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News of Goan relevance for Goans in Melbourne
Our Mission

“To provide Goans and their friends an enjoyable and a relaxing time without the need
for formal membership. In doing so, we will showcase our cultural activities and also
learn to integrate with the multicultural society of Melbourne”.

From the editor’s desk…

Mogal Goencarano,
What a night of nights! Once again, Melgoans have done it! Yes, I am talking about the first ever May
Queen Ball which just took place on the 17th, at the St. Kilda Town Hall. This time, with an entirely new
and different setting at a posh venue, it was great to see the crowd enjoy themselves to their hearts
content. From me, that was a great WOW!!! It is indeed difficult, hard and cumbersome to organise
something of this magnitude, and all I can say is Kudo’s to Oscar and his dedicated team who have
proved their love for Goa and all that is truly Goan. Even the downpour of rain the whole day did not
dampen the spirits, and once every one got into the awesome St. Kilda Hall, that was forgotten with the
welcoming soothing nostalgic Konkani music that brought tears flow down many a cheek that night.
The Labour Government has just unleashed its new budget. While it has hit hard on to some pockets,
there is some joy in some hearts! As for me, I am just keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that it does
not backfire on the new government. I just believe they must have their chance to prove that they can
deliver what they promised during the election campaign.
Back in Goa, Scarlett’s infamous case is once again doing the rounds. While Dr. Silvano Sapeco has been
reinstated back at his job, the police inspector, Nerlon Albuquerque is still off his favourite job. And with
rumours doing the rounds that the poor girl was even raped by a cop, that is definitely not going in his
favour. Arguments about Goa being ‘liberated’ or ‘conquered’ are again a hot topic of discussion at many
a local taverna. We have taken the liberty of publishing what we think is the true story in this issue of
Ghozali. After all, we have to be true to our name, and a chat now and then goes a long way.
Its holiday time in sunny Goa. The kids are already enjoying their annual summer vacations, and our
friends in the Gulf just got news that once again the direct flights home have been resumed, this time
from Dubai instead of Sharjah. Lucky fellows those! I would be great if we in the great land down under
could at least get a direct flight from Melbourne to Bombay. That would be a great help and would be
very popular. I for one, am just tired of those boring stopovers at Singapore or elsewhere!. So yes, fingers
crossed on that count!
And finally, before I sign off, a bit of news! I have just become a member of the Goan Overseas
Association of Victoria. My membership was ratified at the last committee meeting, and I am feeling
pumped! Maybe I will now be soon able to give you guys more news about the Goan Community here in
Melbourne. We have to join hands with the senior members of the association and now work towards
rebuilding it and bringing back to its former glory! Yes, we can make it happen, together.

Let love prevail, mog assundi!!!

Salus Correia
From the rambling ‘Reddo’…!
Every year, as the month of May comes in, it brings back memories. Memories of
the holidays we used to have as kids, and the holidays we continued to have even
later! I am sure most of you have memories of the family preparing to go for the
annual ‘bath’ at the sea. I for one, can vividly remember those good old days, when
my grandmother used to fix the date when we all would go for our holiday by the
sea. In the preceding weeks, things had to be arranged. A ‘cousso’ of feni,
delicious home made sweets for the kids, etc etc. I don't know how they managed
it then, but they also made contact with some of the locals by the beach, who would
for a fee, arrange to set up a small shack made up of ‘mollam’ [woven palm leaf

I was reading the Goan newspapers on the web, and was amused a few days back to
hear about a Goan Member of Parliament planning to demand that the Navy lays on
the table, proof of ownership for the land used for the airport at Dabolim. What a
stunt! I for one think it really does not matter, so long as the Government shares
the airport with civilian aviation authorities. We have had the Navy at Vasco for so
many years now, and I really don't mind having them around. Not that it really
matters, with me so far away in the land of Oz!!! But given my age, I think I have
the right to ramble!!!

It was great to meet so many of my fellow Goenkars at the May Queen Ball 2008,
organised by Melgoans. What a night of nights that was. Age was no barrier, as
young and old had a great time in a pure Goan nostalgic atmosphere. And it was
there that I heard the news that my good friend Salus has now gone and joined the
G.O.A., Victoria. Knowing him well, I am sure he has given a lot of thought when he
made that decision. With his wide experience at organising major events in Goa and
now here with Melgoans, G.O.A. will be lucky to have him on their rolls. I wish him
luck for sure, and wonder what is going to be the future of functions organised by
Melgoans! Good old Oscar will surely miss him, or will he? I am just going to wait
and see how things unfold from now on. Take care my friends—the winter chill is on
its way. Time for warmth, so how about some hugs???

