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22-24 March 2012 Meaning, Context & Cognition MCC 2012 d, Poland MCC 2012 (2nd meeting in the

series) explores topics relevant to the fields of meaning, context and cognition with the goal of the conference to be a forum of discussion and to integrate and promote both theoretical and applied research from the interface of semantics and pragmatics. The topics invited for the 2012 meeting include cognitive pragmatics, actional nature of lanaguage, language as a means to do things with words, linguistic interfaces, semiotics of communication, studies of cross- and intercultural contexts, applications of linguistic theories, e.g. clinical linguistics, language teaching, translation, media. The following speakers confirmed their participation: - Deirdre Wilson (University College London, UK & CSMN, Oslo, Norway) - Kepa Korta (University of the Basque Country, Donostia - San Sebastin) - Ewa Ogiermann (University of Surrey, UK) - Jesus Romero-Trillo (Universidad Autnoma de Madrid, Spain) - Tahir Wood (University of the Western Cape, South Africa) The topics on which we would like to focus during the 2012 MCC meeting include the following areas: - Context - definitions, the semantics-pragmatics interface, the explicit-implicit distinction, context typologies - Speech acts, speech action, formulaic discourse - speech act theory-oriented research, interactional approaches, politeness, non-sentential speech acts, formulaic language in use, rituals, magic, intercultural encounters - Semiotics of language - e.g. language, music and cognition - Linguistic interfaces - meeting grounds for linguistics and other disciplines,e.g. sociolinguistics, clinical linguistics, neurolinguistics, political studies, media studies, emancipatory pragmatics and anthropological linguistics, cognitive studies, intersection of philosophy of language and linguistics, interdisciplinarity - merits and conflicts - Cognitive perspectives on language-oriented phenomena, language and emotion - emotion and linguistic performance, humour, intercultural perspectives, politeness and emotion - Intercultural perspectives on discourse semantics - contrastive studies, media discourse, global communication, bilingual and multilingual contexts, intercultural clashes and misunderstandings, translation-related issues - Applications - corpus studies, LSP, clinical linguistics, experimental studies, comparative and contrastive studies, enhancing development and teachability of linguistic-pragmatic skills in bilingual and multilingual contexts

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 14 December 2011. New conference website: (being updated for 2012) 110918