:15pm When Rajiv returned. I’ll see u there. I Want to be your life partner. He had no idea what would have happened. I need u Rahul!! Rahul was shocked seeing the msg. he found Anjali missing. I know u like me. may be later in cbe. 9:00pm: Rahul was still trying to call her. He couldn’t control himself.He wanted to say . Rahul had cut his wrist and it was bleeding like 13 . Am not sure whether its love but I Love u so much!!! The care and affection u showed me just made me fall in love. he loved her more than anything in this world. Anjali please let me talk to you. Rajiv left Rahul at home and went to buy something for him to eat.. He loved Anjali .Rajiv: “ okay okay ! so just a friend? Rahul: off course da! Rajiv: First Stop Blushing Dude! Okay come on give me an intro. Rahul: Mapla. Her mobile was still switched off... Just then he got a message.Rahul was pleading him Rajiv: “ hmmm u’l come home na. Even now I called you to say that but I couldn’t. Rajiv called for him.but am not able to say that to you. not now . He was shocked when he entered the restroom.)” When Rahul came in. He had been crying for a long time. The drink had just arrived. He searched for her but couldn’t find her. Rajiv tried to convince him but he couldn’t. Rahul was still trying for her no. Rahul asked the waiter and he said she had left just a min back cryingL. 1:00 pm . No way he would have gone out.

After a min of silence.anything. 2:00 pm Rahul was admitted in there and the doctor has suggested for a day’s rest and he would be fine. He just gave a slap on Rahul’s face. Rajiv: yes I spoke to her ! 9:30 Am: Rajiv tried calling Anjali. Rahul didn’t know how to react. Rahul was almost unconscious. Rajiv was there lying near Rahul the whole night. Next day: 10:00 Am: Rahul just woke up. He then told the entire thing to Rajiv. The nurse removed the towel already soaked in blood and cleaned the wrist. Rahul tried to get his mobile out of his pocket and try calling Anjali. He poured water on Rahul’s face and tried to bring his conscious. Rajiv was there looking at him. Rajiv: Dai are u mad? Why the hell did u do that? What did the girl say? What’s ur problem man? Rahul couldn’t reply. 1. He immediately gave the anesthesia and put up the stitches. ! she loves u so much and that has made her feel bad! She is so possessive on you! She loves u Man! She does! And without knowing that that u did this stupidity . Rajiv: dei loosu! Even she loves u da. And they both managed to take Rahul to the hospital nearby in the bike. Rahul slept off due to the pain killers.. 14 . He just lifted him out of the toilet and laid him on the bed. It was an 8cm cut but above the nerve region. She didn’t attend . brought a towel and wrapped it over his wrist tightly. making him to sit in the middle. He couldn’t control himself. Rajiv was furious enough and started to shout at her. He came in soon. He just stopped. Anjali was shocked!!! She was broken! She couldn’t bare that!!! Anjali: Waat !!! How is he now?… Where is he now? What happened? She was crying aloud. Rajiv consoled him and asked him to take rest and said everything would be fine. After the fifth time she took the call. Meanwhile the doctor was called for. He could hear Anjali weeping. He was in tears. Rajiv was furious he just grabbed the mobile and shouted at Rahul. Rajiv told her that Rahul is fine now and nothing serious. Rajiv ran out. Rajiv told her what Rahul did to himself. Immediately he called for Raghu in the neighborhood.30 pm: They were in the hospital. He tried to console her. There was no reply. Thank god.

