The Lost Magic of Halloween

“Just Another Day”

It was the day before All Souls, And all the good tax-paying folks, Were hiding in their suburban rabbit holes. I went to the store, Like I had done a billion times before, I half-heartedly plucked candy from the shelf, I would probably end up eating it myself, As I looked at a plastic skull, I knew it would be just another day, Boring, drab, dreary, and dull. You know, I never had contemplated, Just how it all evaporated. Where did the magic go? Did it waft out the chimney, As I was scrubbing the bathroom and shoveling snow? These days the only creaks and moans,

Came from the old checkbook, Every time I paid the student loans. I was now all grown up, No longer a care free, playful pup. I was too inundated with chores and bills, To get the creeps and chills. No longer scared by plastic teeth and fake blood, I was sure this Halloween would be a dud. And in the parking lot there was a haunting gale, But I was intent on finding a good pre-Christmas sale.

A New Street

As I was walking along, Quietly humming my favorite Yuletide song, Something caught my eye that left me astounded, It was like from a storybook it had bounded. I stood there staring, Bewildered and dumb, Where had this street come from? It looked mysterious and unexplored, Snaking away from the mundane existence I abhorred. Had I become so lobotomized by Life’s heavy load, That for years I hadn’t noticed this road? It made me wonder what else had escaped my gaze,

What else had been quietly smothered by my suburban malaise. And I quietly reflected upon days that were good, When I would trick-or-treat throughout the neighborhood. Should I really go down that lane? My co-workers would probably think I’m insane. I should take a step closer at least, After all this would have to substitute for a Halloween feast. There was no way I could go back to being a kid, And I would be mighty embarrassed if I actually did. And I realized that each moment I was getting older, And the air outside was getting colder, I decided to walk away, And unwrap my curiosity another day.

Halloween Can Yet Be Saved

But what I saw next, Convinced me my brain was on the blink, Was my imagination that vexed? Or had a jack o’ lantern given a quick wink? It wasn’t as inanimate as it looked, This might sound silly, But I confess that I was hooked. As I approached the pumpkin, It capered about,

And gave me a candy-corn grin, Its bright eyes assured me there was no reason to doubt, That the fun would soon begin. It said: “Your thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas, But not so fast! Halloween still has its spell to cast. Don’t let the 31st of October die, don’t let it fade, Halloween can yet be saved.” And as I walked down the street I was entranced, Around me candy hopped and pranced. On this avenue there were no children who giggle and squeal, Here the little ghosts and goblins were thankfully real. And I strolled by a pumpkin patch brimming with joy and delight, I knew this would be a very special night. This road so lonely and sleepy, Was populated by houses spooky and creepy. Here werewolves prowled and vampires lurked, Here ghosts roamed and skeletons smirked. Little witches and devils went from door to door, Why it was something I had never seen before! And in the middle was a ghost, Who I took to be the head man, Yes he was the source of all this bedlam. Said he: “So how do you like our eerie little plot? See all the fun you forgot?

I have an offer that couldn’t be sweeter, Why don’t you join us as our newest trick-or-treater?” They all crowded round, Insisting “It’s you that we need!” Why the headless horseman even got down from his steed. I was so ready to act, But I didn’t agree to the pact. It would be so fun, so neat, But I couldn’t spend my life on this street. So as a parting gift, They gave me a magical seed, To grow a jack o’ lantern, They said it was all I would need.

So when you come round my door, Looking for candy, You just might get more. If you see one of the decorations wink, Don’t be alarmed, You’re not as crazy as you think. Just keep the Halloween magic safe in your heart, There’s more to treasure than sweets tangy and tart.


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