Assignment # 1 BUSINESS LAW Topic Proposal and Acceptance Submitted to: Miss Urooj Bashir Submitted by: Syed Shahid Abass

Roll # 1106 BBA(HONS) 9th Semester Hajvery University Lahore (Euro Campus)

Counter Offer: Modification and Variation of Original offer. 5. Mrs. Classification of Offer 1.the party making it must express his willingness to do or not to do something. An offer should be made to obtain the assent of the other. intends to further act. Standing. The offer must be distinguished from an invitation to offer. is an invitation to offer. 1872 as "when one person signifies to another his willingness to do or to abstain from doing anything with a view to obtain the assent of that other to such act or abstinence. 4. he is said to make a proposal/offer". The offer should be communicated to the offeree and it should not contain a term the non compliance of which would amount to acceptance. Acceptance of an invitation to an offer does not result contract and only an offer emerges in the process of negotiation. Example:In Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. Open or Continuing Offer: Which is open for a specific period of time. Special Offer: Which is made to a definite person. it is an attempt to induce offers and precedes a definite offer. Thus. for a valid offer. the patent-medicine company advertised that it would give a reward of £100 to anyone who contracted influenza after using the smoke balls of the company for a certain period according to the printed directions. 2.Proposal Proposal is defined under section 2(a) of the contract Act. But mere expression of willingness does not constitute an offer. General Offer: Which is made to public in general. Invitation to offer An invitation to offer is only a circulation of an offer.’s case (supra). 3. Carlill purchased the advertised smoke ball and contracted influenza in spite of using the smoke ball according to the . Cross Offer: Exchange of identical offer in ignorance of each other. A statement made by a person who does not intend to bound by it but.

From the nature of the circumstances. . Acceptance According to Section 2(b). A allows B to do the same. 4. 5. Example:A’s scooter goes out of order and he was stranded on a lonely road." Rules: 1. Acceptance must be absolute and unqualified. 2. "When the person to whom the proposal is made signifies his assent thereto. A has given his acceptance to the offer by B. Offree and offerer must be consent. B. Acceptance must be in the mode prescribed. 3. The claim was resisted by the company on the ground that offer was not made to her and that in any case she had not communicated her acceptance of the offer. who was standing nearby. She filed a suit for the recovery of the reward. starts correcting the fault. 6. the proposal is said to be accepted. Acceptance must be given within a reasonable time before the offer lapses.printed instructions. Acceptance by the way of conduct. She claimed the reward of £100. Communicated to offeror.

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