…. I love u so much Rahul!!! – She was crying out loud… Rahul: “Love u sooooo much Anjali” he was in tears. They were leaving to cbe that night. What is happier in one’s life than this moment!!! yup Rahul was on cloud nine !!! Immediately he called her. 8:30pm ABT travels. Rajiv kept silent. 7:00 pm Rahul was discharged and both went to the room to pack their things. She was in tears seeing him. He could see how much both loved each other!! A minute’s talk would have solved everything but this bloody love – he thought He promised her that he would take care of Rahul and would ask him to call once he wakes up..That was for Rahul 8:40pm: when the bus was about to start. … Rahul felt as if he had born that very second it was a divine feeling and both were in heaven. but stood in silence looking at her.Anjali: “ I Love Rahul “ I love him so much” she couldn’t continue . He desperately wanted to hug her. Anjali: I love you Rahul Rahul: love you too Anjali!! …. Yes Anjali also loved me!!! She loves me!!! He wanted to jump in joy! He couldn’t feel the pain. 15 . Anjali just ran towards him and hugged him . Rahul too. Raghu dropped Rahul in the bus stand and Rajiv ran towards him to handover the ticket. Anjali and Priya were seated together and Rahul was in the last seat. Anjali and her friend priya were also returning to Coimbatore. Guindy Anjali and Priya had arrived there and boarded the bus. Rajiv was there getting the last ticket available in the bus . Anjali and Priya boarded the bus. Rahul was happy to hear this from Rajiv. Anjali saw Rahul coming and she got down the bus. Rahul was just 5 meters away from her. He could understand that . Rajiv: macha got the ticket for 700 rs and the bus is about to leave so will you both Rahul. Anjali: “I need him ! I need him! He should be mine and only mine forever” Rajiv couldn’t talk after that. …. Rahul: Anjali!! Anjali: “Rahul!!! How r u !!” she was crying. “Why did u do this Rahul? Why do want to leave me? … I love u da idiot! I love u more than any one in this world. She was crying and crying aloud.

She meant so much to him . She had been crying the whole night. It was completely covered with a bandage. she never slept the previous day.She knew how much he loved her Rahul: “more than anyone else Anjali” He said that and gave her a kiss on her fore head. He couldn’t sleep J he wished to live like this.unakku mun irappaen kanmaniyae ….9:25pm Priya just came out of her seat and moved towards Rahul. Anjali: “Rahul! Is it paining so much?” Rahul: “not anymore Anjali J ” Anjali: “you love me so much Rahul?”. So he just took out his jerkin and covered her. She could feel the pain. 2:00pm: Anjali had just slept off on his shoulders. Anything For u Anjali -part 4 16 . He was still awake.)” Rahul and Anjali were seated together Anjali just took Rahul’s arm to see the cut.” Yes he was ready to do anything for her. holding her arms forever in his life. “unakenna iruppaen . Priya: “sir can you please shift your seat to mine. how much they loved each other It was the happiest day in their lives They kept talking to each other for hours.uyiraiyum koduppaen Unnai naan pirinthaal . I need this window seat!! :)” Rahul (blushing): “sure madam . She just held his hand in hers and just rested her head on his shoulders . He could feel the tears rolling over his arms … There can be no words to describe how they felt. Rahul saw her shivering.

They were from the same class. October 15th 2008 5:35pm: Anjali was returning from college in the bus. 5.Sequel to part -3 Coimbatore: October 2008: Anjali and Rahul were now madly in love with each other. As she couldn’t give it to him in college. she could feel a sense of happiness. They loved every moment they were together☺. where Anjali would board the bus in the morning as well as in the evening. She loved to see him riding his bike racing towards her and pass by very close to her with a smile that no one except her would notice☺. Anjali would be waiting for him and as soon as she hears his bike horn.20am. 7:35 am: Rahul would cross her bus stop. Everyday Rahul would pass the bus stop. she had asked him to meet in the bus stop by 5:45.45pm: 17 . Anjali used go to college in college bus and Rahul would go in bike. blowing his bike horn loud☺. Everyday Rahul would start from home by 7. That would last just 10 secs but that meant a lot for them. She didn’t tell him out what the gift was. Anjali’s place was 9 kms from his home. She had bought a gift to Rahul for his b’day.

The crowd helped him to get up but he struggled to be on his feet. Else it would have been damn serious. His forehead was bleeding. The bolero driver was in hospital trying to call Rahul’s dad from his mobile. She took the gift from her bag and gave him. This was the first gift she gave him ☺ precious one ever ☺ Rahul: “I love this Anjali. They called for an auto and took him to the nearby hospital. They were all there in the hospital within 30 mins. Rahul was surprised as he opened the gift cover. So cute…lil Anjali☺ ” Anjali: “Yeah!! Have it with you Always da! Give her hugs every time u miss me ☺ Rahul (blushing): “I’ll be doing that all the time then☺” Anjali had to leave and she took an auto back to her apartment which was a km away. 18 . so he called up Arun. He was rolling over the road to the other end. He was driving in a crazy manner following a zigzag pattern which he loved to do whenever he was happy☺. Rahul was driving back home. Rahul loved it☺. Arun had informed it to Aravind and his friends. He couldn’t realize what had happened and lay on the road. He just got over with scratches all over his body. There was heavy traffic on the road and fortunately no one came behind him. Rahul’s friend.Anjali had reached the bus stop while Rahul was already waiting for her. It was a cute lil girl holding a small heart with the wordings “Love you” There was also a beautiful card. So as usual Enjoying my ride ☺” Just after sending the msg he looked over and had a head-on collision with a bolero(car) which was crossing through the divider. He was thrown from his bike for about 10 feet. He couldn’t reach him. Anjali (sms): “Rahul! Reached home?” Rahul (sms): “I am still driving da! Am so happy ! ☺ ☺.

