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GOOD MORNING Welcome everyone. Good Monday Morning.Happy Halloween everyone. I personally hate this holiday, but the kids have fun so there you go!! Went out on Saturday Morning and carved pumpkins with the baby.He did not like the stuff on his hands so we gave him a spoon and that did not help either, however by the time we left he had his chocolate candy Nana & Papa gave him all over his face.It was so worth it..lol Hopefully I will have some pics to post on facebook of the event soon if not already by the time this goes out!. .Have a blessed week ***Ladies If you have ever wanted your own radio show like mine then please email me your name and phone #, my business partner and I are creating a women only radio channel and we would love to get your show on it. my email is powerwomenmagazine@gmail.com ***Our store is now open. We will be adding PWM products soon. If YOU would like your product(s) in our store only $10 a month.email us for more info powerwomenmagazine@gmail.com


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Our shows are on Monday - Friday 11 am central which is 12 pm eastern and 9 am west coast pacific time. OUR SHOWS ARE LIVE LADIES Just click on the logo above to go to our shows. If you would like to call in and ask any questions for our guests, call 561-422-4365 ************************** NOVEMBER: 1st: - Edie Raether Stop Bullying 2nd - Christine Schwab - Take Me Home from The Oscars 3rd - Sandy Caron - Takling Football 4th - Chloe Jon Paul - Nursing Homes 7th - Rita Colbert - 35 dates in 35 days 8th - Dr Alicia Staton - Hormones & Weightloss 9th - Tameron Keyes - Sexual Harassment 10- Joan Price - Sex after 60

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Parent-Teacher Conferences Do You Need A Bribe? It’s the season for parent-teacher conferences and I urge every parent to embrace this opportunity to sit down with your children’s teachers, no matter if your kids are in kindergarten or high school. This is your opportunity to find out specifically how your children are doing, and generally what’s going on in their classrooms and in their schools. I have to admit I was a bit disheartened when I recently came across a NEA (National Education Association) article advising teachers of tactics that they might want to use to “lure” parents into attending parent-teacher conferences. I’d be interested in knowing whether you think the parents in your school need to be cajoled into meeting with their children’s teachers, or whether they understand communicating with them is one of the best things they can do to help their kids succeed. Read More Here

Happy Halloween

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