Recad and mog sogleank!

Bostião Xavier
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From our
Konkani corner
Going to a tiatr Tiatrak vochop
ARI: Do you like to see a Konkani 'tiatr'? = Tuka avoddta Konkani tiatr pôllôunk?
TIM: I haven't seen one for a very long time. = Zaito têmp zalo anven êk pôllôunknam.
ARI: I am going to see one next week. = Anv vetam pôllôunk fuddlea sumanak.
TIM: I would like to come. Whose 'tiatr' is it? = Mhaka khôxi eunk. To tiatr konnacho?
ARI: Of a new 'tiatrist' called Bab Joe. = Eka novea tiatristacho, nanvan Bab Joe.
TIM: And what is the name of the 'tiatr'? = Ani tiatr-achem nanv kitem?
ARI: The 'tiatr' is called "Pamper the Mother-in-law". = Tiatrachem nanv "Sasumaink Fulloi"
TIM: What a strange title. I like that. = Koslem atvem naum. Mhaka avoddta tem.
ARI: So, I'll take care of the rickets for you. = Tôr. anv tuka tikett sambautolom.
TIM: Are they very expensive? = Asa teô chôdd marôg?
ARI: Not at all. Around 25 Euros. = Bilkul nhôi. Sumar 25 Eurôs.
TIM: My Konkani is not good to understand it. = Mhôji Konkani zôbôr bôri nhôi to somzomcheak.
ARI: You will like their songs = Tuka tanchim kantaram avôddtêlim.

Good News Bhori Khobor

DOM: George, why are you so happy today? = George, kiteak tum aiz itlo sôntôsbhôrit?
GEO: Really, do I look like that? = Korench, anv tosso distam?
DOM: I think you were singing today. = Mhaka dista tum aiz kantaram gaietalôi.
GEO: Because my uncle is coming from Kuwait. = Karan, aiz mhozo Kuwait-cho ankal euncho asa.
DOM: Is he going to bring you anything special? = Tôr to tuka kiteim tôri special haddtolo?
GEO: Firstly, I haven't seen him for years. = Pôilem, anven taka zaito temp pôllôunk nam.
DOM: Is that all the reason why you are happy? = Itlench tujem karann tum khuxall asonk?
GEO: When he comes, at home it is a feast everyday. = To ietôch, ghoran sodankal fest asta.
DOM: Why, what does he do? = Kiteak, kitem to kôrta?
GEO: Mother does not cook, we eat at a restaurant. = Maim randdinam, ami restaurant-an jêutam.
DOM: He must be bringing big presents. = To vhôddleô sagvaddi haddta zatolo.
GEO: That he doesn't forget. = Tem to visronam.
DOM: And what present do you expect? = Ani kôslê sagvaddik tum rautai?
GEO: I expect a bicycle and a carrom board. = Anv rautam êk bisiklêt ani êk carrom board.
DOM: Does he not bring you a gold watch? = To tuka bangarachem gôdial haddinam?
GEO: Gold things he brings only for my mother. = Bangaracheô vôstu to haddta fokot mhôje maink.
DOM: There will be lots of parties then. = Tôr tumguêr zaiteô partio astêleôt.
GEO: That's true. And I will invite you. = Tem khorem. Ani tuka apôitolom.

Our sincere thanks to the ‘evergreen’ Basilio Magno who has been our faithful and
diligent sub-editor looking after “KONKANI KONSO” Please send your feedback to:
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Alongwith memories of the annual...

King Momo makes his triumphant entry into the hall

What a beauty —
The May Queen!!!

And not far off! The

1st runner up

A section of the crowd that made the day!!!

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By Cristina

Ingredients :
50 clams (1/2 shell)
1 tsp chilli powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 1/2 tsp Goan sambhar powder
1 cup onions chopped
2 slit green chillies
1 tsp jaggery
1/4 tsp garam masala
1/2 cup coconut
30 gm tamarind pulp

Preparation :
In a pan add the clams, 1/2 cup of water and the turmeric powder.

Add the chopped onions and the slit green chillies.

Simmer on a low flame till the clam meat starts leaving the shell.

Add the chilly powder, jaggery, coconut, sambhar powder and garam masala powder.

Finally add tamarind pulp and salt to taste.

Cook till most of the water evaporates.

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