She felt guilty. 19 . 8:00pm: Rahul asked for his mobile and he saw 10 msgs from Anjali. Arun and Aravind were there. Anjali was shocked to hear this. He was admitted there for the night and Rahul’s dad was there by that time.Nothing would happen to me” Anjali couldn’t control her .The x-ray was taken and he had a minor crack in his fore arm and the doctor suggested going for a scan since his forehead was bleeding and he felt dizzy. She started crying and Rahul tried consoling her. Rahul tried to bring her back to normal. I’m fine da. But he had scratches all over his body. Anjali: “it’s all because of me Rahul! too it’s all bcoz of me ” Am an unlucky girl! And now that’s affecting you Rahul: “No dear! What did you do? It’s my fault. Rahul: “Anjali I’m feeling hungry! Would you feed me something da?” Anjali: “I’ll Rahul!” she just wiped her tears and looked though the cup board. he should be fine. The scan reports were clear. Pls God!!! ” She ran over the steps and reached the room where he was admitted. Rahul’s dad had gone home to bring Rahul’s clothes. Her heart beat was high! “Nothing should have happened serious to my Rahul. He replied to her saying about the accident. and it was also bleeding from the wrist cut he had earlier. Rahul was there lying on the bed with bandages all over his body. The hospital was close to her apartments. She was in tears and couldn’t drive her scooty. She lied to her parents that she was going to take out some Xerox and left to the hospital.

Rahul couldn’t feel the pain he had before. She was looking at him in tears. He knew Anjali before. They were looking at each other for a min and then Anjali had to leave. She was still in tears and the drops were just dropping into the rice she fed him. She kept looking at him while she just walked slowly out of the room. She was already late to return home. changed her dress and went to bed. She missed him the very moment. She meant everything to him now. He gave them to Anjali and just left the room.She wanted to be with him and Take care of him. by the time Rahul’s dad and his family members were there.. Even he wanted her to be with him. “Rahul. She spoke to him for a sometime and in mean while she got a call from her mom. Anjali never wanted to leave Rahul .. Rahul’s dad called for Aravind and asked him to go behind her scooty till her apartments. Anjali gave him the tablets. She couldn’t bare the pain. I don’t wanna leave! Ill be here with you da” Rahul could read that from her eyes. We’ll go get medicines and come back. She reached home. She didn’t feel hungry. She just missed him like hell. 20 . I don’t have words to express it.Aravind: there is curd rice in the Tupperware and fruits over there in the table. I want to be with you. Anjali started feeding Rahul. She fed him and by the time Aravind came with tablets.

” Rahul could feel the love and affection she had on him. Her place was 19 kms from the college. Rahul missed her like hell and that seemed to pain him more. Anjali had a passion for dance and Rahul knew about that. Anjali had her practice sessions in the evening and she would return home by 9 in bus. Rahul was in bed rest for almost a week now. Am always there near you. He was recovering from the injuries.Aravind was back to the room. But all her thoughts were about Rahul. She had already been late and took a bus from there.You’l not feel the pain da. Love you so much da. He just took the lil Anjali and held her close to his heart. 21 . Love you to the core my sweet heart. He thought “I could bare anything for u Anjali” He slept off on her lap. October 23rd 9:15 pm: Anjali had just reached the bus stop near her college. She always wanted to be with him … There was a cultural event in the college. You’re now lying on my lap and my hands are holding your cheeks. Rahul enquired of her and Aravind assured him that she had reached home safe. He compelled her to join the practice. Sleep soon my dear. Anjali was going to college. She was not interested in it at this time. Anjali (sms): “Rahul you’ll be fine soon da. next week.

love you!” Rahul felt bad he wanted to be in touch with her all time. Had your dinner and tablets?” Rahul (sms): “yeah I had dear! What about you?” Anjali (sms): “ya had Rahul. 22 . Will talk to you tomo” Rahul (sms): ok Anjali. The street lights were on and one or two vehicles were passing that way. But today her parents were out of station. Take care da. He felt real drowsy these days cos of the pain killers. She could sense that from the walking noise behind. He just lay down on his bed. She used to take an auto or her dad would come to pick her up. My mobile would switch off now due to low battery. She was walking slowly.Anjali (sms): “Rahul just started from college da. Anjali was just dreaming about Rahul all her way in the bus.go home safe and leave me a msg. Suddenly when she had passed a petty shop 200 meters from the bus stop. You’ll feel drowsy cos of the tablets. Just fifteen mins of walk – she thought. I’ll stay awake till you reach” Anjali (sms): “please da sleep soon. so she started walking. Will reach home by 10. She couldn’t find an auto. 10:10pm: Anjali just reached the bus stop close to her apartments. Go to bed soon da.5 kms to her place. 1. Rahul (sms): “No Anjali. practicing for hours. some one was following her. But she was already exhausted.

. She was scared . She just hugged Rahul. Anjali was happy now. She could hear the walking steps approaching her closer. Rahul could feel that and started consoling her. Seeing Rahul he just boarded one of the buses and left. she couldn’t stand anymore and she complained about that to Rahul and Rahul was there in the bus stop the next morning. Same thing happened in the evening and from the next day he was not there. “I could watch my Rahul crossing by. “Anjali it’s me”. She could hear the voice calling. Her place was still 800 meters away. She couldn’t see anyone in the road coming towards. She could neither call anyone as her mobile was switched off.she just slowly looked back and found someone coming towards her 50 meters away. “Anjali…”. She just turned front and Started walking fast. She felt it disgusting but she ignored.. she was scared to the core and she was breathing heavily. without any disturbance☺” –she thought. Am always with you da” 23 . Now she feared that it would be the same guy. After four days. She started to panic. wearing dirty khakis used to wait for her in the bus stop in the morning as well as in the evening and he would stare at her for long time. She just turned closing her eyes was about to cry out loud. He looked like one who works in a lathe workshop from the grease patches all over his dress. Rahul: “It’s me da chellam. from behind but this time very closer.Two weeks back a guy of mid-20’s. Nothing to get scared da.just that moment she realized it was Rahul!!! ☺ ☺ ☺ She couldn’t control her tears.

took a bus and reached your stop early. Anjali: “Rahul! How will you return home da?” Rahul: “don’t worry da.Take Care. They had reached the gates. Anjali (tears flowing): “love u da idiot. Anjali: “Rahul how did you come here! … When? .Am not able to be without him even for a moment….It took time for Anjali to get back to normal. She wanted him with her …Always holding her hands. ” Anjali moved inside the gates and by that time Arun was there.. I knew you would be coming this way so I just waited near the petty shop da. Rahul left the apartments saying bye to her.. Bye Dear . Rahul held her hands and started walking towards the apartment. 24 . She missed him a lot for past week and now even more. You are not But she desperately needed him.. But why did you strain so much completely alright na .. I have called Arun and he would come here soon. so just walked to the bus stand. She thought-“I would take care of my Rahul better than anyone else!!! And I need him with me always . Why?” Rahul☺ (smiling): “You think I’ll leave my Anjali alone at this time?” I couldn’t stay at home.. Please don’t do like this again ” .

puthakangalum pothaathadi unnai patri naan Elutha!!!!” “ .enakkenave nee kidaithaai. Just had my lunch and came back to work.” . ” Anjali started walking up the stairs to her flat. And the song just ran in her mind… “Enadhuyire…. C Ya !! 25 ..Rajkumar VR Anything for u Anjali-5(final) “Pakkangal illai. Rahul: sure dear! Will come by 5:30 and Pick you from your Office.. And no one else would take better care of me than my Rahul. !!!!” January 2011 Anjali: Rahul!!Rahul: Yes da!!! Anjali: Too busy? Rahul: Ya da. enadhuyire…. Anjali: Hmmm! don’t forget about the evening plan. Enadhurave …enadhurave… Kadavulaippol nee mulaithaai. Anjali: :) that’s MY Rahul! Love you Loads.I miss him like hell.

Same old Bike he had during college days and which Anjali loved Here comes my Idiot .Rahul was Late by ten mins. Anjali: “ Am gonna kill you ! gimme my Choco-Bar Idiot! “Ivan yaaro ivan yaaro vanthathu etharkaaga . Each and every small things they wanted to.Aravind: dai where are you? Rahul: In Besant Nagar beach da! Aravind: “what? What are you doing there da? We are getting late for the Bus Mann !! come and pick me From the Room. It was Aravind . Anjali had been waiting in her office.. Rahul:”so you don’t mind if I have your choco-bar ryt .)” and Rahul started to walk fast.. but always wanted to .Rahul always loved riding his bike and now Anjali too got addicted to it :) They just started living the way they dreamt before. Just holding your hands for the entire life would do. Anjali: “ Poda Idiot ! :) :) “ and she started to chase him. That’s when Rahul was forced to come back from his Dream!! After a min of silence. I Have you and everything . 26 . But now it’s all hers :) that made her feel happy!! Rahul: sorry dear ! got struck up in the traffic Anjali: That’s Okay da :) She just sat behind and they were heading towards the Besant nagar beach. She could see Rahul coming in his bike. they made it happen for each other. You remember na!!! we are going back to Coimbatore today and the bus is by 9:15.” Rahul: : Bus? Wat?? Aravind: “Rahul….with the same Horn !!! She recollected the college days in Coimbatore. She had never got a chance to sit behind him during that time. Wat else do I need. But the list was still long Rahul just parked his bike and bought choco-bars for both started walking.. sirikindraan rasikindraan enakke enakkaaga…” “ . Anjali: Rahul! This is all I wanted in ma life da!. Anjali was Fond of Chocó bars :) Anjali was holding his hands and gently resting her head on his shoulders and both started to look back the days they had spent together. ” Rahul just stopped hearing his mobile ringing.

Arvind: “ Hi . Something prevented her. But that didn’t take her away from him. He couldn’t do much to survive without her. …. Rahul missed Anjali in the back seat :( It was like Sea waves wiping out the sand it brought down And he was waiting for the waves to comes back .day dreaming all the time about Anjali. Rahul: “ Mapla Nee engayo poita da” Aravind: “ Nee Mothalla Ullara poda . appuram rendu perum Boomerang polaam . ” ” … . the next time I would not let it take away !!! Rahul was just riding alone towards aravind’s room.Rahul: “Yes Aravind! I will pick you by 8:45” and that was Rahul . but for that to happen her brother has to leave her alone.Aravind: Macha ! got an Idea! And he told that to Rahul. She never gave him that chance and Rahul was already out of her this sujith? Sujith: “Yes. Who’s this”? Aravind: “This is Aravind from Wipro HR team.. Aravind: “sorry Sujith am not able to hear you! Should I call you sometime later?” 27 . He was sure of that. She had warned Rahul not to come there.Rahul still waited for that one hour which might give him his Anjali back!!! Only that was in his mind!! He just checked the time. Again the same bike .A Misunderstanding in college days just parted him from her. Mannil Puthainthaalum . you have been selected on campus ryt”? Sujith: “ Yes sir! Got my Offer letter last week. . It was 7:30 . He always loved her the same and Wanted her Back.” There was a lot of noise over there. He got her bro’s mobile no.un ninaivil iruppaen…. He always believed an hour of talk would bring her back to him. He was still holding the Choco –Bar but this time no Anjali to chase him They have not talked to each other for about 458 days now . Her brother was a tough guy. Rahul and Aravind were standing outside making up plans . But still the idiot was there. Coimbatore Anjali had come to the temple with her brother . ~ ~ ~Feb 2009 Sarathampal Temple. he was late already . ” Days had passed like Hell for him. so just rushed back to his bike. But she was not ready to hear from him. Anjali was seated along with a group of women chanting the bajans. Those were the days when Rahul almost lost control of his life.Again thoughts just flashed up.)” Aravind dialed to her brother. “Orae oru kadhal… Uyiraiyum Koduppaen…. …. He wanted to speak to Anjali for a while .. People chanting bajans.

One of his friends had told him that she got Engaged some three months back. Sujith:” no sir! Just a Gimme min!. Rahul just loved it :) Anjali: ” Don’t ever say That “tears were just filling her eyes.. He still Believed that he would get His One Hour. The whole world looked Dark! He was Completely Broken now. She loved all the crazy things he does to meet her :).) Rahul: ” Will you Leave me Anjali“ Before he could finish he got a big slap on his Face. MR. Rahul was shocked but still his mind refused to take it up that time. Terrible shock he had ever Faced. 28 . Anjali was surprised. Aravind had promised to Rahul that he would hold on Sujith for ten mins. He couldn’t contol his breathe . It was a Marriage hall to the left and a Banner erected which Read ‘ Anjali R Weds Kathir M ‘ Yes it was Anjali’s marriage that day.” He rushed outside and Rahul inside . Anjali: “At last you came to the temple pray to the god idiot!” Rahul: “Oh yeah ! Closed his eyes and started to pray !” Anjali. He just switched of the bike and started looking around. “What did you pray!” Rahul: “ I just prayed that I want to be with you forever!” Anjali:” I would always be there idiot :)” Rahul: “oh god ! we should not reveal out the prayers ryt? Else that would not happen la ?” Anjali: “wat do you mean? :(” Rahul just wanted to make fun of her . But today . This Came As a Shock. The thought of she getting married didn’t not stay in his mind. Rahul: “hey Anjali I was just Kidding da! Off course you wont :) I know about My Anjali! now smile Thangam :)” Anjali Just fed him the prasadham she had ……… ~~~ Rahul Stopped his bike in the signal . The sight which he say just came up as a Huge blow and Reminded Him about the Real thing which his mind had denied for a long time now. She kept the Viboothi over Rahul’s fore head :). Rahul just pulled Anjali out of the crowd . The pain he had for the Moment was Un bearable and he knew that would last forever. Anjali: “Hey Idiot ! Wat are you doing? Sujith is here”. Aravind From Wipro Hr would take care of Him :)” Anjali : Just smiled .Sujith was desperate in knowing about the call letter and the details . 110 Seconds Stoppage Time…. Rahul: “ No probs dear .It has been a long time since he got placed and it took a lot of time for him to get his offer letter.

And kept her on his lap. He knew this would happen. He didn’t ask about it. “Velichcham Thandhava Oruththi Avala Irutthula Niruththi Joora payanatha kelappi. I pray to god for you happiness throughout your life and would always do that . He had to forget the past and move on in his life. Thaniya Engae Ponaalo… ! Thaniya Engae Ponaalo ! ” Someone from behind kept kicking on his seat. He wanted to cry out loud!!! He just had to controll!!! Aravind was sleeping.. Suddenly he realized and turned back irritated… A cute Little girl of 2-3 years was doing that. Rahul was in tears.? “ Anjana …Anju!!!” She smiled so cute looking at Rahul. Nothing can take you away from me. !!! Aravind realized the Pain in him. She got it after a hesitation and looking into her mother. Rahul just turned front and was just filled with old memories. He Knew it. Lost her completely.IT was Blank throughout. Each and every small thing would remind me about you.! Sorry!!! she is too naughty. The same Guindy Bus Stand where Anjali and rahul …. you’ll be always with me Anjali. The signal turned green! And his Life was Put on ” Red “ . Rahul didn’t realize it for a long time. It was past Midnight. Each and every small thing would remind him about her. But his mind refused to accept it. Playing with her!!! Rahul thought “why should I try to forget things. He just lifted her. This short span of life I spent with her and the memories would remain forever. Words again fail to express the pain here . Really sorry to disturb you!! Did I hear it as Anjali? Rahul:” Na that’s okay! wats her Name. He had to Move from there. They both took their seats. Rahul and Arvind reached the Bus Stand. 29 . kissed her on her cheeks.That’s when he saw her Close friend Priya coming out of the Hall and crossing the road in front of him!. “Anju !!!! Don’t kick. Anju just slipped from her mother’s lap and moved Near Rahul’s Seat. As if the Whole world had stopped. She said in her cute ascent ”naan nalaikku innoru chocolate vaangi tharaen ” That’s exactly what Anjali used to say for fun when Rahul looks dull and to make him talk to her :) … “Naan vena chocolate vaangi tharaen en kooda pesu” That’s when Rahul realized again its impossible to forget things. Her mother replied soon. I would always cherish those moments. It was 5 in the morning. He gave her a chocolate that he had in his pocket. Rahul could feel the small hands wiping the tears . She could see tears flowing from his eyes. There is nothing he could do! He had lost her.

“Unnodu Naan Vaazhntha ovvoru Mani Thuliyum Marana Padukkaiyilum Marvaathu Kanmaniyae !!!!” “ !!!!” Anything and everything for You ANJALI!!! Forever!!! :) :) -Rajkumar VR Also follow me @ Blog LinK: Mail: 30 .

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